Lily’s Awakening – Part 2

Lily has met an enigmatic woman at her office. Spending time in the company of this woman while her lover is away has awakened unfamiliar erotic fantasies.

“My flight has been changed. I won’t be home for another couple of days.”

It was a message Lily was becoming all too familiar with. Until she met Howard she had no idea how frustrating the FIFO lifestyle could be. Sure, the money was great but no-one ever talked about the way the large pay packet seemed to give the mining companies the right to mess with their worker’s lives.

She sighed deeply and poured herself a wine before settling in to the couch ready to chat on the phone for their nightly catch up. Being apart so much made things more regimented. The nightly phone call had to be timed so that they were both in a place where they could take time to chat. For Howard it meant he could make sure he had privacy. As much privacy as you could get in a tiny room with paper thin walls.

The conversation tonight was strained. Howard was tired and frustrated. Lily missed him and wished he could be home with her like a regular boyfriend but she didn’t want to tell him how she felt because she didn’t want to make him feel worse.

They hung up, Lily poured herself another wine and went to make a bath. Sinking into the scalding water Lily took a deep breath and let her body relax. Taking a sip of wine she opened her legs and let the warmth penetrate her cunt. The sensations turned Lily’s thoughts to Jenna. Over the last week a small girl crush had been developing. At all sorts of odd times Lily had found herself thinking about the enigmatic woman. Today Jenna had worn an open necked shirt with her snug fitting suit pants. The buttons of her shirt had been opened enough to show the casual observer a hint of the breasts nestling beneath.

Lily had been intrigued. She had caught herself trying to assess Jenna’s cleavage more than once. Lying in the warm bath she she had allowed herself to fantasise about what the other woman’s breast would feel like in her palm. She placed her wine carefully on the side of the bath and slid her hand down between her thighs. Her legs fell apart and water swirled around her labia.

A mental image of kissing Jenna filled Lily’s mind. A throb of excitement passed through her cunt. Slowly her fingers reached down stroking her folds, tracing around her swelling clit. She imagined the softness of kissing another woman and the way Jenna’s round ass would fit into her hand as their bodies pressed together. Under the water of her bath Lily stroked her swelling clit before sliding her fingers down to the warm slickness of her opening. What would a woman’s tongue feel like on her pussy?

An image of Jenna’s dark hair between her thighs filled Lily’s mind. Her fingers dipped deeper into her cunt stroking the places that resonated with her. She imagined Jenna’s tongue stroking her clit as her fingers penetrated her. A feeling of pressure began nudging at the edges of Lily’s mind. Her other hand slipped downwards and began to stroke her clit as her other fingers slipped in and out of her cunt.

Her breathing became deeper and harder as her arousal built her fingers dipped faster and deeper, pressing against the sensitive spot at the opening of her cunt. A deep need to be filled took over and Lily penetrated herself with all of her fingers. Her fingers pressed hard on her clit working frantically. Warmth spread through her as the orgasm washed through her.

For long moments Lily lay back enjoying the warmth. Around her body the bath water cooled and her wine began to warm in its glass. As the afterglow faded Lily was left with a deeper hunger. She needed to be fucked. She made her way to the kitchen to refresh her drink before making her way to her bedroom to find her dildo. Howard didn’t know that she owned this.

She had bought it after the first time he had been delayed coming home from camp. After counting the days until his return, the disappointment of him being delayed had been too much. On her way home from work she had stopped into an adult store and bought her first ever sex toy before making her way home to drink a bottle of wine and fuck herself senseless.

Tonight she was heading down the same road. Her arousal was enhanced by thoughts of Jenna. Opening her laptop she searched for lesbian porn, something she had never done. Images of women enjoying each other’s pussies with mouths and fingers filled her screen. Jenna penetrated herself with the tip of her dildo.

The scene on her screen changed to a woman fucking her girlfriend with a strap on. Lily was a goner. She slipped the dildo deep into her wet throbbing cunt. In time with the strokes of the woman on her screen Lily thrust the dildo deep into herself. Her hand worked her clit as she imagined Jenna penetrating her. Her fantasy of soft female kisses and breasts bumping against each other pushed her deeper into arousal.

