TMI Tuesday – The Sex Symbol Edition

I started writing this on Tuesday but this week has been weird. Writing has not happened. But as they say, better late than never.

“You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you will have it even when you’re 100 years old” – Sophia Loren

  1. Are Movie star sex symbols a thing of the past?

I think the really iconic movie star sex symbols like Marilyn Munroe are a thing of the past. Special effects have taken over the movie industry in some genres. Although there are some actors who seem timeless and surprise you by popping up here and there.

2. Who was your favourite sex symbol while you were growing up?

I had an unusual childhood. Television and movies were very restricted in my household and so they weren’t a huge part of my teenage experience. Tom Cruise pops into my head when I think of who was popular back then. Particularly in Top Gun. However I also remember watching the movie with a friend when I was around 20 and deciding that Val Kilmer was much sexier

3. Of present day stars, who do you consider to be a legitimate sex symbol? Why?

I have a bit of a thing for bad guys and also movies that feature gratuitous violence. So Vin Diesel has been my go to sexy looking guy for a while. Particularly in the Riddoch series.

I am not a huge fan of his work in the later Fast and Furious movies. But that is because the movies are garbage!!

4. Do you have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Tell us at least 3 things that make you a sex symbol (or not).

My ass, my boobs, my attitude.

5. The following can be celebrities or people in your life.

Name someone who was sexy younger and is still sexy today? (a la Helen Mirren)

Up until his recent untimely death I would say that Sean Connery fit that bill very nicely. He wasn’t completely smooth but there was just something about him.

Name someone who was a bit goofy when younger but has gotten sexy with age (a la Jeff Goldblum)

Nicole Kidman is definitely in that. For most people in the world she did not grace screens until Dead Calm or maybe Days of Thunder but for Australians she appeared much earlier in a little known movie called Bush Christmas. A very cringeworthy film. From those early days she has grown into a stylish and accomplished woman. We won’t talk about that unfortunate marriage to Tom whatshisname.

Name someone who was sexy when younger but has lost that sex appeal?

Brad Pitt. When he was younger, yummo but now? Meh.

Bonus: Name a sex symbol living or dead whose bedroom skills you would not mind testing out.

Henry Cavill. The Unicorn refers to him as “The Pretty Man” sometimes her taste in males is questionable but I think she got this one right. Especially in The Witcher.

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