A Path of Destruction

This post is a continuation of the story of Mr Jones and my journey through the swinging world to the point we are at today. If you want to read the story so far a lot of links and brief descriptions is outlined on The Journey to Now page.

Wes and Sheree’s relationship was far less than perfect. Not long after our double penetration experience it became clear that there was more to things than just a struggle with mental health. It was a long and sordid process but ultimately the two of them split. During the demise of their marriage my feelings for Wes became stronger and stronger. I found myself listening to his feelings about the demise of his marriage and it sucked me in. Despite us telling ourselves we had everything under control we didn’t. Older wiser me can see how he was manipulating things but then I went like a lamb to the slaughter.

In conversations that we have had since these events Mr Jones has been fairly confident in his opinion that Wes was trying to manipulate the situation and steal me away from him. I am not entirely convinced that this was his motivation. I feel that he was just keeping me on a leash to be available if and when he felt he needed a woman to service his sexual needs and to massage his ego. Whatever the case he wasn’t really concerned with my best interests or my marriage.

A series of events had led to me leaving my long term employer and ultimately ending a career that I loved as a Quality Manager for a food manufacturer. This had happened prior to us embarking on our swinging journey but I was still struggling with the fallout of these changes. I had not quite made the decision to become a teacher but the seeds had been sown. Mr Jones and I took advantage of my career break to travel for three months with our children. It was an epic adventure that spawned it’s own blog and inspired a much longer term plan that will be coming to fruition in 2021. It was also a time for us to re-connect with each other.

Wes and I kept in contact the whole time we were travelling mainly through email every week or so. I think Mr Jones was hoping that the absence would sever the tie we had and when we returned we would start afresh.

Unfortunately this was not the case. We returned to our regular life and picked up some things where we left off. Through our emails Wes had told me he was very excited for my return but that he had also met someone else. I was happy that he had found a person to share his journey with as I felt that he needed that. His communication led me to believe that this new person knew about our relationship and was OK with it.

She may have known he had a friend called Gemma who was married and that she was a swinger. She may have known that Wes and Sheree were swingers but she certainly didn’t know how entwined Mr Jones and myself were with Wes and Sheree. She found out during a visit to a swing club when I tried to join them having an intimate moment thinking a threesome or a foursome would be a lot of fun. We were at a swing club after all.

The following morning a received a very blunt message from her accusing me of being a complete slut and how dare I intrude on her relationship without being invited. Her words were nasty and very very hostile. It was a sign of things to come. With his usual charm Wes smoothed things over and manipulated both of us back into our boxes but it was the beginning of the end. His new friend and I pretended to get along but it was all fake. In the end I realised my fantasy of two husbands was not going to work possibly ever and certainly not in this situation. I ended up cutting ties with Wes completely and left him to his messy life. It was hard and painful but ultimately necessary.

One of my lifelong mantras has been “things always work out the way they are meant to” at this time I didn’t feel that things were working out the way they were meant to at all. In all honesty I was just resisting the loss of someone I was very infatuated with and cutting those ties was the only healthy thing I could have done.

The experience left me with some hard learned lessons and led me to put in place a couple of policies about dealing with people that I have kept to this day. One of the first is to avoid infatuation. This is not an easy thing and I have not always been successful at it. Another is to keep out of the workings of other people’s relationships. This has been something that is easier to maintain. “Other people’s relationships are other people’s business” has become something I say frequently when comment arises about the way people interact in their marriage. It is easy to be an armchair commentator but you are never going to know what has come to pass in a relationship as it falls apart. Getting involved even as a sympathetic ear is a bad idea, it will cost you a friendship and your self respect.

Finding a Couple 

Originally I started writing this blog to share the story of how Mr Jones and I got to where we are today. Somehow life happened and I got distracted but recently my thoughts have returned to that journey so you guys get to benefit from that. If you are new to these pages you can visit “The Journey to Here” to read through the posts that make up this story. 

