Attack of the Fifty Foot Women

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday was to write a post that started from a comment on your blog. In response to a recent Sinful Sunday post No Pants Endurance commented; “The way the photo is set gives me the illusion of the fifty foot woman”. And so here is the attack of the Fifty Foot Women.

“Hello I am Hank,” he had to almost shout over the noise of the club

“My name is Glenda,” she reached out to shake his hand.

“Can I get you a drink?” Inside he kicked himself for sounding so lame but really he didn’t know what else to say. Plus, he felt weird standing there in front of the lounge where she sat with her friends.

Glenda leaned towards the woman sitting next to her. They whispered for a moment before she turned to face him.

“As long as you get one for my friend Wanda,” The two women looked at him with a glitter in their eye that made Hank nervous. Despite his trepidation he shook off the feeling and made his way to the bar.

An hour later the shot glasses were piled all around. A warm feeling filled Hank as he sat wedged between Glenda and Wanda with their other friends Amelia, Maya and Jenna all laughing at everything Hank said. He didn’t know what had happened. Normally women shunned him, laughing at his height, his haircut, pretty much everything about him. This was so out of the ordinary that Hank kept waiting to wake up from the dream.

“Let’s go somewhere a bit more intimate,” Glenda gathered her purse.

All the other women followed suit. As they stood up Hank felt his jaw drop. He felt as if he was a warthog surrounded by a herd of giraffes. These women were enormous. He knew when he stood up that he would barely reach their armpit, or rather their breasts. Glenda was an inch or two taller than the others. A mental image of standing in front of her with her crotch at his eye level filled his head. He stayed sitting on the couch, unsure of what to do next.

“Are you coming?” Glenda beckoned to him. Again, there was that strange glitter in her eye. For a second Hank considered running away but Maya reached out her hand,

“We won’t eat you,” she smiled gently.

Courage, or at least Dutch courage, filled Hank and he stood to his full height of five feet. As he suspected he came up to the armpit of Maya, the shortest one, and his eyeline was just above Glenda’s navel.

“You are so cute,” Jenna cooed. “I love little guys, they are so fun to play with,”

“Behave Jenna,” Glenda chided fondly. “We don’t want to scare our new friend,” She reached out to take Hank’s hand, “Don’t listen to her, she is just being weird.”

Hank nodded and trotted along beside her still feeling like a warthog amongst giraffes.

Twenty minutes later Hank found himself at the apartment that Glenda shared with Wanda. The girls obviously spent a lot of time here, they kicked off their shoes and dropped their purses on the counter. Glenda, Wanda, and Jenna disappeared into bedrooms while Maya and Amelia busied themselves making drinks and choosing music to play on the big screen. Hank stood awkwardly in the middle of the lounge area unsure of what to do or what to expect.

After a short while the three girls re-emerged wearing short silky nightwear. They smiled at Hank as they walked towards him. Glenda took his hand and led him towards the couch that dominated the room. She pulled him down beside her and kissed him on the lips. Hank melted into her embrace, fumbling around her breasts. Without a word she took one of his hands and slid it inside the top of her pyjamas. From behind him Hank felt another hand sliding into his pants to reach around and grip his cock. Jenna’s voice breathed in his ear,

“Well, hello there. I am so glad you have come to play with us.” Her perfume was intoxicating as she kissed the side of his neck. Hank watched mesmerised as Glenda and Jenna kissed before they turned their attentions to him. First one kissed him then the other. Jenna’s hand slid slowly up and down Hank’s shaft and Glenda massaged his hand over her breast encouraging him to pinch her firm nipples.

A third set of hands moved over his torso caressing his own nipples tweaking them gently.

“I think we need to relieve Hank of some of his clothes,” Wanda’s voice was soft in his other ear. Her fingers nimbly unbuttoned his shirt, and he felt a cool rush of air over his naked skin. Glenda trailed kisses down the side of his neck as she helped Wanda remove his shirt. Wanda’s lips mirrored Glenda’s as each woman’s lips made their way to Hank’s nipples. Lips teased his nipples and teeth grazed over the sensitive buds as Hank’s hands were pushed against breasts before Wanda shoved his hand into her pyjama pants.

As Hank slid his fingers into Wanda’s slick wet pussy, he felt his pants being unzipped and his cock eased out of his underwear. Glenda took Hank’s other hand and shoved it against her pussy as she kissed Wanda above Hank. Wet lips slid down over his throbbing cock. Hank let out a strangled moan as his fingers dipped in and out of two pussies. Glenda moved so that she was kneeling over his face. Her pussy was like a vision as it lowered towards his lips.

