Money, Money, Money

Image by Goumbik from Pixabay

1. What is the most expensive thing you have purchased that was not worth the price?

I bought a pair of shoes last week. I still am not in the habit of doing regular land based things so I didn’t check the price before deciding to buy them. Not sure what was happening there but when the sales assistant rang up the price it was higher than I would have considered reasonable at the time. I didn’t have the brain space to argue so I just paid and walked out the shop. They are leather shoes and I will wear them a lot so I am just telling myself that is enough to justify the price.

2. Has money ever ruined a relationship for you?

Not really. Money is something that I use and I am relatively careful with but it isn’t something that drives life decisions for me. I haven’t had a relationship that was dictated by money issues ever so I guess I am lucky.

3. What is a cheap thing you own that just makes you SO happy?

The cardigan I am wearing as I type this. I got it from the sale rack. It was damaged but it is so soft and cuddly. I love wearing it.

4. What is the most toxic quality about you?

I have inherited some of my mother’s passive aggressive tendencies. I am relatively skilled at inducing guilt in the people who care about me. I am super conscious about not turning into her so I try really hard but it slips out sometimes.

5. Why do you not like to talk about money?

Because for many people seeing someone with something they don’t have but think they want causes them to be jealous and negative. I don’t want to be judged or thought of as a snob.

When we purchased our yacht the question a lot of my teacher friends asked was “How much did it cost?” I could hear the unspoken question of “How did you afford that?” as they asked. I never told anyone how much it was. My standard response was “Enough”. Most people were happy to leave it at that. I didn’t want to advertise to my colleagues that I work primarily for reasons other than to pay my bills.

Bonus: What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

Bought a boat that cost the same as a house, took unpaid leave from my job and spent six months sailing the Queensland coast. I got a lot out of it and it changed me for life but ultimately this voyage was about me compromising with Mr Jones.

TMI Tuesday – The Money Edition

1 If you pay someone to do one chore what would it be?

The first thing that popped into my mind when I read this was clean my house. I have paid someone to clean my house in the past. It was good but I have a semi – retired husband and two adult children living with me right now. If we can’t manage to get the place clean enough there is a problem!

Maybe a personal stylist / shopper would be cool.

2 If I gave you $1, 000, 000USD how much would you give to charity?

Mr Jones is not a huge fan of donating cash to major charities. I think he feels that a lot of money gets wasted on admin etc. In the event of a windfall like that I feel that a proportion of it would get donated but some would be directed at specific people who we know personally that need a hand.

3 What is the most annoying thing your partner does with money?

Talk about it! Mr Jones is interested in finance and economics so we spend a lot of time talking about his theories relating to tax, wealth generation and debt management. It isn’t something I find particularly interesting but there we are.

4 What is something you bought as a couple but would be embarrassed for your parents to know?

I don’t think there is anything we have bought that I am embarrassed about. I don’t particularly discuss money with my parents. My mother in particular is one of those people who likes to gossip about people in a nasty way and always shares her unwanted opinions. So I make a point of not discussing our finances with her.

5 What money related thing have you hidden from your significant other?

Nothing. All of our accounts are joint. So Mr Jones sees every transaction I make. If I wanted to hide something it would require a lot of maneuvering.

Bonus: If you received $1, 000, right now would you tell people? Why or Why not?

Regular readers will know that we bought a boat recently. It is not a small boat. One of the questions I get asked by colleagues is how much it cost. I have always been very cagey about the answer to that question. Explaining where the money came from and why I am still working if I can afford something like that is a conversation I don’t want to have.