A Small Reminder

Something that struck me when I looked at this image was my wedding ring. Often I notice it in images taken when I am playing. I remember once a lover telling me that it was the sexiest thing I was wearing because it meant I belonged to another man and that man was allowing me to be with him. Ever since then I have always noticed my ring in images. It makes me think about the unconventional nature of my marriage and how fortunate I am that I found myself here.

In this image I am performing oral sex on Mr Jones because he indicated he would like me to give him a “road head job” while he was driving the yacht. Not one to deny him a fantasy I complied when the opportunity arose. He enjoyed it but not so much that he forgot to capture the moment!

Sinful Sunday

Toxic Masculinity

My friend Mike over at Marriage Sex and More often writes about his journey through changing his approach to his sex life. This journey has taken him from being a classic “blue pill” thinker to more of a “red pill” guy. The resulting change in attitude and confidence has resulted in a complete 180 degree turn around in many areas of his life in particular his marriage. As a woman I find his ideas a little confronting. As a wife I find myself nodding along. For men who are in marriages that are sexless and unsatisfactory what he has to say is invaluable. Confronting but invaluable.

Mike’s idea of “Blue pill” vs “Red pill” thinking is interesting. In his view “blue pill” thinking is taking on pressures placed on men, often by feminists, to be more sensitive and to suppress men’s tendencies to be strong, and in some ways dominating. A blue pill guy is married to the system, does every thing he can to meet his wife’s demands, all the while complaining that he never gets enough sex and that women are bitches. Mike’s reformation came about when he refused to be the sensitive new age guy type and became a “Red pill” thinker. Strong, happy with himself and more in control of his life. I have summarised here, you really need to read the way he explains it.

Blue Pill or Red Pill

As I read a recent post summarising the changes in his approach and his wife’s approach to oral sex many things resonated with me. I come across men every day in the world of the internet who are dealing with being sexually repressed in one way or another. All of them will complain at length about their wives not being on board with their sexual fantasies. All of them tell me that they are keen to be amazing in bed, that they love licking pussy, that they have endless stamina yada yada.

While I have not tested them all I have enough experience to tell you that




to me, to their wives, to themselves.

When it comes to licking pussy most men are, well, pussies. They will do it for a short while as a means to get to the main course. Once they have ticked the box, they don’t go back. They don’t listen to subtle direction, they don’t assess how their partner is responding and they don’t give the impression that they are actually enjoying it. When it comes to the main course, again it is all about them hitting their goals. Stamina is relative. For some five minutes is a long time to have sex. And yes it can be a long time if you are fucking someone who is using you as a place to shove their dick.

It is a generalisation but many of the men I encounter who are using a poor sex life as an excuse for cheating have one thing in common. They do not take responsibility for their problem. They see themselves as a victim. Blue pill thinking. Everything in their life is someone else’s fault. Mostly their wife’s. This goes further to them thinking they are owed something. That the other women they are seeking are going to just fit with their fantasies, ideas and availability. In short, she is going to supply him with everything he wants that he is not getting now. Because, of course, if one woman is refusing to comply she is definitely the one with the problem.

A casual read of Mike’s posts might lead a man to think that paying scant attention to what his woman wants is all part of the Red Pill mentality. That to be a Red pill man all you have to do is focus on demanding what you want and it will come along. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Just demanding what you want in a loud voice is the kind of thing a two year old does. If his parent is doing their job they will promptly remind their entitled child that life is not about waiting for your privileges to fall from the sky it is about EARNING them. The focus is not on what you WANT but what you ARE.

Instead of complaining that your wife is not attracted to you how about considering making yourself more attractive to her? There have been times when I have had to look at myself. I fell in the blue pill rabbit hole and felt that Mr Jones was not doing it for me. A good hard look in the mirror told me I was also not doing it for HIM. It has taken time and much trial and error but these days I have a reasonably good idea of what does it for him (I think). The question is mostly not what to do but motivating myself to make the effort. Because it does take effort.

Mr Jones often talks about the cycle of not being attractive. How one partner’s inadequacy feeds the inadequacy of the other and around and around it spirals. His idea is correct. Breaking the cycle is hard. It takes one partner to go out on a limb. Of course if the other doesn’t follow then you are possibly flogging a dead horse. It is just a question of how long you want the limb to be and if they don’t follow do you go back to where you were or move on?

At the end of the day marriage is not a free ride. There is never a time to coast and there is never a time to lie back and be worshipped as a perfect specimen of a spouse. Good relationships take work. Sometimes the rewards are not instant. Sometimes the rewards are not exactly what you wanted. But do you honestly want to be a victim at the mercy of other people? Is that really what you want?

Friday Flashback – Under the Table

On the last day of their holiday, Lucy and John started the day as they had almost every day of their visit to this sunny holiday town, in a small café that made perfect omlettes. Their plan was to spend the last day re-visiting their favourite places. As they arrived they were greeted by the young waiter that had been there almost every morning. Without fuss he showed them to their table and poured a glass of juice for each of them.

Lucy admired his body as he pulled out her chair. She brushed against him as she took the chair, he held for her. For a moment their eyes met before she dropped her gaze lower. She settled into her chair stretching back so that he had a full view of her breasts, barely restrained by thin fabric of her sundress. Across the table her husband smirked. 

The waiter shuffled awkwardly fussing over cutlery and placement of glasses. As he bent over the table Lucy’s attention was focussed on his arse.  It was the thing she liked most about him. Mainly because the long black apron that he wore covered his other best part. 

“Do you want to order now, or did you need a moment?” The waiter’s voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up at him noting the faint colour on his cheeks.  

“Just the usual thanks,” Lucy smiled up at him. Across the table her husband agreed. The waiter made a note in his pad and turned and walked away.

