I see this image frequently during warm up at pole. For quite some time I have wanted to capture it. But one of the problems with mirror shots is getting the angle right and eliminating the reflection of the phone / camera in the shot. Additionally, as you can imagine, a pole dance studio is full of people who also get captured in the shot. This is not ideal so careful timing, angles and cropping are required. I took the opportunity recently to enlist The Unicorn to help me. Our instructor was intrigued by our antics. Not surprisingly we couldn’t keep what we were doing to ourselves and also, probably not surprisingly there was a series of other students doing the same thing! Booty shorts are all about ass and this position makes all asses look good!

Sinful Sunday

Cute Bum

Mr Jones and I took some friends out for a sail yesterday and a very nice time was had by all. After we were back in the marina I was putting away the sail and I overheard two of our friends discussing my bum. Clearly they had a great vantage point and they snapped this photo.

The light was not the best so apologies for the quality of the photo.

Click on the lips below to see who else is sinning.

Sinful Sunday