Turn Me On

Things that turn me on, in no particular order.

Manners. A polite man who opens the door, notices things and then shows he has paid attention

Hands. Hands that can touch, pinch, stroke, spank. Hands that sit quietly folded in public but are capable of so much more…..

Cocks. I have discussed this at length here and here and here. What can I say?

Snail trails, that little line of hair over his belly.

Lips. Whispering in my ear as he fucks me, telling me that I am a good girl.

Minds. Entice me with your mind. Your ideas, your jokes, your fantasies

Did I mention cocks? Oh yes I did

Jokes. Laughter is so alluring.

Strength. Strength of mind in adversity. Strength to hold me when I am spinning out of control. Strong arms that can wrap around me and move my body into the position he desires.

Gentle hands. Holding the back of my head while his cock is in my mouth.

Eyes. Looking into mine

Cocks. Oh yes I said that already.

I am a woman not a tap but I can absolutely be turned on.

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