Lucy stretched back on her chair, enjoying the sunshine. All around them the café buzzed with people starting their day. 

“I know what you are up to,” her husband interrupted her thoughts.

Lucy took a sip of her drink and looked at her husband over the rim of her glass with wide innocent eyes,

“I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.” She pressed her hand against her breast. “I am just here enjoying this fantastic sunshine. 

The waiter appeared with their breakfast placing the plates carefully on the table before turning away to go and fetch their coffees. Lucy inhaled the smell of perfectly cooked omelette before she delicately cut into the fluffy eggs. Coffee appeared on the table in front of her and she looked up at the waiter, letting her fork rest on her lip for a moment. He shuffled awkwardly and looked downwards. Lucy reached down with her spare hand and lifted the hem of her dress to give him a glimpse of smooth tanned thigh. 

Awkwardly the waiter shuffled, “Was there anything else?” his face was flushed and his hands clasped over his apron. 

“Not right now, thanks,” Lucy moved her shoulder slightly and the strap of her dress slipped downwards. 

“Ok then,” the waiter’s eyes were fixed on the neckline of Lucy’s dress, “I will be back later to make sure everything is OK then.” There was a pause before he turned and walked away. Casually Lucy let her fork fall on the ground. 

“Honey would you get that for me?” she looked across at her husband with wide innocent eyes. 

“Sure.” With a smirk her husband bent down from his chair to retrieve the fork.

“While you are down there,” Lucy quipped. Her gaze travelled across the café to where the waiter was attending to another young couple. She leaned back on her chair as she felt the first tentative touch of her husband’s lips on her pussy. As his tongue made its way into her slit, she was happy that she had taken time to shave that morning.  She lay back a little further allowing her legs to spread further apart. Across the room she locked eyes with the waiter. Casually she lifted the tablecloth so that the waiter could see what was happening under the table.  He finished taking the new couple’s order and made his way to the kitchen. Under the table her husband slid his tongue deeper. She gripped the arms of the chair as he lapped at the hot wetness that was pouring out of her.

“How is everything?” The voice of the waiter interrupted her thoughts.

“Everything is just perfect,” Lucy gasped. She slipped the strap of her dress down, allowing him to see her nipple hard with excitement. Under the table her husband slid a finger into her hot wet cunt tilting it expertly as he pressed his tongue against her hard node. The familiar warm pressure began to build in her belly. Lucy slid her finger into the neck of her dress and pinched her nipple. She looked into the eyes of the waiter as she came muting the sound of her pleasure to a whimper. 

Her body sagged against the chair as her husband re-appeared on the other side of the table with a fork in his hand. 

“Found it.” He announced cheerily wiping the wetness from Lucy’s cunt from his chin with a napkin. 

Without speaking the waiter wrote on his pad and passed the page to Lucy.

“I am glad you enjoyed your breakfast.” He smiled to her as he turned and walked away. 

Lucy looked down at the paper before handing it to her husband with a smile of triumph.

“Perhaps we will find something new to enjoy today after all.”  

Carmen and Ryan Part 4 – The Evening After

We left Carmen waiting for Ryan in the evening of a long day. The day after their first encounter

I will be there in thirty minutes

The reply sent a jolt of energy through her. She stepped into the shower, unable to focus properly. She looked down at her pussy. Should she shave? What would be better? She thought for a moment about last night. She hadn’t even showered before he went down on her. She scrabbled through the drawer. She hadn’t even shaved her legs in months, she didn’t even know if she had a sharp razor.

Twenty minutes later she stood in her kitchen. Her skin felt electric from the scrubbing she had given it. The bare skin of her pussy tingled at the touch of her underwear. She refilled her wine glass and considered if she should eat something. As she stood in front of the refrigerator pondering, she heard a knock on the door. With her heart pounding she made her way to the door. For a second she paused holding the door handle. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

His eyes grabbed her attention as soon as she opened the door. Piercing, blue, hungry.

“Hello,” nerves fluttered in her stomach. She didn’t know what to do.

“Hello,” he smiled uncertainly. Carmen was surprised. He seemed as nervous as her.

“Come in,” she stepped back to allow him past and then followed him to the kitchen. His body filled the entryway. A fleeting memory of that body poised above hers filled her mind. In the kitchen they both stood awkwardly. Neither sure of what to do or say next. Carmen’s gaze fell on the dishwasher that stood open waiting to be emptied. She remembered what had happened just yesterday as she had bent over the machine. Heat flamed up her neck. Dampness seeped into her knickers. Glancing up she saw him watching her. His face was unreadable.

“Would you like a beer?” the question was automatic. Even though she would very much like to give him something else.

“Sure,” he shrugged. “As long as it comes with a side of you and that fantastic arse,” He grinned and shot a pointed glance at the dishwasher.

Carmen’s blush deepened. She turned to the fridge to hide her expression, but it didn’t work. As she stood with the door open, bending slightly to peer inside, she felt his hands on her hips. His arms reached around to cup her breasts and his breath was hot in her ear.

“When you bend over in front of me I can’t stop myself,” His cock was pressed against her arse and she could feel his thick erection through the fabric of his shorts and the dress she was wearing.

“Do you have knickers on under that?” he whispered in her ear as his hand reached down to lift her dress.

Carmen was transfixed. She had considered not putting on underwear but she hadn’t been that brave. It didn’t matter. Ryan’s fingers slid easily into the elastic to caress her pussy.

“Fuck you are so wet,” his voice was urgent, “I need you now,”

Carmen whimpered in response. Beer was forgotten as he pulled her away from the fridge and sat her on the kitchen bench. She watched, transfixed as he pulled her underwear down over her ankles before stripping away his shorts and sliding a condom over his cock. His big hands wrapped around her waist pulling her towards him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and his strong hands cupped her arse. Leaning against the kitchen bench he pounded into her. The kitchen filled with their animal cries.

