By the Ocean

Photo by Palle Knudsen on Unsplash

Take one man. Slightly salty with a sense of humour, Add a woman with a dirty mind. Find a quiet space near a beach perhaps with a park bench. 

The man puts his hand on her thigh and looks into her eyes. She opens her legs and the sea breeze tantalises her just a little. 

Their faces are close, she can hear his breathing but he refrains from kissing her. Instead he slips his hand higher so that his fingers graze her naked pussy. Now it is her turn to breathe heavily. 

Her hand slides down into his pants. Fingers wrap around the velvet skin of his engorged cock. She moves her hand gently up and down the shaft. His fingers delved deeper opening up the silky wetness of her cunt. 

He moves between her legs and unzips his pants. With his other hand he pulls her closer. The sun shines down but no one else is there on the beach to enjoy it. 

Then they are fucking. Him sitting on the bench with her on his lap. His hands grip the globes of her arse as she moves up and down on his shaft. They are wild and free in nature. 

When they are done, she sits on the bench. Her dress is pulled down over he knees. He stands and zips his pants before kissing her goodbye and walking away. She leans back on the bench basking in the sun and the memory of him. 

Somewhere, hidden by the bushes her husband is watching. His cock too is engorged. He steps out of the bushes and stands in front of his wife. She looks up at him. Her eyes glisten with desire.  She is not satisfied. 

He pulls her up and bends her forwards over the bench. Her dress is hiked up allowing him access to her deep wet cunt. His fingers grip her hips as he fucks her. She responds, arching her back revelling in the feel of being filled by him. Together their desire builds but at the last minute he pulls out of her. 

She stands, legs splayed, panting, aching for him. 

“Don’t turn around,” his instructions are firm. 

She waits, listening to the sound of the water lapping. Feeling the breeze on her bare arse, grazing her tender cunt. Then there is another pair of hands stroking her, fingers dipping into her opening.

Her husband stands in the bushes, watching.

Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 22

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash


Interestingly I was thinking about this not long ago. Not because I was planning any escapades but because I was reflecting on Mr Jones’ aversion to having sex in an open setting where a large number of people can watch at close quarters. I love that kind of thing. I guess I would be classified as an exhibitionist. Mr Jones not so much. 

Oddly though he is perfectly happy to have sex in a public place where a passerby might ‘happen’ to watch from a distance. There is a memorable occasion when we broke up a road trip with a stop in a picnic area near a lake. A distance across the lake there was a camping area and the lake was popular with fishermen and campers. 

We ended up having sex on a picnic table. Of course when we began there were not any people around but at the end there seemed to be a few, keeping a discreet distance of course. The one that stuck in my mind the most was a fisherman in a kayak quite a distance away. He seemed particularly interested. I genuinely hope he went home after that and gave his wife a good seeing to. 

There have been other similar occasions between us. As I mentioned Mr Jones is fond of the great outdoors. It is strange though how being shown a different perspective can completely change your feelings about something. I saw a junk “reality” show not long ago that focussed on clips of camera footage taken from cameras installed in public spaces like underground carparks, shopping centres and the like. One of the clips shown was a couple who had been out nightclubbing and decided that the boom gate of the carpark was a great place to have sex. 

Watching the footage and listening to the show’s commentators making fun of the couple completely changed my perspective. There is something deeply exciting about having sex in a place that is taboo. The thrill is increased when you get away with the act knowing that maybe a bystander enjoyed the show but there are not any other repercussions. But in all honesty there isn’t always a way to know if the unsuspecting bystander DOES enjoy the show. 

Our society has the idea that sex should be kept behind closed doors deeply ingrained into our subculture. For many people public displays of affection, even as innocent as kissing, are offensive. Intimacy between adults should be kept private in most vanilla people’s eyes. Of course there is probably a whole book that could be written about how unhealthy that attitude is and the damage it does to young people seeking to learn about healthy relationships. In this world of internet porn parents really do need to consider the idea that demonstrating what they consider to be a healthy relationship up close and personal and in real life could go a long way to helping their children avoid some very undesirable sexual situations.

