Howard’s Downfall – Part 2

I posted the first part of this story in last week’s Wicked Wednesday. This week the story continues.

Howard stood in the doorway unable to speak, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Outside cars drove past, people smoked cigarettes on their balconies and spoke loudly about what pizza they were ordering. The Earth kept spinning on its axis.

Inside nothing made sense. The two women who had occupied Howard’s brain for the last months sat side by side on a bed. One completely naked. Her curves on full display. Howard had never seen her like that. At home she never walked around naked, even when they had sex she often preferred to have a negligee on, or the light off. The only time he had seen her fully naked was in the shower and then it was short lived. But here she was, boobs bouncing all over the place, legs held slightly open for Jenna to caress those milky thighs.

The sight of Jenna’s hand on Lily’s thigh was confusing. His cock responded, straining against his pants but a deep savage feeling of jealousy welled inside him. Lily had been very clear when he had raised the topic of swinging. She was very much a one man woman. She had no interest in other women AT ALL. He had accepted it and convinced himself that that lifestyle that he had been so deeply into was not for him.

Jenna continued to stroke Lily’s thighs all the while looking him straight in the eye. She seemed to be daring him. He was terrified of what she would say, or do. Actually he was terrified of what she had already said and done. Her hand strayed higher and traced the outline of Lily’s outer lips. Lily opened her legs wider and a shiver of anticipation went through her. She smiled seductively at Howard.

“Baby why didn’t you tell me that women were so amazing?” Lily gasped as Jenna slid her finger inside her slit.

Howard was speechless. Words whirled around his head but nothing came out of his mouth. Nothing could express his feelings at that moment. It felt as if he was someone else. Somewhere else.

Jenna stood and moved towards him. His heart thundered in his chest. For a moment he thought she was going to tell him that he wasn’t needed and push him out of the door. But she didn’t. Instead she indicated a chair against the wall, at the end of the bed.

“Have a seat,” her voice was firm. She wasn’t asking.

He moved towards the chair.

“Take your clothes off,” again she wasn’t asking.

Old habits kicked in. He obeyed without complaint or question. In the old days he would have wriggled in anticipation. Tonight he wasn’t sure. His heart was heavy with fear and the unfamiliar feeling of jealousy. Naked, he sat on the chair. His cock was very sure about this situation, it jutted out in front of him, long, hard and straining towards the action.

In front of him Jenna turned Lily so that Howard had a full view of her lying back on the bed with her legs splayed open. The petals of her pussy pulled back, revealing her entire opening. Moisture glistened showing her arousal. Jenna bent down and traced her tongue around Lily’s pussy starting at the outer lips and working her way deeper and harder. Lily writhed and moaned in a way that Howard had never seen.

Between his legs Howard’s cock throbbed almost painfully. It had been a very long time since he was this aroused. He ached for some stimulation, a hand or even a mouth, ideally the mouth that was currently attending to his girlfriend.

As if she read his thoughts Jenna slid off the bed and moved to kneel between his legs. She turned her body towards Lily who had moved to sit on the end of the bed.

“What do you think we should do with this then?” she asked.

Lily giggled. Howard began to wonder if she had taken some kind of drug. The way she was behaving was completely out of character for her.

“I want to watch you suck him.” her voice was deep and throaty with arousal. Her hand was between her legs dipping in and out of her pussy. Howard had never seen her masturbate. He wasn’t even sure if she did. He realised that he had never actually asked. Shame washed over him as he realised how lazy he had become.

All of the guilt and fear left him as he felt the warm wetness of Jenna’s lips slide down his shaft. He had forgotten how much he enjoyed this. Her lips slid almost the entire length of his shaft until he felt the head of his cock connect with her throat. She held him there for a moment before pulling back and looking up at his face as she rolled her tongue over the head of his cock.

A deep moan escaped from his lips. Jenna opened her lips and began to move her mouth up and down his shaft. Her hands caressed his balls before moving towards his arse. He opened his legs slightly and tilted his pelvis hoping her finger would stray closer. He was rewarded with a slight caress around his arsehole. He didn’t think it was possible to become more aroused but he felt himself get harder inside her mouth.

“Does she suck you good baby?” Lily’s voice reminded him of where she was.

Somewhere he found the voice to reply,

“Yes.” He was mesmerised by Lily’s fingers dipping into her wet cunt.

“I need you to fuck me baby,” her voice was strained.

Jenna released his cock and moved away to allow him to stand.

Somehow he staggered across the narrow gap between the chair and the bed to kneel between Lily’s legs. He could smell her arousal and he dipped his head down to taste her salty sweet juice. She moaned in response and he dared to dip deeper into her cunt. He wanted to cover all of the places Jenna had been. As if he was trying to remove traces of her.

“Fuck me baby,” Lily’s voice had a pleading note, “I need a cock to fill me.”

