Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

Friday Morning

There are these distinct emotional phases of planning a trip. The first one is excitement and anticipation when it booked. Things are a long way off, the calendar is clear, the fantasy is bigger than the reality. Then there is the beginning of the work. The reality starts to get bigger than the fantasy but still it is manageable. Then about a day or so out life seems to crowd in and things get hard. Sometimes so much life happens that I wonder if I had made the right choice and if perhaps I should just cancel the whole thing. 

Despite life, despite doctors appointments, despite offspring being collected from cruises we got everything packed and on the road. The weekend stretched in front of us. Full of promise. We got ready to say goodbye to 2023.

Friday Evening

Camping is a lifestyle. It seems a simple thing and in many ways it is but setting up a campsite is hard work. It felt good to be wearing less clothes and enjoying a wine in the company of others who enjoyed all of the lifestyles that are about feeling comfortable, nudism, less fuss, camping and more fun, swinging. Already there was sexual innuendoes and attention. Already I could see that things were going to happen. 

After mingling by the fire, greeting some old friends and making some new ones I found myself on a massage table. It has been a little while since I have felt so desirable. Like I am enough, just the way I am. A chick in a pair of knickers who likes to flash her tits and wave her hair around. Budgy Smuggler Man was attentive and very enthusiastic. The massage was sensual and intense. He was very keen to get down to business. After a little while Mr Jones appeared and then I had two men focussing on me. I was able to suck cock, and be fondled to my heart’s content. 

We found ourselves a corner of the play area. Around us other people where in situations, massaging in small groups, succumbing to their desires. We forgot the rest of the people and focussed on each other. I was licked by both men. I sucked their cocks. They fucked my pussy. But the image that stands out in my mind is being positioned beside Mr Jones with Budgy Smuggler man’s cock between our mouths. For a moment there Mr Jones placed his lips on one side and I on the other. No one flinched. I waited for a few moments to see what would happen before I pushed his cock into Mr Jones’ mouth. Then it was happening. Not just two men enjoying a sexy chick but two men enjoying a sexy chick with a side of cock sucking. 

I wondered briefly what the onlookers would think. But no one said anything. For everyone it was business as usual. It was New Year’s Eve eve. There was another two and a half days before reality hit.

Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 8

Consider a moment in your life of great sensuality, eroticism or sexuality. Then answer the questions as Mary Oliver does in her poem Gratitude as they apply to that moment.

When I met with Johnny it was always a feast for the senses. He was an accomplished lover and he had a way about him that was very sensual. These questions are focussed around a meeting that we had that was engineered by Mr Jones. I waited for him tied, dressed to Mr Jones’ specifications and blindfolded.

What did you notice?

Every little sound. Every nuance of discomfort. I was very aware of the way my body was placed.

What did you hear?

I heard him coming up the steps, I heard the small sounds of him undressing. The sound of his breathing as he approached me for the first touch.

What did you admire?

His cock. The feel of the pre-cum as he stroked my body with it before he pressed it against my lips. I would never tire of having that glorious organ in my mouth.

What astonished you?

How aroused I was. Even though I was dressed according to another man’s instructions and I was wearing a tail my body was alive. Waiting to be touched.

What would you like to see again?

Johnny, naked, aroused, waiting for me to suck him.

What was most tender?

The way both men held me. Sandwiching my body between theirs. There is something about being held that way by two caring men.

What was most wonderful?

Both men completely comfortable with the situation. Taking their pleasure and giving at the same time.

What did you think was happening?

I didn’t think. The moment was for enjoyment.

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Wicked Wednesday

Three is Company

I often write stories from the perspective of a male rather than a female. Even if it is based on an experience of my own. Reflecting on a recent encounter I decided to try writing from the perspective of each person a bit like a reality TV commentary. Please let me know how you think it worked.


Living in a small town sometimes makes it hard to find a FWB. Choices are limited. People get funny if you like something a little different. No one likes to admit they get freaky in the sheets even if people do. All guys ever do around here is fish and drink.

I met Jenna online through a dating app. When we started chatting, she lived in a city far away from me. I don’t know why she talked to me really, but she was cool, and we sometimes shared pics. I fantasised that I would visit her city one day to see her.

One afternoon I was flicking through profiles and I noticed that she had changed her location. She was travelling with her husband and heading my way! I couldn’t believe it! Maybe my fantasy would come true.


I love my wife. She is an amazing person. She doesn’t always agree with me, but I think she is amazingly beautiful. When we go to lifestyle events men are always attracted to her and want to be around her. She always worries that I will get left out but a lot of the time she is the most attractive one in the room and I just can’t get excited about anyone else.