Ryan let out a long groan as he climaxed. For a few moments he held her against him before letting her slide her feet to the floor. Her legs were unsteady and he held her against him.

“I am sorry,” he looked like a little boy. “I couldn’t stop myself.”

She smiled and stroked his face. “It is OK. I wasn’t ready at all for that,”

“I will make it up to you,” his face was earnest. He really reminded Carmen of a little boy. The contrast was a little confusing. One moment he was a young man; strong and confident in himself. The next he was her lover, taking her body to places she had almost forgotten and then, he was like this; a little boy expecting to be chastised for something he did wrong.

Is this how Stiffler’s Mom felt when Paul Finch “seduced” her on that pool table? Was the conflict between the little boy and the man what drew her to Finch? Ryan was not like Finch. He was tall and athletic. He DEFINITELY wasn’t a virgin. He knew things but at the same time he acted like a kid.

“How do you plan to make it up to me?” Carmen was shocked at the words that came out of her mouth.

Ryan’s eyes took on a glow that spoke straight to Carmen’s groin. He put his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the bench. He stood between her legs and looked into her eyes as his fingers teased her pussy. His thumb stroked her clit and two fingers slid inside her. Carmen’s breathing became harder.

“You like that?” the little boy was gone. In front of her was a man, confident, sexy.

“Yes,” she breathed as his fingers hooked slightly inside her, grazing over her g-spot.

“Would you like me to lick you?” his breathing was heavier.

“Yes please,”

Ryan ducked his head between her legs and stroked her clit with his tongue. Carmen moaned and leaned back. One hand twisted into his hair, pushing his face harder against her. His fingers continued to stroke her pussy as he sucked gently on her clit. Everything else in the world seemed to fade away. Nothing mattered, just this moment right now with his face between her legs.

Her orgasm crashed over her, harder than any she had experienced for a long time. For long moments she held his face against her as after shocks spasmed through her. He seemed to be drinking her juice. Eventually he lifted his face. With a grin he wiped his chin.

“I think you liked that.”

Carmen felt weak. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stand yet. “What did you do?”

He smiled wickedly, “It is a trade secret,” he tapped the side of his nose.

“I haven’t climaxed like that in a very long time.” She smiled at him.

Ryan bowed elaborately, “glad to be of service M’am.”

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Flashback – In the Booth

Normally I post these stories from my older previous page on Friday but somehow this week got away from me.

“We are going to get some lunch, you want to come?” Jenna paused beside Megan’s desk.

Megan glanced up briefly from her screen, “No thanks,” she replied. “I still have a bit more to do on this and I have some errands to run.”

Jenna shrugged, “Suit yourself.” She walked away to meet up with her friends standing by the elevator. Megan kept to herself pretty much, not really interacting with the other girls in the office but it didn’t stop Jenna. She was a compulsive socialite and so she took up the challenge to get Megan into their group by inviting her to lunch and coffee every now and then. One day she might just forget herself and say yes.

Megan watched the little group leave the office, finishing the document she was working she made her own preparations to leave. She was aware of Jenna’s little ‘project’ but there was something else that compelled her more than sushi and gossip. Smoothing down the skirt of her suit she made her way to the elevator and then out onto the street. Two blocks away she turned into a doorway with ‘The Den’ blinking in neon above the doorway. With a quick glance over her shoulder Megan quickly stepped inside.

At the top of the stairs she handed a twenty dollar note to a ponytailed man sat behind the desk. “Hello Neil,” she smiled.  

“Hello Miss,” he responded, flashing his trademark gold tooth at her and not bothering to hide the way he ran his eyes down her body. Megan turned to push on the faded blue door, she was on a time limit and she had things to do. Once inside she paused for a moment letting her eyes adjust to the dimness. At the far end of the room in front of a large screen showing porn men sat on couches, mostly in singles, watching. If she walked closer Megan would see some of them fondling their cocks but she wasn’t interested in that. To the side two men sat together. For a moment Megan watched them. As she watched one man slid downwards, out of her view. The thought of a man wrapping his lips around another man’s cock took Megan’s breath away and reminded her of her errand.

Slowly she walked past the booths, each with their own individual screens, that lined the side of the room. In one of them a man sat alone watching two women frolicking naked in a pool together. He was dressed in jeans and an open necked shirt and sat like he was about to spring out of the door it something startled him. Desire spread through Megan, this was what she had come for.

“Hello” she moved into the doorway of the booth to look down into his face.

“Hello there,” he looked up at her nervously. His hands twisted in his lap.

Megan moved inside the booth, “Do you mind if I sit here?” She gestured at the seat beside the man.

“Sure,” he moved over to make room for her. “Do you come here often?” he asked as she sat gracefully beside him.

“Sometimes,” she smiled letting her eyes take in his body. She pressed her thighs together in anticipation. “You like the porn?” She gestured at the screen in front of them.

He shrugged, “It’s OK. You know. Porn is porn.”

She smiled in response, “True,” carefully she placed her hand on his thigh and leaned in a little closer. “How would you like something more real?” She moved her hand up his leg a little further until her finger was touching his penis through the denim of his jeans.

“What did you have in mind?” his voice wavered and she felt tension coiling through his body.

Megan placed the palm of her hand over his crotch and pressed gently on his swelling cock. “I am very good at sucking cock,” her eyes didn’t leave his face as her hand massaged his cock.

The man slid down in his seat a little to ease the tightness in his jeans. “OK.” his eyes were glued to her cleavage.

