Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 6

What are your thoughts on foreplay – favourite types, best experiences, wishes?

There was a time when foreplay was not something I was particularly worried about. The reason? I didn’t know anyone who was good at it. I am sorry to say Mr Jones did fall into that category. These days he has upped his game and he is on a cycle of continuous improvement.

I am a HUGE fan of oral sex. I LOVE to give head, and by most accounts I am pretty good at it. Although if I am not particularly interested or I feel I am not getting gratitude my game might suffer slightly. I also love to give oral to a woman. If the mood takes me. Satisfying a woman orally is more challenging sometimes but the rewards can be great.

When it comes to being on the receiving end I am picky. I have said many times the number of guys who think they are amazing at giving head is much higher than the number who actually are. I don’t know why, maybe it is me. I am a bit of a princess when it comes to my lady bits and if you go at them hammer and tongs you are going to be told to leave them alone. Additionally, good oral sex makes me squirt. It is easy to tell if a man doesn’t like the feeling of my juice in his face or the taste in his mouth. If a guy doesn’t like it then he will generally stop. This will make me feel like I am missing out because he is getting his cock sucked well and I feel like I have missed a large chunk of the pleasures available.  and I will be sad. So a pre-requisite is you have to like it. And there is nothing sexier than a man who cannot get enough. I once had a man grip my thighs and press his face against my cunt to gulp every drop like he was dying of thirst. It was one of the hottest things I had felt in a long while.

Other types of foreplay can be fun. I like kissing and a little bit of teasing. Stroking and playing with different sensations but often I get impatient and want to get to the main course. What can I say? I am a bit greedy.

My current wish is to be tied and teased. Possibly with a blindfold. Hopefully with more than one person present.


Your body fits around me as we spoon

Like I was made to be surrounded by you

Your arms reaching around me so your hands can cup my breasts.

Fingers pinch my nipples

Your lips are on my neck

Your magnificent cock is pressed against my arse

I feel you thrusting against me

Your hands slide down

Fingers slipping inside my slit searching

You enter me, fucking me with your hand

My juice spurts

I feel like I am wrapped up by you

I arch my back, inviting your cock to slide inside me.  

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In the Moment

It has been documented that my sessions with Johnny are wet, sexy, loud and involve a multitude of orgasms of many different types. The word he uses to describe it is “ridiculous”. Not in a negative way but in the completely unbelievable, surreal way. Johnny is a man of experience. He likes to fuck, he is exceptionally good at it and he is in demand. I count myself as being very fortunate to be on his VIP list.

One of the things that keeps Johnny coming back is the “ridiculousness” which he says is unusual. I know that many women struggle to orgasm. With Johnny I get into a zone where I sometimes can’t stop. There have been times in my past when I was the woman who struggled to orgasm. I was unsure of my own sexiness and not confident enough to express what I want.

At those times I took what was offered to me and I dealt with it. I tolerated bad sex and fumbling and discomfort because I wanted to please people and make everyone around me happy. I never really faked an orgasm but I maybe enhanced my vocal appreciation a little and I often didn’t let on when things weren’t right.

Over time and with age and experience I learned to value myself more. I learned that my pleasure and on a more basic level, comfort, is just as important as everyone else’s. I learned that the only way to combat bad sex is to call it what it is, bad sex. The only way a man, or woman, is going to know what is working for me is by me telling them. I had a responsibility to know what works for me and that is a separate journey. The most critical part of this equation for me is accepting that I am enough, by myself. I don’t need to accommodate lazy or selfish lovers just so I can have a companion.

This last part is hard. It is hard to be confident enough in yourself to know that you will be OK alone. But knowing that means you are confident enough to set a high standard for the people you accept into your life. It means you are confident enough to let someone know when they are not pushing your buttons. It means you are confident enough to let people in who do push your buttons and suddenly the door to ridiculous opens.

Ridiculous happens when you are relaxed and open to what is happening around you. When you have ensured that the right people are in the room and you can relax and enjoy yourself. When you are not worrying about making someone else happy or making allowances and telling yourself that it doesn’t matter that they aren’t getting it quite right you can’t truly be in the moment. For ridiculous to happen you have to be in the moment. Completely absorbed in the interaction between the people in the room with you, completely relaxed and open to the possibilities.

You have to be confident.