Howard could not refuse. He placed himself and slid his cock deep into her. Wetness covered him and he leaned down to kiss her. With a shock he realised her lips tasted like pussy his mind spun but the warm wetness of Lily’s pussy distracted him from his thoughts. He kissed her again and again, removing the traces of the other woman and replacing them with his own. He became absorbed in her, completely forgetting where he was and what had happened.

Until he felt a hand on his arse.

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BJ The Budgie

I never wanted a budgie as a pet. This is not because I don’t like birds, on the contrary I love them. But budgies were never something I was interested in: too small, not enough personality, no practical use.

Then one day one came into my life. What is even harder to explain to people is his name, BJ. My daughter thinks that his name is because he is a budgerigar and I can’t spell. That is not the reason though. This is the story of how I came to own a budgie named BJ even though I never even went shopping for one.

When Jennifer had gotten out of bed that morning, she never imagined that she would be doing this. Actually, she never thought she would be doing this at all, ever. Her morning had been full of children’s lunches and helping out at their school. Typical mum stuff. Then he had messaged her,

What are you doing today?

She had been a little annoyed at first. This was always a loaded question. What he really meant was “I am horny and nearby, can I intrude on whatever you are doing to get some sex?” Most of the time she complied because she was essentially a stay at home mum and her days were pretty flexible. Today she was a little busy and wasn’t sure if she wanted to be organising a sex hook up while she was preparing 200 primary school tuckshop orders.

I am at school. How is your day going?

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar vibration

I am working but I am near to you. Did you want to meet up at a park or something?

They had spoken about this before. She knew exactly what he wanted but she didn’t have time for that today.

I am kinda busy. I don’t really have time to meet up.

She hated this. Now he had put the idea in her head she would be thinking about him, his athletic body and his delicious cock. It would be irritating if she didn’t go to meet him but she really, really didn’t have time. Her pocket vibrated. She didn’t bother about pretending to make him wait this time.

Please? I won’t take up much of your time. You are just so sexy that I want to have you whenever I can.

Jennifer sighed. He was like a puppy. Whining and being cute just for a little attention.

I won’t be finished here until 1.30.

His reply was instant

That is OK. I can do that.

They made arrangements for the location and she went back to work. Sandwiches were slipped into paper bags for delivery to classrooms. Wraps were wrapped and salads made their way into cups. The other mothers joked and gossiped. If only they knew the clandestine, naughty plans that their friend had just made. It would blow their minds.

Then an even naughtier plan popped into Jennifer’s head. What if she had a spectator for her adventure? Someone she knew was watching but couldn’t see. Again, her phone was in her hand. This time to her husband.

I am meeting a guy in the park at 1.30. Come and watch.

She went back to her sandwiches with a little spring in her step and a growing warmth in her jeans. The next couple of hours were filled with sandwiches, nachos, lost lunches, ice block sales and washing of dishes. The time to leave and meet seemed to sneak up on her but she was glad when she could put away her apron and head to the carpark.

He was waiting in the appointed place. That was one of the good things about him. He was always on time. After a brief embrace they walked through the park towards the lake. Jennifer resisted the urge to look back to make sure her husband was there. Her focus was on the man beside her. They found a place off the main pathway and finally they were able to relax a little.

His hands wandered over her ass and up inside her shirt. For a moment she wished she had worn a dress but she hadn’t had time to go home and change. She undid some buttons on his shirt and slid her hands over his smooth chest. His body was long and athletic. Something about his youth and vulnerability resonated with her. Jennifer slid her hands down inside the waist of his jeans. Her hands grazed the tip of his cock but the tight waist band restricted her access.

His breathing increased and he helped her as she fumbled with his belt. Together they eased his cock out of his pants. For a moment she worried about a stranger noticing them but as she wrapped her hand around the familiar velvet skin of his cock the worries faded away. The only thought that remained firmly in her mind was the presence of her husband, watching somewhere.

Looking upwards into his eyes she sank down onto her knees and opened her lips. Still watching his face she licked the pre-cum from the top of his cock before sliding her lips down over his shaft. He sighed in pleasure and she held him for a moment before she began to move her head up and down over his shaft. His hand cupped the back of her head pushing her gently down on to him as his hips thrust slightly towards her face.

She knew he wouldn’t last long but she didn’t care. Suddenly she was craving the salt taste of his cum. Her cunt was hot and wet inside her jeans and she knew that after this she would need to fill her cunt with something but right now, she was focussed on the cock in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his ass, pulling him closer to her as she sensed him getting closer. One her tongue she tasted more pre-cum and the craving for him to shoot cum into her mouth became almost too much for her.

Greedily she sucked him, pushing her face hard against his belly, cramming all of his hard cock into her mouth. His fingers twisted into her hair and his breathing was hard and ragged. As he came his body stiffened. His cock pulsed as he shot hot, salty cum into her mouth. A long groan escaped his lips before he slowly relaxed.