Megan slid off her seat to kneel in front of him. Her gaze shifted from his face to his crotch which was now right in front of her face. With a little help from her new friend she slid his zipper down and eased his cock out of it’s bondage. For a few moments she admired it sitting proud and erect before her. She pressed her lips against the warm velvet of the skin, running them up his shaft before she licked the tip of his cock. The man sighed in appreciation and she felt some of the tension leave his body as she opened her mouth and slid her lips down over his cock. She fought an overwhelming urge to press her mouth down over him as far as she could. Instead, she focussed on the head of his cock, circling him with her tongue, letting her saliva moisten him as she moved her head up and down slowly easing her mouth down the full length of his shaft.

He placed a tentative hand on the back of her head. She pushed her mouth down further until she could feel his cock in the back of her throat. Pleasure welled up in her. She loved this part, kneeling in front of a strange man with his cock rammed into her throat. Feeling the power she had over him by submitting to him in this way. She tilted her head so that she could see his face. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back against the top of the couch, his fingers curled into her hair holding her head against his cock. He thrust his hips against her mouth and she tasted the salt tang of his pre-cum on her tongue. Greedily she sucked down on his cock craving the taste of him. He gave a groan of pleasure as his cock hardened further. She moved her head up and down sucking on him, anticipating his climax, craving the taste of him.

“I am gonna blow in your mouth,” he whispered to her urgently.

Without taking her lips from him, she nodded, giving him permission. There was no way she could communicate the craving she had right now to taste his cum, to feel it’s warmth filling her mouth. His fingers curled tighter into her hair and he thrust into her mouth harder and more urgently building up tension. Megan felt her own body responding to his pleasure, she knew her panties would be soaked and her clit was throbbing demanding attention for itself. There would be time for that later, right now she was focussed on the cock in her mouth.

“AHHHHH,” he groaned as his cock pulsed, emptying itself into her mouth. Megan held as much of his cum as she could before she swallowed. His hand fell away from her head and he collapsed against the back of the couch. Carefully she licked away the last drops of his pleasure before she released his cock from her mouth. Gently she slid his cock into his boxers before he zipped up his jeans. 

“Thank you,” he reached down and stroked her face before she stood in front of him. The demanding of her hungry cunt was stronger now. She needed to find a quiet space of her own away from the eyes that would watch her here.

“The pleasure was all mine, believe me,” She straightened her dress before she moved out of the booth. With purposeful strides she walked towards the exit, ignoring the men who tried to catch her eye as she passed. She recognised a few of them. On a different day she may have stopped to talk with them and perhaps share other things but right now her own desires were more important.

Out in the street she passed the lobby of a hotel. She stepped inside the doorway of the coffee shop and made her way to the counter.

“The usual?” the waitress behind the counter asked.

Megan smiled warmly, “Yes please,” she replied, taking money from her purse. “I will just use the bathroom.”

“Certainly,” the waitress began preparing her coffee. “I will take this out to your usual spot then.”

“Thank you,” Megan walked through a doorway into the foyer of the hotel. At the back she slipped into the ladies bathroom. Once inside the cubicle at the far end she opened her handbag. Nestled in its special bag was her good friend. She sat on the toilet and slid her panties down. The aroma of her arousal was strong. With urgency she slid the vibrator inside herself almost automatically pressing against her sensitive spots. Exhaling the tension out of her body she allowed the vibrations to work their magic. With her other hand she stroked her swollen clitoris. It was only seconds until the orgasm washed over her. Silently she spasmed in pleasure, holding on to the feeling as long as she could before releasing it and slumping back against the wall.

For a few moments she sat there savouring the warm relaxation allowing reality to make its way slowly back. Reaching into her handbag she retrieved a clean pair of knickers and replaced her sodden ones. She stowed her vibrator safely in its bag and stood up to straighten her clothes. Before she left the bathroom she checked her make up in the mirror and straightened her hair.

When she returned to the cafe her coffee was sitting on the table waiting for her. For the next ten minutes she sat, sipping as she looked out of the window at the city rushing past going about its business. It was the last part of her ritual. When the cup was empty she placed it carefully down on its saucer and made her way back to the office. 

Friday Flashback – Carpark Rules

Reading through old posts can be sometimes cool, sometimes cringeworthy. It seems like this activity is pushing me towards a certain person from my past. I am still in contact with this man but since we first met and subsequently enjoyed each other immensely he has moved to Sydney. We have connected a couple of times since he moved but at the moment he lives in a “hot spot” and he is not allowed to visit me without going through two weeks of quarantine and I cannot visit him without having to do the same on my return. And so we are, for the time, left to reminisce and send text messages.

A car is a funny place, Lucy mused as she opened the door to slide into the driver’s seat of her baby. The world outside was oblivious to her, cars sped by on the freeway nearby, students made their way from the bus station to the buildings of the university up the hill. She could hear their conversations through the opened sunroof and she knew that if they chose to look in this direction they would see her sitting in the driver’s seat with her companion beside her. They wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing to her under the dashboard but she didn’t care. 

Clint lifted the hem of her dress and caressed the smooth shaven skin of her pussy. She forgot about the people outside making their way from the bus station up the hill to the university as his fingers eased into her slit. Her head tilted back against the headrest and a small moan escaped from her lips as he stroked and teased her before slipping first one then two fingers into her deep wet hole. 

“Mmmmm someone is wet,” he murmured in her ear.

Lucy’s response was to slump down in her seat so that her knees could fall further apart, inviting him in deeper. He finger fucked her, teasing the sensitive spot right at her entrance. He had been there before and it didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for. The familiar feeling welled up inside her and she felt her body clamping in response to his touch. Instead of watching two people innocently chatting; the outsiders would have been able to watch her writhe in pleasure. If they had listened carefully they would have heard her deep throaty moans of pleasure. If they had  bothered to look. Lucy didn’t know if anyone looked or not, she didn’t care.  

