I started writing an article about body hair in response to this week’s Revelations prompt. Then I jotted this line as my thoughts coalesced.

“Maybe something about mullets”

The thought must have been a good one because a story came out of it.

I am not going to lie. The first thing I noticed about him was the hair. “Party at the back, business at the front.” After several years working at a trade college I had seen many iterations of a mullet. Teenagers are all about proving they are individuals by doing things they know adults don’t like but then seeking desperately to fit in by copying the people they think are cool. And so, at a school where hairstyles are not regulated there were some shockers. When I first became aware of the skullet I wasn’t a fan. But it grew on me. Maybe it was the boys who sported the hairstyle or maybe it was just a better version of a bad hairstyle. 

Whatever the reason I seemed to have a soft spot for this particular hairstyle and the one I spotted was glorious. The ‘business’ section looked freshly clipped while the ‘party’ section fell down over his shoulders in a thick cascade with just a slight wave. My palms itched to explore the possibilities of that hair. To tickle my senses with the soft prickles of the number one that stood up perfectly over the top of his head followed by the surge of power as I twisted those long locks around my fingers. 

As I sat with my friends chatting over a Friday afternoon drink I found my eyes being drawn back to the hairstyle more than once. He was sitting with his back to me enjoying the same ritual as myself. A social moment in the pub after work on Friday afternoon. Perhaps a pre-cursor to a Friday night of debauchery. As I made my way to the bar for a second drink he came and stood beside me waiting to order himself another beer. I stole a look at him. This bar, favoured by tradies like him wasn’t somewhere that I would normally hang out but my work friend always liked to go there. And so here I was checking out a tradie who, on closer inspection, was probably not much older than my son. 

“So, you are mates with Adam?” The sound of his voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned to look him square in the face and was dazzled by a pair of piercing blue eyes. A part of my brain registered that he was probably not much older than my son. 

“Yeh, we work together,” I replied. 

“Cool,” he nodded before turning to order a beer. “He is mates with my dad,”

Not for the first time I was amazed about the way this little community, a suburb of a larger city seemed somehow like a country town. 

“Fair enough.” I wasn’t sure what to say. I wanted to keep talking. Lets be honest. I wanted to rub my hand over the fresh looking crew cut. For a few moments our eyes locked. He seemed to be reading my thoughts. I felt a throb in my groin and a slight trickle of wetness between my thighs. Suddenly I regretted the drink I had just purchased. I wanted drag him off somewhere. Images of that head between my thighs filled my mind. I leaned against the bar to steady myself as I imagined pushing his eager young face against my cunt. 

Instead I made my way back to our table and sat sipping ginger beer and making conversation. My eye, wandered. It seemed so did that of my new friend. 

A short while later I finished my drink and said goodbye. It was time to meander home and investigate dinner. The skullet and his friends no doubt had cool, young person partying to get on with. 

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” His voice startled me. 

I turned and leaned against my car tilting my head slightly to look up at him. Those eyes pierced into me and his hair seemed to frame his chiselled face perfectly. Filthy images welled up in my mind. 

“You seemed busy,” I tried desperately to be cool hoping all the time my face wasn’t giving me away. 

Behind us a ute horn sounded and a group of young men called out, “C’mon, beers are waiting!” 

He handed me a business card, “I gotta go,” the horn sounded accompanied by raucous laughter.

“Bros before hos mate,” his friends were getting impatient. 

Awkwardly he bent and whispered in my ear, “I really want to eat your gorgeous thicc arse,” The stubble of his mullet brushed against my face and then he was gone, loping towards his friends and the promised beers. 


On a Promise

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

“What are you guys up to tonight?” It was a typical Friday afternoon kitchen conversation as we made tea.

“I am on a promise.” I gave my colleague a wink.

“Awesome,” she was enthusiastic, “Me too.”

We made some small talk as we waited for the kettle to boil. I mentioned heading out to party.

My friend frowned in confusion, “I don’t think you have the same promise as me.”

I paused considering how my friend would react if I told her the entire truth. Instinct told me that this was not the time for that conversation. The kettle saved me, clicking off as the water boiled. I made tea and gave a shrug, “You never know.”

With that I left her to ponder my comment.

Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

The big wooden door was slightly ajar enticing us in to the opulence of the club entrance. It must seem a little odd to the people on the street. A fancy door in a run down looking building in a run down part of the city. But it suited the people who knew what was behind there. Somewhere a little out of the way. Where people didn’t question what happened behind the door.

And so we went in. We paid our entrance fee and made ourselves comfortable. We played some Jenga and we got naked. Somewhere along the line I started talking to a shy guy. He was hesitant and quiet but he had a nice dick. A really nice dick. It felt good in my mouth as it slid all the way down my throat. I love the feel of having a mouth full of cock. It took me to my happy place. I had two delicious cocks to enjoy, one belonging to Shy Guy and one belonging to Mr Jones.

We found ourselves naked on a bed, the three of us. On another bed adjoining ours another couple amused themselves interacting with each other and watching us. Enjoying the stimulation of a live porn show. After enjoying their cocks and pleasing myself on his mouth I pushed the shy guy down on the bed so that I could ride his cock. It felt good sitting astride him as our ‘neighbours’ watched on, fondling each other.

