USB Flashback – Customer Service

A while ago I found a USB with stories I had written long ago. I am not sure if I have published them on Erotic Adventures but they definitely haven’t seen the light of day for several years. Those that were good enough to be dusted off and shared again are making their way here.

“Hottie at four o’clock” Julie murmured as she neatly arranged ties in their colour groupings.

Bianca looked surreptitiously over her shoulder,

“Not bad,” she kept her tone deliberately casual as she continued to flick through the shirts on the end of season rack. “What do you think of this one?” She held up a conservative specimen with pale blue stripes.

“OK for my Grandad!” Julie finished with the ties and began straightening suits.

“Well it is for a grandad,” Bianca replied sarcastically.

“Well then it should suit him just fine!” Julie replied huffily. “Sheesh it is just a present for Father’s Day. He isn’t supposed to like it!”

Bianca poked her tongue at her friend as she slipped the shirt from the rack and placed it under the counter to process later when she finished work. She looked over at the customer again. He was frowning as he flicked through a rack of jeans. Bianca smiled slyly to herself. Just the kind of guy she liked, a little awkward and not sure what he needed.

Smoothing her hair down and straightening her blouse Bianca made her way across the store to where the man was standing with a pair of jeans in either hand looking from one to the other.

“Can I help you?” she asked as she stood beside him.

“Oh hello,” he jumped a little at the sound of her voice. “I think I would like to try on a pair of these,” he smiled helplessly at her. “Which ones do you think would look the best?”

Bianca put on her best smile as she considered his choices. “I think these would look nice,” she indicated the pair in his left hand. “Do you like straight leg or boot leg?”

The man looked at her for a moment with a slight frown. “I really have no idea. I just don’t want something that is going to cut me in half!” he laughed.

“OK then,” Bianca’s smile widened. “Well I still think these are a good choice,” she looked downwards in the direction of his crotch for a moment. The man looked a little disconcerted as she raised her eyes “You are a size 34 right?”

The customer looked relieved “Yes,”

“O.K. Well this is your size for this type. The change rooms are just through here.” She led the way towards the small cubicles at the back of the store and held the door open for him. After he made his way inside she leaned in and hung the jeans on the hook. She stood in the doorway for a few moments as the customer fumbled with his belt.

“I will just go and pick out a couple of other pairs that you might be interested in.” She closed the door softly and made her way back to the rack where she made a couple of other selections. A cough from the cash register made her look up for a moment. Julie was looking at her with an unreadable expression on her face.

“What?” Bianca demanded.

Julie’s eyebrows arched carefully, “Absolutely nothing,” Julie looked down at her nails.

Bianca checked the sizing on the jeans before she made her way back towards the cubicles. Quietly she opened the door as the customer buttoned the jeans. There was a short pause as Bianca hung her choices on the hook.

“What do you think?” The customer turned trying to look at his butt in the mirror.

Bianca stood back, looking at him for a moment, “They look pretty good.” She mused. Her hand reached up to her blouse and slipped one button undone as she stepped closer to the customer. “They fit well across the butt,” Her hand rested on his left butt cheek for a moment before she gave it a slight squeeze. The customer’s eyes widened a little as she moved closer to him, letting him see the smooth white skin of her cleavage before she moved her hand around to the front of the jeans. Slipping her fingers inside the waistband she moved the jeans a little. “There is a little play in the waist but sometimes you need extra room at the front,” She looked slyly up at him. “Perhaps you should try one of the other pairs,”

The customer looked down at her for a moment, “Yes I think I should.” His hands reached down and unclasped the button on the jeans and released the zipper. Bianca’s hand slipped downwards, caressing the front of his boxers for the briefest of moments before she turned to remove another pair of jeans from the hanger.

When she turned back the customer stood with his hard cock in his hand and his boxers around his ankles. “I hope that these ones have plenty of front room,” he looked at her slyly for a moment.

“I think we can accommodate that,” Bianca kneeled down in front of him. She licked the tip of his cock before she sucked the pre cum off the head of his cock. The customer placed his hands on the back of her head.

“Suck that cock you good girl,” he whispered softly. Bianca opened her lips wider as he guided her head further down the shaft of his cock. He sighed in pleasure as the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her throat. “You love sucking that cock don’t you,” he continued to whisper to her as he stroked the hair out of her eyes.

Bianca moved her head up and down his cock sucking greedily as her customer whispered words of encouragement. She felt his cock harden in her mouth and she responded with little moans.

“Are you ready to feel my cum in your mouth?” his voice was urgent and his hand gripped her hair into a bunch.

Bianca moaned and sucked harder. There was a muffled groan and her mouth filled with his salty cum. For what seemed like long moments he stood motionless as he pumped into her mouth. As she swallowed the last of him he slid his softening cock from her mouth. Bianca leaned back on her heels for a moment, watching him as he pulled up his boxers and picked up the second pair of jeans.

Bianca looked in the mirror and smoothed her hair as the customer pulled on the second pair of jeans. She stood up as he did up the button. “Oh yes. That is most definitely a better choice.” She smoothed the jeans over his butt. Her hand lingered slightly.

The customer turned in front of the mirror again,

“Yes, I will take these,” his voice was firm. “Thank you so much for your help.”

“Any time,” Bianca’s voice was warm and friendly. “We always go out of our way to help our customers.”

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You Have a Nice CockĀ 

This is a fictional story based on an experience a friend shared with me recently 

“You have a great cock, I would love to suck it,” 

These are words that every man dreams of hearing just not from the mouth of perfect stranger standing behind you in a public toilet. When John heard them he was unsure if he had heard correctly.  It seemed so totally random. For long moments he stood, his cock in his hand staring at the wall of the urinal. He was afraid of what he would see if he turned around. But he was also afraid of what he would see if he didn’t. There were many things that he had fantasised about in his life but a man sucking his cock was not one of them. Men had never featured in any of his fantasies.  