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Post Script to My Journey Through Orgasms

Earlier this week I posted a potted history of my relationship with the big O. It wasn’t always a positive one but I have found myself in a good place now. When I was reflecting on my story I realised I left out reasonable chunk. Reflecting on the prompt for this week’s Food 4 Thought I felt it was an opportunity to add a post script. 

Sometime around 2013 – 2014 I was diagnosed by my GP with depression. The diagnosis was a bit ad hoc and he readily prescribed a medication, Pristiq, a desvenlafixine. I trusted him, and like a good patient I went home and took my pills. I guess I was hoping that I would be able to treat this illness like others; take a medicine and be on my way.


Before I go any further I want to say that I didn’t and still don’t consider myself to be seriously ill. My illness did not stop me from getting out of bed in the morning and, for the most part, it didn’t stop me from functioning like a regular human being. It did make life hard for the people close to me and I believe people who cared about me know when things are not going well for me. But I don’t consider myself to be seriously ill like some people with depression are. I am not trying to get in their bandwagon, so to speak.

So one of the side effects of Pristiq is a decrease in sexual function. It didn’t make me less interested in sex per se but it did make it difficult to climax. I would feel the pleasure of being stimulated in a slightly dulled way but to climax sometimes required a lot of concentration and sometimes the effort was more than I had in me. Looking back I realise it was probably one of the reasons I withdrew from the world of swinging, writing and blogging.  I told myself that it was because my career as a teacher seemed all consuming and pole dance was a better way to use my time but maybe it played a bigger role than I realised.

Early in 2019 during a consultation with my GP I mentioned that I would like to maybe consider an alternate medication that would perhaps deal with this problem. I don’t know why it took me so long. Or why I chose to get on the roundabout of changing medication then. I just did. I had just received the news that my hormones were consistent with being post-menopausal. Changing medications while dealing with that major life change was probably not the smartest thing to do. But I did it.

So I changed drugs to Valdoxan which works in a different way to Pristiq. Instead of messing with serotonin levels it helps re-align circadian rhythms. Doctors out there please don’t annihilate me. I have probably summarised this a little incorrectly. The process of changing drugs was hard. I don’t need to go in to that. Doing this at the same time I was processing the concept of my changed fertility status maybe wasn’t the best choice. For a few months I was all over the place. I cried at the drop of a hat, I really struggled to life some days.

My goal of increasing my sexual function was achieved. Sometimes I was able to climax after two strokes of a vibrator or a dildo. It was unheard of. On top of that I found that the grinding tiredness that had been a feature of my life for so long was lessened. There were many pluses.

In line with my changes I found myself getting back to being the Gemma of old. It has been reassuring and has made me feel kind of back to my old self. In my original post I explained oral sex was something I had a very on and off relationship with. Since the changes I have been fortunate to meet two men who have been connoisseurs of licking pussy. They have been more than happy to be covered in my juice. I have been more than happy to cover them.

I am very very glad that I had that conversation with my doctor. I am very very glad that I went through the grief of changing meds. I hope that one day I am able to be med free but for now I am content with my lot.

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My Journey Through Orgasms

I don’t remember how old I was when I started to masturbate. What I do remember is that my sexually repressive mother instilled in me an understanding that being sexual was not desirable and that talking about sex was forbidden. That included anything that led me to understand my own body. When I started menstruating at around 10 I didn’t actually know what was happening to me. But I digress. The purpose of this story is to record my journey through orgasms.

So somewhere, well before I started menstruating I learned to masturbate. Because of the environment I lived in I knew it was not spoken about and something I did it in private. Quietly. Secretly. For a long time I didn’t even really associate it with sexual pleasure. It was actually something I did to go to sleep at night.

As a teenager I lived in a boarding school. Being locked up with a bunch of teenage girls you would think would be very liberating sexually. In some ways it was. I was privy to conversations about sex with many different people from many different backgrounds. But in the end we were all teenagers, we didn’t actually know a lot of facts and we certainly didn’t have any adults around who were willing or able to help us.

So I graduated high school a classic Catholic school girl virgin. Horny, no real knowledge of how to interact with boys and no real understanding of sex. What I knew I had learned from magazines and science text books and whispered conversations that other more experienced girls had with their friends.