The second orgasm shuddered harder through her. Cries of pleasure echoed around her bedroom. Juice from her pussy covered her hands and the dildo and the room filled with the smell of her arousal. As she drifted off to sleep Lily wondered if all women smelled the same.

Innocent picture of women in bath has sinister secret - Mirror Online

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TMI Tuesday – Longing and Insults

1. What is the last song you sang?

If we are talking song sung in public – not going to happen ever. I am not even a fan of karaoke. Singing in the car to the radio? All the time if I am by myself or with my daughter. Our favourite songs to have a good old sing along to are, in no particular order;

Blue Monday – Orgy

Another favourite is Prairie Hotel Parachilna. A little out of the box but one of my favourite songs.

2. What place are you longing to visit?

Mr Jones and I are planning a six month, round Australia Odyssey in 2021. We will be towing a caravan in true “Grey Nomad” style. We completed a similar trip in 2010 with our two children and this journey is to re-visit some favourite places and to explore some that we missed last time. The song, Prairie Hotel Parachilna, evokes strong feelings about the areas around the Flinders Ranges. It is a place where you can literally see the age of the planet. There is a very significant geological site there that dates back 635 million years.

As John Williamson’s song says “A land so old and fragile its bones are poking through”. Who wouldn’t want to go there and feel the age of the Earth?

3. Tell us about the last time you were insulted?

I wrote a post about this very recently. You can read about it here. This was probably one of the most insulting things I have had directed at me in recent times. Apart from the usual stuff that children fling at you. But hey. That is their job right?

4. When was the last time you hung out with anyone not in your immediate household? What did you do?

Mr Jones and I recently returned from a visit to some very long term family friends. They live in a small city about four hours’ drive north of us. A visit to these people always involves some great home cooked meals. We also took some time to visit a very unique craft store that is situated in an old bakery that dates back over 100 years. The ovens are still in place, if not in use. I could have spent quite a bit of money there but was restrained.

5. Fill in the blank: I spend a lot of hours _____ .

Apart from work at the moment I spend a lot of hours reading other blogs and working on this one. Which is giving me great joy. My other time muncher at the moment is sewing which also gives me great joy.

Bonus: Which is worse–smelly feet or smelly breath?

I love these conundrums! Going to go with smelly breath. There is no way to escape that one. Smelly feet you can always put socks or shoes on to cover up the smell. Although you won’t be having sex with me if you have your socks on!

Bonus Bonus: I have been spending a lot of time recently looking back through old stuff and thought I should share this image with you because I like it!

Flashback – The Power of Swinging

I posted recently about a nasty comment aimed at me when I dared have an opinion about the wearing of masks and Covid-19. During my mid year break I am spending time sorting through old posts from “Erotic Adventures” days. I came across this post which I think explains a lot about how I found my family when I started swinging.

There is this idea out there that is purported by uninformed people and also sadly by some people in the swinging scene that swinging is really geared for the man.   The general feeling is that most swinging couples are in the game so that the guy can get more sex. Of course these people must be right. Why would a woman want to be able to watch live sex, have multiple partners and express her sexuality freely? A woman is all about flowers, candles, romance, chick flicks and gossip magazines isn’t she?

All of those things are very nice and there are times when they are very important. But REALLY, if that is the best a woman can expect from her sex life, then no wonder there are so many disappointed women out there.  I used to think I was the only woman in the world who liked looking at pictures of naked women in men’s magazines. I most definitely am not. I used to think that only really bad, naughty girls liked to wear short skirts and CFM boots.  I’m not.

Guess what else? I am also not the only woman out there who has a detailed fantasy of being fucked by a bevy of strange men who I have never, will never have a conversation with, go to dinner with or see a movie with

Our culture really rams home the stereotype that women are passive with sex. They are not supposed to enjoy sex or use sex to enjoy themselves. Women who do are ‘not nice’ or worthy as a potential wife or mother. We are not always truly encouraged to know and understand our bodies (there is MUCH more to sex than a vagina and a clitoris) and be confident enough in ourselves to tell our partners what we like.