Jennifer held his cock in her mouth for a few moments before she let it slide out of her lips. A thread of his cum joined the tip of his cock to her lips before she pulled away. Quickly she pulled out her phone and snapped a selfie with her mouth full of his cum. He chuckled softly.

“Your husband is so lucky.”

She grinned as she stood up and straightened her top.

“Not as lucky as me,” her hands wandered over his body one last time before they headed back to their cars.

As she stood next to her car he pressed his body up against her,

“Next time I hope we have more time. I want to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours,” his breath was hot in her ear.

She sighed in pleasure as his hand gripped her crotch through those jeans.

“What are you going to do now?” His eyes bored into hers.
She didn’t answer. His hand massaged her through her jeans, she felt her knees go weak. Anyone could be walking past and see them, but she didn’t care. Somewhere nearby her husband was watching them. Was he sitting in his car? Was he as horny as her?

A chirp behind her interrupted her thoughts. Wriggling free of his embrace she turned and saw a small green budgerigar on the bonnet of her car. Gently she picked up the tiny exhausted bird.

“You poor baby,” she crooned.

Still holding him gently she turned to her lover.

“I absolutely will be going him to finish what you started.” He smiled at her words.

“Send me pics,” Of course he would say that. “You know me, I will be horny again in a couple of hours.”

“After I look after this little guy.”

And that is the story of BJ, who came home with me and lived with us for several years. Sadly his namesake did not hang around as long.


Wicked Wednesday – Week 1

This week the amazing and indefatigable Marie Rebelle creator and author of  the material at Rebels Notes is celebrating a rather impressive milestone. It is the 400th week of Wicked Wednesday. I have recently come back to the fold of this great Meme which is an excellent place to read a wide variety of different sex related material. From erotic fiction to personal recounts to musings about various topics it has it all.

Back in the days of Erotic Adventures I was a regular contributor to Wicked Wednesday. I remember being asked by Marie to contribute to her fledgling meme after another regular Wednesday Meme that we both participated in was ended. I am not sure if I was part of the first week but a search of Erotic Adventures turned up a post entitled; Happy Birthday to Me –  Wicked Wednesday Week 1. I was excited to read it as it features some very good memories for me and someone who I have spent many pleasurable and erotic times with. I hope that he reads this and enjoys the memories as much as I did.

To save you all the hassle of finding the story I have pasted it here.

“You need to have a shower,” Jake tells me as he leads me to the bathroom and turns on the water.

“What are we doing?” I am curious but also a little reluctant. It has been a longish day. I am in no mood for prissing myself up to go out or rushing around to be ready to go at a specified time.  

He doesn’t answer instead he stands near the bathroom sink and watches me in the shower. The water is warm. I lather body wash over myself a little provocatively teasing him. There is this weird tension in the room, slightly horny, slightly nervous. Jake is twitchy and evasive. In know he has cooked something up. For the entire week there have been little cues, things like odd text messages that he doesn’t share with me. He is definitely cooking up something but I am not going to allow him to spoil my shower, it is my birthday, I can do what I want and I am not going to hurry.

When I step out of the shower there is some clothing laid out on the bed.

“I want you to wear this” Jake tells me. I don’t argue. It is his favourite skirt and hoodie. There is no question now that he has something planned but I am not going to press him for details. A tiny thought nags at the corner of my mind. Is it a premonition of what is to come? Or is it a wish? Do I dare think about it too much in case it doesn’t happen?

When I am dressed Jake brings out a blindfold and some strapping. He leads me over to the wall of our bedroom, near the doorway. He places the blindfold over my eyes and ties my hands and then helps me to kneel beside the wall. I kneel there quietly adjusting to the darkness and the fabric over my eyes. Instinctively my arms flex against the ties around my wrists. I am not uncomfortable but I don’t like being restrained. Jake’s voice whispers in my ear, “I will be back shortly,” and then he left the room.

In the quiet darkness I strain to hear every tiny noise. My mind is seeking out information about what is happening. Questions press into my thoughts. Is there someone coming? Who is it? When will they be here? What will they do to me? The seconds feel like minutes. I hear the back door slide open. People are quietly moving in the next room. There is some whispering and the jingle of a belt buckle. My heart is beating. Who is there? I think I know who it might be but then maybe it isn’t. Other possible people run through my head. What if it is someone I have never met? I don’t know if I could handle that.

I hear footsteps on the carpet. There is a body standing close to me, I hear him breathing. He is nervous like me. He touches my face to say hello but there is no words. Then he places his cock against my lips.  I lick the tip, tasting the pre-cum that has formed there already. I open my lips and he slides his shaft into my mouth. I know this cock! I am happy that he is here to celebrate my birthday with me. I relax and begin to enjoy myself now savouring the feel of his hard thick member in my mouth. I try to take all of him down my throat but he is too large for me. I gag slightly on him and continue to suck him greedily. Above my head his breathing is heavier I feel him lean over to place his hands on the wall behind me so he can fuck my mouth.  