Shy Guy flipped me over and fucked me hard. My hand gripped his beautiful round arse as he pumped his cock into me. He was so fucking sexy, This whole thing was fucking sexy. After a while he slowed and I turned my attention to Mr Jones. It was his turn to be pleasured by his goddess as she rocked her hips and rode his cock. All those twerk classes paid off as I found my rhythm. Somewhere I found the ability to ride a cock like a pro. It felt GOOD. Judging by the look on his face Mr Jones thought it felt GOOD too. Our neighbours and some other party people who stopped in for a look thought it looked GOOD. Beside us on the bed Shy Guy stroked himself. The whole room seemed to be bathed in sexy. THIS was the kind of promise I had been on and Mr Jones, swingers clubs and The Universe delivered.

As a post script I paid for the excessive sexual twerk fest the next day. It turns out that my hips and back did not appreciate the delivery of the promise. Still there are worse things to be suffering from after a party than a sex injury.

What Happened in Myers

William frowned, turning this way and that, examining himself in the change room mirror. He hated shopping. Today’s shopping was even worse. His wife had insisted he use his lunch hour to buy a shirt to wear to a wedding of his wife’s cousin. Someone he absolutely detested. He had argued that he had plenty of shirts but his wife was adamant that they were not. And so, here he was trying to decide which white shirt was the least unflattering. 

The sound of the door in the next cubicle opening interrupted his indecision,

“Which ones will we look at first?” a male voice asked.

“Try these,” a female voice answered. William’s heart skipped a beat. Was there actually a woman in the men’s change rooms? In the next cubicle to him? Watching another man trying on clothes? Suddenly William felt the need to cover himself as if the woman in the next cubicle was going to poke her head over the partition and start giving him advice about his fashion choices.

There was the sound of a belt buckle hitting the floor accompanied by a muffled giggle.

“Hmmm,” The female voice, so out of place filtered through the wall, “Maybe we should leave them off altogether.”

“Now why would we want to do that?” The male responded in a playful way.

Why indeed? William was wondering as he stood frozen by indecision in his cubicle. It seemed that the couple in the next cubicle were doing more than just trying on clothing and William was sure they didn’t need an eavesdropper. But just like a traffic accident he couldn’t help but listen in. He felt like a kid peeking through the window of the girl next door as she entertained her boyfriend.

“So I can do this,” the woman responded. Her voice was enticing, confirming William’s suspicions.

He heard the sound of a slow intake of breath from the other side of the partition. He felt his cock harden in response. Now he couldn’t leave, there was no way he could walk through Myers with a raging hard on.

“Good girl,” The man encouraged the woman softly, “That is almost perfect, just a little deeper.”

There was an answering whimper but even though he all but pressed his ear against the wall William didn’t hear any more sounds for what seemed like hours. There was the sound of rustling and soft whispers but he couldn’t make out any of the words.  Curiosity got the better of him and he found himself craning his neck to look underneath the petition. He couldn’t see much but what he saw only enticed him further.

A woman was kneeling on the floor in front of a man who seemed to be sitting on the seat near the mirror. All he could really see was feet and calves. It was enough to give him an idea but he wanted more. William stood up and leaned against the partition listening to the sighs and muffled whimpers coming from the cubicle next to him. His cock was like a rod in his pants. He unzipped himself and wrapped his fingers around himself.

“Fuck you look so beautiful sucking my cock like that,” William felt a jolt go through him at the sound of the man’s voice. “It makes me want to come all over your face,”

William couldn’t help himself now, he had to see. He stepped up on the seat in front of the mirror. With his heart pounding he peered over the top of the partition. The woman had red hair. William could see the man’s fingers twisted through it, pressing the woman’s face against his crotch.

“Good girl,” the man whispered. “You suck my cock so good.”

The woman’s whimpers seemed a little louder, her body undulating in time with the movement of her head. William reached down and began stroking himself urgently. He wanted that mouth pressing against his belly with those red lips opened wide. He watched as she gagged softly against the man, her body shuddering. William wanted to feel her throat close over him as he pushed his cock down her throat. She tilted her head upwards so that she could look at her lover. It was the most erotic thing William had ever seen. Her blue eyes intently fixed on the man as she knelt at his feet and filled her mouth with his cock. William’s hand moved frantically up and down his own shaft, he could feel his orgasm rising. The man held the woman’s head still as he thrust himself into her mouth whispering praise to her as she gagged on his cock.

“Good girl, you are so beautiful, you suck my cock so well. Do you want to taste my cum?”

William slowly let out a quiet sigh. He could feel the pressure of his cum almost at the base of his cock. He braced himself, his hand was shuffling up and down his shaft frantically. The thrill of watching the unsuspecting couple, the taboo of a woman in the men’s change rooms was almost unbearable.

“Are you ready?” The voice beside him asked.

Fuck yessssss” the voice in William’s head screamed.

There was a muffled moan as the man emptied himself into her mouth. She held his cock carefully in her mouth. William could see her throat working as she swallowed his cum. He leaned back against the wall as the heat of his orgasm shuddered through him. A gob of white cum covered his hand and smeared across the front of the shirt he had been trying on. All of the tension he had been carrying when he walked into the store ebbed away. Beside him he heard the couple whispering.

“That was so hot,” the man stroked his girlfriend’s hair.

“Yes it was.” The woman replied. “I bet you don’t get that on every first date.”

First date!” the words rang through William’s head.

“Not always the man laughed. But it never hurts to ask.”

This story is a re-worked entry from Erotic Adventures and is part of “I’ve Had Sex Here”. You can visit the page for links to other entries in the series.

Office Dare

Photo by Handy Wicaksono on Unsplash

“Morning Ladies,” Fred, the delivery man, strode into the foyer of the accounting firm where Julie and Lisa worked together on the front desk.