During the course of my adventures I have learned much about myself; what I like, what I don’t like, where the ‘on’ buttons are and also how to say, “Honey I’m sorry but that is not doing it for me. Why don’t you try this?”

I have learned that sucking cock is not an act of submission; rather it is a gift that is bestowed on someone of my choosing at a time and place of my choosing. And it is a massive turn-on. I have learned that the right clothing can be as much a turn on for me as it is for my viewers. And, there are not enough hot shoes in my wardrobe.

For me this journey has been one of the most liberating things in my life.  I was once one of those wives who thought that sex was a chore that women had to add to the already massive list of things to tick off in their day. But even after I learned that I could enjoy sex with my husband without it being a chore, I was still prudish and afraid that the things that appealed to me were ‘not normal’. I always liked slutty skirts and big boots but had nowhere to wear them.  I always liked flirting but was terrified of where it would lead.

Swinging was the icing on the cake for me. Finally I realised that my ideas were not weird, that there were other women out there who liked the same clothes that I did. I found places where I could wear them, and take them off if the mood took me. Gemma the swinging virgin would never have gotten up in front of a crowd of people and taken a spin on a pole. Now, after a year of lessons, Gemma often gives public and private performances when she feels like it.

This Gemma is confident in her sexuality and comfortable with her body. She knows she has a power in her and the thought turns her on massively.

Get Back in Your Box

I want to preface this post with a few statements about Covid-19. Firstly as I have said many times on these pages the Australian experience of Covid has been significantly different from the experience in some parts of The United States and the U.K. We have had a minimal lockdown for a minimal time in response to a relatively small number of cases.

So this afternoon I responded to a comment on Twitter regarding wearing of face masks in public. I feel very conflicted when discussing this topic. All of the information I have read and certainly the official government line in Australia is that wearing of masks will help stop droplet spread if the person wearing it is infected. But wearing a mask has limited effectiveness in protecting a non-infected person who is wearing it,

Stupidly I added my comments to the thread even though the intelligent rational part of my brain told me to stay out of the discussion. The response from one of the people in the discussion was a real blindside.

Someone with the description “Sex Goddess” in their bio should stay out of comments on posts like this

Excuse me?

Apparently my postgraduate qualifications in microbiology does not qualify me to participate in a discussion on disease transmission. Neither does my profession as a high school science teacher which is dedicated to educating young people about questioning posts like the thread I was participating in.

Interestingly my Twitter bio lists teacher before it lists Sex Goddess but apparently my critic didn’t consider that one outbalances the other. It saddens me to be confronted with the opinion that being a sexual person means I can’t be intelligent. Displaying my body and being proud of my sexuality apparently takes away from my intelligence.

My Twitter account is primarily to interact with people who read my blog and a space for me to post semi nude pictures of myself. It is a place where I express my sexuality but I am not a one dimensional person. No-one is. Of course all of us are multi-dimensional. Of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion about things happening in the world around them.

Had the critic said my opinion was not valid because I don’t live in a country that has been affected as much as others I could have accepted this. Being told I am too much of a bimbo to participate in discussion is just nasty. In all honesty I think my critic was not used to being challenged by an informed, intelligent person. They were only interested in participating in “discussions” that consist of opinions that agree with theirs.

In all the time I have had a social media presence as Gemma I have had very little call for blocking people. I have always expected that I would be attacked at some point by moralists but it has never happened. This is one of the only times I felt it was prudent to distance myself from the discussion and employ the block option. It makes me sad that people who pride themselves on being intelligent don’t seem to have an open mind.

Lily’s Awakening

For those who have been following Howard’s story this week sees a change of perspective.

