TMI Tuesday – Kinkster edition

1. What are your kinks?

How long is a piece of string really? In a recent post I pointed out that I didn’t think I would get pleasure out of anal fisting but was surprised. I am currently exploring play with a man that is caged, another thing I have not really sought out. So I guess the moral of the story is don’t knock it until you try it.

Kinks I knew I had that I have recently re-discovered? Biting. Holy fuck I like biting someone when they are fucking me. I don’t know why but I like it.

2. How did a lover last please you?

I recently had a threesome with Mr Jones and another man who reminds me a little of John Barrowman. It wasn’t the John Barrowman resemblance that pleased me but rather the combination of two penises and an amazing tongue at my disposal. There was licking, sucking, fucking and I am still tingling from it.

John Barrowman

3. When it comes to giving oral sex would you say you’re:

a. a Rookie – I know the moves but need to develop skill and probably incorporate tricks.

b. a Talented Intermediate – I have had lots of practice, I have some ways-to-make-you-moan tricks. I’m pretty competent and confident in giving oral pleasure.

c. a Proficient and Intuitive lover who knows what to do when, where, and for how long. Guaranteed to make a lover scream, moan, groan with pleasure. You can come from the thrill of my tongue.

d. an Expert at whole body pleasure and oral is merely a thrilling stop on the way to mind-blowing stimulation. The sheer anticipation of what I will do at your nether regions is enough to make you come.

I am going to go with c. I would by no means call myself an expert and I don’t really know how good I am because I have never experienced my own oral skills but I have had many many compliments. I work hard to be good at sucking cock and I love to watch the pleasure on someone’s face as they enjoy the fruits of my labour.

4. Which on-screen sex scene would you like to re-create?

a. The Pottery Scene, ‘Ghost’: Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze

b. Monica’s First Time, ‘Love and Basketball’: Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps

c. The Train Scene, ‘Risky Business’: Rebecca De Mornay and Tom Cruise

d. The Kitchen Scene, ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’: Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson

e. The Nearly Eight-Minute Sex Scene, ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’: Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos

f. Brokeback Mountain iconic love scene: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie sex is so over rated. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I haven’t watched some of these movies and none of them really appeal to me. OK maybe the train scene in Risky Business. Now that I am thinking about it I want to add it to the fucket list. I did once however participate in a session that was reminscent of another famous sex scene; The refrigerator scene in 9 1/2 weeks starring Micky Rourke and Kim Basinger

I know I am old but it is fucking sexy.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with the amount of time you have for sex? (10 = super satisfied)

I don’t have sex every time it pops into my head but I think that would be unhealthy. I get as much sex as I need and that is a good thing. Right now I am being constantly amazed by how generous Mr Jones is being with his support of my extra curricular activities. I truly have the best husband in the entire world.

Bonus: There wasn’t a bonus again this week and so I am going to dig back through my camera roll for something tasty for you all.


Gotta love a good selfie.


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TMI Tuesday – Sex Organs and Other Stuff

It is Tuesday and that means time for another round to TMI questions. As always you can check out more confessions on the TMI page. 


1. What would you eat for your “last supper”?

When I think about just food I find this question quite hard to answer. There is just so much good food in the world it is too hard to choose just one dish. But then I saw the image above and the answer becomes really clear. If I was to be having a last supper I would gorge myself on thick beautiful cocks like that one. 

2. Name 3 interesting and unique things to do in your town/city/region.

The area I live in is extremely multicultural. There are active and vibrant communities from all over the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Pacific Ocean and probably a whole bunch of places I haven’t mentioned. So there are some VERY interesting things to see if you walk around certain streets and precincts. There are markets which feature international cuisine and clothing, streets of shops with African wig shops right next to noodle bars and also the only council approved swingers club in the South East Queensland. 

3. Tell us 2 things that terrify you.

I am totally freaked out by heights. I am unable to comfortably approach the edge of balconies on high rise hotels. I am also inherently afraid of falling on my head. Ironic considering that I do pole dancing for fun. This fear has held me back from doing a lot of things with my pole dancing. Over time I have managed to conquer the fear by facing it head on. Often when I find myself unable to master a particular trick I know it is my headspace holding me back. 

4. Give us your best sex tip.

Don’t worry about what other people think about what you like. If you are turned on, enjoying yourself and no one is getting hurt then it is OK. Enjoy the ride.

5. What do you have that you need to throw away?

A lot of things probably! I think quite a few notes from my most recent degree. I worry that one day I will need them but I have been teaching now for a year and a half and haven’t once referred to anything that I recorded at university. So I can’t see myself using them any time soon. 

Bonus: Would you participate in a sex organ beauty pageant? Why or why not?

I don’t really believe in beauty pageants and a pageant for sex organs would be no different. Like the rest of us sex organs come in all shapes and sizes and they are all attractive in their own way.