The Journey to Now

The Journey to Now

When I tell people about the way my marriage is now they assume that Mr Jones and I got up one day and decided to be the way we are today. The reality is that, like everything in life, the process was a journey of many small steps. Once I was quite prudish and conservative. I very firmly believed that sex was a secondary part of a relationship. I was on the way to being one of those wives that ‘did her duty’ once a month or once a year or even less.

Often I wonder what happened to make me change this pathway. I honestly can’t identify one thing that changed everything. Like the transformation of our marriage my own personal transformation was a gradual change of many small steps and realisations.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share my story. I don’t expect that what I write is going to be revolutionary or totally change anyone’s life and really I am just writing this story for my own ego but I hope that there is someone out there who reads this and has a lightbulb moment, even a small one.

The links below take you to the posts that I make as part of my story. I will be posting the chapters of my story in amongst the eclectic mix of current musings and erotic writing. The OCD part of me finds this a little frustrating but in the interest of therapy I think this is the best way. So if you are following my story make sure you come back to this page from time to time to catch up on the latest instalment. If you have any comments to make or questions to ask please feel free to leave them on the post or on this page and I will do my best to respond.

1. In the Beginning: My upbringing as a Catholic schoolgirl and the effect this had on my sex life.

2. Let’s Swing: The series of events that led to Mr Jones’ proposal to open the door to our bedroom.

3. The Big Red Door part 1: Our first experience of this new world just happened to be a visit to a swingers club. 

4. The Big Red Door part 2: We were hooked! And so we went back for more. 

5. Finding a Couple: After a few false starts we stumbled upon the adventure we had been searching for. 

6. The Internet is for Porn: Following our adventure we dipped our toes into internet dating 

7. Internet Dating; We managed to negotiate the landscape of a dating website and meet a couple for an experience.

8. One Door closes; Life changes for some of our new friends and we realise that we need to move on.

9. Another Door Opens; The next step in our journey leads us on to bigger and better things. 

10. Ladies Night; I take the opportunity to explore my long held fascination with women’s bodies. 


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