Whitsunday Lookout

When we read about the prompt for this week’s Sinful Sunday Mr Jones was very excited. With the help of The Second Mate he had recently installed a camera on the mast of the yacht and he was excited to try it out in this setting. Together we created some awesome images. Then there was this incident with a boat ramp and a shopping trolley…. A phone got wet and you know the rest.

A few days after the shopping trolley incident we found this delightful island with a lookout over the Whitsunday Passage. Being the only people around we did what any reasonable people would do.

Sinful Sunday

Hello Mr Jones

Because we are on this yacht and there is frequently amazing scenery Mr Jones and I have been taking the time to snap each other in different poses and with different backgrounds. Last week we began our Sinful Sunday Journey with an image of me. It is sometimes impressive what you can snap when you are just chilling with a camera and being naked. This shot was taken during the weekend we spent with our friends.

I really do love a good cock shot. And this one is delicious.

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Sinful Sunday

Consent and Dick Pics

I posted recently about my appreciation for a good dick pic. I absolutely stand by my appreciation for cock. That doesn’t mean I want to have images of cocks shoved in my face when I am not expecting them. Fortunately for me I associate with adults in most of the places I hang out, even online. Most of my followers seem to be fairly adult and understand the concept of asking for consent before launching a shot of their genitals at me.

During a conversation with a student, and subsequently my own daughter who is almost 18 it came to my attention that boys in that age bracket are not so adult. My daughter is not one of the “popular” girls. She is in fact a rather unique individual who very steadfastly walks to the beat of her own drum and tolerates only those who are willing to accept her the way she is. Consequently her Social Media presence and usage are quite different from the average teenager.

But this post is not about her. It is about the experiences of more ‘average’ 14 – 18 year old girls. Typically these girls are very much involved in Social Media. Most of them use Instagram and Snapchat and a large number of them also use Tick Tock. For many of these girls their social lives are lived through their stories, check ins and posts. A lot of their real world conversations are about what they saw on social media. Although these services have the capability to lock down privacy most of these girls don’t bother with keeping their content private. How can one generate attention when your privacy is locked down?

Clearly this behaviour can become a problem. If you are interested in finding out about the biology behind it you can read this article here. Something that a lot of people aren’t aware of is the way young men use open unprotected social media accounts to seek out girls. Boys find girls they haven’t met by searching contact, follower and friend lists of their friends or followers. When they identify a female name they introduce themselves in a way that whole heartedly confirms that we are descended from apes. They drop their pants, take out their phones and send a photo of their penis. 

A student told me recently that should receives somewhere around 3 – 4 unsolicited dick pics from boys that she doesn’t know per week!!!!

Every week!!!!

From boys she doesn’t know or has spoken to.

So she is 16 – 17 years old and definitely prone to exaggeration but even if she has inflated the number by doubling it that is still a lot of dicks.

Both the genitalia and the owners.

A colleague told me today that his daughter who is approximately 14 received an unsolicited dick pic from a boy at her school.

The school he also teaches at. Meaning this boy thought it was perfectly OK to expose himself and send a picture to an unsuspecting girl knowing that he would have to face her father at some time during his school day and every school day until he leaves that school.

I don’t get it. I mean these boys wouldn’t walk around the school yard with their dick hanging out so why send pictures to all and sundry without an invitation? It is the same thing. 

During the course of the conversation with my daughter we tossed around the idea that part of the problem is girls who don’t push back because they don’t want to discourage the cute boy who might be interested in them. While girls may feel pressured to accept the behaviour so they can get the attention of the cute boys none of this is OK.  


As part of my job I am preparing a lesson or series of lessons discussing consent and trying to give teenagers, boys and girls, some tools to enter into the world of sexual activity with a level of confidence and control. A big part of this process is teaching about the idea of consent. In all honesty, for at least part of my audience, these lessons will be shutting the gate after the horse has well and truly bolted. 