I lost my virginity to a man about five years my senior. These days he would be classified as a “toolie” because he hung around young school leavers but had actually left school several years earlier. He had a reasonably large dick which added ti his allure. It was a very unsatisfactory experience. He didn’t know I was a virgin, it was all over in a few minutes and I left feeling disappointed. Through him I met another man, again older but this relationship was much more educational from a sexual perspective.

I learned a little more about my own body during this relationship but the main takeaway was a discovery of, and pride in my ability to give head. I was a natural at this. I didn’t know this then but I know now my ability is mainly because I just love cocks. I love looking st them, I love the feel of them, I love exploring them with my mouth. I love the power of being able to make a man climax from my mouth, and yes. I swallow.

After this relationship and probably for the next ten or so years my sexual experiences were very one sided. My clitoris is sensitive. Most of the men I encountered had no fucking idea what to do with a vagina other than to stick their dick in it, so the vast majority of my orgasms came from my own hand. I liked penetrative sex but I didn’t climax from it, unless I fingered myself at the same time. I figured that was how sex was and for the most part I settled for that.

When we started swinging I came across a lot of people who wanted to lick me. I had no idea how to tell them what to do. I didn’t have the confidence to explore this with them I just knew it wasn’t good for me so I dealt with it the way I deal with a lot of stuff; I made it about them. I gave them good head, the men and the women. I fucked a lot and enjoyed myself immensely but usually I went home and had sex with Mr Jones so I could climax properly before I went to sleep. It was kind of a ritual between Mr Jones and I. Reclaiming the territory.

Somewhere along the journey I learned about squirting. I became aware of the spot at the entrance to my vagina that has been the source of immense pleasure ever since. I learned to relax, (insert Frankie Goes to Hollywood lyrics here). And the sweet juice flowed. At first it wasn’t much but over the years it has increased,

At this time I was still extremely cautious about mouths near my pussy. Women were almost never allowed (in my experience they are crap at licking pussy but that is another topic for another time). Select men were allowed for short bursts. Squirting was usually triggered when a guy slipped, or was pushed, out of me during sex. Or, and this is my personal favourite to this day, he pulled out and gently tapped my clit in the throes. OH MY GOD!!!! You want a sprinkler to erupt on your bed? Do that to me.

Then I met Pet. He was a dirty, dirty man and he loved me to squirt on his face. And I did, as often as I could. I feel sorry for the staff at the hotel we frequented. I missed that man when life happened and we parted company he opened my eyes to many things. One of which was the sheer pleasure of lying back and letting someone use their mouth on your lady bits.

Since then I have met a couple of men who genuinely love a woman sitting on their face and almost drowning them. There are a lot of men who SAY they like this but really there are few who actually do. Once they are horny it is about getting their dick wet.

When I climax that way it is frequent and if I get worked up enough it is uncontrollable. I literally cannot stop and have been known to climax from watching a man wank, from feeling his pleasure when I am sucking his cock and from having my nipples stimulated. But I need to be aroused enough first. I need the first teasing and licking I need to be built up and I need a connection with my partner.

It is hard for men to understand but all of that can go for hours and I can spasm countless times and ejaculate significant amounts of liquid. I believe it could be measured in litres but the science to back this up is pending. And yet I still need a large gut wrenching clitoral climax to be finished. If I don’t get that I will be a bit jittery and unsettled.

Something I did realise after a recent session with Johnny is that if the massive clitoral orgasm does happen during play I am very much like a man. I then want to cuddle, have a chat and go to sleep. If you do that to me you have three choices: 1. Cuddle, chat and go to sleep too, 2, cuddle, chat and then start again, from the beginning, 3. Immediately keep things happening and I will be good for a while but it will get a bit old in the not too distant future. Actually, if you pick option 2 you are also likely to get a short lived response as well.

The moral of the story; as tempting as it is to see me climax that way because it is fun to see a woman enjoy herself it is not a good idea to let it happen until you are ready for the closing credits yourself. Because after that my ultimate goal is to finish up and get some sleep.

I once had a friend who would describe her orgasms as many and varied. At the time I was still at the fingering while being penetrated stage of my journey. I was envious of her. I thought I would never be able to have that. Now I am a bit like her. It turns out that the secret to many varied and amazing orgasms is not the hand you are dealt. It is relaxing, and trying a whole bunch of different stuff.

The Gift of Giving

I have a long term friend who had told me on multiple occasions that I have the “disease to please”. By this she means that I am driven to make the people around me happy often at my own expense even when this is detrimental to me.