Will there be public sex in my future? I believe the answer is probably yes. Although high traffic areas like the picnic ground mentioned above might not be ideal. A beach where there aren’t many people? Definitely on the cards. 

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USB Flashback – Down by the River

A while ago on a spring cleaning spree I found a USB dating back to the days of “Erotic Adventures”. I am not sure if I published all of the things I found on there but I think that some of them are worth dusting off and sharing again. This little gem is a story about a date night Jake and I enjoyed along the South Bank of the Brisbane River. 

kangaroo point cliffs

A balmy spring breeze twisted around us as we strolled along the riverside pathway. On one side of us the river wound its way through the centre of the city towards the ocean on the other side, on our other side steep cliffs swept upwards to expensive houses perched high above the water. Despite it being a “school night” we shared our pathway with many different people joggers and cyclists made their way through their evening fitness regimes, families on holiday strolled along enjoying the lights of the city and the famous cliffs lit by huge spotlights placed strategically at the base, other people used the pathway to get from one place to the other on unknown errands.

Every now and then there was a break in the traffic and we felt as if we had the path to ourselves. We strolled along not really worrying about how late it was getting or that we had to go to work the next day. We had escaped the responsibilities of parenting to share an intimate dinner and be reminded of the way it was when they were dating. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other as we walked, every now and then the breeze made its way underneath my dress to caress my freshly shaved pussy and remind me of the secret nudity I was hiding there. Jake’s hand wandered down over my naked ass squeezing me through the fabric of my dress.

When there was an opportunity he pulled me off the path to lean me against the railing on the side of the path. His body pressed against mine as he kissed me deeply, sliding his hands up my thighs to caress my freshly shaven mound that was hidden there. I gasped into his mouth as he slid his finger into my wet slit teasing me before the sound of people approaching made him remove his hand and straighten himself up. Two men jogged past giving me a knowing look as I straightened my dress but I didn’t care. I had more arousing things on my mind.

We continued our walk but now my mind was on things other than enjoying the sights and sounds of the evening. I began scanning ahead, looking for a nook that would give us some more privacy. I hoped, in vain, that as we moved further away from the CBD the stream of people passing by would decrease. Annoyingly it didn’t. There were fewer mothers and fathers with their children but the joggers and cyclists persisted. Who exercised at this time of the night? Didn’t they have other things to do? At home?

Then I saw what I had been looking for. A wide boardwalk surrounding a Moreton Bay Fig jutted out over the water forming a low lookout. The wide trunk and buttress roots of the majestic tree shielded the seating underneath from the passers-by.  I led Jake towards the partially secluded area, pushing him down on the bench seat, making sure to take the maximum advantage of the wide gnarled trunk of the tree. I straddled his lap as he sat on the bench. My legs spread wide over his and my chest pressing against his face as I bent to kiss his neck. His arms slipped around me reaching down with his hands to cup my round buttocks allowing the warm evening breeze to caress the bare skin of my ass as he stoked me.

For a moment I looked up, over his shoulder, trying to determine how much people passing by could see. None of them paid any notice to us snuggling under the tree. I sat back a little, lifting my dress to allow Jake access to my wet hungry slit. His fingers slid down over my freshly shaved skin to stroke my swelling clit. I gasped against the side of his neck as he slipped his finger through my wet folds to slip into me. I forgot about the passers-by on the path as he fucked me slowly with two of his fingers. My hands pressed against the seam of his jeans, stroking the hard cock underneath. When the trickle of people stopped for a few moments I stood up to allow him to unbutton his jeans. Carefully I eased his hard warm cock out of its prison before I resumed my seat with my hand wrapped around his cock. He slipped his fingers back inside me.

The pleasure of Jake’s fingers was intense but I ached for more. I wanted to be filled by his hard, warm, cock. My hand moving up and down his shaft only increased my need. When I couldn’t hold back any more I raised my body slightly and moved forward until I was positioned above his cock. For a moment I held myself there with the tip of his cock resting against my opening. His hands gripped my hips, trying to push me down onto him. Our eyes were locked together as I resisted, fighting my own desire to feel his cock filling me to feel the pleasure of denying him what he wanted so much. Then slowly I slid myself down onto him. Bit by bit he slid into me, pushing apart the walls of my pussy, filling me up until I was sitting on his lap again this time with his cock buried deep inside me.

