X’s and Ohs

Like many things in my life I find impact play a bit hit and miss. I like the power of giving impact to willing recipients. I like a well placed spank during sex or while I am being stimulated in some way. But I am not super turned on by pain. There is some part of my brain at the moment that WANTS to engage with being submissive but I don’t know exactly where it will take me.

During our NYE shenanigans we met a couple who we hit it off with really well. turns out he likes a good spank but his general rule is quid pro quo. So if you give you have to receive. When I woke up the next morning I found this mark on my butt from my studded riding crop. Mmmmm this friendship is going to take some turns.

Sinful Sunday

Severed Plant Genitals

In the past The Unicorn has expressed scorn at the idea of giving flowers as a romantic gesture. As she sees it cutting another organism’s genitals off is just a bit weird. Of course when her friend gave her some flowers spontaneously recently she didn’t throw them back but did the socially acceptable thing and put them in a vase.

As roses do in 30 plus degree Brisbane heat they wilted in a very small number of days. To my mind they took on a very phallic appearance. Does anyone else see it?

Sinful Sunday

Tan Lines

While I was living at sea last year I never sunbathed in a bikini. By August I had an excellent tan, especially considering how fair my skin is. I was particularly proud of having no tan lines. Coming out of the Southern Hemisphere winter I am lamenting the loss of colour on the parts of my body that are normally covered. I am also struggling to get enough time in the sun to rejuvenate my tan. Over this weekend there was ample opportunity for sunbathing but the presence of families with children required a certain level of modesty. And now I have tan lines.

Sinful Sunday

Hanging Around

I regularly tell people I have a million people living in my house. While that is an exaggeration it drive home the point. Sexual antics in my house are not really a thing. In response Mr Jones built a play room in a back room of an industrial building we own. It has been a neat solution to the situation and from time to time has been given a good workout. As a birthday present Mr Jones got me a new addition. And it was installed this weekend.

The verdict: A good height and very comfortable.

Sinful Sunday

Hair of the Dog

As part of my recent birthday celebrations Mr Jones, a few friends and I booked a hotel suite on the Gold Coast. We spent an excellent evening watching a local cabaret followed by drinks, chatting and general debauchery in our room. One of my friends changed into a zentai suit for the later part of the evening which was interesting. It reminded me of Deadpool, who for the record is very sexy.

When I got up in the morning I was greeted with the Deadpool suit reaching through an internal window towards the remnants of the party in the kitchenette. It seemed he needed some sustenance to come back to life!

Sinful Sunday

Under the UV Light

Earlier in the year Mr Jones and I dipped our toe into the world of lifestyle camping weekends. Odd that in our long journey we have never really pitched a tent and spent an entire weekend with 50 or so other like minded people. Smaller groups for an entire weekend yes. This many naked, drinking, partying, and fucking people? No. The experience was unique and in many ways positive. We kept our minds open and so when another opportunity in a slightly different setting arose we took the chance. One of the experiences we opened ourselves up to was some UV highlighted wax play. It was more of a performance than a BDSM session but it has made me wonder and take firmer steps towards perhaps dabbling in this kind of thing.

The images were definitely different.

Lights on Lights Off

This weekend just passed Mr Jones and I attended a Neon themed night at our local (swingers club). Given that my latest obsession is making skimpy, stretchy clothing it made sense that I had an outfit that I had constructed. Before we left I got The Unicorn to take some snaps under the UV lights she has in her room (Don’t ask). I was happy with the effect

Enjoy your week!

Sinful Sunday