Of course there are times when this inclination is a good thing. It makes me conscious of other people and their feelings and needs in a way that others often aren’t.But it can also be extremely unhealthy. It means that I put other’s wants and perceived needs well ahead of my own basic needs.

When it comes to my Gemma life I am less inclined to sacrifice myself to please others. This is not the way it has always been. In the past I have taken one for the team to make Mr Jones happy and I have tolerated some bad behaviour from play mates without so much as a whimper. But those days are in the past.

I have three basic rules that all play friends must abide by;

1. No lies, to myself or your partner. If you aren’t upfront with them about who else you are fucking then we are going nowhere fast.

2. No dicking around. That means no making a plan and then not following through either by not turning up or contacting at the last minute to change time/ venue etc. Also no contacting to ask for pics/ sex chat when you are horny or bored and then ghosting off when can’t be bothered to make an effort.

3. Perform according to advertised standards. Don’t be three minute wonder or a wombat (eat shoot and leaves). If I am not satisfied at the end of the night your chances of getting a return invitation are greatly reduced.

I am guilty of not enforcing the rules from time to time but I am training myself to be firmer with them. It is paying off.

My recent exploits with JB have been a clear demonstration that the rules work. He has never actually been informed of the rules but like the gentleman and amazing lover he is he abides by all of them all of the time. I am more than satisfied with things and have a justifiable means to turn down other prospective partners like the IT guy.

However during my last play session I recognised the pure joy I can get from giving pleasure. One of the sexiest things about this man is the look on his face when he greets me and takes away the robe I like to wear when I meet him, to see what is underneath.

During our last meeting I laid him down on the bed and teased his nipples first with my nails and then with my teeth. He loves it. As I sat astride him and teased him by touching his lips with my juice covered finger he smiled with such contentment and pleasure it gave me a thrill.

He had the same look as I lowered my wet, aroused cunt onto his face. Before he began to work his magic and drink as much of the liquid I squirted into his hungry eager mouth. When he licks me it is the most pleasurable thing. At first I am restrained but it doesn’t last forever. Before long I find myself wrapping my hand around the back of his head and grinding myself into his face.

It is a strange thing. I love to please him with scratches, bites and sucking and biting his cock but he gets almost as much pleasure from licking me and drinking my juice. It is as if both of us get more out of pleasing each other than pleasing ourselves.

One of the most erotic things I have always enjoyed is listening to and feeling my partners climax. JB is no different. I have a video
I took of him cumming in my mouth. I can hear the sounds he makes as he orgasms in the background. I have listened to this on repeat as I masturbate. It is one of the sexiest fucking things. For me there will always be a gift for myself in giving pleasure to other people.

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Life is full of twists and turns. It is also full of hidden pockets of unexpected discoveries. Like the discovery that Neal and his wife had made after a drunken evening with their friends. Without realising things were heading in that direction Neal found his hand was sliding up the skirt of his wife’s friend and his wife was grinding against the crotch of her husband. What followed was a night of uninhibited and unexpected dirty fucking. The next morning instead of diving into a cave of shame Neal and his wife were at it like rabbits.

The whole experience started him on a path of discovery. He felt like a man who had been eating meat and three veg every night and then one night came home to curry. Hot, spicy curry. At first he just enjoyed the curry for what it was. The next day he went back to the meat and veg with gusto but then found himself going back for a second taste. After a while he began to wonder what else was out there. Was there other curry? Was there other food? It would be some time before he was able to find out.

Life happened. Neal found himself in a world of pain and arguments and judgement and hurt. Sex became a distant memory as he struggled with the violent, painful death throes of his marriage. He lost his long term partner, the mother of his children and really the only woman he cared to remember sharing his bed. She didn’t go quietly and he didn’t want to let her go but in the end it was worse keeping her in his life.

Facing the facts one night he made a decision. He was not ready to date, even to look for a fuck buddy. He didn’t want any hassles with women expecting attention or emotional energy on his part. He had none to give. But he was a man, with a sex drive that was nagging at the back of his mind. He found the swingers club he and his ex had talked about visiting once, checked out the rules for solo men, made the phone call and before he had a chance to think too much he found himself on the introductory tour.