Then he pulls himself out of my mouth and steps away. I am confused. What is happening? Another body is in front of me. This time he doesn’t hesitate he puts his cock against my lips. Immediately I open my mouth to the warm soft skin. I smile to myself. Jake didn’t want to be left out of the fun. I suck him down into my mouth as well. I am at his mercy. I cannot use my hands to stop him from penetrating as deeply as he wants.

But he only stays a moment. Then another person is in front of me. I am expecting Dino again. I remember the last time I was with him, how hard he fucked me and how it felt to have his big beautiful cock inside me. The idea of a night of tag teaming with him and Jake fills me with excitement and pleasure.

Then surprise and hesitation. This person isn’t Dino it is someone else! I flick my tongue over him and I am even more excited. It is Mr Fix It!. My lips open and he slips into my mouth pressing his belly against my face. If I could I would have placed my arms around his hips and hugged him. This is shaping up to be a fantastic night. How could a girl ask for a better birthday celebration than to be at the mercy of three men?

I hope you all enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I know I did. If you want to read the original post in all it’s glory here.


This week’s prompt was “Motivation”. I had ideas for a story but I didn’t seem to gel. I think this one was getting in the way.

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It starts when you lift up my dress to reveal a pair of satin panties. For a moment you admire the colour and shimmer of the fabric before pushing the dress up further to reveal my breasts threatening to spill out of a bra that matches the panties. You pull the dress over my head and then lay me down on the bed. You seem to be mesmerised by my cleavage as you fumble with the clasp of my bra. Driven by desire I arch up towards you pushing my satin covered crotch against your leg.

Finally you remove my bra letting my breasts spill out into your hands. My nipples slip into the spaces between your fingers and you pinch them gently before rolling both nipples between your fingers. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath as I exhale. My crotch pushes harder against your leg as we look intently into each other’s eyes. Your head bends to take my nipple into your mouth. I moan in response and arch harder against you. A small trickle of wetness stains the satin of my panties.

The scent of my arousal fills the room, causing you to grip my breast harder. You move your attention to my other nipple as I pant and moan in pleasure under neath you. My cunt is hungry and demanding as spasms of pleasure shudder through me. Finally you release me and again we look intently at each other as your hand strays to the place you are really wanting. I know you are hungry. All day I have been teasing you with images of those panties and suggestions of what they cover. I know you crave the taste of me. I am just as hungry as you but the exquisite anticipation is almost as pleasurable as the meal we are moving towards.

You slip your hand inside my panties. Your finger finds its way into the hot slit that is quickly becoming saturated with my juice. A gentle stroke over my swollen sensitive lips rewards you with a spasm of my body and a jet of liquid over your palm. You remove your hand and lick my pleasure from your fingers. A small moan of appreciation escapes you at that first taste. You slide down the bed so that you are kneeling between my knees. My heart skips a little beat, I know you mean business now. I arch my back helping you remove my panties and willingly let you spread my legs so that you can admire my slick wet pussy.

Time seems to stretch as you look at me. A small breeze from the fan caresses me. I can see your face, the pleasure of anticipation. Finally you bend to taste me fully. The first lick is an agony. Your warm tongue touches me but the touch is so gentle and teasing, close to the centre of my arousal but not quite, I place my hands on the back of your head. Like you I am resisting the temptation to push hard into the aching centre of my desire. Instead I am forcing myself to anticipate.

Your tongue delves deeper into my folds, stroking against my swollen clit, circling and teasing before dipping down into my pussy. I cannot resist any more. My fingers curl into your hair and as I writhe in pleasure I push your head against my crotch. Your slide fingers inside me to tease the sensitive spot just inside my opening. The room fills with my grunts of pleasure as I squirt jets of liquid into your mouth and over your face. I watch your face between my legs. I could watch the look of total enjoyment as you lick and such and drink me for hours.

You bury your face in me, gripping my hips to push me harder against you. My hands mash your face into my cunt. My body thrashes around and I lose control. Spasm after spasm rips through me. The moans of pleasure become loud crazy animal noises. The sheets beneath my arse are saturated but I cannot stop cumming. With each spasm another jet of liquid covers your face,

Finally I can’t take any more. I pull away and you raise your face for air. You move so that you a lying beside me. The smile on your face tells me your hunger has been satisfied if only momentarily. My desire is like a slow burn in my belly. The fire has been fed but it is relentless as it builds I flip you onto your back and straddle you.

The first course is done and compliments to the chef but now It is time for the second course.

The Gift of Giving

I have a long term friend who had told me on multiple occasions that I have the “disease to please”. By this she means that I am driven to make the people around me happy often at my own expense even when this is detrimental to me.

