Lights on Lights Off

This weekend just passed Mr Jones and I attended a Neon themed night at our local (swingers club). Given that my latest obsession is making skimpy, stretchy clothing it made sense that I had an outfit that I had constructed. Before we left I got The Unicorn to take some snaps under the UV lights she has in her room (Don’t ask). I was happy with the effect

Enjoy your week!

Sinful Sunday

Perfect Sunset

Over the last twelve months #boatlife has been a struggle. La Niña has not been kind to those who live on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Summer was very wet. Winter has been wet, windy and cold. And now we have been informed that we will have a third consecutive year of La Niña.

But sometimes the sun shines and the days are perfect. I was lucky enough to have one of those. I was even luckier to have good friends to share it with. After a day of paddle boarding, unexpected discovery of coral in Moreton Bay, climbing sand dunes and spectacular blue water we had a gorgeous sunset to go with our drinks.

Thank you to Mr Jones for taking the perfect shot.

Suddenly all of those cold wet days seem insignificant.

Sinful Sunday

Sunset Reflection

Like all women who date in the twenty-first century I have been sent my share of dick pics. A very small proportion of them actually make the appendage look good. Some would argue that no dick is attractive. But I have always been a firm believer that it is all about the angle and the lighting. With this shot taken during our voyage last year I think I nailed it.

Sinful Sunday

Booty Worship

Arses, asses, bums, backsides, bottoms. I love a nice bum. I love to enjoy them in so many ways. I love to look at them. When they are dressed in a pair of pants that fit just right. Jeans that hug your curves are perfect. Dress pants that seem to give you depth. Sometimes those dresses that cling and show how your buns seem to push and pull with each other when you walk. All of that. And yes a nice bum is a nice bum. 

One of the things that keeps me at pole fit is looking at bums. Booty shorts on perky bums, on big round bums, on little cute bums. I love the way some booty shorts ride up and you get that curve that peeks out underneath. One girl at the moment wears actual g strings to class. Her ass is delicious. I want to worship it in every way. Including a bare handed spanking. The kind that makes your hand sting as much as their bum. 

When I see a naked bum like that my hand itches to touch it. I want to feel the curve in my palm. I want to give it a gentle squeeze while I press my body against it. The Second Mate had a great bum. It was big and round and I loved to grab it as I walked past. The Traveller also has a substantial arse. I loved to watch the way it moved as he walked and carried out tasks while we were sailing. Mr Jones’ arse is different but delicious in it’s own way. I love to look at his while he is sleeping. Sometimes the position he lies in seems so provocative. 

When I am fucking I love to reach around and cup a man’s arse. To feel the strength of the muscle as it pushes his cock into me. If there is an appropriately positioned mirror then all the better. I think that is one of the things I enjoy about The Traveller. Looking at that arse and knowing what it has been up to. Such a naughty delicious pleasure. 

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Sinful Sunday
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If These Walls Could Speak

As we finished our recent short break I took some time to do some cleaning. Mould, ever present on a boat and doubly so because we live in Queensland where it just doesn’t stop raining, had started to appear. As I wiped ceilings and walls in the back cabin I reflected on the action this room has seen. Typically it is the room we use when we have naughty guests aboard. In the eighteen months we have owned this yacht some notable visitors to this room have included, The Second Mate, The Italian and The Traveller.

And so I share a snap of an unassuming cabin, freshly cleaned that carries many memories of hot sweaty fucking.

Sinful Sunday

It’s Not Raining

This week is prompt week for Sinful Sunday. I don’t really consider myself a fantastic photographer but one of the things Mr Jones and I enjoy when we are on the yacht is creating images for memes like this one. In my #boobday post this week I was lamenting the lack of good weather we have experienced for this trip. But today is a day with No rain!! so my take on the theme is N is for No rain!!.

For the record it is winter in Australia. We do live in the subtropics but when sailing and standing on the windward side of the yacht it is a bit chilly. So the shoot was short and to the point! I hope you enjoy the result

Mr Jones does love being on his boat and loves it when he gets a good sail in even more. So this display and the events that followed just served to make it and even better day for him.

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Sinful Sunday

Just a Peek

We had the opportunity on the weekend just gone to spend some time with a couple we have just met. The weather was amazing for the first time in a while and we took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with minimal clothing. The lady of the other couple is not as confident with being nude around other boats as myself and so she started out with just a little peek.

Boob Day
Sinful Sunday