Lately we have been meeting single guys. She seems to mainly like younger guys, but they can be fickle. I hate it when she thinks she has arranged a meeting and they bail on her. They honestly don’t know what they are missing. She is really good at sex because she likes to make her partners happy. It is a joy to watch.


I wasn’t sure about Harry. He was a guy who seemed to have a good heart, but I wasn’t sure. I learned when I was much younger that sometimes giving guys like him a go can be rewarding. Which is the reason why I never just shove them to the side. But he had slowly stopped talking to me and I was surprised when he messaged me.

Getting timing right can be tricky. Travelling by sea is subject to weather and sometimes you arrive well before you intend, mostly it takes longer. Harry lived in a place we were not really intending to visit and then the wind blew us here. The town surprised us. At a time when I was anxious about our journey and needed to breathe for a day or two, I found a place that let me do that. Harry was persistent if nothing else. We had no plans, so we agreed to hang out.


She was staying in the marina. A tiny pontoon with about twenty boats tied up to it. Of course, hers was the most beautiful sitting proudly amongst the run-down fishing boats. In the darkness we embraced for the first time. She felt amazing in my arms and she smelled so good. Better than the coal smell that filled my car and my hut at camp. She showed me around her boat and introduced me to her husband. They offered me a beer and we sat on the couch chatting about their trip and stuff.

Earlier in the day she told me that her husband was bi. I was nervous. I had never done anything with a guy, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was cool. He sat apart from us while we chatted. I felt her hand on my leg her fingers sneaking under the leg of my boardies. I stroked her arm, still unsure of how fast to go. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt. I took it off and she started playing with my nipples. Her hands slipped down into the waist of my shorts, my cock was so hard.


Jenna thinks she is being subtle, but she isn’t. We had talked about how interested her friend was in guys. Lately I have been participating more in her choices and expressing my desires to suck cock and see, smell, and taste his cum. Jenna discussed this with Harry. He hadn’t ever done that kind of thing before, but he wasn’t ruling it out. Watching them together was cute. I could see he was shy, and I could see she would probably prefer a bit more of a one-on-one encounter.

I left them for a while and went to our bedroom to read but all the time I was listening to them. I could tell she was enjoying herself by her moans. I didn’t know what he was exactly doing but I could tell she was having the type of climaxes that usually make her squirt. Then her voice was muffled a little. I imagined her mouth full of his cock. It made me hard.


She tasted amazing. When I licked her and fingered her at the same time my mouth filled with her juice. I could have drunk her sweet liquid all night. Her mouth on my cock was amazing. I hadn’t had a head job in forever and this one was one of the best. I could have let myself cum in her mouth, but I didn’t want to spoil it by asking for permission.

We moved to the bedroom I lay on the bed and she straddled me. I thought she was going to take my cock inside her, but she just rubbed her pussy on me. The slightest touch against her pussy sent shudders through her. It was so intense.


I sat astride him. I was so turned on the slightest touch sent a jolt through me. I wanted his cock to fill me, but he pushed me down and fingered me again. I could feel my juice gushing over his hand. At the entrance to the room, I saw Brian naked, watching us. I smiled, happy to see him sliding into bed beside me.

Harry kneeled on the bed beside us with his hand gripping his cock as he watched us fucking. He watched us closely, his hand working his cock.

“Cum on my tits,” I whispered to him. He nodded.

“Come closer,” Brian encouraged him. I know what Brian likes.

Harry came so quickly. So sexy. I felt Brian get harder inside me as the first hot liquid splashed across me. His load was much bigger than I was used to. Jets of warm cum sprayed over both of us and Brian pumped harder into me. Harry groaned and fell back on the bed watching us. I could feel my orgasm building in time with Brian.

With a groan he climaxed, tipping me over the edge. It was intense. The room seemed filled with pheromones and the scent of sex. The three of us relaxed breathing heavily, happy, satiated.

Someone made a comment about the drive Harry had to make to go home,

“My feet won’t touch the ground the whole way back to camp.”

After we had recovered, I walked back to his car with him. We embraced and kissed goodbye. His cock was hard against my leg.

“Oh my God you are ready to go again!” I exclaimed. I did not expect that. If I had known I would have sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. I rubbed him through his shorts.

“I should have said something,” he looked sheepish.

“Something to remember for next time.” I smiled in the darkness.

