TMI Tuesday – Deep Thought

1.First question relates to the photo above – what is it?

When I looked at this image I could see immediately what it is; a salmon steak. I can’t understand why other people would find it confusing. I guess it is like those puzzles where the image is hidden. Once you see the image you can’t un see it.

2.Should we be signalling our existence to alien life? Why?

As everyone knows the Earth is merely a super computer designed by Deep Thought, pictured below. The current version of Earth was built on the planet Magrathea to replace the original Earth which was destroyed by Vogons minutes before it finished its calculations. So the above question is really irrelevant. Just ask Douglas Adams

High Quality Deep Thought super computer - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Blank Meme Template

3.What is one thing you do not understand about yourself?

I don’t understand why I backflip over so many things. For example I was always firm about my reluctance to go on an extended sailing trip but then I actively encouraged Mr Jones to buy his dream boat and embark on such a journey.

Another example; I have always said I wouldn’t fuck someone who was young enough to be my child. And now I am dancing around that topic with a very young man.

4. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

I am Australian so anything with Vegemite is considered normal for us but weird in the rest of the world. My go to Vegemite combinations are; with smashed avocado on toast, on a salad sandwhich.

Other combinations that are not so common are peanut paste (butter) with honey and McDonalds fries with their soft serve.

5. What are two of your go-to strategies to help you make decisions?

First one that I use for the really big decisions is to physically write a list of the pros and cons. It is important to make a physical list because that helps you to get clarity on which side is actually the stronger side. Also it helps you to really hone in on what is important to you about the decision.

Second one is to avoid making the decision until I absolutely have to and then making the decision based on a gut feeling at the last minute. This strategy isn’t great for life decisions but great for ordering food at restaurants. Also great for deciding less important things in the classroom like if we are going to play a game.

Bonus: How replaceable are you?

Everyone is replaceable despite what they would like to think of themselves. As a teacher I am completely replaceable. There are hundreds of other teachers out there and most of them will do as good a job as me. As a mother probably a little less so. I like to think my parenting style is pretty good and my children have always been reluctant to spend too much time in other houses because the dynamics are too turbulent and unpredictable.

Bonus Bonus: Because there were not enough boobs in this post here are some with the beach on Moreton Island in the background.

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TMI Tuesday – Overratted or Underrated

This week Hedone’s header image was a series of men, some I recognised and others I am not sure about.

She forgot to include someone who is probably a little underrated these days, Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester and his Chevy Impala

Enough ogling. On to the questions.

Tell us what you think, are the following overrated or underrated? Why?

1. Birkin bags

I had to use the link to see what this was. I am all for a bag that has space for stuff. It was something I appreciated as a mother. These days I am able to go out without having to take the kitchen sink and frequently visit the shops with a purse and my phone. With Apple pay I can even cut this down to a phone some days.

As far as designer handbags go. I don’t see the point of the designer price tag. If the bag is well constructed and practical then yes I will pay a bit more for it. But $1000 for a handbag… yeh nah.

2. iPhone

So my answer to question 1 would probably have given this one away. We are an Apple family. We all have iPhones, we have shared calendars and I use the “reminders” app to allocate household tasks to my children. I can even set reminders for them. Works a treat!

3. Writing a book and self-publishing

I have actually written a novella and a collection of short stories, both of which I self published. It was a long time ago and I didn’t sell very many. It seemed very hard to find editors and cover artists. It also seems that a LOT of people are trying to go down that road. In this day and age of information sharing and free stuff on the internet it doesn’t seem like something that is ever going to be a viable career for most people.

Of course there will always be the JK Rowlings of the world but they are one in a million. I know it isn’t helping the people trying to get recognition but these days I am happy just putting stuff I scribble on here and getting some positive comments. If an agent ‘discovers’ me then yay but I am not holding my breath.

