Mr Jones and I have recently been exploring wax play. We recently had some time with some other friends who are also practitioners and had the opportunity to practise. The Tall Man shared some of his knowledge and experience. We then had the chance to practise. I was pleased with this effect.

Sinful Sunday

Under the UV Light

Earlier in the year Mr Jones and I dipped our toe into the world of lifestyle camping weekends. Odd that in our long journey we have never really pitched a tent and spent an entire weekend with 50 or so other like minded people. Smaller groups for an entire weekend yes. This many naked, drinking, partying, and fucking people? No. The experience was unique and in many ways positive. We kept our minds open and so when another opportunity in a slightly different setting arose we took the chance. One of the experiences we opened ourselves up to was some UV highlighted wax play. It was more of a performance than a BDSM session but it has made me wonder and take firmer steps towards perhaps dabbling in this kind of thing.

The images were definitely different.