Obediently reached his tongue upwards and stroked her pussy. She tasted amazing, clean, and salty. Like a man who has been starving he gulped at her as she ground down on his tongue. Wet lips moved up and down his cock and he was aware of women pressing their bodies against him. It felt as if he were covered in them, smothered by their scent, their breasts, their mouths, and their desire.

Somehow, he found himself on the thick rug covered by five giant women. His tiny body seemed to disappear into them. Each woman pleasured him in her own way. All of them partook of each other. Their height meant nothing. Lying down they all were the same height.

One thing Hank knew for certain. He would forever have a thing for tall women.

Wicked Wednesday

The Effect of Greedy Lucy

Last week for MMMMonday I wrote a story about a very naughty girl who had an excellent time with a group of friends on a boys weekend. The scenario came from the mind of Mr Jones so he was very happy when I put it into words. I am happy that I was around to record his response…

So many things about this situation are yummy.

  1. Being connected enough to be able to enhance on his fantasy
  2. Knowing he enjoyed reading my work
  3. Watching his response
  4. Sharing his response with you all

I hope wherever you are there is something in your day that makes you say MMM.

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Carmen and Ryan Part 7 -Friday on My Mind

It has been a while since I posted an installment from the story of Carmen and Ryan. But I have been working on it albeit slowly. If you are new to the story you can catch up here

Carmen looked at the screen of her phone. Messages from Josh and her friend Liz flashed up on the screen. Josh was checking in to tell her he was taking Chloe camping for the weekend. There was no mention of other people who might be going with them. Specifically, he didn’t mention Ryan. Why would he? sensible Carmen said in her head. You need to get a grip woman.

Liz wanted to catch up for dinner.

“Sure”, Carmen replied. Dinner with a friend would be nice. Not as nice as a good fucking from a young stud but nice. What the actual?  Sensible Carmen scolded her. Carmen was shocked at herself. What was she becoming? Two nights and suddenly she was obsessed. There was a knock at her door.

“The AmpliMed rep is here,” the new receptionist announced.

Carmen frowned, “Did I have an appointment scheduled with him?” she asked no-one in particular. The young girl squirmed uncomfortably,

“I don’t know,” she looked uncertain and worried she had done something wrong.

Carmen was jolted back to reality. Of course, she didn’t know! She didn’t have access to Carmen’s calendar. Quickly she flicked through her screens. Damn! Of course, she had an appointment. “Just tell him I will be out shortly,” she smiled reassuringly at the young girl.

Quickly she gathered her notepad. She had not met this rep before, but they had bought a couple of supplies from his company in the past. Normally Carmen didn’t speak to sales reps. They were usually a waste of time. She could find most of the information she needed to know about their products on the internet. Making this meeting must have been a moment of weakness. She made her way to the reception area and spotted him immediately looking awkward among the patients.

For a few seconds Carmen hung back in the corridor to take him in. Something about the way he held himself spoke straight to her groin. She noted the smoothness of the skin under the open neck of his shirt which hugged his chest in a way that suggested his body underneath would be toned. There were bulges that suggested he spent a lot of time in the gym. Mentally she compared him to Ryan, both about the same age, both fit young men but this one looked more office like. His fitness was from gym sessions rather than hard work. His hands would be soft. She wondered if there would be any scars under his shirt.

With all this in her mind she stepped forward to greet him,

“Good morning, my name is Carmen,”

He smiled radiating confidence with a perfect smile of shiny white teeth, “Hello Carmen I am Corey, It was really good of you to agree to meet with me,”

He took her hand, it was indeed soft, as she had suspected. She noted the strength of his grip and the way his hands seemed shorter and a little stockier than Ryan’s. For a moment she wondered if there was any truth in what she used to giggle about in high school. Was the size of a man’s hands an indication of his cock size? It was certainly true for Ryan. She looked into Corey’s eyes and felt a warm melting sensation in her belly.

She became aware of Jenny watching her from her position behind the reception desk. She knew if she turned around she would be greeted with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Would you like to get a coffee?” she smiled at the rep, “The place next door makes a great Latte.”

He looked a little relieved at being able to escape from a room full of sick people. “Sure, lead the way.” Carmen was rewarded with another flash of the 1000 Watt smile.

Without looking over her shoulder Carmen led the way out the door of the doctor’s surgery. She didn’t trust herself to make eye contact with Jenny right now. As they took their seat at a table in the corner it was all business. They ordered coffees and he began the usual spiel complete with catalogues and brochures of their latest products. Carmen smiled and nodded and asked appropriate questions the whole time studying his body. She was enjoying the way he held himself and the way his hands moved his brochures around the small table. After a few moments she realised that he had asked her a question and was looking at her, waiting for a reply. She had been so lost in her reverie that she had completely missed it.

