Party Time

It is funny how you sometimes don’t realise how little things affect others. I dressed to attend a spicy party in clothes that were spicy but I guess because of the situation in my house I wasn’t feeling particularly spicy. I was kind of on autopilot. The Computer Guru brought it to my attention that my outfit was far from pedestrian. The instructions were,

“Go take a photo of that shit and send it to me right now,”

Who was I to question an instruction like that?

Sinful Sunday

Friday Morning Reflection

There is something about the early morning quietness and the time to make photos. As I posted last week the seasons in Brisvegas have tilted towards to the longer nights and cooler mornings. So this Friday as I was tootling around my kitchen making tea and taking Funky Shirt Friday photos I took the opportunity to catch a reflection in my kitchen window.

Sinful Sunday

Shadows on the Ceiling

While most of the world seems to be celebrating the arrival of spring and warmer days in the Land Down Under Winter is Coming. Which doesn’t mean cold days so much but it does mean getting up in the dark to dress for work. I was amused to see a pretty sexy shadow on the ceiling and took the opportunity to capture it.

Sinful Sunday

Toe Tied

I have long had a fascination with rope. Actually I am fascinated with textiles of all types, fabric, thread, yarn and rope. I spend a lot of time bending textiles and yarn into forms that are pleasing to the eye. Studying Shibari is an extension of this. For some this practice is about restraining their partner. For some it is about the feel of the rope on the skin. For me it is about pleasing design.

I don’t count myself as a skilled practitioner but I am slowly learning. I struggle to make the time to practice and improve my skills. I was very pleased with the results.

Sinful Sunday

K’gari Dayze

K’gari, (Fraser Island), is the largest sand island in the world. The island is over 100 kilometres long and boasts lakes, rainforest and some of the best unspoilt beaches in the world. Mr Jones and I have been re-visiting our nautical roots and spending some time resting in its amazing waters. Of course we took the opportunity to shoot some #travellingboob shots

Sinful Sunday


I have always been fascinated by rope. I like the look of it. I like the way it feels when I tie. But I have not had a lot of experience with being tied. I go through stages of practicing my own ties but I have not had a person who really wants to tie ME. I got to experience a good harness at an event and I liked it. I would like to experience more.

Sinful Sunday