4. Scruffy, short beards

I am not really a fan of the beard. I appreciate the effort that goes into growing a viking style beard like this one

But I just don’t like getting down and dirty with a beard. The Columbian was a short beard wearer and while it suited him and he was definitely sexy there was this time when he went down on me, got a beard full of my juice and then fucked me without wiping his face. I never got over being dripped all over.

5. Hoodies

This is something I think works better with short hair, which I don’t have. HOWEVER, Mr Jones has a slight fetish about hoodies. So I wear them for him. I feel sexy wearing them because he sees me that way. Sometimes they are snuggly if you get the right fabric but I live in the sub-tropics. Snuggly clothes are not required much.

6. HIIT workouts

I don’t do gyms.

Unless there is a pole in them. I have blogged before about my pole dancing. I did have a break earlier this year but I have joined a new gym / studio and have started again from the bottom. I am re-learning and in some cases learning for the first time about building muscle groups that I had neglected. Pole dancing has become physically empowering for me again and it makes me happy.

So HIIT? No. Weird gym challenges with meal plans and the works? No. Getting bruised and pinched by a nine foot piece of brass? Bring it baby!!!!!

7. Boxer briefs

I am not sure what this question is referring to.

This kind of boxer


This kind

Definitely preferable to tighty whities!!!

Bonus: Avocado toast. Overrated or underrated?

I am not sure about the rest of the world but in Australia there is a meme style joke about Millenials not being able to afford to buy a house because they spend to much on Smashed Avo. Personally I don’t mind a bit of avo on toast but the flavour is a little bland, I prefer it to be spiced up with some Vegemite.

I have recently introduced Elliot from Life of Elliott to Vegemite. He has been sharing his journey with me but when I suggested to try it with avo he declined which is of course his choice but I do believe it is a perfect union. So plain avo on toast – a bit meh, add some Vegemite and you have a winner baby.

Of course if you want to go all the way you could add a poached egg, some crumbled feta and black pepper.

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TMI Tuesday – Brain Explosion

1. When and how did you discover your passion for ____ ?

Sewing. Probably not what you expected but I am a multifaceted person. Like everyone else. I have sewn most of my life off and on. My son in particular has some garments from his childhood that he wore to death and I am currently in the process of replacing a quilt I made him when he was one. After 19 years of use it is finally starting to fall apart. Recently my daughter has begun to share my passion and we (I really) upgraded the sewing machine. I have begun to make clothes for myself and am dipping my toe in the water of learning to make bras and corsetry… It could be a whole new career.

2. How has _____ changed your sex life?

Wearing stripper heels. Mr Jones was not really worried about shoes until we entered the swing scene. The wife in one of the first couples we had a serious and ongoing encounters with owned a pair of black six inch heels with red lacing that looked a bit like this

Mr Jones was a goner, for more reasons than one. A few years later I started pole dancing and I had an excuse to buy and wear shoes like this. I got a bit of a collection. Wearing these shoes is something that I love. It makes me feel sexy and confident. Not to mention tall.

3. What is something unique you do to _____ your _____ ?

Something unique that I put in my mouth is Vegemite from a spoon or the tip of a butter knife. Just to be clear that is a quarter of a teaspoon of black, salty, yeasty extract right there. So good. While we are on the topic of Vegemite it happens to be amazing on a range of unexpected things like salad sandwiches, toast with avocado, crackers with tomato. The list goes on.

4. What is the craziest _____ you’ve eaten while _____ ?

I really struggled with this question and also question 3. Until I read MarriageSexandMore‘s post. Not to copy his idea but my response is confectionary I have eaten while giving a blow job. The answer is a Tic Tac. This is not necessarily completely unheard of and I have done it more than once. I read about the effect of sucking a mint before giving a head job somewhere and I tried it recently. The effect is quite stimulating apparently.

Bonus: Is there such a thing as ‘too much information’? When?

There are many things that would fall into that category. Perhaps oddly, or not. I don’t particularly enjoy work colleagues discussing their sex lives in great detail. Not a mental picture I want . Well maybe for some of them but most of them NO.

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