He got into his car and drove away. I wondered if I would see him again. I walked back through the marina parking lot and down the gangway. I was wearing a long flowing cardigan with nothing underneath. Something easy to dress in. In the darkness walking past the sleeping boats, I let the garment fall open. The breeze pulled the fabric away to expose my naked breasts. I knew there were other men living on some of the boats, I didn’t care. In that moment I felt like a goddess. I pushed back my shoulders daring the world to look at me and comment.


Wicked Wednesday

On the Water

Sometimes you meet someone who is clearly going to be an amazing lover. Sometimes those encounters leave a lasting imprint and you wish you could go back and do them over and over.

The night was warm. The weather was clear with no wind. I wanted to show a new friend our boat because he was really interested in boats. We took our yacht out into the bay, just a little way. Far enough away that no one would hear the screams but close enough that we could watch the lights of the harbor. Or rather that they would provide a pleasant backdrop.

Once the anchor was down we lay out the front on the trampoline. The slight breeze lifted my dress, maybe it was helped a little by his hand. He kissed me deeply, pressing his body against mine. I responded, thrusting my hips against his hand that had found its way inside my panties. Skilled fingers stroked my swollen clit as he nibbled against my neck. I slipped my hand inside his shorts.

“See what you do to me,” his breath was hot in my ear.

A little whimper escaped me as his fingers slipped inside me.

“I want to put myself in there,” I loved the sound of his voice. The way his accent made the words sound. It made me want him more. But I wasn’t ready for his cock yet. I flipped him on his back and opened his shirt. His nipples responded to my touch. As I sucked and nibbled he moaned with pleasure. My hand caressed the soft smooth skin of his cock before I slid my mouth downwards over the head of his cock. I paused, taking time pull back his foreskin and stroke the smoothness underneath as I applied more suction. His hips bucked under me and his hands held the back of my head as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth.

With a wicked smile I sat astride him with the hardness of his cock pressing against the hot wetness of my cunt, separated by the thin fabric of my panties.

“How much do you want me,” I smiled, enjoying the tease.

“Very much,” his hands gripped my hips, “I want to make you cum twenty times and cover me with your juice.”

I ground down on him aware that my husband was standing in the shadows, watching us, not ready to join in yet. There was a pause as I found the condoms. I lay back watching him slide the sheath over himself. His cock was strong and proud. I knew he was skilled. He arranged me the way he wanted and knelt between my legs with his cock resting against my opening. Slowly he slid inside me, all the time watching my face. The dim light from the foreshore lit his body perfectly.

“You feel so amazing,” he said softly as he began thrusting.

I was lost in the feeling of his cock inside me, pushing me open. He twisted my hips, finding the spots he knew would trigger a reaction. He looked so fucking sexy, a little furrow appeared in the middle of his forehead.

“What is wrong?” I worried, I always worry. I didn’t want to spoil this perfect moment.

“I am concentrating,” he replied. He took his cock and stroked my pussy. My body arched and I squirted juice over his cock. He grinned in happiness, “That is what I wanted.” He slipped inside me and fucked me hard. His energy was astounding. It felt like he could fuck like this forever.

There was movement beside me and my husband settled beside us. He had taken his pants off and I could see how turned on he was by watching us fuck. I flipped my friend over and sat astride him so that I could lean down and take the second cock into my mouth. I slipped off my dress completely and my friend reached up to hold my breasts.

“Such beautiful boobsies,” he murmured pressing his face into them before taking each nipple into his mouth.

If there was a heaven, I was in it. Two men, two cock, a beautiful night. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I really can’t remember the exact order of events after that. I know that I came more than the requisite twenty times. I know that I fucked each of them over and over. I know that my friend was covered in my juice and I know that I wanted to pack him into my suitcase and take him away on my trip.

Images keep flashing into my mind. Of a sexy dark haired man fucking like a rabbit. Of my husband fucking me as I bent over the bed with my friend’s cock in my mouth. Of my friend cumming in my mouth while my husband’s cock was inside me. It truly was magical.

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Return to Summer

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is Thunder. In Australia we are in the middle of storm season. The days are often humid and finish with a storm. When reading the prompt a classic song from an Australian pub band – GANGgajang came to my mind.

Out on the patio we’d sit

And the humidity we’d breathe

The sounds of GANGgajang wafted through the screen door to the verandah where Liz sat with her feet propped up on the railing. Cicadas buzzed all around them almost drowning out the song.

“I never realised how much I missed that sound,” Liz took a swig from her beer

“What, don’t they have GANGgajang in Pommie land?” Johnno plonked himself down on the chair beside her and cracked open a can of beer.

