TMI Tuesday – Life

1. What keeps your life exciting?

Having a million things happening and a lot of interests. I just watched an episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny is envious of how many things Leonard gets excited about. It made me realise that like many things in life there are those who do stuff and those who watch. I am a do-er. If I don’t have something to do I feel a bit lost.

2. What is something you do to embrace your insecurities?

I think I have mentioned my Pole Fitness habit. If anything is going to make you feel insecure prancing around in tiny pants trying to do mind bending things on a vertical piece of brass will do it.

3. Where do you find joy on the internet?

The internet is for porn and misinformation. I would rather be making content than consuming it and I would hate to think I make the kind of content that people consume these days. I do like posting images of my boobs though.

4. There is going to be an exhibition in your honor. What 5 things from your life must go on display? Why those particular pieces?

My boobs, because they are something a like to show off and they are hot

My arse, because it too is hot

My lasagne, because it is legendary

My sewing machine because I spend many hours at it and great things come out of it.

Finally my Coca Cola cake. Because how does one explain the way Coca Cola can make a fudge deliciously moist chocolate cake.

5. I do not want to do _____ . Please do not make me _____ .

I do not want to: Be in the middle of a conflict between two people I am “friends” with

Please don’t make me; be in a social situation where they are both present and I feel like both of them are asking me to choose.

There are days when conversations with my cat are more intelligent than some of the rubbish that comes out of people’s mouths.

Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday – Mid Winter Randomness

It is close to the middle of winter for us Southern Hemisphere dwellers. I can’t tell you how much I am longing for longer sunnier days.

1. Has a stranger ever done something nice for you? What?

When we were travelling in a caravan with our primary school aged children we were camped in a roadside stop about 200km from the nearest town. The gas cylinder that we use for running our refrigerator and cooking emptied and someone had forgotten to fill the spare at our last stint in civilisation. I was resourceful, and rearranged the fridge, worded up the kids that NO ONE was to open the fridge door on pain of DEATH and proceeded to collect firewood for cooking dinner that night.

As I was going about my business other people using the campsite joined me on my foraging for firewood and the impromptu BBQ turned into an event. When you are travelling like that there is no television so we gathered around the campfire and told stories like our ancestors did millennia ago. It was an experience I will never forget. Being bonded to humans we had never met and will likely never meet again. As we were breaking to head to bed a man we had met maybe once came up to me and offered the use of his spare gas overnight to keep the fridge running until we could head to town the next day and replenish ours.

I thanked him profusely and offered him some money. He replied that he was paying a favour forward. Earlier that day as he travelled a notorious access road to the Bungle Bungle Ranges he had gotten two flat tyres. Of course he had one spare but two was something most people are unprepared for. A stranger stopped and helped him by lending a spare.

2. What was the first thing you did this morning?

Make a cup of tea and breakfast for my bird. I am the earliest riser in our household so mornings are quiet and a chance for me to catch up on the blog with some messages and reading.

3. Fill in the blank. My lover was _____ .

Strong, virile with a mouth he loved to bury between my legs.

Or some such description.

4. Money fights. When was your last fight about money? Who was it with? Did the issue(s) get resolved or is it still lingering destined to cause another fight?

Money is not something that causes conflict in our house. We are fortunate that we don’t struggle to make ends meet but I also think a large part of the reason for this is that we are quite frugal. This means that we our spending patterns are a little different.

Whatever the case our approach to money is relatively conflict free and so money fights are not a thing in our world.

5. Tell us the best advice you received.

Not really advice but it became a mantra that I live by. A nun I did charity work with once said “Everything always works out” She was talking about the universe providing for the refugees we were working with. Over the course of my life it has been a statement I use to remind myself that there is reason in the chaos, somewhere.

6. Tell us the worst advice received.

Nothing springs to mind. Probably something my mother said about not fraternising with boys.

Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday – Oliver’s Army Edition

These questions were posed to Elvis Costello on the Stephen Colbert show. Random I know but that is TMI Tuesday for you!

1. What is the best sandwich?

Ham and cheese toastie with mustard.

2. Scariest animal?

I live in Australia where everything is out to kill you but the thing that makes me nervous is a bull. Not when there is a fence between us but when there isn’t…..