She spasmed again and despite her efforts to contain herself a small trickle of liquid covered her pussy and Clint’s hand. He smiled in satisfaction as he withdrew his hand and sat looking at her for a few moments. 

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

“Yes” she smiled at him like a cat looking at a bowl of cream. She reached over and unclasped his pants. He eased his hips upwards to allow her to pull the waist band down over his ass. He sat for a few moments with his erect cock resting against his belly. The outside observer would have seen two people chatting amicably but out of sight of the outside world Lucy’s hand stroked Clint’s cock teasing the head as precum leaked out of him.

“I think someone else might be a bit excited,” she said as she leaned over to taste him. Her lips opened and she slid her mouth down over his cock a small way. On the back of her head she felt his hand. She knew he wanted her to go deeper but she took her time, wetting him with her saliva and teasing him a little before she side down further pressing his cock to the back of her mouth. He sighed in pleasure,

“Good girl,” he whispered as he wrapped her long hair around his hand controlling the movement of her head.

“You suck me so good,” he sighed again as she released him from her mouth for a moment before pushing her head back down over his shaft. He allowed himself the luxury of pushinig his cock into her mouth against the back of her throat making her body spasm with a gag as she sucked him.

“Fuck that feels so good,” he moaned. “Do you want a mouth full of my cum?” Lucy turned her head and looked up at him as she let his cock slide out of her mouth. Smiling, she ran her tongue down over his shaft before she licked his balls. 

“Ohhhhhh,” he sighed in pleasure as she carefully pulled his balls into her mouth, teasing the skin with her tongue. Gently she moved the sensitive globes around her mouth, teasing some more before releasing them and returning to the main course. Her mouth slid down over his cock taking as much of his length as she could. Absently she registered the sound of conversations walking past on the pathway but she was focussed on the task in front of her.

 There was the sound of a slap as his hand connected with her ass. Lucy moaned against him writhing in pleasure and sucking down harder on him. She felt his balls tightening and his cock hardening as his excitement increased. His hand twisted her hair a little tighter and his hips thrust his cock into the back of her throat. His excitement drilled deep into Lucy’s belly and she writhed against the seat as she opened her mouth for him to fuck. 

His cock pulsed and he groaned loudly as his cum emptied into her mouth. For a second Lucy wondered if anyone walking past would notice his face or hear the sound of his cumming but she only wondered for a moment before her mind went back to his cock pulsing sweet cum into her mouth. She held him between her lips gathering the cum in her mouth until he stopped moving.  

They lay back against the seats resting and chatting. She stroked his soft cock, smiling at the memory of what she had just done. People walked past, oblivious to what had just happened metres away from where they were walking. Lucy’s cunt throbbed a little. Her earlier orgasm had just whetted her appetite. The slap on her ass while she was mouthing him had been more of a teaser than anything else. 

“I want to fuck you,” she said. 

‘Mmmmm I think I would like to fuck you as well,” he agreed. “This car is a little small though,”

They were quiet for a few moments before he continued,

“I have to admit the idea of bending you over and smacking that sweet ass of yours before fucking you into the middle of next week does have a certain appeal though,”

“Well I am available,” she looked him innocently. 

They laughed and chatted back and forth about the merits of finding somewhere more comfortable to fuck like rabbits. Lucy was horny and sucking such a delicious cock had only made her want a good fucking.

As they spoke Clint’s cock stirred. To try and convince him that he really needed to come home with her Lucy bent down and licked him before slowly taking him into her mouth. 

“You do that so well.” He gripped her hair as he began thrusting

Do You Trust Me?

“Do you trust me?”

The words were innocent enough. And the answer came quickly to his lips, but something in her eyes made him hesitate. He wanted to trust her but when he took a moment to think about it, he realised how much he didn’t know about her.

They fucked weekly. Naked, sweaty, unrestrained sex. He was comfortable to pee in front of her. He was comfortable to let her pee on him. But did he trust her? He realised that for all the nakedness and hours spent licking, sucking, kissing, stroking, inspecting and fucking he knew very little about HER. He didn’t even know her name. He had never been to her house. Normal everyday things like what she looked like when she got out of the shower, how she liked her coffee he didn’t have a clue about.

He avoided her gaze; he didn’t want to answer the question with a bunch of other questions that were milling around in his head.

“I am not sure,” whatever she was planning must be out there or she wouldn’t have asked that question.

“You can ask for anything to stop any time,” her voice was gentle and reassuring.

Now he was really worried. She seemed to be so serious. For all the fucking they had done things had never really gone anywhere that unusual. He felt dark ideas lurking in the corners of his mind. Things he hadn’t really thought about. Things that excited him.

“Do you trust me?” she asked again.

He made a resolution to follow this, “Yes,” his reply was confident, the way he wished he felt.

She smiled; a strange, Mona Lisa type smile. One that made him more curious.

“Lie down,” she pushed him gently to lie in the middle of the bed. He complied letting the butterflies in his stomach flutter around in nervous anticipation. She strapped his hands to the ties at each corner of the bedhead so that he was lying spreadeagled and unable to remove himself. He became almost painfully aware of his cock being exposed. There was no way he could cover himself. The feeling of vulnerability was enticing.

She covered his eyes with a scarf. The thin fabric allowed some light through but obscured his view. Suddenly he became aware of every sound in the room as he tried to ascertain where she was, how she was moving. Air currents passed over his skin raising gooseflesh. He felt the warmth of her mouth on his cock. Moist warm wetness covered his shaft pulling his erection harder. Her head moved up and down and he felt the excitement rising. Just as the first drop of precum formed she stopped.

For a moment there was silence. He could feel the weight of her body on the bed beside him. Her hand encircled his shaft, holding his erection.