“The cicadas you doofus!” Liz slapped him on the arm. “You are such an idiot sometimes.”

“I’m an idiot?” Johnno turned to look at her. “You’re the one being all soppy about cicadas.”

“No, it’s just that London is so different from here.” Liz’s voice trailed away, as she stared out over the sugarcane that grew almost up to the bottom of the stairs. In the distance lightning flashed through storm clouds too far away for the sound of thunder to reach them

We’d watch the lightning crack over canefields

Laugh and think, this is Australia.

“Yeh, I can’t say I am wishing I went with you.” Johnno’s voice sounded reflective.

Liz turned and looked at him in the half-light that was spilling onto the veranda from the lounge room. His body was lean and muscular from long days working on and driving machinery. Her eyes moved down his arms to study his hands. Big, capable hands. So. Fucking. Sexy.

And in the distance, through the heat haze

In convoys of silence the cattle graze

“It is so FUCKING hot,” Liz stood up and pulled her dress over her head. She moved to the railing hoping for a finger of breeze to cool the sweat from her skin. “Three days ago, I couldn’t go outside without wearing at least four layers of clothing. Now I feel as if clothes are going to choke me!”

Johnno was silent. Looking at her over the rim of his beer can. The dim light from the lounge room illuminated the curve of her breast. Full, round breasts. So. Fucking. Sexy.

He stood up from his chair and moved to stand in front of her. Their eyes met and the tension grew. His fingers flexed but he hesitated. Did she want him after all her travels? How could she want a simple country boy like him after travelling the world?

Liz was transfixed by his hands. Her nipples hardened as if they were stretching towards the man standing just out of their reach. She ached to feel his body again but something stopped her from pulling him to her. Had he moved on? Had he forgotten?

He leaned down, hoping, afraid. She tilted her head longing, hands itching to feel the muscles of his chest and to cup that amazing arse.

The veranda door banged open,

“Hey Liz! I heard you were back! You picked the best time to come home. It is so fucking hot!” Johnno’s friend Toby appeared, beer in hand. There was an awkward silence and Liz reached for the dress she had discarded over the chair, Johnno stepped in front of her to block Toby’s view of her in her underwear.

“Hi Toby,” Liz’s voice was muffled by her dress as her arms flailed around trying to find their place.

“Was I interrupting something?” Toby tried to look around the tall solid body of his friend.

“No,” Johnno’s voice was firm as he took a step towards Toby.

“Really?” Toby’s eyebrows raised as he took in the flush on his friend’s face. “I am disappointed that you didn’t invite me.”

The block is awkward – it faces west,

With long diagonals, sloping too.

Finally, her dress was in place and Liz appeared.

“Hi Toby,” she stepped forward to hug him, “how have you been?”

“Oh you know, nothing ever changes around here.” He sat down on a chair and opened his beer. “You look amazing, by the way.” His eyes travelled over her body. She felt herself responding to those piercing blue eyes. So. Fucking. Sexy.

That certain texture, that certain beat,

Brings forth the night time heat.

Johnno stepped forward so that Liz could feel the heat from his body. She leaned back against his chest. Her eyes locked with Toby, challenging him. Johnno’s hands moved around to cup her breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples, sending a jolt through her. Without speaking Toby stood and moved until he was standing in front of her. Johnno’s strong arms held her close to his strong body as Toby pressed against her, kissing her deeply. He reached down and lifted the hem of her dress with one hand and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her knickers.

Liz whimpered as Toby’s fingers slid into her slick opening. She sagged weakly against Johnno’s strong frame. His fingers worked in and out of her, hooking to trigger her g-spot. She cried out in pleasure as a gush of liquid covered Toby’s hand.

“I think she likes that,” Johnno’s voice was hoarse.

“I think she does,” Toby pressed his hard cock against her thigh.

“I bet those Pommie guys don’t fuck like us.” Toby eased his cock out of his pants. Precum glistened in the dim light, “Do you think you will still recognise us?”

Liz reached for Toby’s cock but he grasped her wrist, stopping her, “That is cheating,” he smiled teasingly, “Let’s play the game the way we used to.”

“OK.” Johnno’s arms relaxed and Liz moved to the veranda rail. She leaned forward slightly wiggling her hips as Johnno slid her soaking knickers down over her knees. Free of her underwear Liz spread her legs slightly and bent further forward. The heady smell of her arousal filled the night ari.