Slowly, with his hands guiding me I rocked back and forth, tilting my hips to get the maximum pleasure for both of us. The intimacy of the evening combined with the thrill of our location lifting the feeling to a whole new level. For several weeks we had not been able to fuck. Sitting here now with him inside me was like fucking him for the first time. His cock felt new and familiar at the same time, I was insanely horny. My hand reached down to touch my clitoris which was swollen and hard. Within a few strokes I could feel the orgasm building. Jake’s breathing was jagged, his hands gripped my hips hard. I ground against him faster and faster. I completely forgot about anything except the feeling of his cock inside me.

“Come with me,” I whispered to him as I felt myself sliding over the edge.

He grunted softly as his cock pulsed inside me. I held him close, breathing heavily enjoying the afterglow. Slowly I came back to reality. The sounds of the city drifted across the river to my ears, the tinkle of a bicycle bell alerted me to a cyclist passing. I looked up at the pathway behind the tree. Oblivious to our fucking joggers and cyclists trundled past without even giving a second thought to us. The only witness was the aged tree that shaded us. I am sure he had seen it a hundred times before.

moreton bay fig

BJ The Budgie

I never wanted a budgie as a pet. This is not because I don’t like birds, on the contrary I love them. But budgies were never something I was interested in: too small, not enough personality, no practical use.

Then one day one came into my life. What is even harder to explain to people is his name, BJ. My daughter thinks that his name is because he is a budgerigar and I can’t spell. That is not the reason though. This is the story of how I came to own a budgie named BJ even though I never even went shopping for one.

When Jennifer had gotten out of bed that morning, she never imagined that she would be doing this. Actually, she never thought she would be doing this at all, ever. Her morning had been full of children’s lunches and helping out at their school. Typical mum stuff. Then he had messaged her,

What are you doing today?

She had been a little annoyed at first. This was always a loaded question. What he really meant was “I am horny and nearby, can I intrude on whatever you are doing to get some sex?” Most of the time she complied because she was essentially a stay at home mum and her days were pretty flexible. Today she was a little busy and wasn’t sure if she wanted to be organising a sex hook up while she was preparing 200 primary school tuckshop orders.

I am at school. How is your day going?

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar vibration

I am working but I am near to you. Did you want to meet up at a park or something?

They had spoken about this before. She knew exactly what he wanted but she didn’t have time for that today.

I am kinda busy. I don’t really have time to meet up.

She hated this. Now he had put the idea in her head she would be thinking about him, his athletic body and his delicious cock. It would be irritating if she didn’t go to meet him but she really, really didn’t have time. Her pocket vibrated. She didn’t bother about pretending to make him wait this time.

Please? I won’t take up much of your time. You are just so sexy that I want to have you whenever I can.

Jennifer sighed. He was like a puppy. Whining and being cute just for a little attention.

I won’t be finished here until 1.30.

His reply was instant

That is OK. I can do that.

They made arrangements for the location and she went back to work. Sandwiches were slipped into paper bags for delivery to classrooms. Wraps were wrapped and salads made their way into cups. The other mothers joked and gossiped. If only they knew the clandestine, naughty plans that their friend had just made. It would blow their minds.

Then an even naughtier plan popped into Jennifer’s head. What if she had a spectator for her adventure? Someone she knew was watching but couldn’t see. Again, her phone was in her hand. This time to her husband.

I am meeting a guy in the park at 1.30. Come and watch.

She went back to her sandwiches with a little spring in her step and a growing warmth in her jeans. The next couple of hours were filled with sandwiches, nachos, lost lunches, ice block sales and washing of dishes. The time to leave and meet seemed to sneak up on her but she was glad when she could put away her apron and head to the carpark.

He was waiting in the appointed place. That was one of the good things about him. He was always on time. After a brief embrace they walked through the park towards the lake. Jennifer resisted the urge to look back to make sure her husband was there. Her focus was on the man beside her. They found a place off the main pathway and finally they were able to relax a little.