I grew up with cattle and do have affection for them. This is my favourite breed but Mr Jones thinks they are ugly.

3. Ever asked someone for an autograph?

No. I can’t think of a famous person whose autograph I would keep.

4. Favorite action movie?

Old school but Terminator 2. Something about Sarah Connor in that movie.

5. Fave rom-com?

This isn’t my genre really. “How I Met Your Mother?”

6. Window or aisle?

Window of course. Especially if there is a sunrise or a sunset on offer.

7. Favorite smell?

The ocean. Which doesn’t really have a smell once you get away from the land but that.

8. Least favorite smell?

Body odour. Sometimes it is bearable but a lot of the time it really isn’t

9. Most used app on your phone?

A game called Numberzilla. I am completely addicted.

10. You only get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it?

I don’t really have a song that I couldn’t live without. Or one that springs to mind. When I think about it, if I had only one song to listen to I would probably just not listen to any.

Bonus: Describe the rest of your life in five words.

Retirement when I choose to……

Literally. What retirement looks like? When that retirement will be? Those are the truly difficult questions.

Every Damn Day in June

TMI Tuesday- Macaroons not Macarons

Apparently it is macaroon day. Which I am all in favour of. Who doesn’t like a bit of creamy coconut in their life?

1. Have you eaten a macaroon? Did you like it?

It has been a while but I do enjoy macaroons. There is something more satisfying about the texture and the creaminess of the coconut

2. Do you prefer a coconut macaroon or the original almond paste version?

I have never had the almond paste version but I am thinking about looking for a recipe now.

3. Have you made macaroons? Share your recipe if you’d like.

Not for a while. I don’t have a go-to recipe.

4. To jazz up a basic macaroon–egg whites, sugar, and coconut–which of the following will you add?
a. chocolate
b. fresh fruit or fruit preserved
c. candy
d. cinnamon

For a simple addition I would go with dipping in chocolate. However in Australia there is this thing called Jam Slice that takes the egg white / sugar / coconut combination to a whole new level. If you want to have the full experience see the recipe below

5. Would you rather eat a macaroon or macaron?  

For the cost and effort involved in making them I find macarons a bit of a let down.

Bonus: Jam Slice Recipie

  • 1 dessertspoon margarine or butter
  • 2 cups self-raising flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs separated
  • plum jam for spreading (you can use any flavour of jam you like but I prefer ones that don’t have seeds in them)
  • 1/2 – 1 cup of desiccated coconut
  • 1 dessertspoon of sugar
  1. Grease and flour a tray about 20 – 30cm
  2. Rub margarine into flour until it resembles bread crumbs
  3. Add sugar, egg yolks and a little milk to make the dough
  4. Spread the dough over the tray and press into the corners
  5. Spread the jam thickly over the dough
  6. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks are forming.
  7. Mix in sugar and coconut and spread to cover the jam
  8. Bake in 180oC oven until the dough is cooked and the top is golden brown

I hope you enjoy this little gem of Australian morning tea goodness.

TMI Tuesday – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

1. What made the best sex partner you’ve ever had so good?

At this point in my slut career (I just invented that term but I kind of like it) I am not able to identify the BEST sex partner I have ever had. A few spring to mind, The Traveller, Johnny, Pet, Mr Jones. There have been other events that have been stand outs but at 5.30am on Wednesday morning I can’t think of them.

2. What made the worst sex partner you’ve ever had so bad?

Again, at this point in my life, some things like this are a bit of a blur. One that sticks out at this moment is a man I met a couple of times. The first time we got hot and heavy in the back seat of my car. It was fast paced and sexy as fuck. Then we met, I thought, for a more leisurely exploration of each other.

It was very short lived and he didn’t apologise for being a fast finisher or even offer to make up for his shortcomings. Just kind of said “I told my wife I would be home soon” and left.

He didn’t get asked back.

3. Who was the most physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

Again, blurry stuff. One that did happen to pop in my head was not penetrative sex but sexual you can read about it here. Of late I have been reminiscing about Johnny. He was one sexy mother fucker.

4. How was it?

Well if you clicked the link you would know the Random Blow Job was like my own personal power trip. A very I told you so moment.

