USB Flashback – Carpark Rules

Recently I came accross a USB that had a bunch of stuff on it from the Erotic Adventures days. Some I published there and some I didn’t. I honestly can’t remember which is which. Anyway I thought I might dust off some of the material, give it a bit of a tweak and post here.

This little gem is based on actual events. 

A car is a funny place, Lucy mused as she opened the door to slide into the driver’s seat of her baby. The world outside was oblivious to her, cars sped by on the freeway nearby, students made their way from the bus station to the buildings of the university up the hill. She could hear their conversations through the opened sunroof and she knew that if they chose to look in this direction they would see her sitting in the driver’s seat with her companion beside her. They wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing to her under the dashboard but she didn’t care.

Clint lifted the hem of her dress and caressed the smooth shaven skin of her pussy. She forgot about the people outside as his fingers eased into her slit. Her head tilted back against the headrest and a small moan escaped from her lips as he stroked and teased her before slipping first one then two fingers into her deep wet hole.

“Mmmmm someone is wet,” he murmured in her ear.

Lucy’s response was to slump down in her seat so that her knees could fall further apart, inviting him in deeper. He finger fucked her, teasing the sensitive spot right at her entrance. He had been there before and it didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. The familiar feeling welled up inside her and she felt her body clamping in response to his touch. If they had chosen to look inside her car the outsiders would have been able to watch her writhe in pleasure. If they had listened carefully they would have heard her deep throaty moans of pleasure. If they had  bothered to look. Lucy didn’t know if anyone looked or not, she didn’t care.

She spasmed again and despite her efforts to contain herself a small trickle of liquid covered her pussy and Clint’s hand. He smiled in satisfaction as he withdrew his hand and sat looking at her for a few moments.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked

“Yes” she smiled at him like a cat looking at a bowl of cream. She reached over and unclasped his pants. He eased his hips upwards to allow her to pull the waist band down over his ass. He sat for a few moments with his erect cock resting against his belly. The outside observer would have seen two people chatting amicably but out of sight of the outside world Lucy’s hand stroked Clint’s cock teasing the head as precum leaked out of him.

“I think someone else might be a bit excited,” she said as she leaned over to taste him. Her lips opened and she slid her mouth down over his cock a small way. On the back of her head she felt his hand. She knew he wanted her to go deeper but she took her time, wetting him with her saliva and teasing him a little before she side down further pressing his cock to the back of her mouth. He sighed in pleasure,

“Good girl,” he whispered as he wrapped her long hair around his hand controlling the movement of her head. It was the most erotic thing

“You suck me so good,” he sighed again as she released him from her mouth for a moment before pushing her head back down over his shaft. He allowed himself the luxury of pushinig his cock into her mouth against the back of her throat making her body spasm with a gag as she sucked him.

“Fuck that feels so good,” he moaned. “Do you want a mouth full of my cum?” Lucy turned her head and looked up at him as she let his cock slide out of her mouth. Smiling, she ran her tongue down over his shaft before she licked his balls.

“Ohhhhhh,” he sighed in pleasure as she carefully pulled his balls into her mouth, teasing the skin with her tongue. Gently she moved the sensitive globes around her mouth, teasing some more before releasing them and returning to the main course. Her mouth slid down over his cock taking as much of his length as she could. Absently she registered the sound of conversations walking past on the pathway but she was focussed on the task in front of her.

The sound of a slap resounded around the car as his hand connected with her ass. Lucy moaned against him pushing her mouth further down his shaft so that her face was pressed against her belly. His breathing became ragged and the hand that had slapped her gripped her ass almost painfully. She felt a taste of precum over her tongue and his cock hardened in her mouth. Lucy cupped his balls in her hand as she sucked harder.

Little moans were coming from his mouth, his balls were tightening in her plam. His other hand twisted her hair a little tighter and his hips thrust his cock into the back of her throat. His excitement drilled deep into Lucy’s belly and she writhed against the seat as she opened her mouth for him to fuck. Deep inside her gut she could feel his orgasm building, and she arched towards it, craving his release and the salty taste of him.

His cock pulsed and he groaned loudly as his cum emptied into her mouth. For a second Lucy wondered if anyone walking past would notice his face or hear the sound of his cumming but she only wondered for a moment before her mind went back to his cock pulsing sweet cum into her mouth. Her head was still as she held him between her lips gathering the cum in her mouth until he stopped moving.

They lay back against the seats she quickly snapped an image of herself with her mouth full of his cum. He chuckled quietly as she sent the evidence of their tryst to her husband. Then they chatted quietly for a while, She stroked his soft cock, smiling at the memory of what she had just done. She could feel her own engine idling quietly in the background even as he bathed in the afterglow of his orgasm. She knew that she would need more attention later.

People walked past, oblivious to what had just happened meters away from the path they were following. Lucy’s cunt throbbed a little. Her earlier orgasm had just whetted her appetite. The slap on her ass while she was mouthing him had awakened a need for more than a finger fuck in a car-park.

“I want to fuck you,” she said.

‘MMMMM I think I would like to fuck you as well,” he agreed. “This car is a little small though,”

They were quiet for a few moments before he continued,

“I have to admit the idea of bending you over and smacking that sweet ass of yours before fucking you into the middle of next week does have a certain appeal though,”

“Well I am available,” she looked him innocently.

They laughed and chatted back and forth about the merits of finding somewhere more comfortable to fuck like rabbits. Lucy was horny and sucking such a delicious cock had only made her want a good fucking.

As they spoke Clint’s cock stirred. To try and convince him that he really needed to come home with her Lucy bent down and licked him before slowly taking him into her mouth.

“You do that so well.” He gripped her hair as he began thrusting