Pushing the Boundaries

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was “boundaries”. Due to a condition known to Australian teachers as “term 4” which translates for the rest of the world as “the six weeks before the end of the school year”. I have not participated in Wicked Wednesday or really blogging at all for quite a while. This prompt seemed an easy way to get back into the swing of things, so to speak. 

One of the defining characteristics of my play sessions with Pet has been pushing boundaries, for both of us. I never asked for a submissive, even in the loosest sense of the word. In my heart of hearts I think I knew that I was capable of dominating someone but it wasn’t something I sought out. 

There are other aspects of our interactions that are much more out there than a standard Miss / pet relationship. Things that go beyond what many people would think are OK. The more I speak to him the more my eyes are opened to situations being sexually alluring. Situations that are not what most people would call decent. 

One of these situations I recently explored a little with him was the idea of menstration. As a rule I avoid playing when I am menstrating but the nature of Pet’s schedule has meant that it isn’t always avoidable. However I recently sent an image to him that was kind of a joke. 

My prudish and religiously affected upbringing has taught me to be uncomfortable with menstration. I was always made to feel ashamed of leaving any trace of blood anywhere. I know that many other women feel the same way. I really have no idea of the general consensus of men about it. I have read a few forums discussing period sex and I was surprised to note that a lot of men really don’t care. I guess a vagina is a vagina. I know Mr Jones doesn’t seem to bother about having sex with a woman on her period but he is generally pretty keen to get in the shower afterwards. I guess when it is feeling good and he can’t actually see blood he is fine. 

Pet however is a completely different kettle of fish. The image I sent him was alluring and seductive. He asked directly for a photo of my naked menstrating vagina. Of course I hesitated a little but he assured me nothing would make him happier. This act is a great example of how this relationship is expanding my boundaries, the fact that I could take said photo and send it is testimony to how having a person like this in my life is encouraging me to be more comfortable with myself and my body. Previously something like this would never have entered my head. Now I am happily comfortable to provide photos and can see the allure for him. That is not saying that I find the act itself a turn on but I am definitely turned on by his pleasure. 

There are many things I have done with pet that I would never have imagined myself doing two or three years ago but I am quite comfortable with them now. Growing so much in comfort with my body and how other people see it has been something that has empowered me more than I could have imagined.