That certain texture, that certain smell

Brings forth the heavy days

Brings for the night time sweat.

“Are you ready?” Johnno whispered in her ear.

She nodded, “Yes,” her voice was faint

Slowly a cock slid into her, opening her. When the shaft was as deep as it could get it stopped. A pair of hands gripped her hips. They stood that way for a few moments.

“Johnno?” Liz’s voice was hesitant

“Good girl, you remembered.” The hands gripped her hips and she was rewarded by several long deep strokes of his cock. Fingers stroked her clit, before sliding in next to the cock, stretching her a little further. A deep moan escaped her throat.

“Fuck!” she moaned as an orgasm ripped through her. Liquid gushed over the hand as she sagged weakly against the veranda rail. Johnno withdrew his cock and stepped aside.

“Do you want another?” Toby’s voice was hot in her ear.


Toby slid himself into her. He was unable to stop himself from pumping hard. “Fuck you have the best pussy. I have missed this.” Sweat dripped from his forehead onto her back. The night air was filled with the sound of his hips slapping against Liz’s butt. Her moans of pleasure joined his grunt as he emptied himself into her. He held himself for a few moments breathing heavily before she pulled away from him.

“I hope that isn’t all you two have got,” her eyes challenged them both.

Johnno grinned, “You know us better than that,” “That is good, I wouldn’t want to have come all this way to be disappointed.” Liz turned and led the way into the house. Without a question both men followed.

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Rule 1 – Respect My Husband

During my Saturday morning internet wandering I came across a post written by Marie Rebelle over at Rebel’s Notes. Even though the post was written in 2016 her words resonated strongly with me. The world of non – monogamy attracts a lot of different people including those who are not in relationships. As I wrote about in my last post Mr Jones and I have been existing in a place that is inhabited mostly by single men who are in many ways taking advantage of the availability of non – monogamous women.

These men are doing what men are programmed to do, spread their genes far and wide by getting as much sex as possible. The possibility of having sex with a woman like me is a double bonus. They get to scratch that primal sex drive itch with a willing, experienced and open minded woman PLUS they don’t have the pressure of having to maintain a relationship. For them it is winning all the way.

For me there are a lot of pluses, I can be as selective as I like; there really seems to be an endless parade if you are prepared to put it out there. I can call the shots because if what I want doesn’t suit one person there will be another who it DOES suit.

For a lot of men though there is also a primal need to be the Alpha in a situation. These men don’t want the commitment of a relationship but they also don’t like the idea that they are not the centre of a woman’s universe. One of the requirements I put on any encounter I have is that the man must respect my husband. This is something that many men are happy to comply with. They understand the incredible privilege they have been given and they act accordingly.

There are some men who kick around the swing scene, even those who are in relationships, who don’t get this concept. Even in the physical presence of my husband they seem to think that because I am flirting with them they can bypass the husband and leave him in the corner. It is as if they feel that because he is standing by allowing his wife to entertain other men that he is somehow beneath them and not worthy of their courtesy.

These are the men who lose their privileges. Not because I am on a leash controlled by my husband but because my relationship and choices are deserving of respect. By disrespecting him you are disrespecting me. There have been a couple of situations in my life involving men who have professed a strong and enduring interest. My ego is attracted to them because it is an ego that loves to be stroked. But Mr Jones has been vocal about his mistrust and reluctance to see them enjoying me.

I find it hard to resist these men. I am a sucker for someone who is charming and they are charming. I also find it hard to give a hard and firm no. Which leads them to feel that I can be worn down. These men are all about the chase. They can spend years pursuing their target. One of these men has been in conversation with me for several years. During our most recent conversation I suggested that he discuss his ideas with Mr Jones. Ultimately he is the one who has to give his blessing to any encounter I have.

Here is where my prospective lover hit a snag. Or rather failed at the first hurdle. Despite having a few ways of contacting Mr Jones he failed to even attempt. And so his quest is thwarted by some male mental block that prevents him from asking another man for permission to fuck his wife. From acknowledging that another man holds the key to his fantasy.

This is not about me being submissive to my husband. It is about me giving my husband the respect he deserves. Respect he has earned through 20 years of marriage. Through building a family. Through being with me in my darkest days and celebrating my successes. My marriage and my relationship with him deserves to be respected and treated with courtesy by those who would be intimate with me.

Often people ask about rules. What rules do we have? What can and can’t be done. The truth is that there are no rules. Nothing is ever completely off the table. Nothing is out of reach of the right combination of people and the right set of circumstances. But the first step on the road is respect.