“Good morning Fred,” Julie smiled invitingly as she stood up to sign the delivery docket. 

“Only one this morning?” her eyebrow raised.

“Yep one little monogamous parcel for Mr T Watt.” Fred winked. 

Julie smirked as beside her Lisa made a strangled sound before answering her phone.

“I think monogamy is overrated,” Julie continued, ignoring her colleague’s plight on the telephone beside her. “Why limit yourself to one flavour for the rest of your life?” 

Fred nodded. His face revealed nothing but there was a twinkle in his eyes as he replied,

“And what flavour do you prefer most of the time?” Fred winked at Lisa still trapped in her phone call. Lisa pressed her lips together and held her nose to stop herself from laughing.

“In milkshakes?” Julie was completely focussed on Fred. “Cherry Ripe,” she continued without waiting for a response, ”because it is two completely different flavours mixed together to create one amazing experience.”  

Beside her Lisa bid her customer farewell in a completely professional manner.

“Personally I prefer carrot juice,” Fred replied. “The carrot is such a versatile vegetable, many different uses.” He nodded at Lisa, “Have a good day luv,” and then he left.

As the door swung shut behind him Julie collapsed in a fit of giggles. 

“You are impossible,” Lisa shoved her friend gently. 

“You are just as bad,” Julie replied. “Do you think I haven’t noticed those little tops you have been wearing to impress him. And sitting there with your arms pressing your tits together while you were on the phone this morning. I don’t know why you don’t just ask him to go into the stationery room and fuck you.” 

“Shaddup!” Lisa’s face flushed red. 

Their banter was interrupted by a series of ringing phones. Thoughts of milkshakes and carrots went out of the window as the two girls answered phones, directed visitors, photocopied, typed and filed. The morning passed in a flurry of activity until a lull a half an hour before lunch. Lisa gathered a sheaf of papers that had been dumped in her in-tray and stood up from her chair,

“I am just going to do this photocopying while it is a bit quiet,”

Julie was immersed in her computer screen, “OK see you in a bit.”

Ten minutes later Lisa stood beside the photocopier, lost in her fantasies. She had the hots for Fred right from the first day he had walked through that door with four parcels and those shorts. Those shorts looked just as good coming as they did going. Every time he walked through the door she couldn’t help looking at the bulge there and wondering what she could do with that. Every time he left she thought about gripping that ass as he fucked her hard. Julie came past on her way to the lunch room,

“I am just going for lunch now,” Julie stopped and stood very close to Lisa. She looked down at her colleague’s cleavage before stroking the neckline of her top with one finger.  “Yep two flavours at once is definitely the way to go.” She murmured before she walked off. 

Lisa leaned against the photocopier to steady herself. Thoughts of Julie and Fred naked in bed with her whirled through her mind. Her nipples pressed against her bra and her skin tingled where Julie had stroked her. There was an ache in her groin and a dampness in her panties.

Back at her desk Lisa found a carrot with a post it note from Julie. 

“Enjoy,” was written with a smiley face next to it. Lisa gave a chuckle and sat down with the innocent(?) vegetable resting on her thigh. With Julie at lunch she was alone and tried her best to focus on her screen but the feeling in her panties distracted her. With one hand she stroked the soft skin of her inner thigh, allowing her fingers to brush against her damp panties. Then the phone rang with a long sigh dispelling her sexual tension Lisa pushed aside her fantasies and answered the phone in her best professional voice. The carrot became a pre-lunch snack.  

The following morning Julie greeted Lisa with a smug look. Almost immediately after the computers were booted up Lisa’s IM pinged. 

“There is a load of stationery due this morning.” The words blinked across Lisa’s screen. She frowned of course she knew that but why was Julie reminding her?

So?” She typed back.

Wanna see what Fred keeps down his shorts?” Lisa stole a sideways glance at Julie who was looking straight at her daring her. 

Maybe,” she responded.

“When the paper gets here just do the helpless female thing and get him to help you put it in the store room. I am sure you will be able to work out what to do from there.” 

Lisa’s heart thumped in her chest. This was way beyond a few flirty jokes. This was daring on a completely different level. Was she up to the challenge? Minutes before Fred was due to arrive Julie grabbed her handbag and stood up. 

“I am just going to get us some coffees,” The tone of her voice was completely innocent but Lisa could tell from the look in her eyes that coffee was the last thing on her mind.

The buzzer announced Fred’s arrival. 

“Big load of paper this morning,” he commented, presenting his delivery docket to Lisa. “Where’s Julie?”

“Oh she went to get coffee.” Lisa rolled her eyes, “Probably so she didn’t have to help me lug all this inside.” She paused for a moment, working up the courage to ask the next question, “Listen can I get you to help me with the paper?” Lisa smiled weakly at him, she could feel a slight flush in her cheeks and a definite throb in her panties.

Fred didn’t miss a beat, ”Sure.”

Lisa looked down for a moment. His shorts seemed more enticing this morning. “The stationery room is this way.” She opened the doorway beside their desk.

Fred wheeled his trolley through, “Now I feel privileged.” He quipped, “I am seeing how the other half live.”

Lisa led the way to the store room and opened the door. Fred wheeled his trolley through and Lisa followed him in, shutting the door behind her. 

“I would really appreciate it if you could stack in on the shelf,” Lisa hoped she didn’t look like a lovesick puppy.

Fred looked at her for a moment before he turned towards the trolley, “Sure thing,” 

He began stacking paper on the shelf. For a few moments Lisa allowed herself the luxury of watching his butt stretch out his shorts as he bent and lifted. Then, without a word she stepped forward and slipped her hands around his waist.

