The Holy Grail of Squirting

A few weeks ago after the Unexpected Ending there was some discussion about the amount of ejaculate I had sprayed everywhere during the session. According to Johnny it was “Ridiculous”. Without giving too much away, Johnny is experienced. Like myself his “number” is high but also like me he hasn’t really kept track of it so it is blurry with some standout performances and then some not so much. I am definitely taking it as a compliment when he says I am “Ridiculous” because I know it means he is impressed.

After surveying the damage and expressing how impressed he was Mr Jones did a little experiment. He weighed the bedding before he washed it and then after it was dry again. Not the most precise scientific procedure but he reported a 600g difference! Most articles I have read describe a smallish amount with one scientific article reporting between 0.3mL and >150mL. A far cry from my approximately 600mL. This was not counting the liquid that went all over Johnny, and what he drank.

I am a scientist. I teach high school students about examining scientific claims for validity and correct scientific approaches. The article mentioned did not scientifically determine the volumes it measured but gathered data through a questionnaire. To me asking someone to report on how much liquid they ejaculate without any standard method is highly questionable. So I don’t place much stock in this data.

Female ejaculation is a mystery. There is much debate about it’s source and composition. A second article I read examined the source of liquid and did some analysis. The results of this study are interesting. It found that the source of the liquid is the bladder. How it got to the bladder is unknown. The women studied began “stimulation” with an empty bladder but 25 minutes in just before they ejaculated an ultrasound confirmed that their bladder was indeed full. As an aside I really can’t imagine being at the point of ejaculating and then stopping for a doctor to take an ultrasound!!!!! The things we do for science.

My own experience confirms this. I make sure I pee before playing. In the space of a 30 – 90 minute session I estimate I can ejaculate between 600mL and a litre. For me the sensation before I am about the squirt is similar to needing to pee. In fact when I was developing this ridiculous ability one of the things I had to overcome was shyness about peeing in front of people. If I have sex and I don’t squirt much I often really need to pee afterwards and the amount I pee can be a lot.

The New Scientist article described the composition of ejaculate as chemically similar to very dilute urine but also including prostate specific antigen. Which is is produced the prostate gland in men and, they hypothesise, by the Skene glands in women.

skene glands

Again my own observations about this confirm. When I squirt it doesn’t smell like pee and Johnny and other partners report a taste they love. But if I don’t wash the sheets straight away and they fester / dry for a while they definitely smell like pee.

A small amount of Googling has revealed there are a lot of speculations out there and a lot of “How To” guides that promise amazing success. Deeper delving reveal a lot of scientific articles which I haven’t had time to read in depth at this point. Like most things sexual there is a lot of mystery out there and a huge amount of the usual prudishness. I am intrigued. I want to collect data and I want to share it with you all but I just don’t know how to go about it, yet. Ideas are fermenting (I have been educating on this topic this term!) but they are not complete yet. All I can say is watch this space.