“You have such a pretty cock,” her voice seemed thoughtful. His heart beat faster. He felt more vulnerable than ever. He felt the bed move as she reached for something on the nightstand. His mind raced as he tried to remember what he had seen there earlier. When she had arrived, she had brought a silver case. He had been too hasty to undress her to explore the case. Now he berated himself for not paying attention.

He felt the trails of an implement stroking over his thighs. It felt kind of soft, but he still couldn’t place it. There was a slapping sound as she flicked the flogger gently against his thighs. Suddenly he remembered. He HAD seen inside the case; the small flogger had amused him as he had wondered why she would even bother with something so small. The tails of the flogger moved up his thighs and over his balls. His cock hardened more.

The tails of the flogger flicked lazily across the shaft of his cock. There was no sting, just the weight of the leather hitting him. The sensation was like nothing he had ever felt. There was the hint of what could happen but not a threat. Instinctively his hands jerked to cover himself, but the binding kept them in place. He felt more vulnerable than he ever had.

She continued to stroke his belly with the flogger, he relaxed a little, his mind stopped racing and he focused on the soothing feeling of the leather caressing his skin.

The room filled with the sound of a crack as she flicked a little harder. Striking his cock with the tails of the flogger. He gasped, more with surprise than pain. A drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock. He felt the warmth of her tongue as she licked it away.

“I think he likes it,” she seemed to be talking to herself. She stroked his belly with her open palms before cupping his cock again, “Such a pretty cock,” She bent down and slid her lips over his shaft, taking in the whole length of his cock. Her tongue swirled over the head of his cock. He groaned with pleasure.

Her teeth clamped down on him gently, allowing him to feel the power she had over him. He gasped before she released his cock letting it slide wetly out of her lips. He felt the flogger stroking his belly and he tensed, unsure, excited. The sting of the flogger was stronger. His hips bucked in response. She followed with several more slaps, each a little harder. His cock felt as if it would explode. His hands twitched in their bonds.

Again, she placed her mouth on him, this time sucking his balls into her mouth one at a time holding them for a while. He held himself still, waiting, terrified of what she would do, terrified that she would stop. Her teeth grazed his scrotum as she released him catching the last fold of skin and holding it. She pulled her head gently away from him. The pain / pleasure was almost too much.

“Please,” the word whimpered out of his lips. What he was begging for he didn’t know.

The tension on his scrotum released and she paused for a while watching him.

“I want to taste your cum.” Her voice seemed to vibrate with the same excitement coursing through his entire body, “Are you ready to give it to me?”

“Yes,” his response ended in a hiss as her mouth slid down over his shaft. There were no teeth or teasing now just pure pleasure of her mouth fucking him greedily. Her tongue swirled over him and on each up stroke she sucked him a little like a child sucking a lollipop. He felt the familiar pressure rising. The automatic response to hold back almost kicked in but her greedy whimpers tipped him over the edge.

His cock exploded into her mouth. The release was intense. Her whole body undulated against him as her mouth contained all his seed. Several shudders wracked his whole body before he lay, still and spent. Almost reverently she released his cock. A string of cum linked her lips to him for a few moments until she wiped her mouth and grinned down at him like a child who has been given a treat.

“Did you like that?” she asked as she released his hands.

He could only nod in response.

“I think we should get some food while you recover,” she began to dress. “I am not finished with you yet.”

This post was written for this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt “Trust”. Click here or on the image below to see who else is being wicked this week.

Friday Flashback

Many moons ago, when I was a housewife, a man, who now resides in a different city used to visit me during the day when everyone was as work and school, except me. I am still in contact with him and we both like to reminisce over some of the encounters we had. Sadly distance and Covid mean I have not seen him for quite some time.

A wrinkle formed in the middle of Zoe’s forehead as she noticed the way the dishes in the sink were completely wrecking the perfect neatness of her house. She stepped across the room towards the kitchen pausing beside the breakfast bar to remove her blouse and skirt and fold them neatly over the chair. It really was too hot for clothes. Wearing only a matching g-string and bra she turned on the tap and began rinsing the dishes before stacking them neatly in the dishwasher. She became so absorbed in her task that she did not notice the sound of footsteps on the path outside her doorway. As she bent down to stack the last of the dishes into the dishwasher she felt a pair of hands cupping her bare butt cheeks. For a split second she froze with her heart in her mouth before a familiar voice reassured her,

Your butt looks so hot in a thong,” a thrill went through her as she recognised the voice. 

For a moment she held her position bent down with her butt in the air before her visitor stepped forward and pressed his groin against her. Without saying a word she turned and sank down onto her knees in front of her visitor, she turned her face upwards to look at him like a child waiting for a treat.

“Your lips also look hot wrapped around my cock,” he continued as he unzipped his jeans. 

Obediently she opened her lips as he pulled his cock from his jeans and stroked it over her bottom lip. When he rested his semi-hard cock against her lips she opened her mouth wider to allow her lips to slide along his semi hard cock. When her lips reached the base she held still looking up at him with the same wide eyes as she stroked his cock with her tongue encouraging him to grow harder inside her mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head holding her mouth against his belly. The kitchen was silent except for the sounds of his heavy breathing. The fingers at the back of her head twisted into her hair pulling ever so slightly on her scalp. She felt the cock sliding out of her mouth as he held her head stationary. 

He started fucking her face as knelt on the hard tiles of her kitchen beside her neatly stacked dishwasher. At first his thrusts were slow and gentle, easing his hard cock in and out of her mouth just touching the back of her mouth and sliding into the opening of her throat. Between her legs Zoe felt the wetness building, saturating the strip of fabric between her legs. His hand gripped tighter pulling her hair just to the point of pain, his thrusts grew harder and the sound of his grunts of pleasure filled the kitchen. Hot desire flooded through Zoe. She wanted his cock ramming into her cunt, she wanted his hot cum shooting against the back of her throat, she wanted to feel his strong hands on her soft butt cheeks and on her breasts as he fucked the life out of her. She wanted it all.

