I am Wild and I am Free

Mr Jones snapped this image while we were hiking on Great Keppel Island. It was a windy day but the sunshine and the pristine sand made being nude a delight.

This voyage has provided us with many opportunities to snap each other “in the wild” The amazing colour of the ocean and the sky are an added bonus.

Want to see who else is being sinful? Click on the lips below

Sinful Sunday

TMI Tuesday – Take a Picture it Lasts Longer

Another week. Another Tuesday. You know what that means…

1. Do you post sexy pics of yourself on your blog? Why?

EERRRM yes. Why? Because I can. Because it makes me feel good. And because there are a bunch of people out there who like to look. So without any further ado

Another reason I post the occasional pic is because I want to put some images of real women onto the internet. We aren’t all perfectly shaped.

2. Have you ever had sex when you suspected security cameras might be present but the passion was too hot to stop or care about being caught on video?

Mr Jones was a security technician in a previous career. Sometimes he still does that kind of work. The first few times I had sex in the secret sex hang out I considered that he may have installed a camera for his viewing pleasure. He assures me that he hasn’t done that but to be honest it would be kind of hot if he did.

3. Have you ever had sex knowing full well you were being filmed or pics were being taken?

Mr Jones DID set up a camera to record our wedding night. That was back in the days of VCRs. Somehow during a move the video disappeared, or got taped over. It was a great tragedy.

Since then we have taken pictures during sex especially play sessions. As I have described in a previous TMI there was a recording on a USB card of myself and Mr Fix it that also met an unfortunate end.

4. When it comes to sex, to which do you most relate–being an exhibitionist or a voyeur?

My go to has been exhibitionism. I love being watched. A long term fantasy is to be surrounded by people who are watching me have sex. During the session various onlookers are invited by Mr Jones to participate but those who are not invited are masturbating.

Having said that I am not against watching. I recently watched a woman on her knees surrounded by three men who she was pleasuring in turn. She was so wild and free and so hot.

5. Have you ever sneakily or overtly filmed or taken pics of others having sex? What did you do with the evidence?

For me consent is everything. I can’t in good conscience record something so intimate without permission. So the answer to this question is No.

Bonus: Hot or not–having sex in front of people?

My response to number 4 kind of answers this question. But there is the question of consent. In the past I have had sex in swing clubs and at parties in full view of all participants. I love it. The people watching love it. Everyone is happy.

Mr Jones and I have also been known to have sex in other public places like rest areas on the side of highways. In these situations there isn’t anyone in the immediate area watching or being exposed to our shenanigans but there is always the risk. Which is what makes it so hot. Sometimes there are people in the distance who can see what is happening if they choose to look. Also adds to the level of excitement.

However my responsible adult has developed since those days, some of them not that long ago. Teaching teenagers about consent and reading some posts by May at Sex Matters has made me think about this in a different light. Those onlookers didn’t consent before our R rated act was thrust upon them. While they don’t necessarily mind, no one actually asked them. Which is our bad really.