Fred paused for a moment in his work straightening up before he reached down and released his belt and zipper. He guided her hands downwards pressing them against his hard cock.

“Is that what you wanted?” his voice was hoarse. 

“Yes,” Lisa whispered. With one hand she gripped his cock and with the other she guided his hands up her thighs to her crotch.

“You are a dirty girl then aren’t you?” Fred’s fingers caressed her silky wetness. Lisa gave a soft moan of pleasure. Fred turned so that they were facing each other. With his spare hand he slipped inside her bra and pinched her nipple gently. “You know I can’t stay long, I have to get back to my other customers,”

“Just as long as you make this customer happy first.” Lisa turned and bent over the table in the middle of the room. so that she was bent over the table in the middle of the room. Her skirt rode up over her round butt, displaying her inviting, wet opening.  

For a moment she thought he had left but then she felt his hands on her hips and his cock buried deep inside her. 

“You really are a naughty minx,” he grunted in pleasure as he thrust himself deep inside her. 

Lisa gipped the table bracing herself against his hard thrusts. Pleasure flooded through her heightened by the fear that someone would open the door opposite them and catch them. 

“Are you ready to take my load?” Fred’s words took her attention. 

Lisa arched her back in response, “Fill me up,”

Fred didn’t need a second invitation. She could feel his cock pulsing as he emptied himself inside her. Elation buzzed through Lisa as she listened to his quiet intense grunts. For a few seconds he rested against her kissing the back of her neck. 

“I really need to get going,” his voice broke the silence. He stepped back from her letting his cock slide out of her. Lisa hurriedly pulled up her panties. 

“Next time I am going to eat the lovely cunt of yours,” And with those words he grabbed his trolley and walked out the door. 

Back at the front desk Lisa found a coffee beside her keyboard. 

“Did you get everything sorted back there?” The question was so innocent but held so much more meaning. 

“Sort of,” Lisa took a sip of coffee, “I think I might need a hand to finish it off later.” She opened her desk drawer and took out a box of Favourites. “Cherry Ripe?” She asked her friend. 

Their eyes met. The counter dare was given and taken as Julie took a shiny red package from the box, “Don’t mind if I do,” 


Joined at the Hip

Photo by Felipe Bustillo on Unsplash

They were best friends. “Joined at the hip” her mother would say.  Since they had started having sleepovers in kindy they had slept in the same bed. No one had ever questioned two little girls cuddling down to go to sleep dressed in the matching pyjamas they had always insisted on. They went everywhere together. When the long summer holidays came around they spent almost every minute of every day together enjoying the freedoms of living in a small town they were able to ride their bikes wherever they pleased. One favourite place was a water hole in a creek on Piper’s father’s farm. Almost no-one else went there which made it like their secret spot. One day as they were lounging on the rocks beside the water Hallie made the statement,

“Lets swim naked!”

Piper giggled

“What if someone sees?”

“There is no-one here. If you don’t say anything no-one will know,” Hallie was always the adventurous one.”


The girls shimmied out of their clothing, leaving their skimpy summer dresses scattered on the warm rocks. Piper stole a glance at her friend standing with her arms up enjoying the warm sun on her skin. High firm breasts stood to attention above her smooth honey coloured stomach. Something deep in Piper’s belly burned as her eyes dropped lower and she noticed her friend’s completely smooth mound. 

“Hallie!” She exclaimed, “Why did you shave your kitty?” 

The moment of sun worship passed and Hallie dropped her arms to her sides as she shrugged. 

“Brett asked me to,” The answer was so carefully casual. 


“He reckons it makes it feel better when he fucks me.” 

“Does it?” Piper pressed her legs together. The thought of her friend fucking was making her own kitty tingle in that way it did sometimes when she thought about Hallie naked. Usually just before she touched herself, in the dark, before she went to sleep at night. 

“I dunno,” Hallie seemed bored with the conversation. 

With her heart thundering in her ears Piper stepped a little closer to her friend. 

“Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with a girl?” Piper couldn’t believe she asked this question. She could feel Hallie’s breath on her face. All she could focus on was her friend’s perfect lips. She ached to kiss them. 

For the longest time Hallie didn’t answer. She looked into her friend’s eyes but Piper couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Piper thought her heart was going to burst out of her chest. And then it happened. The thing she had imagined all of those times, in the dark, before she went to sleep. Hallie’s naked body was against hers, their lips were mashed together. Hallie’s hard nipples pressed against her own chest. Piper could hardly breathe. 

Hallie pulled her down onto their towels and clothes. For long moments they lay there beside each other staring up at the sky their arms close enough that they could feel each other’s head but not touching. Piper twitched her finger closer and Hallie’s. Hallie moved her hand so that it was resting on Piper’s thigh. Piper’s mind whirled. Now what? She asked herself. 

Hallie propped herself up and looked down into her friend’s face. She trailed her fingers along Piper’s jawline and down her neck.

“Your skin is so soft,” her voice was hoarse. “I never thought kissing a girl would feel like that,” 

Tentatively Piper reached out and touched Hallie’s nipple. Here eyes widened in awe as the dusky pink bud hardened under her touch. 

“I have always wanted to kiss you,” she felt incredibly shy. More than she ever had with anyone, let alone this person who she spent almost her whole life with. 