It had been a day, and it was only lunchtime. Lily climbed the stairs and opened the door to the rooftop courtyard. The sun warmed her face as she made her way over to stand by the railing. Twenty floors below her traffic beetled along the street. People scurried along the footpath driven by urgent need to be somewhere, doing something. Others walked more slowly, taking their time to reach their destination somehow resisting the pulse of the city driving them to rush. Gradually Lily felt the anxiety and stress of the morning drain out of her. Watching the activity far below had a strangely soothing effect.

She turned her gaze to the buildings around her. Sometimes she could glimpse activity in other offices, other people driven by other bosses to perform ridiculous amounts of work. Or was that just her bosses. It seemed that the deeper into the city and further up the high rise a man worked, the more important he felt, and consequently the more he felt the need to be an ass to his staff.

A footstep on the concrete behind her intruded on Lily’s brooding. Reluctantly she lifted her head. Almost no-one ever came out here. That was one of the attractions of climbing the stairs. She did not recognise the woman who was invading her refuge. That was not entirely unusual but Lily prided herself on being friendly and at least on smiling terms with everyone in her building. But she honestly felt that she had never seen this woman before.

There was something about her, apart from the fact she was wearing a man’s suit. The way she held herself caused a twinge of something to pass through Lily. She didn’t recognise the emotion but she did recognise the feeling of heat in her cheeks.

“I’m sorry if I am intruding,” the stranger smiled.

Lily felt herself being drawn in, “It is OK,” she found herself smiling back, “It is not as if this is my own private garden.”

“I know,” the other woman replied, “but it is freaking annoying when someone comes into a space you are used to having to yourself.”

Lily nodded, “Yes, you are right, but I was just going anyway.” Reluctantly she pulled herself away from the railing and made her way to the door.

Back at her desk she rapidly became immersed in emails and demands from the two men she worked with. Sometimes she felt her job title should be changed from “Personal Assistant” to “Personal Slave”. She honestly wondered how these men behaved at home. It would not have surprised her if they were the kind of men who never cooked a meal or cleaned anything.

“Have you seen the new researcher?” Her friend Maddie, interrupted her fuming. Maddie was definitely this office’s equivalent of “Chatty Kathy”.

Lily looked craned her neck over the partitions separating the desks of all the admin, finance and other staff whose jobs were to deal with the mechanics of the law firm. At the opposite end of the room she spied her friend from the rooftop.

“Yes, I met her when I went out for some air just before,” she looked back at her screen. It was never a good idea to let Maddie feel she had your full attention.

“Really?” There was a slight squeak on Maddie’s voice. “What was she like? I heard she is a pole dancer.”

“I don’t know,” Lily was intrigued by the last piece of information but absolutely didn’t want to fully engage Maddie. You had to be very careful what information you let slip, Maddie’s superpower was turning innocent titbits into raging rumours. “We said like six words to each other, I had to come back inside.”

“Oh,” Maddie sounded a little deflated. “Well I thought I would just point her out to you. She is doing some research for Rod about that new case he just took on.” Rod was one of The men who filled Lily’s day with incessant demands for anything and every thing. This news caused the same feeling she had noticed on the rooftop to twist through Lily’s belly. It was the same feeling she remembered from being a teenager with a crush on a boy in an older grade. The giggly, breathless feeling that took over when he looked her way.

“What do you think it is with the male suit?” Maddie’ voice penetrated Lily’s thoughts.

Lily was a little annoyed. Her to do list was growing by the second and she didn’t want to get into gossipy speculation about someone she may have to work with, especially when they made her feel all breathless and silly. “I need to work now Maddie.” Her tone was a little firmer than she intended.

“OK then,” Maddie sounded huffy, “I will leave you to it.” For a millisecond Lily worried she had offended her friend but her work drew her attention back. Until she was interrupted again.

“So apparently you are Rob’s PA.” it was her. Lily felt the heat in her cheeks. Damn it she was going to have to get that under control. She was certain this woman didn’t tolerate fools. Lily arranged her face into a business like smile.

“The one and only. I don’t believe we were introduced properly, I am Lily,” she stood and extended her hand.

The other woman took Lily’s hand and grasped it firmly. Lily could feel the power of self assurance emanating from her. There was something sexual about this woman, even here in an office fully clothed something about her made Lily’s insides melt.