His hands wandered over her ass and up inside her shirt. For a moment she wished she had worn a dress but she hadn’t had time to go home and change. She undid some buttons on his shirt and slid her hands over his smooth chest. His body was long and athletic. Something about his youth and vulnerability resonated with her. Jennifer slid her hands down inside the waist of his jeans. Her hands grazed the tip of his cock but the tight waist band restricted her access.

His breathing increased and he helped her as she fumbled with his belt. Together they eased his cock out of his pants. For a moment she worried about a stranger noticing them but as she wrapped her hand around the familiar velvet skin of his cock the worries faded away. The only thought that remained firmly in her mind was the presence of her husband, watching somewhere.

Looking upwards into his eyes she sank down onto her knees and opened her lips. Still watching his face she licked the pre-cum from the top of his cock before sliding her lips down over his shaft. He sighed in pleasure and she held him for a moment before she began to move her head up and down over his shaft. His hand cupped the back of her head pushing her gently down on to him as his hips thrust slightly towards her face.

She knew he wouldn’t last long but she didn’t care. Suddenly she was craving the salt taste of his cum. Her cunt was hot and wet inside her jeans and she knew that after this she would need to fill her cunt with something but right now, she was focussed on the cock in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his ass, pulling him closer to her as she sensed him getting closer. One her tongue she tasted more pre-cum and the craving for him to shoot cum into her mouth became almost too much for her.

Greedily she sucked him, pushing her face hard against his belly, cramming all of his hard cock into her mouth. His fingers twisted into her hair and his breathing was hard and ragged. As he came his body stiffened. His cock pulsed as he shot hot, salty cum into her mouth. A long groan escaped his lips before he slowly relaxed.

Jennifer held his cock in her mouth for a few moments before she let it slide out of her lips. A thread of his cum joined the tip of his cock to her lips before she pulled away. Quickly she pulled out her phone and snapped a selfie with her mouth full of his cum. He chuckled softly.

“Your husband is so lucky.”

She grinned as she stood up and straightened her top.

“Not as lucky as me,” her hands wandered over his body one last time before they headed back to their cars.

As she stood next to her car he pressed his body up against her,

“Next time I hope we have more time. I want to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours,” his breath was hot in her ear.

She sighed in pleasure as his hand gripped her crotch through those jeans.

“What are you going to do now?” His eyes bored into hers.
She didn’t answer. His hand massaged her through her jeans, she felt her knees go weak. Anyone could be walking past and see them, but she didn’t care. Somewhere nearby her husband was watching them. Was he sitting in his car? Was he as horny as her?

A chirp behind her interrupted her thoughts. Wriggling free of his embrace she turned and saw a small green budgerigar on the bonnet of her car. Gently she picked up the tiny exhausted bird.

“You poor baby,” she crooned.

Still holding him gently she turned to her lover.

“I absolutely will be going him to finish what you started.” He smiled at her words.

“Send me pics,” Of course he would say that. “You know me, I will be horny again in a couple of hours.”

“After I look after this little guy.”

And that is the story of BJ, who came home with me and lived with us for several years. Sadly his namesake did not hang around as long.


A Walk in the Park 

As she pulled into the car park Lisa quickly scanned the area. She had guessed that it would be deserted during the day but something like that was never certain. It was a public park after all. There was only one vehicle parked several spaces down from her. A white twin cap ute with a large number on the side. The type that are used in mines and construction sites. Her heart thumped in her chest. It had to be his. The urge to flee welled up in her for a moment. It was one thing to fantasise about this kind of thing, another to actually be here in a park waiting for your lover to come and take you on an adventure. 
With fluttering nerves in her stomach she checked her hair in the rear view mirror and then forced her wobbly legs to stand up beside her car. Her guess had been right, it was his car. He emerged as the same time as her. Gravel crunched under her feet as she walked over towards him.

“Hello,” she was surprised that her voice worked. 

“Hello,” he smiled down at her sending a wave of heat through her body. Not for the first time that day Lisa was aware of her cunt throbbing between her legs. Brent reached down and took her hand, “Let’s go for a walk and see what we can find shall we?” There was a glint in his eyes that reassured her that this was not going to be an innocent walk in the park. Between her legs she became aware of a hot wetness to accompany the aching throb caused by the feeling of his body against hers. 

