My Wife Likes Cock

My wife loves cock. Maybe it is because we are British and sausage is kind of our national dish. I don’t know. She just loves it. When I met her she drooled over my cock and for twenty years she has sucked, fucked and wanked my cock any way I could ask for and quite a few I didn’t.

Recently we have been talking about her experimenting with other cocks. At first I was afraid. What if she was tired of mine? What if she found one bigger, better or nicer than mine?

I needn’t have worried. Our first encounter with another cock was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. The look on her face when he entered her. Something wild came alive in her. She fucked him hard while I watched. The whole time my hand was on my own throbbing cock. As I stroked myself our eyes met. Even though it was another man’s cock inside her I could feel all of her attention on me. She was just using this man as a sex toy, I could see her desire for me building up. When he was spent she discarded him like the toy he was to her and moved over to straddle me.

Entering her was like coming home, her smell, the feel of her curves under my hands was everything I remembered but inside she was slightly different. Someone had come into my house and moved the furniture a little. I liked it. I liked how wet she was and how wild she looked sitting astride me. Those fantastic breasts moving in time with the undulation of her body. I will never forget it.

The second time we visited the swing club we met another man. I was expecting something similar. I was hoping it would be similar.

We got chatting to another couple. The woman was amazing. So confident which made her so sexy. I could tell my wife was intrigued by her. The way she sat and the way that the man she had been so interested in a few moments earlier suddenly seemed irrelevant. As they chatted I noticed her take her hand off his cock. My mind wandered a little and then suddenly they were sitting beside each other.

Then something happened that I never expected. Never. The two women kissed. The whole time my wife protested,

“I just like cock.”

But she was the one wrapping her arms around the other woman. She was the one putting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. She was the one who seemed to take forever before coming up for breath.

“But I just like cock.” She continued to protest even as she went for a second and third deep, passionate kiss. A small crowd of men formed around these two women, watching in fascination as they kissed and fondled each other’s breasts. The other woman’s breasts were a sight to behold. Fantastic, natural, smooth skinned and topped with beautiful nipples.

Then we were in a private room. Four people naked on a bed. The men bookended the two women who lay facing each other. They kissed and stroked each other before the other woman started to move downwards over my wife’s nipples and her soft belly.

“But I like cock.”

Why did she keep saying that? I don’t care if she likes pussy as well as cock. The woman who currently had her mouth over my wife’s cunt clearly didn’t care if she liked pussy. The only one in the room who felt the need to keep attached to cock was my wife.

The woman slipped her tongue into my wife’s slit. Her body arched in pleasure. I have licked that cunt thousands of times. I have heard those noises of pleasure. I had never watched her respond. It was like watching her be fucked. She became that wild free being again. All of the restraint and daily junk left her and she was that wild free sex goddess again.

She lifted herself off the bed and sat with her knees spread as the woman fucked her pussy with two fingers. My wife’s head fell back as sounds of her pleasure filled the room. Everything about her deserved worship. The curve of her back, the round fullness of her breasts, her smooth skin and the unrestrained pleasure noises coming from her mouth. I wanted to fuck her so much but at the same time I felt removed. I felt like a peasant in the room with a goddess.

Then she did something I NEVER expected. NEVER.

She pushed the woman down on the bed and spread her legs. Softly and reverently she began to eat her pussy. The woman lay back, being cradled by her husband. She responded the same way my wife did. Her back arched in pleasure pushing forward those amazing breasts. Our eyes locked as she twisted her fingers into my wife’s hair.

“She might like cock but she seems to like pussy as well,”

Finally she pushed my wife away.


My wife moved over to me and kissed me on the lips. She tasted like cunt. Sweet, salty beautiful cunt. It was the first time in almost twenty years I had tasted another woman’s cunt. And it was from my wife’s lips.

“Baby I need you to fill me,” she begged.

I was only too happy to oblige.