“I am Jenna,” the other woman smiled as she looked straight into Lily’s eyes, “it is nice to meet you.”

“It is good to see you two have become acquainted, ” Rob appeared beside Lily’s desk. “Jenna, Lily is one of the best PA’s in the company. There is noting she can’t find, arrange or photocopy.” The smile on Lily’s face betrayed her seething at the patronising tone.

“It’s O.K Rob, ” Jenna’s face was unreadable, “I am more than capable of operating a photocopier. I am sure that Lily has much better things to do with her time than menial stuff like photocopying.” Jenna winked at Lily. The weird fluttery feeling increased.

“Well it seems that you have everything sorted,” Rob seemed flustered by Jenna’s self assurance. “I will leave you to it,” he turned and walked away.

“Some men really are dicks,” Jenna commented towards Rob’s retreating back. She turned and grinned at Lily. “I admire how you keep your cool with him. The way he speaks to you makes me want to tie him down and show him who is boss.”

As she spoke Jenna’s eyes lit with a strange light that resonated through Lily. Warmth spread through her groin. Lily was certain that Jenna was not talking about merely giving him a stern talking to.

“I will leave you to it.” Jenna broke into Lily’s fantasy

“Thanks for putting Rob in his place,” Lily was beginning to feel that she was going to enjoy working with Jenna.

“No problems,” Jenna turned and walked away. Lily watched the spectacular arse moving inside perfectly fitting trousers. She wondered what Jenna would look like naked. Underneath her desk, between a pair of white smooth thighs, Lily’s panties were wet.

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TMI Tuesday – Love and Robots

1. Should we be worried about sex robots?

Recently I had a conversation in the lunch room at work about sex dolls. It always amuses me how vanilla-ish people think about sexual topics. A woman who I thought was a little un-vanilla seemed completely rattled by an up close and personal encounter she had at a sex shop with some realistic looking sex dolls.

In terms of actual fully functioning robots. I think there is a way to go before we are overrun by sex robots. Although I think it says a lot that we put so much time, effort and money into developing this technology and there are still many people in the world who don’t have the ability to feed and clothe their family properly.

2. A humanoid (a life-like robot) that looks like your biggest crush, and acts exactly the way you hoped your crush would act has been created. This humanoid initiates sex, with you. Would you have sex with the humanoid?

Interesting question. I am not entirely sure how I would react to that. It has been a long time since I had a serious crush that I couldn’t act on. Most of the people I have an interest in that are not accessible are people I work with. If I had a chance to fuck a robot that looked and acted like them it would be extremely weird to then have to interact with them at work the next day!

3. What’s your typical sleep attire?


I recently spent a long weekend with some vanilla girlfriends in a unit at the Gold Coast. They are quite prudish and I was sharing a room with one of them. Naked sleeping was not on the agenda, at all. It made an already uncomfortable bed more uncomfortable. I was very glad to get home and sleep naked in my own very comfy bed!

4. What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have experienced in the bedroom?

In a bedroom? Pet sleeping areas. Yes my cat sleeps on my bed sometimes but not all the time and hey he is a cat. He knows it is time to find somewhere else to go when things get intimate. But having your dog bed or worse their crate in your bedroom routinely that is just wrong. It shouts, “I don’t have sex EVER!”

When having sex? Well once I met a guy to suss out his “Potential” he invited me back to his house and he had a cat roaming around that was on heat. The whole situation was weird.

5. Are you satisfied with the amount of after-sex affection (e.g., spooning, cuddling, intimate conversation) you receive? yes or no . If no, how could it be better?

That is something Mr Jones is awesome at. I am happy about that. It is always a bit disappointing when meeting FWB to play and they have to leave after some fairly intense sex. Of course the situation does not demand after sex affection. It is not a relationship and engaging in too much snuggling could result in things heading down the relationship path and that is definitely not where I want to be.

Bonus: What is your most useless skill?

I am actually pretty good at taking selfies of my butt!! Something a lot of people appreciate but something that is never going to make me famous or rich.