 But now here he was standing in a public toilet holding his cock and considering a proposal from a perfect stranger whose face he hadn’t even seen yet. The thinking part of his brain told him to put his cock back in his pants and walk away into the park outside to continue his run but as with so many things in his life his cock betrayed him. He felt the stirring in his groin and then the twitch against his palm even before his mind registered a slight curiosity.

“Go on,” the unseen man behind him urged, “I suck cock good.”

How would a guy suck a cock? The thought was so unexpected that John almost had a physical reaction. Nothing could have stopped him from turning around to look at the owner of the voice. 

He was young, clean shaven and good looking in the kind of way that teenage girls find attractive. The earnestness in his eyes surprised John. He was like a puppy wanting to please. Without speaking John moved his hand offering his now fully erect cock to this young clean shaven stranger. Within moments he found himself looking down at the top of his head as the young man kneeled in front of him and slid his lips down over his hard shaft. 

The sensation was familiar and foreign at the same time. The man wrapped his hand around his ass pulling Johns entire length into his mouth. John felt the head of his cock connect with the back of the man’s throat, something he had never experienced before. Slowly he withdrew his lips, sliding them wetly up his shaft to twirl his tongue over the head of John’s cock. John staggered against the wall of the toilet unable to fully support his weight. 

Leaning against the wall, gripping the sink, feeling the pressure of his nails against the porcelain John gave himself over to the insane sensations that were washing over him. For a split second he thought he heard the sound of a footstep. He had never even thought of what would happen if someone walked in on them, but it was nothing. The stranger hadn’t even noticed. He just kep right on worshipping John’s cock in a way that was unlike any woman. John’s fears vanished and he felt himself immersed in the sheer pleasure of the younger man’s lips on his cock. 

Involuntarily he found himself thrusting against the stranger’s mouth wanting to grip the back of his head and shove himself deep into his throat the way he would fuck a pussy. It was one of the best head jobs of his life. Surprisingly he felt the pressure of an orgasm building in his groin. A flicker of panic welled up in him. What was the protocol? Could he cum in this guy’s mouth? Was that OK? John knew that when he came it would be hard. For fun he had learned how to shoot his cum into his own mouth and he didn’t mind how he tasted, but women often had an issue with it. Did other guys?  

As if he sensed John’s conflict the stranger slid his lips off John’s cock and looked up at him for a moment, 

“I want to taste your cum.” His voice was earnest and his eyes pleading. John could sense the fear of rejection that was strong in him and, strangely, it comforted him. He still couldn’t speak but he nodded his consent. A flicker of pure pleasure passed through the stranger’s eyes and he eagerly returned to the object of his affection.

John could not suppress a groan of pleasure as the lips slid down over his shaft again, enveloping it in warmth and wetness. His tongue swirled over the head of John’s cock and he sucked the tip firmly for a few seconds before sinking his lips deeper and wrapping his arms greedily around John’s hips. John could feel his hunger for cum and strangely it stirred him deeper than he ever expected. Suddenly the pressure to cum was back, stronger than before. This time John didn’t fight it, but he held back for a little while, he wasn’t ready for this surreal experience to be over so quickly. The stranger sucked him even deeper, saliva had built up around his lips and it made a slick sound as he moved his head back and forth. He made little whimpering noises as he sucked and John felt the slight grazing of his teeth over his shaft. Every sensation felt magnified, time seemed to have stopped and John felt almost as if he could step out his own body. 

Finally he couldn’t hold back. The intense heat of his orgasm washed over him and he felt his cum jetting out of him against the back of the stranger’s throat. Greedily the stranger sucked every drop of his juice down giving little moans of pleasure as he sucked. John leaned heavily against the wall, breathing hard as the orgasm continued to twitch through him. For the first time he noticed the stranger wanking himself. 

As the last fragments of orgasm ebbed away the stranger let John’s cock slide out of his lips and stood up beside him. Facing the wall he leaned one hand against the top of the urinal while his other hand worked frantically over his cock. John watched, fascinated. He had never seen a man wank himself before and it was strangely compelling. 

For a brief moment he wondered what it would be like to return the favour and suck him dry just as he had been just moments before. But it was clear that this was not what the stranger wanted. For a moment their eyes met. The pleading look had disappeared and was replaced by drunken lust. 

“See how horny you made me,” the stranger murmured, “Watch me cum.” 

The lust in his eyes was compelling, John couldn’t stop himself from looking down at the hand working over the cock. He was unsure of what made a cock attractive but to him this one looked full proud and a little tasty. He became aware of the stranger’s heavy breathing as the speed of his strokes increased. Then everything went still as the orgasm wracked him. Cum jetted out of the stranger’s cock and hit the wall of the urinal as he gave soft grunts of pleasure. 

For a few moments the stranger leant over the urinal breathing heavily. His now flaccid cock slipped out of his fingers and a sticky string of cum stretched between the stranger’s fingers and his cock. John was rooted to the spot, unsure of the protocol. He responded to the strong urge to cover himself and, slightly dazed, he pulled up his shorts and straightened his t-shirt. 

“Thank – you,” the stranger followed his lead and adjusted his own clothing before turning and leaving. Still not sure how or exactly what had just happened John followed him out into the park. The sun was shining, noisy shouts of children enjoying the climbing frame nearby reached John’s ears bringing him back to reality. For a few moments he stood watching a woman jog past him with a dog following on a lead. Looking like a regular jogger, but with his mind spinning madly John went back to his jog.