“I am sorry, what was that?” she felt a flush of colour in her cheeks her heart raced a little.

He smiled disarmingly, “I just wanted to thank you for actually seeing me today. It is so hard these days, most people just want you to drop in a brochure and call if they need something.”

Get a grip will you! Sensible Carmen chided her. You really need to stop thinking with your vagina!”

“It was really no problem. I needed a change of scenery for a bit anyway,” She smiled warmly as she looked into his eyes.

“Well anytime you need an excuse to get out of your office just let me know,” he grinned.

Carmen’s heart skipped a beat. Did he just flirt with her? She held his gaze. A sales rep was not going to intimidate her. “Sure thing!” she kept her voice cheery. “I better get back now though.” She gathered up the brochures that he had given her.

Across the table he stood opposite her. He gave her a business card, “Call me anytime you have a question or a special request,”

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Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

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The Whole Truth

For last week’s Wicked Wednesday the theme was two truths and a lie. My post outlined three things and there has been much speculation about which one was the lie. So here is the big reveal.

1 I have never owned a dog.

True! I grew up on a cattle property. We had dogs that were working dogs who essentially belonged to my father. They were friendly enough but definitely not my own pet. As the post outlined after I left home I chose to own a cat and I have never looked back.

2 I lost my virginity when I was 14

As some of you suspected this is the lie. There is some truth in the story that I told. I did mess around with a ringer. But we never got past third base. It was stupid. He took advantage and I am fortunate it never went further.

3 I make my own clothes

True! I have several outfits in my wardrobe that were made by myself. I even made a dress for myself and The Unicorn from the same fabric. They are not the same style of course. That would be weird.

The Truth About Me

What can I tell you about me that you don’t already know? If you are a regular reader you know all of my dirty secrets. Sure, the average person in my face-to-face life is not aware of them but you freaks? You pretty much know it all. So here goes. Which one of these is the lie?

1.      I have never in my life owned a dog.

It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I love dogs. If I have the chance to say hello to a dog when I am walking in the bush near my home I will. The Unicorn and I used to walk most mornings and we had a collection of dog friends that we would greet. But I have never owned my own dog. When I moved into my first house away from my family and boarding houses I decided to get a pet. At the time I was working a lot and the commute from where I lived to my job was long so I decided it would be cruel to get a dog because they would be alone a lot of the time and I wasn’t sure I could commit to walking them every day.

I grew up on a farm. We had working dogs of course. From that experience I have very strong views about caring for animals. I don’t believe big dogs should be kept in a regular yard at all, even with regular exercise. I don’t believe any dog should be kept in a yard without the opportunity to get out and about every day. So I chose a cat. She stayed with me for nearly twenty years. Just before she left us my daughter got her own kitten, he is attached to all of us but he is hers. I now am responsible for a rainbow lorikeet. They look cute but they are noisy, messy and can be very aggressive!

2.      I lost my virginity when I was fourteen.

Like I said I grew up on a farm. My father owns 22, 000 acres. It sounds like a lot if you come from a place where the stock to land ratio is high. Somewhere like Europe or even the coastal parts of Australia. But there are parts of Australia where 22, 000 acres is tiny. For his whole life, my dad raised grass fed, free ranging beef cattle. My brothers and I were home-schooled until we reached high school age. We all learned to ride horses when we were small children and we all spent many days riding around in the Landcruiser with our Dad fixing, fences, checking water troughs and fixing pumps and windmills. About four times a year we would muster. This would involve herding up all the cattle (about 2000), paddock by paddock, counting them, treating them for ticks and buffalo flies, separating out the calves that needed weaning and branding the new calves.  

During these times, my Dad would hire extra men to help him. We all participated in mustering (except my mother, but we don’t talk about that).  My father was not a fan of horse riding so avoided the actual herding on horseback as much as possible by finding other tasks to do. Consequently, my brothers and I were left with ringers frequently to do the grunt work of riding out to locate and collect cattle. There were so many opportunities for a young, curious girl to be alone with a young horny man… It was inevitable really.

Source Australian Geographic.

3.      I sew my own clothes.

I am a bit like Tula Pink (although The Unicorn assures me I do NOT want to become a Tula Pink person). The Unicorn and I have an ideal when it comes to crafting and creating stuff. We call it “Out of the Closet”. Basically, it means that when we make items the first stop in the search for materials is our own cupboard. My mother is a hoarder. If she died tomorrow, I could make it my full-time job to sew up all the fabric she owns and knit or crochet up all the wool she owns, and I probably wouldn’t be finished before I die!