It was a dark and twisting place. It looked like a mix between a bar with an adjoining lounge. Except for all the bedrooms and the dance floor with poles, and the spa and the massive television playing porn. OK so it wasn’t like anything he had seen before or what he imagined. Although if pressed he couldn’t really say what he imagined. He was terrified. So much so that he was convinced that he would spend his evening drinking his beer in the corner and then going home.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

He found himself talking with a couple. Of course he noticed her first. In fact he wasn’t sure why he was the man talking to her. She was amazing. Not a pin up girl or a young slender model but confident, curvy, sex on rails. She and her husband shared their experiences and ideas about non-monogamous life. It was a revelation to him. He felt like a child looking into the window of a candy store at everything good in the world but still with a pane of glass between him and sugary bliss.

Then he felt her hand on his thigh. One glance into her eyes and he felt the glass pane melting away. He knew which candy he would choose just as soon as he was asked but he wasn’t sure what would be offered, or if he would be offered anything at all.

The next little while was a blur. He found himself in a dimly lit room dominated by a clean, neatly made bed. The woman pulled off her shirt and her skirt and carefully removed her impressive boots. She sat on the edge of the bed clad in a body stocking with her knees slightly apart. He found himself being guided to stand in front of her as she fumbled with his jeans. His heart was thundering at a million miles an hour as he helped her open his pants and let his throbbing cock free. Her tongue teased the head of his cock before she slid her lips down over his shaft. Warmth spread through his body as she moved her head up and down gently pulling the skin of his cock. Just as he felt his knees beginning to buckle under him she pulled away from him to attend to her husband.

Neal slid down onto the bed. His hand moved over her body, seeking out her pussy. It had been so long since he had touched a warm wet pussy that he felt his body ache. Tentatively he slid his finger into the opening of her body stocking and began to stroke her. Keeping her mouth on her husband’s cock she twisted her pelvis slightly to allow him better access. He slid his finger inside her and stroked the small node close to the opening.

He could feel her responses to his touch and he let her guide him to the right spots with her free hand. She didn’t take her mouth away from her husband’s cock but he could hear little moans as her body twitched in response to his touch. He felt liquid building around his hand and a small inkling of what was about to happen started at the back of his mind. Was she? He hardly dared to hope.

Then his curiosity was satisfied. He felt her pussy clamp shut as her whole body writhed. She pulled away from her husbands cock as the first orgasm took her. Neal felt a gush of warm liquid cover his hand. He continued to stroke her as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. His reward was more warm wet liquid covering his hand. Finally she pushed him away and they lay on the bed with her sandwiched between the two men.

“Can I lick you?” He asked. He felt like a teenager, awkward and excited at the same time. He had fantasized about this for so many years but had never dared hope that he would feel his face covered by warm sweet ejaculate.

She nodded her consent, and wriggled free of the lace covering her body. He pulled her hips towards his face and took a moment to observe her. With his finger he traced around the sensitive folds of skin before he took his first taste. She was as sweet as he had hoped. Encouraged he moved in closer brushing his tongue over the hard swollen node of her clit and dipping his tongue into her opening. Her hands guided him to the places where she would gain the most pleasure.

Then it happened. Her body arched as she spasmed in pleasure and he was rewarded with his first full mouthful of her juice. He wanted to bury his face in her and drink every drop. He continued stroking her at the same time sliding a finger inside her. His efforts were rewarded with more squirts of sweetness. It was better than he could have imagined. Finally she pushed him away,

“That is enough for now,” she gasped. “I need a cock.” She pulled her husband towards her and he slid his thickness into her slick opening. Neal had forgotten how stimulating it was to watch live sex. So much better than any porn. They were not bothered by his presence. In fact she seemed to be inviting him to watch closely. Her husband obliged by turning his hips so Neal had a clear view of cock sliding slowly in and out of glistening wetness.

“That is so fucking sexy.” Neal couldn’t keep the thought inside him any longer. She smiled seductively and guided his head towards her crotch.

“Get that magic tongue down here.” She commanded.

He obliged. It was completely different from anything he had ever done. He had worried about being so close to another man’s cock, unsure of how he would respond but right now it just seemed like the most natural thing to be doing. His tongue focused on her clit but every now and then it strayed down to stroke the velvet skin of the cock so close to his face. After a while her husband withdrew and lay close to her. His cock was still hard and proud covered with her sweetness.