Suddenly the thrusts stopped. A pang went through her as he withdrew his cock and leaned against the bench panting heavily. 

“Your mouth is so good I almost filled it with cum,” he said softly. He stroked the side of her face tenderly. “But I don’t want to see my cum on your pretty little face today,” He reached out and helped her to stand. Silently she obeyed him and bent her over the bench. The stone was cold against her belly and breasts. Her cunt quivered as he spread her legs and moved the fabric of her thong aside to expose her hungry wetness. 

“Someone is a little horny,” he murmured as he explored her wetness with his fingers. Zoe groaned and bucked her hips against his hand.

“Patience little one,” he soothed as he entered her with his fingers, making wet noises as he fucked her with his hand. Zoe groaned and shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her. A stream of wetness covered his hand and her thighs. 

“Good girl,” he encouraged her as he moved behind her hips pressing his cock against her hungry wet opening. She groaned as he entered her, pushing her opening apart slowly. His fingers pressed into her flesh as he withdrew before slowly entering her again. Zoe stretched her arms out over the bench her fingers seeking something to grip as he tantalised her with his long slow thrusts. She gasped and moaned as he slowly increased his rhythm, building up to the hard slamming fucking that she had been craving as she sucked his cock. 

Her cries of pleasure filled the kitchen bouncing around the tiled room with the sound of his belly slapping against her ass.

“You like getting fucked hard like that,” he gasped between thrusts.

“Yes,” she whimpered against the hard stone of the bench.

“Tell me how much you like my cock,” he commanded

“Oh Fuck me hard!” Zoe moaned as the muscles of her pussy clenched around his cock.

“You want to feel my cum?” he asked his fingers gripping her hips almost painfully. 

Zoe tensed, with a pang she remembered how he had pulled his cock out of her mouth just before he came earlier but the thought of his cum in her gave her just as much of a thrill. 

“Yes, yes,” she moaned against the bench. 

“Get ready,” she could hear the urgency in his voice. There would be no holding back this time. 

Her visitor let out a long low groan as Zoe felt a warm splash on her butt. A second splash followed seconds later before he rested against the bench beside her panting and smiling at her. 

“Fuck I love fucking you,” he stroked her face. “Your pussy is so sweet I wish I could keep my cock buried in it all day,” 

Zoe stirred against the kitchen bench, not quite ready to move or disturb the delicious warmth that was starting to slide down over her butt cheeks. Her pussy quivered in pleasure. It was a nice starter but the fucking she had just received barely touched the sides. She was just getting warmed up. 

As if he read her thoughts, her visitor smiled at her, “Don’t worry,” he grinned at her. “I am not finished with you yet.” He reached down and stroked her pussy, slipping his fingers into her and teasing the sensitive spot he knew so well. She stirred against the bench, standing up to face him. He took her hand and lead her towards the bedroom. “Let’s find somewhere comfortable for you to lie,” he murmured. “I need to feel you squirting on my face.” 

Pink Bits

I started writing this for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. The prompt was Pink which made me think of something I wrote a long time ago when Mr Jones and I were dating a lady who we are still friends with. Albeit in a vanilla way. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for Wicked Wednesday but you still get to read it.

A vulva is like a flower. When it is closed it is a mystery. Hidden from the world the beauty rests innocently, waiting to be discovered. Then, something awakens it. Perhaps a kiss or a touch. A finger gently trailing down her back. Still hidden under its covering the flower awakens. Another stroke and the flower begins to grow.

The stroke travels downwards towards the place where the flower is nestled. Still covered but awake, quivering, eager to be discovered. Moisture is forming, watering the flower helping it to grow.

Legs open, lips are pulled gently apart to reveal the flower, quivering at the rush of air caressing it. For a moment, the opener gazes on the inner petals of the flower they have discovered. The flower is not open properly yet. It still has more to reveal.

A finger caresses the moist, pink, inner petals. They shiver in response and swell slightly opening a little further to reveal more of the secret hidden beneath.

A tongue touches the petals, tasting the sweetness of their juice. With a sigh her legs fall open pulling the petals back. At last the inner bud is revealed. But it is not fully awake yet.

The tongue slides along the pink petals, teasing the inner bud. It swells in response, demanding attention but the tongue is not quite ready yet. It travels along the folds of each petal, seeking sweet juice that is pooling before taking its first tentative stroke over the trembling bud.

A gasp from the woman encourages the tongue. Slowly it strokes upward caressing the swollen bud, gently at first. The woman’s hips move, and her sounds of pleasure encourage the lips to encase the bud. Gently they suck while still stroking with the tongue. Slowly a finger is inserted into her opening causing her to thrust her hips. The bud is fully aroused.

Nerve endings tremble and quiver. Everything in the woman’s body is focussed towards a climax. She can feel it building, sitting somewhere at the back of her mind. It is elusive if she focusses too much it will dissipate, if she is distracted it may abandon her but slowly the climax builds.

Her hips thrash, cries of pleasure fill the room. Juice fills the mouth, and the storm causes every muscle in the woman’s body to shudder.

Slowly it ebbs away, sounds of pleasure diminish to sighs and gentle breathing. Spasms calm to tingles and warmth. The bud subsides and retreats into its petals. The woman curls into the arms of her lover, satisfied and happy. Until next time.

This post has also been added to the Oral Sex Project. You can find it and many other informative and entertaining and very very sexy stories about oral sex by clicking here.

BJ The Budgie

I never wanted a budgie as a pet. This is not because I don’t like birds, on the contrary I love them. But budgies were never something I was interested in: too small, not enough personality, no practical use.