This has driven me to be a bit obsessive about NOT buying fabric “just because it looks nice” and to put on blinkers every time I go to Spotlight so that I buy what I came for and get the hell out. It also means that I can usually obtain something to add to my own closet every time I visit her.

I sew a range of things, clothing mainly, but also toys and quilts. There are several dresses in my regular school rotation that I made myself. There is something about being able to say “Thank you I made it myself” when someone compliments you on your outfit!

So, there you have it. Which one is the lie and which ones are the truths? As Writer of Words says, I will see you in the comments.

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Ben’s Mum

I started writing this for last week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt. But life is a bit on top of me right now. Rebel has kindly let me link it up this week.

There is always that one mother that everyone lusts after. The one who is just a little bit different from the others. In primary school my friend had one of those mums. We were children lust wasn’t part of our landscape. What we did notice was that the other mums looked different from Ben’s mum. Ben’s mum wore her hair out, sitting over her shoulder with one strand falling around her face. The top button of her blouse always seemed undone, and her skirts were shorter than the other mothers.

We didn’t think anything of these things. Other than to think Ben’s mum was pretty. The other mothers always looked at her sideways. She never seemed to be part of the groups of mums standing around their cars in the carpark waiting to pick up their children from school. We were kids, she seemed happy, it didn’t seem to be a problem. Ben and I grew up, we went to the same high school. Ben’s mum didn’t really change. Her dresses were still short, and her hair was still long. In high school no – one stood around the carpark chatting. Cars pulled in, kids got in or out, depending on the time of day, and they drove away. Life went on.

One day we were at Ben’s sitting on the couch with a boy who had just come to our school. We were sixteen, life consisted of school, X-box, eating, part-time jobs and hanging out with our mates. If we weren’t talking about gaming, we were talking about girls. We played League of Legends for a while, but it got boring. So we sat around talking about sex and girls. Goaded by our friends we played hot or not; listing girls at school who we thought were hot and laughing when someone listed as hot a girl we felt differently about. Then our new friend dropped a clanger,

“I think Ben’s mum is hot,”

The room went still. I looked at Ben, he had this weird look on his face. Like he didn’t know where to look or what to say. The other boys with us looked down and shuffled their feet. The new boy, Carl was defensive,

“Well she is.”

Sam broke the silence, “Dude that is not cool. You can’t talk about someone’s mum like that.”

Things were really awkward, and everyone went home as soon as they could. But later that night when I was in bed I thought about Ben’s mum and what Carl had said. Ben’s mum was hot. I knew that, I had known that for a long time. All of us knew that, including Ben. It was a rule between all of us to never talk about it.

In the darkness of my room I reached for my penis. It was firm in my hand. The familiar feeling of my penis in my hand, my hand moving the way I knew would pleasure me was reassuring. Even my fantasy was familiar.

Ben’s mum opened the door for me. She smiled that beautiful smile.

“Hello Josh,” she stepped back so I could come inside. “Ben is not here but I can get you a coke.” I follow her down the hallway watching her ass move under the thin fabric of her dress. In the kitchen she bends down to get a drink out of the fridge. The hem of her dress lifts until I get a glimpse of the pink panties she is wearing. I sit on the stool near the bench and she leans forward to pour me a drink. I can see that the bra she is wearing matches her panties. She smiles at me,

“Call me Katie,” She pours a drink for herself and sits next to me. As if it was the most normal thing in the world, she puts her hand on my thigh. I look at her, she smiles and slides her hand upwards,

“You are the cutest one of Ben’s friends,” she leans forward and our lips meet.

In my bed my hand is shuffling up and down under the blanket. I feel the familiar pressure building. My breathing is heavy punctuated by small grunts.

Katie takes me to her room, and I watch as she slips out of her dress, she unclasps her bra and lets it fall to the floor. Her breasts are amazing. She pulls me towards her, and my hands reach up and cup her breasts. She looks down at my pants and smiles at me. Before I can say anything, she unzips them and pulls out my penis. Her hand is warm as it strokes me.

I cannot hold back. Jizz spurts out of me and covers my hand. I lie there thinking about Ben’s mum for a few moments longer before I reach for a tissue to wipe my hand. Sleepiness is taking over and I drift off.

The next day I knock on Ben’s door. His mum answers,

“Hello Josh,” she smiles that smile. I feel the familiar twinge in my pants. “Ben has just gone to the shop to get some milk, he won’t be long. Did you want to come in and wait for him?”