Respect my husband.

Unexpected Ending

It started out as a relaxed casual night. Some time out from the craziness of the world. I dressed down, jeans and a low cut top. Not that it mattered. Clothes would stay on for a minimal amount of time. Still I liked him to see me dressed nicely. It made me feel good to be dressed nicely for someone.

We met in a space my husband and I created in a part of a property we own. A secret hidden corner, made purely for pleasure and naughty adult fun. He came into the room we said hellos and chatted for about a minute. Then he kissed me. I wanted this night to be different from the heated frenzied, wet sessions we had before. I held myself back, delaying even though I could feel my body responding to him from the first touch. I let myself be guided by him, he placed me where he wanted, he removed my clothes as he wanted, he explored my body at his leisure. From time to time I would seek out his skin to stroke him, perhaps suck his nipples and flatten my palms against his chest and his arse, his divine arse.

Finally we were naked. My arousal had grown steadily. When he placed his lips around my nipple I could feel the spasm inside me but I resisted the urge and held the jet of liquid that threatened to escape me. I knew it was what he wanted but I withheld. He sensed my restraint and changed tack. This time he was teasing me with feather almost touches of my pussy, kissing my thighs before a graze of my outer lips that sent me crazy.

I reached down and pushed his face against my cunt, I was craving the feel of his mouth pressed against me but when the surge built up I pushed it away. I wanted to make him work for his drink. We pushed back and forth for a while like that before I failed and he was rewarded with the first taste of my juice. He gripped my thighs and buried his face in me, taking as much as he could.

Then he stood up,

“I need to fuck you,” It was not a request. He covered himself with a condom before lying down and beckoning me to straddle him. In line with the restraint, I took it slowly easing him in to me taking time to feel him opening my wet cunt and filling me. His hands gripped my hips, pressing me down on to him,

“Where is the spot?” he asked.

I moved myself slightly, seeking the same thing he was, the magical spot, deep inside that would trigger another spasm and jet of liquid. We were both rewarded, I shuddered and squirted over his balls and stomach.

“Tell me!” he demanded using his hands to rock my hips over his cock

“I’m cumming,” my teeth were clenched. I had almost lost control of myself.

We fucked like animals, twisting into different positions, wrapping our bodies around each other. The thought of my husband arriving and seeing us like that popped into my head, it grew there, driving me to greater heights.

“I am going to see if husband can join us,” I whispered in his ear as he fucked me.

“If that is what you want,” he replied.

The text was sent, we continued with our play.

Some time later I was under him, his cock was in me. From where I lay I could see the door, Johnny could not. If husband walked in the first thing he would see was Johnny’s arse pumping his beautiful cock into me. Downstairs I thought I heard the door, my heart skipped a beat but I refocused. If Johnny knew my husband was in the room he didn’t let on. We were in our own world but it was a world that would soon encompass three people. My husband undressed and lay on the bed beside us. He and Johnny greeted each other.

Situations like that can be dicey. The dynamic when changing from two players to three can sometimes go very awry but this time it didn’t. The two men were comfortable enough with themselves and each other. There was respect for everyone.

My gamble paid off. I went from being worshipped by one man to being worshipped by two. Hands and cocks seemed everywhere, in my mouth, in my pussy, in my hand. Two men held me between them, two male bodies pressing against me, a manwhich, it has been so long since I had had that experience. It is one of the most divine.

The thing that makes a manwhich so good is the men enjoying each other as well as me. While my husband fucked me Johnny licked my pussy. Juice covered his face. I squirmed and my husband’s cock slipped out of me. Johnny took the opportunity to take a cock into his mouth for a brief moment before helping it back into me.

He then moved to kneel beside my head. I opened my mouth and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. My arm wrapped around his arse pushing him into my mouth, my other hand caressed his balls. Underneath my husband I looked up past Johnny’s cock to watch the pleasure on his face.

I transferred Johnny’s cock to my husband’s mouth, for a time we slipped him back and forth between us. The tension between the three of us built up. I could feel my husband nearing his climax. Johnny gripped his cock bringing himself closer. My husband climaxed groaning in pleasure giving me the chance to watch Johnny as he neared his own climax. His hand gripped his cock and his face reflected his pleasure.

“Tell me,” I commanded him.

“I am cumming,” he grunted. Warm, white jizz splashed over my face and into my mouth. The taste was amazing, clean and salty. Unexpected, much like the ending to our evening.