Hallie’s fingers trailed down Pipers belly to rest in the wiry hair covering her kitty. “If we do this, things will never be the same.” Her eyes were burning into Piper’s

Without any conscious thought Piper opened her legs further and arched her hips, inviting Hallie’s finger to trail deeper. The clamour of her body drowned out any responsible thoughts from her mind. “Perhaps it will be better,” she gasped as she gripped her friend’s hand and pushed it down into her warm wet slit. 

Piper groaned and writhed as Hallie’s fingers stroked her folds. It felt so much better than she had ever fantasised. So much better than when Nathan Holmes had drunkenly groped her against the shed at her mother’s birthday. She pulled herself up and pushed Hallie down so that she could press her own fingers between Hallie’s legs. It felt amazing, so warm and inviting. For what seemed like forever she watched her friend’s face as she stroked and explored. Little animal noises fell from Hallie’s lips. Piper had never seen her so vulnerable. Usually she was the brash, tough one. But in this moment the roles were reversed. 

Piper moved downwards to lie between Hallie’s legs. With her fingers she pulled back Hallie’s vulva exposing the glistening pink bud underneath.

“What are you doing?” Hallie tried to pull her knees together.

“I don’t know but I promise I won’t hurt you,” Piper was mesmerised by the sight and scent of her friend from this angle. The tip of her tongue touched Hallie’s swollen clitoris. The connection sent a jolt through both their bodies. With little flicks of her tongue Piper tasted all of Hallie, working her way down one side of her pink pussy before dipping her tongue into the deep well in the centre. Hallie’s hands alternated between pushing Piper’s face against her crotch to pushing her forehead away when things got too intense. To Piper reality faded into the background as her friend’s pleasure ebbed and flowed. The final wave came crashing down as Piper was sucking on Hallies swollen clit while pressing her fingers inside her soaking cunt. A small jet of salty juice filled her mouth as guttural groans announced Hallie’s pleasure to the watching bush. 

The two girls lay back on the rock looking upward at the sky, lost in their own thoughts. Piper could feel her own pussy throbbing aching for release. She remembered the vibrator she had bought online, sitting at home in her underwear drawer, hidden from her family. Before she even realised she was imagining how it would be if Hallie used it on her. The thought shocked her a little. Never had she let her lesbian fantasies about her lifelong friend go that far. Heat burned in her cheeks as she wondered how things would be now. Would Hallie be weird with her? Was Hallie having the same feelings the whole time? 

“Piper Malone I hate you right now,” Hallie’s voice broke the silence and made Piper’s heart drop out of her chest.

“Why?” She managed to force the word out of her dry mouth.

“Because Brett never made me feel like that and now I want to watch every lesbian porn movie we can find so we can do all the lesbian stuff together.”

For a moment Piper felt more questions bubbling up. But she decided to push them down and seize the moment. 

“I have this vibrator at home.” 

Bringing In the New Year With a Bang – Part 2

My first post for Revelations was a diary of a New Year’s camping expedition Mr Jones and I embarked on. As promised there are further installments and this is one.

Saturday Afternoon

It had arrived. The last day of 2022. Getting back to nature meant no escaping the mid-summer sunrise that happened at 4 am. Someone forgot to close the tent flap it seems. Once that was rectified we were able to sleep until a more respectable hour of 7am. The day was lazy with not a lot happening. Some socialising. A little walk to the creek. Afternoon drinks under the shady trees in the creek bed with our feet dabbling in the water. 

The arrival of Neon Wax Man caused some excitement. I had witnessed his work several times and Mr Jones even was a subject last time we had seen him but I could never bring myself to be brave. Wax and I have a very mottled relationship. Maybe one day. This didn’t stop the enthusiasm of some of the other people at the event. 

The afternoon meandered to a close. People enjoyed the outdoor showers and bathtub, cooked dinner and readied themselves to party in the new year. I had never been to a New Year’s celebration like this one I was unsure of what to expect As the sun began to slide toward the horizon we wandered over to the main fire. The place where all the action will happen. We were a little earlier than most but there were a couple of people. I found myself in conversation with a man I had chatted (read flirted with) with a few times. Other women had told me that he was good at massage. When he offered a massage I decided to take him up on his offer. 

His reputation was not unfounded. His hands on my back were strong but gentle. He probed my muscles finding spots that had long needed attention. I enjoyed the feeling and felt tension leaving my body. I wished that I had the discipline to find and make regular appointments with a pair of hands like this. 

“You are not asleep yet?” His voice was gentle in my ear.

I roused myself with a smile. Despite the flirting between us the massage so far had been the opposite of sexual. 

“Would you like to turn over,” There was a small smile on his face. 

With a nod I obliged. He continued with the non-sexual approach. Starting at my feet he began to work oil into the soles of my feet and heels. It is amazing how your body can respond to stimulation in this area. He continued to work his way up my claves and legs, Around me the sky began to turn orange and the cicadas began to sing. Slowly fingers began to work their way up my thighs. I kept my eyes closed absorbing the attention. Not for the first time I wished for more regular attention to my muscles. 

Then I felt his fingers running across the top of my thighs. Grazing my outer labia, teasing just a little. Without a comment or any fanfare we tripped over the line from very good vanilla to a very new experience. His skilled fingers stroked and stimulated my yoni in a way I had not experienced before. The tension that had been building between us since we had met way back in October reached a crescendo. 

As has become my habit I worked to control myself. I was conscious of not squirting all over the towels covering the massage table we were using. I worry about making laundry for other people. 

“I can feel you holding back,” His voice was deep in my ear. 

“I know,” I replied. “It is OK.”