Of course there are times when this inclination is a good thing. It makes me conscious of other people and their feelings and needs in a way that others often aren’t.But it can also be extremely unhealthy. It means that I put other’s wants and perceived needs well ahead of my own basic needs.

When it comes to my Gemma life I am less inclined to sacrifice myself to please others. This is not the way it has always been. In the past I have taken one for the team to make Mr Jones happy and I have tolerated some bad behaviour from play mates without so much as a whimper. But those days are in the past.

I have three basic rules that all play friends must abide by;

1. No lies, to myself or your partner. If you aren’t upfront with them about who else you are fucking then we are going nowhere fast.

2. No dicking around. That means no making a plan and then not following through either by not turning up or contacting at the last minute to change time/ venue etc. Also no contacting to ask for pics/ sex chat when you are horny or bored and then ghosting off when can’t be bothered to make an effort.

3. Perform according to advertised standards. Don’t be three minute wonder or a wombat (eat shoot and leaves). If I am not satisfied at the end of the night your chances of getting a return invitation are greatly reduced.

I am guilty of not enforcing the rules from time to time but I am training myself to be firmer with them. It is paying off.

My recent exploits with JB have been a clear demonstration that the rules work. He has never actually been informed of the rules but like the gentleman and amazing lover he is he abides by all of them all of the time. I am more than satisfied with things and have a justifiable means to turn down other prospective partners like the IT guy.

However during my last play session I recognised the pure joy I can get from giving pleasure. One of the sexiest things about this man is the look on his face when he greets me and takes away the robe I like to wear when I meet him, to see what is underneath.

During our last meeting I laid him down on the bed and teased his nipples first with my nails and then with my teeth. He loves it. As I sat astride him and teased him by touching his lips with my juice covered finger he smiled with such contentment and pleasure it gave me a thrill.

He had the same look as I lowered my wet, aroused cunt onto his face. Before he began to work his magic and drink as much of the liquid I squirted into his hungry eager mouth. When he licks me it is the most pleasurable thing. At first I am restrained but it doesn’t last forever. Before long I find myself wrapping my hand around the back of his head and grinding myself into his face.

It is a strange thing. I love to please him with scratches, bites and sucking and biting his cock but he gets almost as much pleasure from licking me and drinking my juice. It is as if both of us get more out of pleasing each other than pleasing ourselves.

One of the most erotic things I have always enjoyed is listening to and feeling my partners climax. JB is no different. I have a video
I took of him cumming in my mouth. I can hear the sounds he makes as he orgasms in the background. I have listened to this on repeat as I masturbate. It is one of the sexiest fucking things. For me there will always be a gift for myself in giving pleasure to other people.

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Life is full of twists and turns. It is also full of hidden pockets of unexpected discoveries. Like the discovery that Neal and his wife had made after a drunken evening with their friends. Without realising things were heading in that direction Neal found his hand was sliding up the skirt of his wife’s friend and his wife was grinding against the crotch of her husband. What followed was a night of uninhibited and unexpected dirty fucking. The next morning instead of diving into a cave of shame Neal and his wife were at it like rabbits.

The whole experience started him on a path of discovery. He felt like a man who had been eating meat and three veg every night and then one night came home to curry. Hot, spicy curry. At first he just enjoyed the curry for what it was. The next day he went back to the meat and veg with gusto but then found himself going back for a second taste. After a while he began to wonder what else was out there. Was there other curry? Was there other food? It would be some time before he was able to find out.

Life happened. Neal found himself in a world of pain and arguments and judgement and hurt. Sex became a distant memory as he struggled with the violent, painful death throes of his marriage. He lost his long term partner, the mother of his children and really the only woman he cared to remember sharing his bed. She didn’t go quietly and he didn’t want to let her go but in the end it was worse keeping her in his life.

Facing the facts one night he made a decision. He was not ready to date, even to look for a fuck buddy. He didn’t want any hassles with women expecting attention or emotional energy on his part. He had none to give. But he was a man, with a sex drive that was nagging at the back of his mind. He found the swingers club he and his ex had talked about visiting once, checked out the rules for solo men, made the phone call and before he had a chance to think too much he found himself on the introductory tour.

It was a dark and twisting place. It looked like a mix between a bar with an adjoining lounge. Except for all the bedrooms and the dance floor with poles, and the spa and the massive television playing porn. OK so it wasn’t like anything he had seen before or what he imagined. Although if pressed he couldn’t really say what he imagined. He was terrified. So much so that he was convinced that he would spend his evening drinking his beer in the corner and then going home.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

He found himself talking with a couple. Of course he noticed her first. In fact he wasn’t sure why he was the man talking to her. She was amazing. Not a pin up girl or a young slender model but confident, curvy, sex on rails. She and her husband shared their experiences and ideas about non-monogamous life. It was a revelation to him. He felt like a child looking into the window of a candy store at everything good in the world but still with a pane of glass between him and sugary bliss.