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The Perfect Friday Night

I am not sure if school swimming carnivals are a thing in the rest of the world. But here in the Land Down Under the school swimming carnival is an institution that causes great joy in the minority of a school population, a neutral feeling in probably the majority and angst in the rest of us. For teachers swimming carnivals are, like a lot of whole school sporting events, a chance for those kids who struggle in the classroom to shine. They also represent a day of trying to co-erce reluctant students to compete, trying to soothe kids who find large crowds of people stressful and trying to be positive and up beat when hit with complaints about how boring this is.

In the land of long hot summers swimming is something almost every child learns how to do to some degree. So everyone has at least one set of swimmers and the ability to complete 50m of freestyle. Therefore it is reasonable to expect most students to jump in and have a go. What is not unreasonable is teenage girls in swimsuits that display all of their butt cheeks (very uncomfortable for male teachers) and the occasional boy in good old Budgie Smugglers, Dick Togs, Speedos or whatever you want to call them. (Not something I need to see EVER!!!)

budgie smugglers

So after a long day of coercing students to compete in events, encouraging students to clean up their rubbish, supervising a stupidly slow canteen line and dealing with a student who decided it would be funny to moon a teacher who went into the boys change rooms to investigate raucous behavior I was more than relieved to kick back with a wine or two at Staff Friday Drinks. That was when the perfect Friday Night Plan was born.

Twitter followers will be familiar with this plan. The essence was as follows;

Step 1: Drink wine with colleagues in the staff room after work

Step 2: Go home and immerse myself in a bath while someone else makes my dinner

Step 3: Eat dinner

Step 4: Go to my local swinger’s club, find a nice young man and enjoy myself a MMF.

When I initially tweeted this the after work drinking was happening. Mr Jones had done a stellar job of parenting and picked up the girl child so I was free to come home when I was ready. As I wrote the initial plan into Twitter I felt that it was not realistic. But as I slid into my car to drive home, thank goodness I didn’t run into a police person who wanted to breathalyze me or things could have gone very wrong!!, some of the positive self talk that I have been practising lately kicked in. I decided that I could and should see if the plan could happen.

On arrival at home I was pleased to find dinner underway. The plan was happening without too much effort on my part. It wasn’t going to be fine dining. Mr Jones is not a skilled cook but I didn’t have to cook and I was grateful. My daughter decided to jump in the bath which did make me re-consider but somehow things seemed to fit together. I found myself relaxing in a tub of warm water.

Note to self; request bubble bath for Mother’s Day.

Long story short dinner happened, I got dressed, I looked hot and I found myself at the club. It was a little quiet. The last few times Mr Jones and I went there it was a bit of a sausage fest. I was hoping for something similar, because sausages were a big part of the plan. I was a little disappointed but as time went by a younger man appeared.

Within a relatively short space of time I found myself naked on a bed between two men. The plan was definite falling in to place. My new friend’s skin was so smooth. He was so young and seemed so inexperienced. It didn’t matter. I had Mr Jones’s cock in my pussy and my new friend’s cock down my throat. I was in my happy place.

I am not sure what it is about a spit roast, it just feels so fucking good. The feeling of Mr Jones’ arms around me while he fucked me was the best feeling. I felt so close to him. Something I needed. Even if I didn’t realise it. I lay back while Mr Jones fucked me and I put the other man’s hands on my pussy. His fingers worked my clit as the cock slid in and out of me. For a brief while I thought about trying to encourage him to put his cock inside me beside Mr Jones’. It was a passing thought.

I could feel the orgasm building. I wasn’t entirely expecting it but there it was. For a moment I could feel the tension building then it seemed to ebb away. My friend caressed my clit, working it beautifully. Mr Jones’ cock slid in and out of me. Maybe the position which was not something we usually did. Maybe the intensity of the night.

The orgasm built again, faster than I expected. When I came it was like thunderstorm gripping my body. I knew I needed the experience but I hadn’t realised how much. The feeling of peace that came over me was the most relaxed I had been in weeks.

But it wasn’t done. I needed to watch the new man cum. I encouraged him to fuck me hard. As he fucked me I watched his face. There is something about watching a man climax. It is as satisfying as my own climax. I was lucky this night. Not only did I enjoy some truly special sex and a mind blowing orgasm but I also got to feel the climax of my new friend and finally my husband.

Afterwards my new friend left the room. I will probably not see him again but it doesn’t matter. My plan came to fruition, it was the perfect Friday Night,.