They came to a deck overlooking a small lake. Egrets dabbled around in the shallows and further out a pair of ducks swam peacefully. 

“Nice place,” Brent commented as he put his arms around Lisa and bent down to kiss her lips. Heat melted through her entire body as she felt herself surrounded by his body. The quiet power of his large frame almost overwhelmed her, she was entirely putty in his arms, completely at his mercy. Still kissing her he moved her around so that she was resting against the railing of the deck. His hand travelled down her back and over her arse, seeking the hem of her dress. Eagerly she opened her legs, inviting him to touch her wherever he pleased. 

He did not disappoint, without hesitation his hand found the waist of her panties and slipped down over her mound to enter her slick wet slit. She whimpered against his mouth as he stroked her lightly, all the while keeping her pressed against him with his other arm. 

“Someone is a bit excited,” he whispered, looking down at her intently. The heat in Lisa’s body was matched by the fire she saw in his eyes. In response, she pressed her hand against the front of his jeans.

“I think we both are,” she responded with a sly grin. 

“Lets see where this path goes,” he took her hand and led her into the bush. Behind them Lisa thought that she heard the crunch of a footstep. She wanted to look over her shoulder but she didn’t want to alert Brent to the secret she shared with her husband. Beside the track they had followed was a convenient log, Brent sat down and pulled her towards him so that she was standing in front of him. His hand stroked the inside of her leg as his fingers worked their way inside the elastic of her panties. Automatically Lisa parted her knees and let out a sigh of anticipation. She was not dissapointed his fingers worked their way into her dripping wet cunt. 

“If you weren’t wearing any panties I could out my tongue in there,” he whispered urgently. 

“I can fix that,” she replied equally as urgently wriggling her arse as her knickers hit the ground. 

Brent reached down, picked them up and stuffed them into the pocket of his jeans, “For later,” he grinned before he lifted the hem of her skirt to slide his tongue into her slit. Lisa let out a throaty groan as he teased her swollen throbbing clit. Her fingers gripped the back of his head, pushing his face against her pussy. For a moment she opened her eyes, long enough to catch a glimpse of a familiar figure standing against a tree about 50 meters away from them. She smiled seductively at him allowing herself to fantasise for a moment about what would be waiting for her at home tonight. 

The feeling of a finger slipping inside her brought Lisa’s attention quickly back to the present. Her knees parted further and she looked down into a pair of intently burning eyes. “I think you need something else to fill that space,” he commented as his fingers fucked her slowly. She had lost the ability to speak properly, but she managed a nod in response. 

Quickly Brent unzipped his jeans and lifted his hips to free his cock. Unable to stop herself Lisa bent down and slid her lips down over his velvety warm shaft. Her tongue swirled around the head of his erection before she took a second stroke sinking her lips down as far as she could. The head of his cock pressed against her throat but she welcomed the feeling of her throat being filled. She held her mouth there for as long as she could before he lifted her away. 

“I want to fuck you,” he said simply as he rolled a condom down his cock before he grasped her around her hips and guided her down on to him. 

As the tip of his cock touched her cunt he gripped her harder resisting her motion downwards. The urge to slam him inside her was strong and she fought him for a moment. 

“This is the best part,” he whispered, “feel it.” 

There was a faint sheen of sweat on his forehead as he struggled to control himself as well as her. Slowly he slid her down on to him the wet folds of her cunt opened over him, welcoming his hot cock as it filled her. When he was fully inside her he held her still on his lap twitching his cock inside her. 

“The only thing that would make this better would be if your husband was watching,” He said. 

The look on his face made Lisa wonder for a moment if he had guessed the setup she had planned. Did he know her husband was back there loitering beside a tree watching them? 

Brent moved her hips rocking the hardness of his cock against her g spot. Suddenly it didn’t matter all that mattered was the cock inside her, the strong arms around her and the pleasure that was coursing through her body. She struggled to be quiet conscious that anyone could happen along and find them but in the end she didn’t care she just wanted to be fucked, hard. 

She wasn’t disappointed.