“Sure Mrs Adams,” I look down. It feels weird being alone with Ben’s mum.

She leads the way to the family room. Her ass moves under her dress, the way it does in my fantasy. The twinge in my pants is a little stronger. I am desperate to find somewhere to sit, so I can hide my erection. She walks into the kitchen, of course she hasn’t noticed anything. I sit at the bench. The counter hides the bulge in my pants.

“Would you like a coke?” she asks.

“No thanks Mrs Adams.” I reply. I couldn’t stand to watch her bend into the fridge. It would be too weird.

She smiles a big smile at me, it doesn’t help. “You are so much more grown up these days Josh, you should call me Katie.”

Image by Agent John from Pixabay

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Blurred Lines

In a previous MMMonday post I wrote about my dalliance with the idea of hooking up with a much younger man. I have been chatting with such a man who has a very active imagination. Of course one of his fantasies is fucking his teacher. After a conversation with him this scenario popped into my head.

I meet him after school, still wearing my school clothes. I even leave my name badge on. For authenticity. It adds to the anticipation. He is sitting in the corner of the coffee shop with his notebook out in front of him. A smile plays over my lips. The only thing that would make this better would be meeting in a library.

“Hello Jai,” kids with ‘J’ names are always the ones who give teachers the most grief.

“Hello Miss,” he looks up from his book. I bend down to see what he is working on. My blouse falls open. Did I forget to button it properly?

“What are you working on?” I ask as if I truly was working, completely oblivious to him looking down my blouse.

“Just this stupid Trigonometry,” he replies. A phrase I have heard a thousand times from frustrated students. Including a several awkward boys whose names started with J.

“Trigonometry is not stupid,” my voice is transplanted directly from my classroom. “It is really quite simple. See you put the formula into a triangle like this. Then you fill in the bits that you know, and the triangle tells you if you need to multiply or divide.” I had taught this a million times but even now, even when it wasn’t really the point, I was still oblivious to his gaze.

Then I feel his hand on my thigh. Under the table he lifts my skirt and his fingers trail up my leg.

“What do teachers wear for underwear?” His voice was quiet.

I sit very still. The boundary we just crossed is raw for me. All my professional life I have avoided thinking about situations like this. I have ignored the possibility that a student may be having this exact fantasy as I try to align the numbers on the page for them. For a moment I wonder if this scenario may be too much. But here in this coffee shop with a consenting adult it is different enough. These things don’t matter. I push away the thoughts, close them in a box. They belong to a different me. I shrug,

“What do you think?”

His fingers creep up my leg to graze the edge of my knickers. My groin tingles. I feel a trickle of wetness between my legs. His lips curve up in a smile. His fingers slide under the elastic to stroke my slit.

My legs fall open as his fingers stroke me. I struggle to maintain my composure.

“So, I would like you to have a go at this problem,” I re-direct him to the trigonometry on his notebook.

He grinned at me, “But Miss, CEEBS.” He is even using the same words as my students now. The division between fantasy and reality blurs even more. His fingers penetrate me, I gasp. His face is very close to mine. “Is there anything else you can teach me?”

My breathing is heavy. I struggle to focus, aware of the people moving around us, wondering what they can see, what they are thinking.

“Not right here,” my voice is low.

He continues to slide his fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt. I feel as if I will be sitting in a pool of my own desire. “Where then?”

“My house is just around the corner. There is no one home.” Trigonometry is forgotten. Right now I am very interested in anatomy.

He smiles, like a teenager that he was just a few short years ago. “Let’s go then!”

Image by dognamedseven from Pixabay

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Carmen and Ryan Part 5 – The Evening Continues

Carmen slid down from the bench and moved back to the fridge, “You said you wanted a beer?”

As she bent slightly to look into the fridge, she felt his hands on her arse.

Does he ever stop? She wondered. Her body stiffened slightly and he pulled his hands away.

“I am so sorry,” the little boy was back. “You are just so beautiful I can’t stop touching you.”

She smiled at him, “It’s OK. I am just not used to it.” She passed a beer to him and refilled her wine glass. “Cheers,” she smiled at him over the rim of the glass. They made their way to the pool area and sat in the comfy chairs looking at the night sky. Carmen sighed deeply as for the first time that day she relaxed. The hormones from her orgasm were still buzzing through her body and she could feel a sleepiness starting to take over her.

“Long day?” Ryan asked after he took a pull of his beer.

Carmen smiled reflectively, “A bit I guess.” She smiled, “But then most days are like that. What about you?”