Wicked Wednesday – Week 1

This week the amazing and indefatigable Marie Rebelle creator and author of  the material at Rebels Notes is celebrating a rather impressive milestone. It is the 400th week of Wicked Wednesday. I have recently come back to the fold of this great Meme which is an excellent place to read a wide variety of different sex related material. From erotic fiction to personal recounts to musings about various topics it has it all.

Back in the days of Erotic Adventures I was a regular contributor to Wicked Wednesday. I remember being asked by Marie to contribute to her fledgling meme after another regular Wednesday Meme that we both participated in was ended. I am not sure if I was part of the first week but a search of Erotic Adventures turned up a post entitled; Happy Birthday to Me –  Wicked Wednesday Week 1. I was excited to read it as it features some very good memories for me and someone who I have spent many pleasurable and erotic times with. I hope that he reads this and enjoys the memories as much as I did.

To save you all the hassle of finding the story I have pasted it here.

“You need to have a shower,” Jake tells me as he leads me to the bathroom and turns on the water.

“What are we doing?” I am curious but also a little reluctant. It has been a longish day. I am in no mood for prissing myself up to go out or rushing around to be ready to go at a specified time.  

He doesn’t answer instead he stands near the bathroom sink and watches me in the shower. The water is warm. I lather body wash over myself a little provocatively teasing him. There is this weird tension in the room, slightly horny, slightly nervous. Jake is twitchy and evasive. In know he has cooked something up. For the entire week there have been little cues, things like odd text messages that he doesn’t share with me. He is definitely cooking up something but I am not going to allow him to spoil my shower, it is my birthday, I can do what I want and I am not going to hurry.

When I step out of the shower there is some clothing laid out on the bed.

“I want you to wear this” Jake tells me. I don’t argue. It is his favourite skirt and hoodie. There is no question now that he has something planned but I am not going to press him for details. A tiny thought nags at the corner of my mind. Is it a premonition of what is to come? Or is it a wish? Do I dare think about it too much in case it doesn’t happen?

When I am dressed Jake brings out a blindfold and some strapping. He leads me over to the wall of our bedroom, near the doorway. He places the blindfold over my eyes and ties my hands and then helps me to kneel beside the wall. I kneel there quietly adjusting to the darkness and the fabric over my eyes. Instinctively my arms flex against the ties around my wrists. I am not uncomfortable but I don’t like being restrained. Jake’s voice whispers in my ear, “I will be back shortly,” and then he left the room.

In the quiet darkness I strain to hear every tiny noise. My mind is seeking out information about what is happening. Questions press into my thoughts. Is there someone coming? Who is it? When will they be here? What will they do to me? The seconds feel like minutes. I hear the back door slide open. People are quietly moving in the next room. There is some whispering and the jingle of a belt buckle. My heart is beating. Who is there? I think I know who it might be but then maybe it isn’t. Other possible people run through my head. What if it is someone I have never met? I don’t know if I could handle that.

I hear footsteps on the carpet. There is a body standing close to me, I hear him breathing. He is nervous like me. He touches my face to say hello but there is no words. Then he places his cock against my lips.  I lick the tip, tasting the pre-cum that has formed there already. I open my lips and he slides his shaft into my mouth. I know this cock! I am happy that he is here to celebrate my birthday with me. I relax and begin to enjoy myself now savouring the feel of his hard thick member in my mouth. I try to take all of him down my throat but he is too large for me. I gag slightly on him and continue to suck him greedily. Above my head his breathing is heavier I feel him lean over to place his hands on the wall behind me so he can fuck my mouth.  

Then he pulls himself out of my mouth and steps away. I am confused. What is happening? Another body is in front of me. This time he doesn’t hesitate he puts his cock against my lips. Immediately I open my mouth to the warm soft skin. I smile to myself. Jake didn’t want to be left out of the fun. I suck him down into my mouth as well. I am at his mercy. I cannot use my hands to stop him from penetrating as deeply as he wants.

But he only stays a moment. Then another person is in front of me. I am expecting Dino again. I remember the last time I was with him, how hard he fucked me and how it felt to have his big beautiful cock inside me. The idea of a night of tag teaming with him and Jake fills me with excitement and pleasure.

Then surprise and hesitation. This person isn’t Dino it is someone else! I flick my tongue over him and I am even more excited. It is Mr Fix It!. My lips open and he slips into my mouth pressing his belly against my face. If I could I would have placed my arms around his hips and hugged him. This is shaping up to be a fantastic night. How could a girl ask for a better birthday celebration than to be at the mercy of three men?

I hope you all enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I know I did. If you want to read the original post in all it’s glory here.