The swing scene is full of couples looking for a unicorn, a single female who wants to play with a couple. They are commonly referred to as unicorns because for many people they are impossible to find. They do exist but they are incredibly choosy about their partners. Fortunately for Mr Jones and myself we started out looking for a couple and were saved all of that frustration. 
After our first experience we had quite a few discussions centring around fairness and opportunities. Mr Jones was adamant that our encounters be ‘equal opportunity’. For my part I was feeling constrained. I was like a child in a lolly shop wanting to taste and enjoy everything that I possibly could with reckless abandon. Mr Jones was like the stern adult worrying about the potential for cavities and upset stomachs. His shyness and lack of confidence about his age, his greying hair, his abilities and his general attractiveness made him reluctant to talk to people. On top of that he was relatively fussy. He explained many times to me; “I have you, why would I settle for less?” 

It is the ultimate compliment but at the time, like the child in the lolly shop, all I could see was the stick in the mud adult putting restraint on all the fun. 

As luck would have it on our third visit to CI, as it was affectionately known, we met a couple, Kurt and Renee, that we both found attractive. Driven by our recent conversations and also a desire to make my husband happy I paid scant attention to how I was feeling about Kurt and focussed on wether or not Mr Jones would find the Renee attractive. I really had no idea of what he was looking for other than he didn’t like women he considered fat. I am not going to go into the politics of body shape acceptance here just to say that if you are going to have sex with someone they need to be attractive. If larger than average is a turn off then that is how it is.

Despite my hesitations we found ourselves in a room with a closed door. We had been quite open about our lack of experience and they were extremely sensitive to our level of comfort. Both of them kept asking questions like; “Do you have a rule about kissing?”, “Do you do a full swap?” And so on and so forth. We felt like we were being bombarded, besides which, due to our lack of experience, we didn’t know the answers to a lot of their questions. 

In the end I halted the barrage by saying “Let’s just agree that if we don’t like something you do we will let you know OK?”. At the time We assumed that these guys were relatively experienced. It wasn’t until much later that a few things happened that made me wonder if this assumption had been incorrect. It didn’t stop us from having fun then and it ultimately made no difference to how things played out. It just amuses me to reflect on people and what makes them tick. 

After we agreed on my proposal everything went full steam ahead. There was kissing, licking, sucking of cocks and nudity. Unlike our first encounter it was more about exploring and trying different things than getting naked and jumping straight into fucking. Mr Jones in particular ticked some fantasy boxes both getting to witness his wife exploring another woman and also enjoying the feeling of fucking two women who were lying on top of each other. 

Sadly the popularity of the club meant that there was a limit on the amount of time a group could spend in a private room. We found ourselves dressing and returning to the bar with a feeling of only just beginning our adventure. There was a few moments of awkwardness and Kurt and Renee drew aside for a private whispered conversation. We were a little unsure of how to act and politely waited to see what would happen next. We were surprised and very pleased when they returned and Kurt curled his arm around me while he invited both of us to join them in their hotel. 

The whole night turned into a sex marathon that I had never even dreamed about. It seemed like erections would never go down, there would never be a time when any of us wanted to roll over and go to sleep and there were endless possibilities to explore. Mr Jones ticked several items off his Fucket list that night and for the first time since we had embarked on our adventure I didn’t feel restrained. Up until that time if you had asked me what my ideal man looked like I would have responded with slim, relatively hairless, tall with a nice ass. Kurt was nothing like this description apart from the tall aspect. He was a large man, not overweight exactly but definitely solid. I was completely entranced by his ability to engulf me both sexually and physically. 

For his part Mr Jones found Renee enticing and very very sexy. She was indeed rounder than he would normally have liked but her body was firm and toned. He learned a lesson on looking past first impressions. He also learned about the appeal of shoes. Renee loved her shoes and insisted on wearing a particular pair of six inch Pleasers while having sex. Up until that point shoes had not been something he had ever considered. Renee changed that attitude for ever more, much to my satisfaction. 

By the time we left their hotel and drove home the first rays of sunlight were beginning to show over the horizon. We felt like teenagers sneaking home well after curfew full of excitement with what we had just done. This was what we had been looking for. We felt affirmed this was definitely the right choice for us. We had found a place where we fitted in.