Then he felt her hand on his thigh. One glance into her eyes and he felt the glass pane melting away. He knew which candy he would choose just as soon as he was asked but he wasn’t sure what would be offered, or if he would be offered anything at all.

The next little while was a blur. He found himself in a dimly lit room dominated by a clean, neatly made bed. The woman pulled off her shirt and her skirt and carefully removed her impressive boots. She sat on the edge of the bed clad in a body stocking with her knees slightly apart. He found himself being guided to stand in front of her as she fumbled with his jeans. His heart was thundering at a million miles an hour as he helped her open his pants and let his throbbing cock free. Her tongue teased the head of his cock before she slid her lips down over his shaft. Warmth spread through his body as she moved her head up and down gently pulling the skin of his cock. Just as he felt his knees beginning to buckle under him she pulled away from him to attend to her husband.

Neal slid down onto the bed. His hand moved over her body, seeking out her pussy. It had been so long since he had touched a warm wet pussy that he felt his body ache. Tentatively he slid his finger into the opening of her body stocking and began to stroke her. Keeping her mouth on her husband’s cock she twisted her pelvis slightly to allow him better access. He slid his finger inside her and stroked the small node close to the opening.

He could feel her responses to his touch and he let her guide him to the right spots with her free hand. She didn’t take her mouth away from her husband’s cock but he could hear little moans as her body twitched in response to his touch. He felt liquid building around his hand and a small inkling of what was about to happen started at the back of his mind. Was she? He hardly dared to hope.

Then his curiosity was satisfied. He felt her pussy clamp shut as her whole body writhed. She pulled away from her husbands cock as the first orgasm took her. Neal felt a gush of warm liquid cover his hand. He continued to stroke her as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. His reward was more warm wet liquid covering his hand. Finally she pushed him away and they lay on the bed with her sandwiched between the two men.

“Can I lick you?” He asked. He felt like a teenager, awkward and excited at the same time. He had fantasized about this for so many years but had never dared hope that he would feel his face covered by warm sweet ejaculate.

She nodded her consent, and wriggled free of the lace covering her body. He pulled her hips towards his face and took a moment to observe her. With his finger he traced around the sensitive folds of skin before he took his first taste. She was as sweet as he had hoped. Encouraged he moved in closer brushing his tongue over the hard swollen node of her clit and dipping his tongue into her opening. Her hands guided him to the places where she would gain the most pleasure.

Then it happened. Her body arched as she spasmed in pleasure and he was rewarded with his first full mouthful of her juice. He wanted to bury his face in her and drink every drop. He continued stroking her at the same time sliding a finger inside her. His efforts were rewarded with more squirts of sweetness. It was better than he could have imagined. Finally she pushed him away,

“That is enough for now,” she gasped. “I need a cock.” She pulled her husband towards her and he slid his thickness into her slick opening. Neal had forgotten how stimulating it was to watch live sex. So much better than any porn. They were not bothered by his presence. In fact she seemed to be inviting him to watch closely. Her husband obliged by turning his hips so Neal had a clear view of cock sliding slowly in and out of glistening wetness.

“That is so fucking sexy.” Neal couldn’t keep the thought inside him any longer. She smiled seductively and guided his head towards her crotch.

“Get that magic tongue down here.” She commanded.

He obliged. It was completely different from anything he had ever done. He had worried about being so close to another man’s cock, unsure of how he would respond but right now it just seemed like the most natural thing to be doing. His tongue focused on her clit but every now and then it strayed down to stroke the velvet skin of the cock so close to his face. After a while her husband withdrew and lay close to her. His cock was still hard and proud covered with her sweetness.

Neal rested his head on the woman’s thigh taking in the smells and sensations. Earlier she had asked him if he was into guys. His response had been an automatic no. He had never been asked and he had never thought about it. Now, resting his head on a woman’s thigh with a cock right in front of his face he wondered.

On an impulse he leaned forward and slid his lips over the swollen head. He tasted pussy juice and felt unexpectedly smooth, soft skin. His body responded but he was still not sure so the contact was very brief. Neither of the others seemed phased at all either by his action or by his withdrawal. His mind was spinning with everything that had happened he needed a cigarette and a drink.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

This story is part of this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I always feel humbled to be in such esteemed presence so please make sure you visit the other writers.


Urban Dictionary, that internet repository of popular wisdom gives several different definitions for the term cuckhold. This is my favourite one;

A husband or long term boyfriend who either likes to watch his wife with other men or is forced to watch. Often there are different levels of humiliation involved such as chastity, financial, sissification, etc. Terms surrounding cuckold include cuckolded, hotwife, bull, lover, etc.

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partner there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short woman, nor am I slender but on the odd occasion that I meet a man who can manhandle me…. well you get the picture. One of the first men I met on my journey into non-monogamy was such a man, but we digress. 

