TMI Tuesday – Sexy Sentences

It seems I cannot get myself organised these days no matter how hard I try. I am determined to keep writing. I hope you all enjoy this little story I put together with these prompts.

1. He _____ inside me repeatedly.

Our greeting was the same as always. A gentle kiss that deepened as our bodies pressed together. The kiss ended as he slowly removed my clothing and laid me down on the bed. He positioned himself between my legs and began exploring my thighs with his mouth. His hands pushed my knees further apart as his tongue circled my outer labia before breaking through to my hot wet cunt. He looked up into my face as he slid his fingers in and out of me repeatedly.

2. What excited me most was _____ and _____ .

After he fucked me with his fingers he bent down and tasted my cunt. One taste was more than he could bear. He pressed his face hard against me as his tongue slid through all of my folds stroking my swollen clit and dipping into my opening. I was moaning and thrashing around the bed when he pulled away and stood above me.

The two things that excited me most about this man were the tongue that had just ravished me and the gorgeous cock that now stood out proudly in front of him. I adored his cock right from the glistening pre cum that was forming at the tip along the soft velvet skin of the shaft to the tight balls nestling at the base. I sat up and began to worship him properly.

3. I lounged around naked on the couch with my _____ .

After we had fucked hard and long we rested together. I lounged around naked on the red leather of the couch with my head resting on his shoulder. My fingers stroked the soft skin of his belly before trailing down to explore the soft relaxed skin of his balls.

We talked about many things, past relationships, past experiences and fantasies. He told me he wanted to be bound and teased. A germ of an idea began to grow in my mind…

4. Still bound and begging, and he _____ .

He lay in the middle of the bed with his hands tied above his head. There was a little fear in his eyes as I straddled his naked torso. I bent over his face, letting my breasts graze his lips. Hungrily he raised his head trying to taste my nipples. But they were just out of his reach.

I ground my cunt against his body, pleasuring myself against him. He responded by writhing against his bonds. I dipped my fingers down into my slit, touching myself and covering my fingers with my juice. I reached up and touched his lips letting him taste me.

Greedily he sucked away every last drop. “Please,” he begged. “I need to taste your pussy. I need to feel you.” He looked into my eyes. I moved my pussy lower so that his cock rested against my wetness. He moved his hips against my opening. I arched my back, moving away from him. His hands balled into fists, straining against the bonds. His eye begged as he thrust towards me.

5. After _____ I gently unbound him.

I lowered myself onto his waiting cock. His length filled me slowly. For a moment I paused, enjoying the feeling of his cock inside me. Then, slowly I began to move. Riding his magnificent cock, grinding down on him. Our eyes met and he mouthed the words,

“Tell me.”

I lost control as the orgasm shuddered through me. My juices spurted over his belly. He thrust himself deep inside me and I felt the orgasm rising again. His body and the bed were covered with my juice.

After I was spent I gently unbound him. He flexed his hands before flipping me over and dragging me towards him.

“I am not finished with you.”

Bonus: All I can think of is how quickly I can clear my schedule to meet him again.

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