Ryan shrugged, “You know, stack that over there, put those here, join that together, lift that. The usual.” He seemed to be so casual about it but Carmen knew from conversations with Josh that their work was physically demanding in a way she could never cope with.

“Do you like it?” I was a question she asked Josh every time he complained. Internally she berated herself for slipping into Mum mode, but she couldn’t help it.

“It’s OK I guess.” He took a pull of his beer. “Pays the bills. Not as good as being inside you though.”

Carmen felt a twinge between her legs. He really was irresistible. Ryan leaned over and ran his hand up her thigh. She knew without looking that he would be ready for her. Surprisingly, she was ready for him. Her breath came faster as his fingers grazed the fabric of her panties. His eyes became deeper and more intense as he leaned forward to kiss her. Without thinking she opened her legs, inviting him in. His fingers slipped into her panties and stroked her pussy. Carmen slid her hand into his shorts and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She marvelled at the feel of his velvet skin against her palm as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. He breathed heavily into her mouth.

“You are so fucking hot. Every time I look at you I just want to fuck you.”

Carmen squirmed. Ryan’s fingers dipped inside her but it wasn’t enough, she ached for him.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered.

Ryan placed his beer on the table beside his chair and unfolded himself into a standing position. With a strangely intense look in his eyes he bent down and scooped her up into his arms.

“Let’s do this properly.” He spoke gently. Carmen was helpless in his arms. She rested her head against his shoulder as he carried her to the bedroom and settled her on the bed. With care and patience he removed her clothes, placing them neatly in a pile beside the bed. Once she was naked he undressed himself. For a few moments he stood above her. She marvelled at his body, lean and toned by his job. A small scar decorated his ribcage, to the side of the tattoo that had attracted her attention. Was that just yesterday? It seemed so long ago.

Ryan leaned down and arranged her legs before kneeling between them. He positioned his body between hers and rested his cock at her opening. She arched towards him, hungrily but he stood his ground. A small frown formed on his forehead as he concentrated on easing himself into her. Millimetre by millimetre his cock penetrated her. The whole time she ached to push herself down on him but she sensed the control was important to him so she restrained herself.

When he was buried deep inside her his body lowered to cover her. They rested like that for a little while. Carmen enjoyed the feeling of him surrounding her and penetrating her but the ache for movement became too much. She arched against him.

“Please fuck me,” her voice was hot and urgent against his neck.

He moved slightly inside her. She sighed. He grinned, the little boy grin, teasing her, “Like this?” He moved slightly again. Carmen’s hips bucked against him. Ryan’s cock moved inside her. His frown deepened as he fought for control. With a sly smile Carmen moved her hips deliberately moving him inside her. She took a perverse pleasure in denying him the control he sought. For a while they wrestled like that. Ryan holding himself rigidly and Carmen chipping away at his control with small movements that pleasured her.

It didn’t take too long for her to win. Ryan exhaled as he began to thrust,

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever been with,” he grunted as he began to pound into her.

Carmen could not reply. The room filled with her cries of pleasure.


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Carmen and Ryan Part 4 – The Evening After

We left Carmen waiting for Ryan in the evening of a long day. The day after their first encounter

I will be there in thirty minutes

The reply sent a jolt of energy through her. She stepped into the shower, unable to focus properly. She looked down at her pussy. Should she shave? What would be better? She thought for a moment about last night. She hadn’t even showered before he went down on her. She scrabbled through the drawer. She hadn’t even shaved her legs in months, she didn’t even know if she had a sharp razor.

Twenty minutes later she stood in her kitchen. Her skin felt electric from the scrubbing she had given it. The bare skin of her pussy tingled at the touch of her underwear. She refilled her wine glass and considered if she should eat something. As she stood in front of the refrigerator pondering, she heard a knock on the door. With her heart pounding she made her way to the door. For a second she paused holding the door handle. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

His eyes grabbed her attention as soon as she opened the door. Piercing, blue, hungry.

“Hello,” nerves fluttered in her stomach. She didn’t know what to do.

“Hello,” he smiled uncertainly. Carmen was surprised. He seemed as nervous as her.

“Come in,” she stepped back to allow him past and then followed him to the kitchen. His body filled the entryway. A fleeting memory of that body poised above hers filled her mind. In the kitchen they both stood awkwardly. Neither sure of what to do or say next. Carmen’s gaze fell on the dishwasher that stood open waiting to be emptied. She remembered what had happened just yesterday as she had bent over the machine. Heat flamed up her neck. Dampness seeped into her knickers. Glancing up she saw him watching her. His face was unreadable.