Although I feel passionate about equipping young men and women with some factual information and hopefully introducing to some young brains the idea that asking for permission before throwing anything sexual at an unsuspecting person is the decent human thing to do. I am also realistic enough to know that one lesson is not enough. It is tempting for parents to avoid the icky uncomfortable topics like sex and relax in the knowledge that school has it covered. 

We don’t.

Behaving like a decent human doesn’t come from one lesson. It comes from a lifetime of seeing your family and significant people in your life behaving like decent humans. It comes from your father and your mother and any other significant adults telling you what is expected over and over. The person who learns from being told once is very rare. Most people, especially teenagers, need to be told many, many times.

Mothers of boys know that teaching their sons about appropriate penis use is a large part of raising a boy. First you have to teach him to aim at the toilet, then you have to teach your toddler to put their pants on before they go out in public. Then comes lessons about not walking around with their hand in their pants. After that comes the really important part, taking pictures of their penis and sending it to girls is also not OK. Neither is expecting that they have the right to shove their dick into whatever orifice takes their fancy. As tired as you are of talking to your boy about his dick and as stupid as it feels, it is necessary if any of this is going to get better. I have a 20 year old son and recently I found myself re-iterating some lessons about appropriate use of his penis. 

Fortunately the conversation was just a confirmation he had the situation well in hand; rather than an intervention to prevent an unintentional pregnancy as a result of a less than satisfactory relationship. But the point remains. Parents, you are never going to stop talking to your sons about their penis. Probably ever. Unless you want a phone call from a school about them sending dick shots to all the girls in the netball team. 

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I Love a Pretty Cock

About a week ago I was bored in a long car trip so I occupied myself by scrolling through profiles on the dating app I am a member of. I came across a profile that displayed some images of a very nice looking penis. I composed the following tweet

I do love a man with a pretty cock”

The ensuing conversation was thick and fast. Of course every male who read it suddenly wanted to know if his cock was pretty and or what exactly was the criteria I was using to assess prettiness. I responded

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but my personal preference is for one that fills my fist and hits the back of my throats nicely. Clean, can have a slight bend, in proportion, length that relates to width and proud.

Conversation ensued and I was a little concerned I would be showered with unsolicited dick pics but my fears were unfounded. My followers seemed to be restrained. Maybe they were afraid that their cock would not be up to scratch. I am grateful that my fears were unfounded.

I have blogged before about my appreciation of cock. I love it. I truly do. Not just in the sense of being fucked but in the sense of I truly find them beautiful. I do like looking at them in real life and in photos.

That doesn’t mean I like every photo of a cock. There is an art to creating a good image of a penis. Angle is important and a certain level of erection sometimes helps. The classic angle most men seem to go for is looking down from their point of view onto a fully erect member. 

This is not always the best angle, lighting can be bad, proportion is almost impossible to assess and it doesn’t reflect what I, the person that should be impressed, is going to see if I ever encounter the member in real life. 

I am not sure if a lot of men put much thought into what their images will look like when viewed by another person. Going by some of what I have seen I don’t think they do. Either that or their mind is so fogged by fantasies of what women are going to do with their member that they aren’t thinking clearly. 

A classic example of this is something that happened with a group of friends after a shopping expedition and lunch with a couple of wines. One of the group pulled out an image she had been sent by a man who she chatted with occasionally. The image had been taken while the sender was masturbating. Some trick of angle, light and poor timing meant the the thing that hit the viewer when opening the message was a huge gaping hole at the end of the glans. Yes there is supposed to be a hole there but this one looked big enough to put a finger in!!!! The recipient was repulsed by the image, I don’t really blame her if we are being honest. I am also pretty certain that the sender did NOT intend to be the butt of a group of women’s jokes. 

So what makes a good photo of a cock? As I said, angle and lighting are important. Background clutter or glare from a flash are distracting. I like to be able to see and get some idea of what it will feel like to hold. Something like this;

This just makes me want to kneel down and worship that baby. 