Big Al is one such man. He doesn’t have the height of others in my past but he has the breadth and physical strength. He is or was a fireman, did I mention the two uniforms that I find the most attractive are firemen and the high visibility type that miners and road construction workers wear? 

I met him on an internet dating site. The details aren’t important but what is important is that after a while we met in person at a meet and greet evening. Of course the group we were with ended up at a strip club. It was my first visit to such a venue and I was a little preoccupied with observing the technique of professional pole dancers but not so much that I could ignore him. The vibe of the evening was unusual for us (meaning Mr and Mrs Jones). We are used to swingers clubs where everything is on the table but even though this was a self proclaimed group of swingers we were still a little unsure of the signals. Maybe it was because we were in a mainstream venue I am not sure but I managed to communicate my interest, to the bemusement of the dancer who was talking to us. He had communicated his but that night was not the right time. 

The right time came later after some negotiations, otherwise known as flirting. We found ourselves in a hotel room, thanks to an unexpected last minute house guest. To start with things seemed awkward, I guess he wasn’t used to the concept of “hello let’s fuck” but after two years of meeting Pet in a hotel room I kind of expect to get jumped as soon as I walked in the door. We kissed in the doorway of the bathroom and then somehow went from fully clothed and standing upright to me in a bikini and him in boxers. There was some discussion of checking out the hotel pool until I asked the question “Really? You want to swim?”

Then he was kneeling between my legs as I sprawled on the bed. He pulled aside the crotch of my bikini so that he could examine me before he started to run his tongue around my cunt. He was good, there is nothing like the feel of a tongue giving just the right pressure, he held my hips and explored deeper as I writhed in response to him. I could feel the buildup of pressure but I fought it. I wasn’t sure if he knew what to expect. Despite my best efforts I felt s small jet of warm liquid escape, his response was to to grip me harder and bury his face deeper. I relaxed a little and let more of my juice squirt into his mouth, he drank it all greedily before licking me clean and standing over me telling me what a good girl I was. 

Another trigger point. This man seemed to be ticking so many boxes, I didn’t have a hope. I sat up and removed the last of my clothingas he pulled down his shorts. His cock was hard as a rock and stuck out straight in front of him. I pulled him towards me so that I could explore him with my lips and tongue, swilling my tongue around the head of his cock before sliding my lips down his warm velvety shaft. My throat opened slightly as I pressed my lips against his belly holding his entire length inside my mouth for a moment before I started moving up and down his cock alternating between taking his entire length in my mouth and gripping his shaft with one hand while I teased his head. 

His excitement infected me as I sucked him I could not resist humping the bed like a dog in heat. Everything was so sexy and I was so caught up in everything. We separated for a moment and he suggested a breather but I couldnt stop. I rolled over and out my ass in the air demanding without words a good hard fucking. I wanted to be pounded with the cock that I had sucked so well. 

He didn’t dissapoint. He filled me with his cock, holding my hips as he eased himself into me. The room was filled with the sound of my groans of pleasure. His balls slapped against my clit in time with his thrusts sending small shudders of pleasure through me. I felt myself becoming engulfed by his power and strength. It was what I had been searching for without realising. I felt complete.

After a couple of sharp slaps on my arse he eased himself out of me and pulled me on top of him. For a moment we wrestled as he tried to slide his cock inside me, I resisted playing his cock over my clit triggering small gushes of liquid that covered his belly and slid down over his hips to leave we spots on the bed. He loved it grunting with pleasure and encouraging me to cover him in my juices. 

“We need to send your Hubby some pictures of you being fucked by your Bull.” He said.

I reached for my phone and handed it to him unlocking it so that he could take pics. For longer than I expected he gave instructions about looking at him and complimenting me on the way my hair fell. I ground my hips into his filling myself with his cock and moaning with pleasure. Subconsciously I leaned back putting pressure on my G-spot triggering a jet of liquid over his belly. His arousal reverberated through me awakening a desire to feel his orgasm. It is like a primal urge in me the desire to watch an man’s face as he climaxes inside me. The sensation of his climax often triggers my own.

This time it wasn’t to be. We were new lovers and things were a little awkward still. Sometimes these things take a little practise. I was rewarded with a view of his cum jetting out of his cock towards my mouth as he wanked himself to full climax. I slid my lips down over his shaft letting his cum fill my mouth and slide down my throat. He seemed to climax forever. Just when he was still and I thought he was done another spasm would shudder through him. I had not seen multiple orgasms in a man since my experiences with Mr Fix It. It was a beautiful thing to see such decadent pleasure in a man and to know that I was the reason that he was reaching those heights. Quickly I snapped a photo of his cum dripping down my chin to send to my husband to let him know that I was covered in another man’s cum. If he had been there I would have kissed him and filled his mouth with Big Al’s cum to let him taste the sweetness of him. Maybe next time. 

