Friday Flashback – You’ve Got Mail

Welcome to another gem from the Erotic Adventures Vault.

“Good morning sweetie,” the message was waiting for her when she started her computer as it had been every morning this week. “You look so hot today. The way your nipples poke through your blouse is so perfect. I love those pert breasts of yours.”

Molly looked behind her. The open plan office was half filled with administrators and accounts people starting their workdays. Along the side of the room several offices were occupied by managers and team leaders all organising their schedule for the day. It all looked so ordinary but one of those people at one of those desks had watched her arrive and sent this email.

She re-read the message. Her heart raced at the thought of being watched while she read, her cunt throbbed. When this had started two weeks ago the messages had been innocent but after a few days they started to become flirty. Now she found herself waiting breathlessly for them. They turned her on more than she could have ever imagined. Now the mere sight of the envelope icon was enough to cause her clit to throb.

Her in tray sat in front of her demanding her attention. Across the hallway from her she noticed her manager opening his door and turning on the light in his office. She knew that he would be expecting his coffee immediately. Reluctantly she closed her messages and made her way to the coffee machine. As she walked she remembered the email and felt her nipples harden in response. Every inch of her skin was aware that someone somewhere was watching her. Who was he? Where did he sit?

When she returned to her desk the email icon was flashing at her. Her heart quickened at the sight. Quickly she sat down and clicked the little envelope at the bottom of her screen.

“I watched those gorgeous nipples as you walked by. It made me hard thinking of sucking them.”

Again, there was that throb in her groin. Without her realising she put her hand on her breasts. The nipples poked through the sheer fabric of her blouse. She did not need to check to know the fabric of her panties would be saturated.

A picture of a man sitting in an office softly stroking his hard cock through his suit pants flashed into her mind. For the first time she hit the return key. With shaking fingers, she typed,

“I am so wet thinking of sucking your hard cock.” For long moments she stared at the message before hitting the send key.

Her manager appeared at her desk and gave her a pile of letters to file and another pile of notes to type up. Her fantasies melted away and she immersed herself in her work glad of the distraction. Still through the day she was plagued with thoughts of the hard cock she imagined earlier. As she bent over the filing cabinet, she imagined a pair of masculine hands grasping her hips as a throbbing hot member was thrust between her legs.

Sometime around three pm Molly had whittled away at her pile so she treated herself to a coffee break. The aroma of the coffee filled her nostrils as she made her way back from the lunchroom. As if it was waiting for her to be free the email icon flashed at her. Fatigue and worries about other tasks left her as she clicked on the tiny envelope. Even though she hadn’t given them a thought for a few hours suddenly her damp panties were at the front of her mind, along with the growing ache between her legs.

“You looked so fucking hot bent over that filing cabinet. I just wanted to walk up and grab that sweet round ass and press my hard on against it.”

Molly’s heart hammered in her chest. The burning ache was agony. She needed something in her dripping wet cunt; and she needed it right now. She glanced over her shoulder, wondering if he was watching, hoping against hope that she could identify the email sender. Every person in her line of sight seemed absorbed in their work. Her need was compelling. She stood up and made her way quietly to the ladies.

Quickly she walked to the end stall and closed the door behind her. Her panties hit the floor and she sat down with her feet hitched up. 

Clenching her teeth to hold in the groan she slid two fingers inside herself clenching around the digits. Quickly she fucked herself. There was no time for drawn out self-pleasure, she needed release. Her hand pounded into her cunt. With the fingers of her other hand she worked her clit. The orgasm came quickly and mercifully. She kept her lips pressed together to stop the whimper from escaping. Taking a few precious moments to settle her heartbeat and breathing Molly let the afterglow flood through her before she slid her panties back up her legs.

As she walked back to her desk, she felt calm and in control. The ache between her legs was still there but it was manageable now. The email icon on her screen flashed. She clicked.

“Did you just take yourself off for a little self-satisfaction?”

Molly wriggled on her chair, the control she had gained just ten minutes earlier started to slip.

“If had been there it would have been my cock in your cunt.”

A feeling of boldness washed over Molly. Her fingers flew over the keyboard, “Tell me where you are and I will come and fuck you right now.”

She pressed send without a second thought. Then she sat there staring at her screen unable to think of a single thing about work. Within moments the reply blinked back.

“Second office from the end. Close the door as you come in.”

Molly felt her legs go to jelly and the butterflies rise in her stomach. What was she thinking? How could she be so bold? Fears of the consequences of walking through the door. But that burning desire that had been building all week drove her forward. After the longest walk of her life she arrived at the door.

As she turned the handle she read the nameplate;

Cliff Burnside – Accounts Manager 

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