I am not by any means a skilled photographer and penises are notoriously hard to photograph. But I know what I like. 

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Where Will I Meet You?

Once, in a previous life, I met a boy in a coffee shop and ended up sucking him off in the car park. You can read about it here. Of late I have renewed my membership of the website I use to meet prospective partners with a view to finding a regular play partner. It is an ongoing journey full of twits and turns. Those of you who follow my twitter will have some inkling. I haven’t exactly achieved my goal, yet.

This week I took a step closer to achieving my goal. After the initial flirt / message thing he proposed a face to face meeting. I was given the responsibility of choosing a venue. Mainly because it is convenient for me I decided to go with an old stomping ground, so to speak. Of course meeting close to my house means I may run into someone I know. Not really a problem until they realise the man having coffee with me is not my husband. Again not really a problem until we start with the little touches on the knee under the table, followed by more direct stroking, which leads to sitting closer together, which leads to being walked to my car, which leads to all kinds of inappropriate things… I am getting ahead of myself.

I have learnt from previous experience that revisiting particular scenarios with a different person can be a little disappointing. You can never replace the adrenalin rush of doing something daring for the first time so I didn’t allow myself to dwell too much when I parked in the car park I had used before. If the truth be told I had used this car park s lot for a lot of different errands since the initial visit. But still that initial visit was on my mind as I parked.

I was there first. There was the nervous five minutes of wondering if he would show. For some reason of late meeting for coffee has been hit and miss. Maybe I am getting older, maybe people are getting ruder. Whatever the case I have had a couple of incidents of telling the staff I am waiting for someone and then having to slip out without them noticing when the someone doesn’t show. But I saw him approach. He was tall, he strode confident,y and he had a definite silver fox look. All things that got my attention.

The actual coffee part of the situation was pretty standard. It turned out neither of us really likes coffee. It turned out he was interesting and intriguing. After a short while the little touches started. It is funny how it is hard to verbalise attraction but that first tentative meeting of fingers conveys so much. We finished and left. He walked me to my car, parked in the car park. We stood talking for a while. It was close to lunch time. There were a few people coming and going. I found myself looking at the front of his pants, wondering. It is always something I am curious about. What will come out? I don’t require extra large cock but I am not a fan of a small penis.

I realised that opening the front door of my car and sitting with my legs out would put me at the perfect height to suck him. Without really explaining what I planned in took my handbag and opened my car. He didn’t need an explanation he stepped forward and helped me ease himself out of his pants. His cock was firm, thick and veiny, a thing of beauty that needed worship. I licked my lips before taking the first taste of the soft skin. There is nothing like the feel of cock skin, it is so soft and velvety even though it covers something so hard. Moistened by my saliva he slid into my mouth.

He exhaled slowly, his hands cupped the back of my head and he whispered, that’s right. His fingers gripped my hair pulling it firmly. Encouraged I sucked harder, sliding him deeper. I could feel dampness building between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his hips so that I could grip his butt and pull him closer to me. His scent, the feel of his fingers gripping my hair and the sound of his breathing were intoxicating. I began to crave for the taste of his precum. I tilted my head to look up at him, he was leaning against the car scanning the car park but I knew his mind was on me. I wished we could be somewhere quieter, more relaxed. My cunt wished for the feel of his fingers inside me,

“Incoming, at two o’clock,” the words brought me back to reality with a jolt. His cock slid from my mouth and I looked over my shoulder at a woman walking towards her car that was parked next to mine. He gave a sound of disappointment and leaned down to me.

“Where are all these people coming from?” He asked. I looked around suddenly there seemed to be people all over the place. I wanted them to go away so that I could finish what I had started. He slid his hand inside my dress and cupped my breast pinching my nipple.

“You are such a good girl, I wish I could spend the afternoon with you not with this client,” I could see from his face that he was torn. I was torn too. He put his mouth on my breast teasing my nipple with his tongue. I felt like there was a puddle forming in my panties.