“You don’t have to do that though,” 

I sat up and wrapped my legs around his hips pulling him closer to me. I could feel his hard cock resting against my open, wet pussy. I allowed myself to tease him a little. While he had massaged I had wrapped my fingers around his cock, exploring him. I was interested to note a piercing near his frenulum. Not a Prince Albert, something different. I haven’t ever fucked a man with a piercing before. 

His cock slipped into my wet, hungry opening. I allowed myself to be lost in the moment. It was a weird kind of feeling. I was conscious that the night hadn’t even begun. It wasn’t even properly dark. Celebrations for the evening were still to commence. But I didn’t want to cut our fun short. 

We held each other close and his cock moved inside my body. I was torn. I wanted the full experience of this cock. But something was making me hold back. The time was not right for this. I let things ebb away a little and we held each other closely as more people gathered around the fire. There would be time in the future for more exploration. Right now the excitement of New Year’s Eve was upon us. 

If you missed the first instalment you can read about it here.

Friday Flashback – Nice Girls

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

She sits across from the table. Perfectly nice. Perfectly innocent. She wears a demure dress with a conservative neckline. Her skirts are never too short or too tight. Her makeup is always subdued and she never wears too much eyeliner or lipstick that is too bright. When you chat with her she smiles politely and looks demurely downwards. Everything about her screams, “Marry me and lets live in a perfect house and make beautiful children”. While you share your morning coffee she laughs at your bad jokes and leans forward as you speak. Touching the pearls around her neck. She makes you feel as if you are the only man in the world.

What never occurs to you is the way she presses her thighs together as thoughts of your cock flit though her mind. You can’t imagine that she would open those perfect pink lips and ram them down over your cock like she was starving for it. That you twisting her hair in your fist would make her suck even harder.  

As you chat and sip coffee in a perfectly polite way you see her eyes dart to the side. At the counter buying a brew is a young man in a suit. The fabric of his pants fits snugly over his ass. When you glance back to her she is sitting perfectly straight looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but there is an animal look in her eyes. It makes you wonder. 

The young man pays for his coffee and turns towards you. He pauses for a moment to say good morning to her. She gives him the same demure smile that she gives you. Her face is exactly level with his crotch as he stands beside her seat. Her tongue is resting on her lips and you notice that her knuckles have whitened as she grips her cup. For a second you allow yourself to see her differently. You wonder what her arse would look like naked and inviting you to fuck her as she sucked the young man’s cock.

The young man says good bye and she looks back you you all perfect niceness and twin set and pearls. The two of you chat about the weather and the stock market for a few more minutes then you finish your coffee and walk out of the shop together. On the street you go your separate ways. As she walks up the street you watch her neat round ass in her knee length skirt. She is going to her reception desk where she will smile at people all day and talk politely to the customers on the phone. Everyone in her office likes her because she is so nice. What they, and you, don’t for a second realise is that sometimes she sits at her desk with a butt plug in her ass because she likes the feeling. No one knows that she always carries a sleek silver bullet in her handbag “for emergencies” which happen almost every lunch break and sometimes in between.

Nobody at her work would ever know that she fucks at least one guy, usually two, sometimes three and a woman if she gets a chance, almost every other weekend. Nobody would ever dream of her sucking a cock like she was starving for it or putting her ass in the air begging you to fuck her senseless like the perfect slut that she is. Everybody thinks she is a nice girl.  

From the Vault – Afternoon Delight

I wasn’t expecting to post today but as I scrolled through some old entries from another time I came across this. It was too good not to share.

“Good Afternoon Ray,” Meryl opened the door wide. “You are just in time for banana cake.” 

“Oooohh I do like a good banana cake,” Ray leaned forward and kissed Meryl on the cheek. He allowed himself a glance downwards at the cleavage that was neatly concealed between the neat floral dress.

“I do like your dress,” he commented with a wink, “that fabric compliments your eyes.”Meryl laughed as she led the way into the kitchen. A little flush coloured her cheeks as she fussed around arranging tea things on a tray. She passed a plate of neatly cut cake to Ray.

“Would you mind?” she lifted the tray and moved towards the lounge room. 

“I never mind anything about you,” Ray followed her the short way, his eyes fixed on her ass. The soft fabric clung to her butt emphasising the movement as she walked. Balancing the tray on one hand Ray reached forward and gently cupped her butt in the palm of his hand.

“Ray!” Meryl chided, “You will make me spill the tea!”

He refused to be ashamed, “Well you should not have such an inviting ass,”

“My goodness what would Deanna say?” Meryl placed the tray on the coffee table and seated herself demurely on the sofa. 

“She would just roll her eyes and say ‘See what I have to live with.” Ray placed his plate carefully beside the tray and sat next to Meryl with his knee touching hers. 

“Well she deserves a medal for living with someone as incorrigible as you for so long!” Meryl filled his teacup and placed a slice of cake on the saucer before handing it to him.

 “If I didn’t think you had a secret longing for someone so incorrigible I would not have dropped by,” Ray took a bite out of his cake, “despite the fact that you make excellent banana cake.” He watched her as he chewed slowly. This was the biggest turn on of all. Making this reserved, demure woman so flustered was hot. Ray felt his cock stirring as he watched the blush on Meryl’s cheeks deepen.Meryl picked up her own cup and took a sip,

“Your azaleas are looking lovely,” she forced herself to ignore Ray’s hand resting on her knee. Without moving his hand Ray looked out of the window to his garden across the street.

“Yes this year I think Deanna has excelled herself with them.” As he spoke he pushed the fabric of her dress above her knee and rested his hand on her bare thigh.