Then one day one came into my life. What is even harder to explain to people is his name, BJ. My daughter thinks that his name is because he is a budgerigar and I can’t spell. That is not the reason though. This is the story of how I came to own a budgie named BJ even though I never even went shopping for one.

When Jennifer had gotten out of bed that morning, she never imagined that she would be doing this. Actually, she never thought she would be doing this at all, ever. Her morning had been full of children’s lunches and helping out at their school. Typical mum stuff. Then he had messaged her,

What are you doing today?

She had been a little annoyed at first. This was always a loaded question. What he really meant was “I am horny and nearby, can I intrude on whatever you are doing to get some sex?” Most of the time she complied because she was essentially a stay at home mum and her days were pretty flexible. Today she was a little busy and wasn’t sure if she wanted to be organising a sex hook up while she was preparing 200 primary school tuckshop orders.

I am at school. How is your day going?

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar vibration

I am working but I am near to you. Did you want to meet up at a park or something?

They had spoken about this before. She knew exactly what he wanted but she didn’t have time for that today.

I am kinda busy. I don’t really have time to meet up.

She hated this. Now he had put the idea in her head she would be thinking about him, his athletic body and his delicious cock. It would be irritating if she didn’t go to meet him but she really, really didn’t have time. Her pocket vibrated. She didn’t bother about pretending to make him wait this time.

Please? I won’t take up much of your time. You are just so sexy that I want to have you whenever I can.

Jennifer sighed. He was like a puppy. Whining and being cute just for a little attention.

I won’t be finished here until 1.30.

His reply was instant

That is OK. I can do that.

They made arrangements for the location and she went back to work. Sandwiches were slipped into paper bags for delivery to classrooms. Wraps were wrapped and salads made their way into cups. The other mothers joked and gossiped. If only they knew the clandestine, naughty plans that their friend had just made. It would blow their minds.

Then an even naughtier plan popped into Jennifer’s head. What if she had a spectator for her adventure? Someone she knew was watching but couldn’t see. Again, her phone was in her hand. This time to her husband.

I am meeting a guy in the park at 1.30. Come and watch.

She went back to her sandwiches with a little spring in her step and a growing warmth in her jeans. The next couple of hours were filled with sandwiches, nachos, lost lunches, ice block sales and washing of dishes. The time to leave and meet seemed to sneak up on her but she was glad when she could put away her apron and head to the carpark.

He was waiting in the appointed place. That was one of the good things about him. He was always on time. After a brief embrace they walked through the park towards the lake. Jennifer resisted the urge to look back to make sure her husband was there. Her focus was on the man beside her. They found a place off the main pathway and finally they were able to relax a little.

His hands wandered over her ass and up inside her shirt. For a moment she wished she had worn a dress but she hadn’t had time to go home and change. She undid some buttons on his shirt and slid her hands over his smooth chest. His body was long and athletic. Something about his youth and vulnerability resonated with her. Jennifer slid her hands down inside the waist of his jeans. Her hands grazed the tip of his cock but the tight waist band restricted her access.

His breathing increased and he helped her as she fumbled with his belt. Together they eased his cock out of his pants. For a moment she worried about a stranger noticing them but as she wrapped her hand around the familiar velvet skin of his cock the worries faded away. The only thought that remained firmly in her mind was the presence of her husband, watching somewhere.

Looking upwards into his eyes she sank down onto her knees and opened her lips. Still watching his face she licked the pre-cum from the top of his cock before sliding her lips down over his shaft. He sighed in pleasure and she held him for a moment before she began to move her head up and down over his shaft. His hand cupped the back of her head pushing her gently down on to him as his hips thrust slightly towards her face.

She knew he wouldn’t last long but she didn’t care. Suddenly she was craving the salt taste of his cum. Her cunt was hot and wet inside her jeans and she knew that after this she would need to fill her cunt with something but right now, she was focussed on the cock in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his ass, pulling him closer to her as she sensed him getting closer. One her tongue she tasted more pre-cum and the craving for him to shoot cum into her mouth became almost too much for her.

Greedily she sucked him, pushing her face hard against his belly, cramming all of his hard cock into her mouth. His fingers twisted into her hair and his breathing was hard and ragged. As he came his body stiffened. His cock pulsed as he shot hot, salty cum into her mouth. A long groan escaped his lips before he slowly relaxed.

Jennifer held his cock in her mouth for a few moments before she let it slide out of her lips. A thread of his cum joined the tip of his cock to her lips before she pulled away. Quickly she pulled out her phone and snapped a selfie with her mouth full of his cum. He chuckled softly.

“Your husband is so lucky.”

She grinned as she stood up and straightened her top.

“Not as lucky as me,” her hands wandered over his body one last time before they headed back to their cars.

As she stood next to her car he pressed his body up against her,

“Next time I hope we have more time. I want to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours,” his breath was hot in her ear.

She sighed in pleasure as his hand gripped her crotch through those jeans.

“What are you going to do now?” His eyes bored into hers.
She didn’t answer. His hand massaged her through her jeans, she felt her knees go weak. Anyone could be walking past and see them, but she didn’t care. Somewhere nearby her husband was watching them. Was he sitting in his car? Was he as horny as her?

A chirp behind her interrupted her thoughts. Wriggling free of his embrace she turned and saw a small green budgerigar on the bonnet of her car. Gently she picked up the tiny exhausted bird.

“You poor baby,” she crooned.

Still holding him gently she turned to her lover.

“I absolutely will be going him to finish what you started.” He smiled at her words.

“Send me pics,” Of course he would say that. “You know me, I will be horny again in a couple of hours.”

“After I look after this little guy.”

And that is the story of BJ, who came home with me and lived with us for several years. Sadly his namesake did not hang around as long.