Neal rested his head on the woman’s thigh taking in the smells and sensations. Earlier she had asked him if he was into guys. His response had been an automatic no. He had never been asked and he had never thought about it. Now, resting his head on a woman’s thigh with a cock right in front of his face he wondered.

On an impulse he leaned forward and slid his lips over the swollen head. He tasted pussy juice and felt unexpectedly smooth, soft skin. His body responded but he was still not sure so the contact was very brief. Neither of the others seemed phased at all either by his action or by his withdrawal. His mind was spinning with everything that had happened he needed a cigarette and a drink.

Life is full of unexpected twists.

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The Journey to Now – Ladies Night 

Like many women in the scene, and possibly more men that it appears, I started my journey into swinging with the goal of exploring my bisexual interests. In my post, The Big Red Door, I described that on my first visit to Couples international I both satisfied and increased this curiosity by kissing a girl. This experience was very surreal, I had never kissed a woman before and the thing that intrigued me the most was the softness of a woman when she kissed. Ever since that night the softness of a woman’s body had been one of the things I have enjoyed most about this exploration.  

Couples International was owned by a couple who had been in the swinging scene for many years. Mrs CI was a tall, very striking woman who was not a little intimidating. One of her special interests was empowering women by giving them a safe space to express their sexuality as well as the knowledge of their own bodies to help them understand how pleasure works for women. She did this by running nights at her club restricted only to women. During these evenings she spent some of the time discussing women’s sexuality, displaying her extensive toy collection or providing some very physical demonstrations about different ways women are able to climax.

When I saw these evenings advertised I was very curious about them. People I met during some of our visits to CI told me that they were very much worth attending and I was very curious about them. Mr Jones was very supportive of me going along but I was still reluctant. I didn’t have a lot of friends, especially in the scene who I could take along with me and I was intimidated by the idea of going along by myself. 

Once I had plucked up the courage I found myself one Wednesday evening, walking through the big red door all by myself. In many ways the evening was a turning point for me. Mrs CI started the evening by making her guests feel welcome and encouraging them to introduce themselves to everyone. It was a smallish group of around 20 women. Many of them were not swingers as such but the majority of them were married or in long term relationships. Like me they were there to explore their interest in other women away from the prying eyes of their husbands and other men. 

After some small talk Mrs CI gave us a presentation about female orgasm. She used her own body to explain some of the points she was making describing the feeling of different parts of her vulva and vagina. She described different ways of giving pleasure other than direct stimulation of the clitoris and also described how she made herself squirt. I had read a little about squirting and I was fascinated by the phenomenon. This was the first time I had witnessed it in real life and it only served to increase my curiosity. Mrs CI assured all of us that squirting was not a talent that was reserved for a few of us but something that every woman was capable of.  

After the formal part of the evening was over we were invited to spend some time getting to know each other more intimately with full access to the facilities of the club including all of the bedrooms. For those of us who had not been to an evening like this before it was still a little intimidating but we found ourselves inspired by lead of some women who had been before. After watching some more experienced women enjoying each other I found myself naked with several ladies on a bed in the open play area. We spent quite a bit of time exploring each other, kissing, licking, sucking and enjoying the delights of oral sex. For the first time in my life I was able to get really up close and personal with a vulva and it fascinated me. I found that I loved to explore the folds and openings with first my fingers and then my tongue. 

I do not remember exactly how many of us were on the bed together but I believe it was around seven naked sexy women enjoying each other’s bodies. As well as discovering a lot of things about how women’s bodies work I also discovered a lot of things about myself. To this day I have a huge appreciation for the softness of a woman’s skin and the curve of a breast. I also love slowly exploring a woman’s vulva stroking her labia first with my fingers and then with my tongue before slide my fingers into her vagina and stroke that little rough piece of skin wile I tantalise her clitoris with tongue strokes and sometimes a little sucking. There is something a little powerful about giving a woman an earth shattering orgasm that is quite different from sucking a man to climax. 

 Despite all of these experiences I went home a little edgy and unsatisfied. After describing my evening to Mr Jones I finally filled myself by riding his beautiful cock. Despite all I had learned and experienced I am still primarily in love with cock. Pussy is a fantastic entree but it does not satisfy, it whets your appetite and when the morsels have been consumed you are even more keenly ready for the main course. Yes I am bisexual to a degree but the only thing that will truly satisfy me is a good hard fucking.