“I have to go but we will finish this sometime soon,”

We embraced and he left. I went home to fantasise about the possibilities. Sometimes revisiting old haunts with someone else can be a good thing.

The Dick Pic

I have probably written about this topic before but I was inspired to pen this because of a post by The Zen Nudist about rape. Although it is not anywhere as extreme as rape there is something about the unsolicited dick pic that I, and many women, find invasive and confronting. Don’t get me wrong, I love penises. I love to look at them, I love to inspect them in the minutest detail, I love to suck them, I love them inside me. What I don’t love is having one shoved in my face when I am innocently going through my day and my message notification pings. I don’t understand why men do it. In a way it is sad that men have distilled their attractiveness to women to such a small (no pun intended) part of them.There are many parts of men that are attractive. I am a sucker for a nice arse. I even have Twitter friends who send me great shots of their arse, after invitation. Things like this. This is hot after you have made a connection, had a conversation etc. There are plenty of ways to entice and intrigue which for me makes attraction stronger. I can’t speak for all women of course but based on conversations I have had with female friends who are dating most women seem to feel the same way as me. Sending uninvited pictures of your dick to women is NOT acceptable behaviour EVER. As I stated in my opening comments it is invasive, offensive and sometimes just plain weird.There are plenty of ways to present your package that are alluring and damn sexy something like this;Or this;So guys, take note. You are more than your naked protruding penis. Show some creativity and remember that less is often more.

TMI Tuesday – Sexy is as Sexy Does

This week I have been painting a room in my house which is a surprisingly good opportunity for meditation. One of the things in my mind is something I have blogged about a few times this year, the change in my life that has meant the demise of “Gemma Time”. When I saw the questions for this week’s TMI I thought it was a good opportunity to get my mind back into a more Gemma space. 

What is sexier….

1. Arms or shoulders? 

A few months ago I found that my arms and shoulders no longer fit into some of my clothes. It is one of the things that happens if you spend too much time on a pole. Not that I would say I am by any means a super advanced poler. However if you spend a couple of 90 minute sessions a week hefting 80 or so kilos around then I guess that is what is going to happen. 

So given all that I would have to say shoulders are definitely sexier. 

2. Ass or legs

I am without question an ass woman. There is nothing more alluring than a gorgeous piece of ass. Male or female, but especially male. I have an endless facination with Pet’s ass. I could spank, mutilate and pleasure it for hours. 

3. Pussy or dick

OMFG dicks! I know that almost all heterosexual men and most women I have spoken to think that dicks are not that attractive; but seriously? How can people not see the allure of a penis. It is one of the most spectacular things, and they all have their charms. I could tantalise, inspect, tease, pleasure and sometimes torture penises all night. 

4. Feet or hands

An interesting choice. On a woman definitely feet. Especially if they have painted toenails and are wearing scrappy sandals or serious heels. On a man though hands are definitely way sexier. I have always had a weak spot for men who are good with their hands. Watching a man tinker with something that is broken and make it work again gives me a warm feeling between my legs. If he can take a piece of junk and turn it into something functional then imagine what else he could do with those fingers…

5. Muscles or Brains.

Pardon the pun but this is a bit of a no brainer. Muscles are great to look at but I have had too many experiences of meeting someone who has it all going on and then then open their mouth. We have all met them. 

On the other hand meeting someone who has an imagination and can put more than two words together and the sparks can definitely fly! 

Bonus: Do you think you are sexy?

Interesting question. I don’t think that Mrs Jones is particularly sexy. She is a forty something, school teacher. Gemma, on the other, hand is definitely sexy. Of course they are really the one and same person. But somehow in my mind it makes my life easier if I am able to separate the two extremes of my life into two separate sections. When I am in ‘Gemma’ mode I am absolutely 100% sex on legs. Just ask anyone. 

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What is sexier