Sex with Johnny? Well it was fucking amazing. You can read about one encounter here, There were others. Too many to list.

5. Who was the least physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

I can’t really answer this one. There just isn’t a stand out. When I looked up my answers to these questions the first time they were posted I found this answer;

Before I met Jake I had a fuck buddy relationship with a guy who was quite over weight and very unattractive.

6. Why did you do it?

Continuing with the above thread this was my previous answer.

I am not really sure why I did it. I had just come out of a long term relationship. I think I was just cutting loose and experimenting a bit. This guy was brave enough to ask so I thought why not?

7. How was it?

My previous answer to this one was that at the time I thought it was pretty good but compared to these days it was very vanilla.

Bonus: Describe a bad sexual experience that you believe was your fault.

There is never an experience that is entirely the fault of one person. In my life most bad experiences have happened to me because I have not given clear direction or avoided saying no.

TMI Tuesday – Then and Now

This week’s TMI is a re-hash from quite a long time ago. Ten years!! As Hedone stated in this week’s post there are a few of us hangers on still posting there from time to time. My original blog and post are not open to the public but here are the questions.

OK just to make this a bit easier I have decided to choose a topic area otherwise this would be a whole lot of random stuff. Trolling through my tags I saw ‘swinging etiquette’ so here it is.

1. Tell us something with which you strongly agree or, greatly like.
The thing I love most about this lifestyle is the way it embraces the concept of “No is No”. There is the obvious safety part of this which is means I don’t have to do anything I am not comfortable with but there is also the part which takes a bit longer to get used to. That is the part where I don’t have to give a reason why I say no. I just have the right to say no and you don’t need any more information. This is a beautiful thing because it takes so much pressure out of refusing. The person refusing doesn’t have to justify themselves. The person being refused is saved the embarrasment of hearing a reason explained to them. 

2. Tell us something with which you somewhat agree or somewhat like.
I would have to say I am a massive fan of the way it is cool to walk around naked or semi naked at swinger’s clubs and parties. I never really cared much for shoes or took much time with grooming before I started this game as discussed in my post Turning into a High Maintenance Chick. These days one of the attractions of going to a club is seeing what everyone is wearing and then watching them take it off! 

3. Tell us something to which you are indifferent, or have no opinion.
Jake says I have an opinion on everything so this question is proving to be rather difficult for me. 
So the thing I don’t have an opinion on is swinging versus religion. I will risk it all and put it out there that I am a practicing Catholic. How do I reconcile my religion with my lifestyle? I don’t. Religion, like sexuality, is a very personal thing. No one can tell you what belief system is right or wrong or what works best for you. I am not a Catholic because I went shopping for a church and picked that one. I was born into it. I could be all purist and find a church that matches my lifestyle choices better and that has more sensible leaders (refer to last week’s comments regarding Cardinal Pell). But then I would lose a whole lot of friends and a major part of my support network. So I do the ostrich thing and just don’t think about it too much. 

4. Tell us something you somewhat dislike or disagree with.
I do have a bit of an issue with the expectation that women are going to be bisexual or at the very least interested in playing with other women. Generally I like women’s bodies and will happily explore another woman’s body while her husband is in the room. What I don’t like is women who play at being bisexual mainly for their partner’s viewing pleasure. While watching is often very much a part of group sex I do not like the idea of being part of a live porn show that is carefully staged.  

5. Tell us something with which you strongly disagree or greatly dislike. 
Something that I see at parties and clubs which really gets up my nose is the idea that if a group of people are playing in full view of others that it is OK to stand or sit so close to the action that you are almost touching it or that you do manage to ‘accidentally’ touch it. If you want to be part of the action then ask politely. If people choose to allow you to watch, this cannot be assumed to be an invitation to join in. 

Bonus: What is an opinion held by others that makes you angry?
People who don’t respect the no means no rule and persist with asking. Or those who don’t just take no for an answer and keep hassling for a reason or a justification. Seriously. If you have asked me to play and I say no do you really want me to explain, possibly in front of your partner or other people you don’t know well,that the reason is because I find you unattractive or that you smell bad, or that your laugh drives me screaming up the wall. 