“Would you like a beer?” the question was automatic. Even though she would very much like to give him something else.

“Sure,” he shrugged. “As long as it comes with a side of you and that fantastic arse,” He grinned and shot a pointed glance at the dishwasher.

Carmen’s blush deepened. She turned to the fridge to hide her expression, but it didn’t work. As she stood with the door open, bending slightly to peer inside, she felt his hands on her hips. His arms reached around to cup her breasts and his breath was hot in her ear.

“When you bend over in front of me I can’t stop myself,” His cock was pressed against her arse and she could feel his thick erection through the fabric of his shorts and the dress she was wearing.

“Do you have knickers on under that?” he whispered in her ear as his hand reached down to lift her dress.

Carmen was transfixed. She had considered not putting on underwear but she hadn’t been that brave. It didn’t matter. Ryan’s fingers slid easily into the elastic to caress her pussy.

“Fuck you are so wet,” his voice was urgent, “I need you now,”

Carmen whimpered in response. Beer was forgotten as he pulled her away from the fridge and sat her on the kitchen bench. She watched, transfixed as he pulled her underwear down over her ankles before stripping away his shorts and sliding a condom over his cock. His big hands wrapped around her waist pulling her towards him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and his strong hands cupped her arse. Leaning against the kitchen bench he pounded into her. The kitchen filled with their animal cries.

Ryan let out a long groan as he climaxed. For a few moments he held her against him before letting her slide her feet to the floor. Her legs were unsteady and he held her against him.

“I am sorry,” he looked like a little boy. “I couldn’t stop myself.”

She smiled and stroked his face. “It is OK. I wasn’t ready at all for that,”

“I will make it up to you,” his face was earnest. He really reminded Carmen of a little boy. The contrast was a little confusing. One moment he was a young man; strong and confident in himself. The next he was her lover, taking her body to places she had almost forgotten and then, he was like this; a little boy expecting to be chastised for something he did wrong.

Is this how Stiffler’s Mom felt when Paul Finch “seduced” her on that pool table? Was the conflict between the little boy and the man what drew her to Finch? Ryan was not like Finch. He was tall and athletic. He DEFINITELY wasn’t a virgin. He knew things but at the same time he acted like a kid.

“How do you plan to make it up to me?” Carmen was shocked at the words that came out of her mouth.

Ryan’s eyes took on a glow that spoke straight to Carmen’s groin. He put his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the bench. He stood between her legs and looked into her eyes as his fingers teased her pussy. His thumb stroked her clit and two fingers slid inside her. Carmen’s breathing became harder.

“You like that?” the little boy was gone. In front of her was a man, confident, sexy.

“Yes,” she breathed as his fingers hooked slightly inside her, grazing over her g-spot.

“Would you like me to lick you?” his breathing was heavier.

“Yes please,”

Ryan ducked his head between her legs and stroked her clit with his tongue. Carmen moaned and leaned back. One hand twisted into his hair, pushing his face harder against her. His fingers continued to stroke her pussy as he sucked gently on her clit. Everything else in the world seemed to fade away. Nothing mattered, just this moment right now with his face between her legs.

Her orgasm crashed over her, harder than any she had experienced for a long time. For long moments she held his face against her as after shocks spasmed through her. He seemed to be drinking her juice. Eventually he lifted his face. With a grin he wiped his chin.

“I think you liked that.”

Carmen felt weak. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stand yet. “What did you do?”

He smiled wickedly, “It is a trade secret,” he tapped the side of his nose.

“I haven’t climaxed like that in a very long time.” She smiled at him.

Ryan bowed elaborately, “glad to be of service M’am.”

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Carmen and Ryan Part 2 – What Happened in the Kitchen

The meal finished and plates were cleared away. Carmen began the task of stacking the dishwasher while Josh ferried dishes into the kitchen. Josh’s remaining friends finished their beers and left thanking Carmen for the meal as they left. Ryan, Chloe and Josh sat by the pool chatting and laughing. The methodical task of stacking dishes and the quiet contented air of the house soothed Carmen’s nerves. As she bent down to place the last plate into the dishwasher, she felt a pair of hands on her hips pulling her butt towards a male body. She froze, her heart in her mouth, terrified that her fantasy was really happening.

“I have always loved arses,” Ryan’s voice was still foreign to her. “and yours is so round, so perfect. I want to see what is under that skirt.”

Carmen’s heart thundered in her ribcage, “What if Josh sees you?” she gasped.

Ryan pulled her closer. Her butt was pressing against his groin and she could feel his erection, thick and hard. Heat spread through her body. It had been too long.