“I wish I had the patience that she has with such finicky plants.” There was a small quaver in Meryl’s voice but she steadfastly kept her eyes on the window in front of them. 

“Well after forty years with me and four sons she is one of the most patient women that I know,” Ray drank the last of his tea and set his cup down on the saucer. “Personally I would rather direct my attention towards flowers that are somewhat more exotic.” He slid down off the couch and placed his body between Meryl’s legs.

Taking a deep breath as he slowly lifted the skirt of her dress. His fingers caressed the soft skin of her thighs. Meryl gave a little whimper and she fell back on the sofa. Her legs fell further apart inviting Ray in. He placed his mouth over her crotch nibbling at her mound through the fabric of her panties. Meryl lost all of her composure and thrust her pelvis towards his face. Ray sat up from her and slid his finger under the elastic, nestling it into the dampness of her crotch. The last vestiges of composure slipped away from Meryl’s face as she pressed Ray’s hand hard into her crotch. Her head was thrown back and her mouth opened as she whimpered in pleasure. Ray pressed his fingers into her wet opening. Inside his pants his cock throbbed. He stood up and unzipped himself. Meryl watched greedily as he slid his pants to the ground and eased his cock out of his boxers. 

“What should I do with this now?” he asked as he stood in front of her holding his cock. Meryl didn’t answer. Instead she stood and slipped out of her panties before kneeling on the sofa in front of him with her butt in the air. Her dress slipped down around her waist. 

“Now that is the kind of flower I was talking about,” Ray stepped forward and touched her clit with the tip of his finger before he stroked her with the tip of his cock. She backed towards him aching for him to fill her.

“Mrs Rogers!” I thought you were such a nice lady with your tea and banana cake but you are just a common cock hungry slut!” Ray’s voice teased her.Meryl looked over her shoulder at him,

“The cake and tea are just a ruse.” She smiled wickedly at him, “Now shut up and fuck me!” 

Ray stepped forward and gripped her hips firmly as he pressed his member deep inside her. She groaned in pleasure as he began to fuck her slowly at first but then harder. The room filled with the sound of her moans of pleasure and Ray’s belly slapping against her ass. “You like that cock deep in your pussy?” he panted as he pounded her.

“You know I do,” she groaned in response. A small stream of wetness coated his cock and balls as a tiny orgasm shuddered through her. Ray felt the pressure building at the base of his cock. He held it back enjoying the feeling of the impending orgasm. He gripped Meryl’s ass firmly as he leaned forward to whisper to her,

“Are you ready to be filled with my hot cum?” 

“MUUUUUM!!” A shrill voice interrupted her reply. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”

Ray was past the point of no return. His cock pulsed as he emptied himself into Meryl but the wave of the orgasm was flat as he took in the indignant young woman standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the sitting room. Beneath him Meryl shuddered in response to him breathing heavily with her head hanging down. Silence bounced around the room as the three people adjusted to the unexpected encounter.

Meryl was the first to recover.“Well dear,” she said calmly without moving away from Ray, “Mr Crowther and I have this arrangement.”

The young woman standing in the doorway’s eyes widened as her mother spoke.

“On Thursdays he comes around for an afternoon delight.” Meryl made no effort to move away from Ray as his cock softened rapidly in her dripping wet pussy. Transfixed by the exchange between mother and daughter Ray stood still gripping Meryl’s hips. His cock slid out of her pussy but still he didn’t move.

“What would Dad say?” The young woman demanded.

“Not much I expect,” Meryl’s calm voice continued. “I believe he has a similar arrangement with Mrs Blythe two doors down.”

From the Vault – Softly Softly

It has been a while since I posted something from the archives of Erotic Adventures. When I opened the page this one was at the top of the list.

Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash

My name is Layla my boyfriend’s name is Seb. We have been going out for about six months now and it has been great. Seb isn’t like the other boys he is quiet and kinda nerdy. He does nice things for me. Like the other day I was walking the the bus and the strap on my bag broke. My books went everywhere. People were pushing me as I tried to pick up my stuff then frigging Lucy Smythe called me a loser and stood there with her friends laughing at me. Seb came along and helped me. He picked up my books and carried my broken bag to the bus without saying anything. No one at school knows he is my boyfriend. We decided to keep it a secret because we didn’t want people giving us shit at lunchtime or writing stupid stuff about us on the toilet walls.

On the weekends I usually go to Seb’s house. We have the place to ourselves because his mum works at Big W and doesn’t get home until six. His Dad doesn’t live with them which suits Seb just fine. He says his dad is a loser. So I go to his place around lunchtime and we usually hang out in his room listening to the radio and talking. My Mum thinks we are studying and sometimes we do. Seb is amazing at science; he says he wants to do cancer research when he finishes school. I just want to pass and get a job.

So we hang out in his room and listen to songs on the radio. Sometimes we lie on his bed and he puts his arm around me. The first time we kissed I had to kiss him. He is really shy but it was nice, soft and gentle, not trying to eat my face like some of the other boys I dated. When he touches me it is like he is afraid he is going to hurt me. He slips his hand inside my shirt and strokes my boob through my bra. Honestly some days he goes so slow and soft I feel like I am gonna turn inside out. One day I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down so he could put his hand inside my knickers. He was so shocked but I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to. When he touched me there it was the weirdest feeling. I had never let a guy do that before. Stupid Josh Patterson had tried to grope me through my jeans once when he was drunk at a party but I kicked him in the nuts. We broke up after that. 