So past Gemma was opinionated and used a lot more words than present Gemma it seems. I will have a go at the same questions without a theme this time

1. Tell us something with which you strongly agree, or greatly like.

Being fucked within an inch of my life is up there on the list of things I really like. The Fisherman commented that he felt I was holding back a little when we met recently. He was right. I am not sure why but not everyone gets Gemma full blast. You have to earn that shit.

2. Tell us something with which you somewhat agree, or somewhat like.

Hanging with people. For the most part. Until I have had enough.

3. Tell us something to which you are indifferent, or have no opinion.

Politics. We are currently at the pointy end of a federal election campaign. Personally the choices are bad and bad. Not sure how I will vote but I can’t wait until it is over.

4. Tell us something with which you somewhat dislike or disagree with.

Ants! I got up this morning to a kitchen bench covered in ants because I left a packet of dried apricots there! I know it is very wet outside and that makes it hard for them but I don’t like the flavour of ant in my food!

5. Tell us something with which you strongly disagree, or greatly dislike.

Racism and any prejudice really. I spend a fair bit of time re-educating young people about statements that they make that are so subtly racist they don’t realise how these ideas are fully ingrained into their identity. And that is the kind of racism that I really dislike. That subtle kind that often goes unnoticed but somehow makes people feel like they aren’t actually doing anything wrong

Bonus: What is an opinion held by others that makes you angry?

Something that really grinds my gears is people who think that because they are parents of students and went to school themselves they know better than teachers how teachers should do their job. Almost everyone I meet who isn’t a teacher will tell me that they couldn’t do my job. Then in the next breath they are telling me how their child’s teacher is useless. In my experience the most troublesome kids often have “Shitty Home Life” syndrome. If your kid is acting up have a look in the mirror. And consider the idea that if we get rid of all the crap teachers out there a lot of kids simply wouldn’t have a teacher.

TMI Tuesday – Moving Forward

Not a super sexy TMI today.

1. If you could see two things change about your significant other what would they be?

On reflection I would change whatever it is in his facial structure that causes his sleep apnea. Those of you who live with this problem or sleep next to someone who has this problem will know that it can be debilitating. CPAP machines can only do so much.

2. What are two things you forgot to celebrate last year?

I spent six months of last year on the ocean. Whilst we were never that far from civilisation and we did see people most days that kind of living is very removed from what most people experience. Many things that seem important in the “normal” world lost significance. The main thing we observed most days was the sunset.

3. Are you and your significant other both good at apologizing?

I am going to say no. Me because I apologise for everything including things that are not even remotely my fault. Him because he usually feels that he has a good reason for whatever he does or says and that means it is OK

4. What would you not admit on a first date?

How many people I have had sex with. Many people around me don’t feel that it is an issue but I am self conscious about it.

5. Is rebound sex empowering?

I believe anything you do while you are looking over your shoulder at past events is not empowering at all. I really hate it when people continuously try to make their ex regret leaving them. Rebound sex can be a lot of different things and I think it can be healing as long as it isn’t about trying to prove anything to your ex.

Bonus: How do you mend a broken heart?

If your heart is really truly broken there is not a quick fix. Knowing that it will eventually get better and moving forward even if it is slowly will heal things in time. Cliche I know. But that is all your are going to get from this guru today.

TMI Tuesday – The Very Late Edition

A little while ago I had this inspiration to write SOMETHING every day. As I typed the words telling you all about this idea I knew it would fail. And it did. But like a habit that I just can’t kick here I am again.

Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash

1. Select a kink. You’re a first-time visitor to a dungeon, and you are ‘center stage’ because a sizeable crowd has gathered to watch you:
a. Writhing from bare-hand spanking
b. Restrained on an X-cross receiving a whipping
c. Dangling in air wrapped in an ornate web of rope
d. Naked on a floor mat with 3 people pleasuring you

Staying true to form I am going with d. Probably done a version of that before. Actually the three people but not with a crowd watching although that does sound awfully fun. Dangling in the air with three people pleasuring. Now that sounds like something to add to the bucket list!

2. If you selected #4 in the last question, tell us how you are pleasured?

Person A would have his face buried in my cunt. Person B would have his cock in my throat and Person C would be holding me and tantalising my nipples. Perhaps with some nibbling and a little pinching.

