Sunday Selfie

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be familiar with the sporadic up skirt and panty pics that I post. All of those photos are selfies. In fact I have become quite proficient at taking pictures of my own ass. I think the twisting motion of holding the phone behind you actually helps get a good angle. 

Whatever the case I thought it would be fun to share some images that I haven’t posted on Twitter here. I work in a world where teenagers whip out their phones to take a series of selfies at the slightest provocation so it amuses me in my own twisted way to use the term ‘selfie’ to refer to images that do not include a duck mouth a meal or some other inane life event. 

The image I am sharing today was one I took at work. When I first started this job I was determined that Gemma would be very firmly left at the school gate every morning to be picked up on the way home in the afternoon. Like som many things in life it is not that simple and grey areas were introduced. This image is symbolic of that. So I hope that some of you enjoy a Sunday afternoon peek up a teacher’s skirt.