TMI Tuesday – Sex Organs and Other Stuff

It is Tuesday and that means time for another round to TMI questions. As always you can check out more confessions on the TMI page. 


1. What would you eat for your “last supper”?

When I think about just food I find this question quite hard to answer. There is just so much good food in the world it is too hard to choose just one dish. But then I saw the image above and the answer becomes really clear. If I was to be having a last supper I would gorge myself on thick beautiful cocks like that one. 

2. Name 3 interesting and unique things to do in your town/city/region.

The area I live in is extremely multicultural. There are active and vibrant communities from all over the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Pacific Ocean and probably a whole bunch of places I haven’t mentioned. So there are some VERY interesting things to see if you walk around certain streets and precincts. There are markets which feature international cuisine and clothing, streets of shops with African wig shops right next to noodle bars and also the only council approved swingers club in the South East Queensland. 

3. Tell us 2 things that terrify you.

I am totally freaked out by heights. I am unable to comfortably approach the edge of balconies on high rise hotels. I am also inherently afraid of falling on my head. Ironic considering that I do pole dancing for fun. This fear has held me back from doing a lot of things with my pole dancing. Over time I have managed to conquer the fear by facing it head on. Often when I find myself unable to master a particular trick I know it is my headspace holding me back. 

4. Give us your best sex tip.

Don’t worry about what other people think about what you like. If you are turned on, enjoying yourself and no one is getting hurt then it is OK. Enjoy the ride.

5. What do you have that you need to throw away?

A lot of things probably! I think quite a few notes from my most recent degree. I worry that one day I will need them but I have been teaching now for a year and a half and haven’t once referred to anything that I recorded at university. So I can’t see myself using them any time soon. 

Bonus: Would you participate in a sex organ beauty pageant? Why or why not?

I don’t really believe in beauty pageants and a pageant for sex organs would be no different. Like the rest of us sex organs come in all shapes and sizes and they are all attractive in their own way. 


This is NOT Bookclub

For the people out there who have not been following me for long and for those of you who have been living under a rock here are a couple of facts about me that you may or may not be aware of;
1. I am a massive exhibitionist
2. I love to suck cock
So, now that we have that straight I will continue with my story.

Last Saturday evening Mr Jones and myself decided to visit a swingers club that we frequent. The evening started out in the usual way, we had some drinks, we chatted with some people and played some pool. As is the way in venues like this the evening started out fairly awkward with couples all sitting around huddled next to each other looking at the crowd around them. Once everyone had a few drinks the more outgoing folk started to make themselves known to the folks they were interested in.

Standing at the bar I became part of a conversation with an attractive but slightly inebriated young lady who was unhappy with the state of affairs downstairs in the main play area. This area is a large lounge like room furnished with couches that is away from the main bar, smoking and traffic areas and often becomes the site of a fair bit of action. My new friend was proclaiming that tonight, however, it was like being at book club. In her opinion there was not enough nudity and adult action.

She went on to explain that it was her boyfriend’s birthday after midnight and that he was to be subjected to as much stimulation as possible without any chance of climax. She also went on to boast about his size and challenged any woman within earshot to get more than an inch of his cock into her mouth. Immediately I was up for the challenge.

And so a group led by the Pocket Rocket invaded the “book club”. Under instruction from Pocket Rocket several of us lost clothing and she proceeded to tease her lover. Once his pants were off I was keen to see the large member she boasted of, I was a little disappointed, but he turned out to be a bit of a grower.

Eventually I was able to take her up on her challenge. He did have rather a nice cock and it was hair free which is always a good thing. Another good feature was his head, the smaller one, which was kind of pointy which serves well for deep throating. Considering it was his birthday I took my time with him and encouraged him to a good size and hardness which can be hard for a guy when he has had a few drinks and has a large audience. I then proceeded to take the bulk of his cock into my mouth which shocked Pocket Rocket a little.

As I said earlier, I love sucking cock. I love teasing a completely flaccid guy into a full blown throbbing hard on using only my mouth. I love you engulfing a shy cock with my lips and holding it until it forces its way out of my mouth with its excitement. And I love, love, love, looking into a man’s eyes as I fuck his cock with my mouth. I also love doing this in front of a live audience. The thought of other men touching themselves while watching me is one of my biggest turn ons. So I was in my element.

It turned out that Pocket Rocket had the attention span of a goldfish and despite how impressed she was by my ability she was soon off in search of another audience and some more stimulation. Which suited me fine. I would very much have liked to follow such an impressive head job with a damn good fucking from the cock I had just sucked so well but I also had other fish to fry.

Did I mention that I am sometimes into women, awkward guys and oddly, of late, the occasional hairy chest? And so the night progressed. Yes Pocket Rocket was right. It is definitely NOT Book Club.

If you either live in Brisbane or are visiting Mr Jones and I would recommend that you check out Mikes Place, unless of course you are looking for a real book club.