Seb’s dick is amazing. The first time I held it I was so shocked at how something could be so warm and soft and still hard at the same time. I love stroking it and playing with the stuff that comes out of the end when he is hard. One day I pulled back his foreskin and kissed the tip. I thought it would taste yuck but it didn’t taste like much at all just a bit salty, he smelled like soap. Afterwards he told me he always showered just before I came so he would smell nice for me. After I kissed the tip like that I kind of sucked him into my mouth. He groaned so loud I thought his brother was going to come in to see what was wrong. After that we turned the radio up a bit louder, just in case. He wouldn’t let me suck him for too long. He was worried he was going to cum and he didn’t know if I would like that in my mouth. I was glad about that. I don’t think I would like it in my mouth either. 

Last week we were lying on his bed and he was kissing me. His hand went down into my jeans. I helped him a bit and unzipped them for him. He was feeling brave and pushed them right down and my knickers as well. He watched my face as he started to feel around down there. He has learned a little bit about what to do there and he knows where to put his fingers to make me feel good. This day he played with my clit a little bit then he put his fingers inside me. I tried not to make a noise but I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and put my hand inside his jeans. His dick was hard as a rock. I put my fingers around and moved my hand up and down the way he liked. 

“Would you like it if I put that inside you instead of my finger?” he asked me quietly. 

I thought for a moment. “I dunno,” I kept moving my hand and he began to move his fingers in and out of me.

“OK,” he said. “I just wanted to tell you that I would like to do that with you. But we don’t have to.” 

He put his thumb on my clit. He had found that little move on the net and had tried it on me the week before. I wasn’t sure if I liked it then but this day I loved it. I thought about his dick inside me. I was scared and excited about it at the same time. All the things I had read in magazines and heard the girls at school say made me think it wouldn’t be that great. Some people even said it hurt. But then if it wasn’t that great how come so many people wanted to do it all the time. The people in the movies always looked like they were having a great time. I trusted Seb. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me and I was starting to think I loved him.

“Have you got a thing?” I asked. I didn’t want to say the word. Last year for a joke someone had blown up some condoms and used them as balloons at Julie Bank’s party. When I touched them they felt disgusting.

“What?” he frowned. 

“You know,” I felt embarrassed, “A thing for your dick.” 

The frown disappeared. “Well I hope you don’t mind but yes I do.” He reached into his bedside table and pulled out a box. It was opened.

“Did you already use one?” I asked.

“Only for practise,” he looked sheepish. That was so Seb; the ultimate boy scout, prepared for everything. 

He took out a little square packet and put it on the bed between us. Suddenly I felt more scared than I had ever felt and at the exact same moment more excited than ever. He pulled his jeans down so that I could see his dick properly. He was so hard and a little bead of wet stuff shone at the tip. 

“Do you want this?” he held up the packet. 

I opened my mouth. All the warnings from the sex-ed teachers and my parents to wait and not be one of ‘those’ girls flashed before my eyes. Then I looked into Seb’s eyes and all I could think about was his gentle hands that had never hurt me and how when I was with him I felt like nothing could touch me. “Yes,” I whispered. 

He ripped open the packet. It seemed like everything went in slow motion. His hands were shaking as he took out the little rubber wheel and put it over his dick. I pulled down my jeans. They got caught over my ankles and I had to bend down to ease them off. When I straightened up he was lying there naked except for the rubber covering his dick. I felt so awkward and didn’t know where to lie or put my hands until he took my hand and pulled me close to him. We were both breathing hard and he was shaking so much. He rolled on top of me taking his weight on his hands and looking down at me. I could feel his dick between my legs pressing against my thighs. 

“Are you ready?” he asked as he kissed me.

“Yes,” I answered straight away. I was never more ready for anything. 

He moved a little, “You need to open your legs further,” he whispered. 

“Oh yeh,” I felt so frigging awkward. Like when I was trying to learn to ride a bike. How did the people on the TV make this look so easy? 

“It’s OK.” Seb kissed me again. “It doesn’t matter what happens I will still love you.” 

He reached down and I could feel him fumbling a little with himself then I felt his dick pressing against me. It wasn’t anything like his finger. I felt myself stretching a little as he pressed against me, it stung but at the same time I wanted it so much. He pressed into me a little more,

“Is this OK?” his face had a weird look of concentration and concern on it. 

“Yes,” I reached up and stroked the side of his face. He pressed harder and I felt him easing inside me. I whimpered a little at the sting but at the same time I felt amazing. I kissed him as he pulled out and pushed back in. He started moving faster, in and out. He was touching me in ways he had never done before. I forgot the sting and got caught up in the rhythm. His eyes were closed and he made little grunting noises as he pressed into me. I could feel something building up in me it was intense. My mind was whirling around trying to take in all the things that were happening to me. 

Seb moaned and I felt him go stiff on top of me. Between my legs I could feel him pulsing and then he relaxed on top of me. He lay there for a few moments panting. “That was amazing,” he kissed me and stroked my face. I wriggled a little under him, he was getting heavy.

 “Sorry,” he muttered and rolled off me. “Hang on,” he got of the bed and pulled to condom off. I watched him as he cleaned himself with a tissue. My hand reached down and I felt around my vag and clit. When I touched myself I felt how huge I was and I groaned a little.

“Here let me help you,” he lay down beside me and touched me. I lay back and let him stroke me. I have never cum so hard as I did then.

Afterwards we lay holding each other too stunned to think. My mind was almost splitting open with what we had done. The Little Mix song “Change Your Life” was playing on the radio.