3. Bind, blind, tease. Write a 50-word story and include those 3 words.

Ropes on my wrists, holding me against the mattress. Fabric on my face obscuring my view. The feeling of your fingers stroking me causing me to arch against the mattress. Your lips nibble my breast as your fingers slide downwards. I moan as your fingers slide inside me. I feel your breath on my face but I cannot feel your body. My senses search for you, but I am restrained. My need is like an ache.


4. Sex Doll play: The ‘doll’ is the human version of an inflatable sex doll.
The ‘doll’ must lie completely still on a bed and let their partner have at it. The partner is free to control the doll’s body and movements, and do what they please. Which will you be–the doll or the doll-master? Why?

Another item for the fucket list! A longer standing fantasy is to find a strong capable man to act out the sex doll fantasy with. Of course I am the doll. To be played by a person with skill and confidence…


TMI Tuesday – Love and Money

1. Could you fall in love with and set up home with someone who has $100,000 (usd) in debt?

Mr Jones says: They would have to be fucking awesome in bed.

Gemma Says: If they expect me to help them pay it back then probably not. If it is going to affect our long term financial stability then I would be hesitant.

2. Is it important for you to be the breadwinner or make more money than your significant other?

Mr Jones says: No but sometimes the power imbalance can cause some issues in the relationship.

Gemma Says: It is normal in our society for men to earn more than women. So If it is important for a woman to earn more than her partner it is going to seriously limit their relationship choices.

3. Are you happy with your chosen career path? What could be better?

I am. At this point in my life I am working at the career of my choice. I moved schools last year to work with the type of students I feel connected to and with a style of education that I feel is practical and works for them. The only thing that I think about changing is if I continue to work or perhaps semi retire. Spending six months travelling last year and living the life of a retired person has made me consider it as a more viable long term option.

4. Would you start a business with your significant other? Why or why not?

No. Not unless you count joint investments. It isn’t that I don’t think it works but I don’t think Mr Jones and I have complimentary skill sets that would work to run a business together. And eventually the stress on not being able to work as a fully effective team would be detrimental to our relationship.

Bonus: Can money buy you love?

No. Money makes life easier and definitely gives you better choices but it isn’t the thing that makes a person either capable of loving or being loveable.

TMI Tuesday – Spring is Not Sprung

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

1. The month of April is named for Greek goddess Aphrodite. She is associated with lust, love, pleasure, and passion. Which one of those states of being do you hope to experience this month? Which of them is most likely to happen?

Mr Jones and I are planning a short, five day, sailing adventure (not quite the right word but it sounds good) from around 8 to 13 April. For the first part it will be just the two of us. For the last few days we will be joined by a friend. So there will hopefully be some sunbathing and relaxing – pleasure. Some couple time – love. Some threesome time – lust and passion. All of the stuff!

2. Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April.  Have you ever given or received a diamond? Under what circumstances?

I have a diamond engagement ring although it is not a particularly expensive one. Mr Jones did buy me a much more valuable diamond to mark the first occasion of me being able to get his whole fully erect cock into my mouth. Not an easy feat.

3. Did you play an April Fools joke this year? What was it?

No I did not. At my place of work things on 1 April were slightly crazy and I guess it wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

4. April 22, 2022 is Earth Day. Around the world, all sorts of events will take place to celebrate and invest in our planet. What sort of thing might you do for the earth on Earth Day?

There are a few things that we do regularly in our house as a matter of course. The Unicorn and myself both drive hybrid cars which use much less petrol. We recycle and repurpose as much as possible and we have a strictly “nude food” policy when it comes to lunches that are taken to school or work. However there are always more things to do. I guess this is as good a prompt as any to think up something else.

Bonus: What odd or strange thing do you keep in your home?

This is a hard one to answer. Of course if I am keeping it I don’t necessarily think it is odd. Other people may think differently though.

After consulting with Mr Jones we have decided that the cane toads in the freezer are probably the strangest thing. Even for a native of Queensland where removal of cane toads from the environment is considered a public service the normal methods of killing them are much less humane than putting them to sleep in the freezer.

However in the last four years we have despatched thousands of these introduced pests in this way. I hope we are making a difference.