“Chloe dragged him to bed,” Ryan pulled Carmen’s body so that she was standing up, leaning against him. His hands slipped inside her shirt sliding up over her belly to cup her breasts.

Carmen sagged against him. The heat of his breath on the back of her neck sent tingles spreading over her skin. His fingers pinched her nipples and she whimpered softly letting his arms hold her weight. He moved them so that she was bent over the kitchen bench. His hands lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down, exposing her arse.

“Such a perfect round arse,” his voice was hoarse and foreign in her kitchen, for a moment she remembered where they were and who he was. Her body tensed, ready to flee but then he slid his fingers between her legs, dipping them into her cunt. Everything she was worried about slipped out of her mind as his fingers dipped in and out of her. Her breathing became hard and she made small whimpering noises as he spread her juice around her labia.

“You are so fucking hot, I need you.” His voice was urgent in her ear. She felt the velvet skin of his cock against her naked butt. “Please let me,” he sounded like a little boy, asking for a treat but the fingers still buried in her cunt were those of a man. Her clit throbbed aching for release but his fingers had awakened a deeper hunger, she needed to be filled by a real, live man.

“Please,” he begged again.

She gave herself over to her body, “Fuck me,” she growled.

There was a brief pause as his body left hers. For a moment Carmen wondered if he had run away but the sound of a foil packet being ripped open reassured her. Within moments she felt his cock pressing against her opening.

“Best to be safe,” he breathed in her ear. “Are you ready?”

She nodded and leaned back against him pressing herself against his cock. Slowly he slid into her. He grunted in pleasure.

“You feel so good.” His hands gripped her hips as he thrust into her.

Carmen was lost in the feeling of being fucked. It had been too long. His cock filled her, stretching her cunt. As if he could read her mind he reached around and stroked her swollen aching clit.

“Cum for me,” he whispered in her ear. “I need to feel you cumming on my cock.”

She couldn’t restrain herself. Waves of pleasure crashed through her body. She tried to be quiet but as she rode her orgasm she cried out.

“That’s it,” he encouraged her, “Fuck you are so beautiful, I need to cum,” his voice was like the little boy again, asking for permission. Carmen wasn’t able to think properly but she nodded weakly as her body sagged against the bench.

“Fuuuuuck” his voice sounded loud in the kitchen as he emptied himself into her. Carmen panicked that Josh would hear him and she stiffened in fear but as he bent over her panting no one came. As his cock softened, he slid from her and removed the condom.

Carmen roused herself and looked at him. Everything seemed so surreal. This strong young man in her kitchen had just fucked her. One of her son’s friends! It was like a movie. She wondered if she was dreaming but the tenderness in her pussy from his cock was real, the condom now sitting in her kitchen bin was real. The six-foot body lounging against the bench was real.

“I need a shower,” she said. Still feeling as she was having a dream, she smoothed her clothes and stepped out of the knickers around her feet. Then she remembered her manners. “Would you like one?”

He smiled, a cheeky glint came into his eyes, “With you?” he asked looking hopeful.

She laughed. He was such a comical mixture of man and boy. “What about Josh?” Every time she thought of him just down the hall she worried.

“I know you guys are close and all, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable showering with both of you,” Ryan cracked a sardonic grin.

Carmen chuckled, “It has been many years since I have showered with Josh,” she was starting to like this man’s sense of humour. “but I still don’t want him to walk in on me fucking his friend.”

“I understand,” Ryan’s voice was gentle, “but Josh is a big boy who is probably in his room right now hoping his mum doesn’t hear him getting the life fucked out of him by the firecracker he is dating.”

“I like Chloe,” Carmen mused.

“I like Chloe too,” Ryan responded. “She is great in a whole bunch of ways, but she is a red-blooded woman and like all red-blooded women needs a good seeing to regularly. Like someone else who lives in this house.” He looked Carmen straight in the eye.

“Is that so,” Carmen pulled herself up to her full height and looked him in the eye.

“Yes,” he grinned down at her, “It is. And I very much enjoyed the start of your seeing to, but I think that you could do with a bit more than a quickie over the kitchen bench.”

Carmen wasn’t sure if she heard him, “The start?” she asked.

“Yes, the start,” he replied. “There is much more of you I need to pay attention to, plus one pass of that fantastic arse is not enough.”

Carmen looked down, she thought she could see a hint of an erection through his shorts. Surely not? She was incredulous.

He noticed the direction of her gaze, “If you want to know, all you have to do is show me the way to the shower.”

Carmen hesitated but her curiosity got the better of her. Without a word she turned and led the way down the hall.

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