I took this image just after we returned from our voyage last year At the time I was uncertain of my direction with Sinful Sunday and I didn’t post it. Reviewing it tonight I liked it.

Until I noticed the unfortunate placement of a handle on a kitchen cupboard!!!!

The arse is still good though.

Sinful Sunday

TMI Tuesday – The Sex Symbol Edition

I started writing this on Tuesday but this week has been weird. Writing has not happened. But as they say, better late than never.

“You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you will have it even when you’re 100 years old” – Sophia Loren

  1. Are Movie star sex symbols a thing of the past?

I think the really iconic movie star sex symbols like Marilyn Munroe are a thing of the past. Special effects have taken over the movie industry in some genres. Although there are some actors who seem timeless and surprise you by popping up here and there.

2. Who was your favourite sex symbol while you were growing up?

I had an unusual childhood. Television and movies were very restricted in my household and so they weren’t a huge part of my teenage experience. Tom Cruise pops into my head when I think of who was popular back then. Particularly in Top Gun. However I also remember watching the movie with a friend when I was around 20 and deciding that Val Kilmer was much sexier

3. Of present day stars, who do you consider to be a legitimate sex symbol? Why?

I have a bit of a thing for bad guys and also movies that feature gratuitous violence. So Vin Diesel has been my go to sexy looking guy for a while. Particularly in the Riddoch series.

I am not a huge fan of his work in the later Fast and Furious movies. But that is because the movies are garbage!!

4. Do you have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Tell us at least 3 things that make you a sex symbol (or not).

My ass, my boobs, my attitude.

5. The following can be celebrities or people in your life.

Name someone who was sexy younger and is still sexy today? (a la Helen Mirren)

Up until his recent untimely death I would say that Sean Connery fit that bill very nicely. He wasn’t completely smooth but there was just something about him.

Name someone who was a bit goofy when younger but has gotten sexy with age (a la Jeff Goldblum)

Nicole Kidman is definitely in that. For most people in the world she did not grace screens until Dead Calm or maybe Days of Thunder but for Australians she appeared much earlier in a little known movie called Bush Christmas. A very cringeworthy film. From those early days she has grown into a stylish and accomplished woman. We won’t talk about that unfortunate marriage to Tom whatshisname.

Name someone who was sexy when younger but has lost that sex appeal?

Brad Pitt. When he was younger, yummo but now? Meh.

Bonus: Name a sex symbol living or dead whose bedroom skills you would not mind testing out.

Henry Cavill. The Unicorn refers to him as “The Pretty Man” sometimes her taste in males is questionable but I think she got this one right. Especially in The Witcher.

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Turn Me On

Things that turn me on, in no particular order.

Manners. A polite man who opens the door, notices things and then shows he has paid attention

Hands. Hands that can touch, pinch, stroke, spank. Hands that sit quietly folded in public but are capable of so much more…..

Cocks. I have discussed this at length here and here and here. What can I say?

Snail trails, that little line of hair over his belly.

Lips. Whispering in my ear as he fucks me, telling me that I am a good girl.

Minds. Entice me with your mind. Your ideas, your jokes, your fantasies

Did I mention cocks? Oh yes I did

Jokes. Laughter is so alluring.

Strength. Strength of mind in adversity. Strength to hold me when I am spinning out of control. Strong arms that can wrap around me and move my body into the position he desires.

Gentle hands. Holding the back of my head while his cock is in my mouth.

Eyes. Looking into mine

Cocks. Oh yes I said that already.

I am a woman not a tap but I can absolutely be turned on.

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Sunday Selfie

About a week  ago a Facebook colleague posted a meme about duck face selfies that teenage girls seem addicted to. It was actually quite clever.

I share his frustration. It re-ignited in me the motivation to continue with a hobby I was playing with about a year ago. Trying to make selfies an art form. Or rather taking selfies that took into account some more complex ideas and angles and creating more ‘artsy’ photos instead of just a head with something significant in the background. Or alternatively a bunch of people pulling a face at the camera. 

I shared this image with a twitter friend recently. He was happy with his early morning hello and I was happy with the image. It is a bit grainy but I love the concept.

Enjoy and happy Sunday. 

Getting Gemma On 

Wind back the clock about five years and my life was in a very different place. I was not employed in a paying job, I had time on my hands and Gemma Jones was at the start of her glorious career. I am not talking about the British actor but rather the sex goddess who defined my life for several years. 

Fast forward to now and my life is radically different. I find myself struggling to explain to myself why a section of my life that was so amazingly empowering and just plain fun seemed to be so hard to keep alive. It is true that life is all about cycles and as the years slide by things change, no matter how much we want them to stay the same. It is also true that a life that is based around sexual gratification is ultimately very two dimensional and, ironically, unsatisfying. My life these days is much more…. twenty dimensional, and emotionally challenging and satisfying in ways that are completely different. But I keep going back to the thought that there still has to be space for Gemma in there.

For a good while I was approaching the problem from the perspective that time was the issue. I just needed to make Gemma time more of a priority in my life and give myself time to be ‘all that’. Sometimes this worked. And sometimes I have been Gemma. Actually, reflecting as I write, I think I have been Gemma a little more than I realise. A more subtle and grown up Gemma than the overtly sexual and in your face version of five years ago. 

I was having a conversation with Pet recently that wasn’t really about this issue but during the course of the conversation I realised something that I hadn’t thought of before. Being Gemma is not just about finding time to fit that stuff into my life. It is also about confidence. This Gemma; 

Was 10kg lighter, and had lovers in her life who were solely focussed on her. She was told almost every day by a range of people how completely desirable she was. Today’s Gemma does not look in the mirror and see a ravishing sex goddess. Instead she sees the cellulite, the belly, the folds of skin over her eyelids and she frantically checks for signs of a double chin. When she is at work she is required to wear clothing that cannot be seen up, down or through and she is constantly under review by the most self centred of beings, teenagers, and the most demanding of humans, their parents. 

In short Mrs Jones often needs to be reminded she is HOT. 

To effectively be able to get Gemma on Mrs Jones needs to be convinced that she is sexy or it ain’t gonna happen. It may sound egotistical and it is. I don’t need to remind anyone who has spent time with the real Gemma that the experience is not about worshipping a passive being. Gemma is all about giving and satisfying. Her own gratification is based very much on other people’s satisfaction but that is impossible to achieve if she doesn’t have confidence in her ability and appeal. 

So I guess I need to add another requirement to the list for potential playmates;

  • Must be able to make Mrs Jones feel like she is sexy. 

That shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.