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How Can I Get My Wife To….

I saw a post on Twitter recently from a man who is interested in the nudist lifestyle asking how he can convince his wife to join him at a nudist event. I have heard this question asked in the same way but exchanging the concept of nudism and swinging.

“How can I convince my wife to try swinging? I know she would enjoy it if she would just give it a go.”

I have no answer for this. The nurturing part of me wants to be all encouraging and supportive and talk about encouraging her to try slightly different things. But the response to the above tweet resounded very strongly with me. In essence the respondent said “It is her choice. She is the only one who can decide what she wants.”

When it comes to trying swinging I would say the same thing. It is her choice. If she doesn’t want to do something, who are you to pressure her into something she doesn’t want to do? I find it hard to understand why people get so fixated on convincing their partner to try something they are fundamentally opposed to. Or something they have made very clear they are not comfortable with.

The cynic in me looks at this situation and sees a very selfish person. I see a person who has a fantasy and has decided they can’t live without it despite what their partner wants. They have convinced themselves that they are right and that their wife will enjoy it if she just gives it a try. It seems that these men are not really thinking with their “big brain” but rather with their penis that wants to experience swinging. I would not speculate on their reasons for wanting to explore this fantasy but the cynic in me feels that his reasons are not about seeing his wife have a great time at the hands of multiple other men but rather about his own pleasure.

I have been in the lifestyle for long enough to know that every relationship is different and every situation has nuances that cannot be seen from observation of a few tweets or even in depth conversations. There are at least three sides to every story. One for each of the parties involved and then the actual events. I have also been in the lifestyle long enough that only those with rock solid relationships that are built on solid communication and mutual respect have a good, long lived experience.

My experience tells me that if these men were able to convince their wife to “give it a go” it is unlikely that things will turn out they way they expect. Their wife may very well enjoy the experience but what if they don’t? What if she enjoys it so much that she is completely hooked and will never go back to monogamy but you wish that you had never opened Pandora’s box? Or worse, what if she realises that she has been missing out all this time and then you become like many men in the swing scene, sitting in the corner at the beck and call of the women in the room?

There is a saying, “You should be careful what you wish for. You might end up getting your wish.”

I think that should be the standard response to this question. Wishing for something your partner is not interested in is counter productive. When you find yourself in this situation you really have two choices;

1. Accept her decision, respect it and get on with your life and your marriage.

2. Accept her decision and continue to pursue your fantasy, either by ending the relationship or behind her back. Either way your relationship is doomed. Even if you do wear her down and she agrees it is unlikely to end well. If you cheat she will find out and things will not end well. Ultimately you have to accept and respect her decision.

Howard’s Downfall – Part 3

This is a continuation of Howard’s Story. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Howard’s eyes opened slowly. The smell of coffee wafted from the kitchen accompanied by the sounds of Lily preparing coffee. A smile played around Howard’s mouth as he anticipated the first coffee of the morning. This was something he missed when he was in camp, proper freshly brewed coffee delivered with a beautiful smile. He moved to sit up in bed, ready to greet his girl. The movement brought a twinge in his arse the events of the night before filled his mind. His happy anticipation of morning coffee was replaced by gut wrenching fear.

“Good morning baby,” Lily’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Howard looked up at her, she looked as beautiful as she always had, perfectly dressed in a smart business suit. Her beautifully shaped breasts nestled underneath a soft flowing shirt. She handed his cup to him. Usually she would sit on the edge of the bed and they would share the first cup of the day. It was a ritual they enjoyed every day he was home from camp.

This morning she did not sit, ” I have to go,” she looked apologetic. “The partners have called a breakfast meeting and they want me there to take the minutes.” She leaned down and he was rewarded with a glimpse of creamy skin covered with pale pink lace. He reached up and closed her button,

“The partners don’t need to see that with their breakfast.” He smiled up at her. ” they won’t be able to concentrate on all their important lawyer business,”

She flashed her beautiful white teeth at him. A memory of that mouth against Jenna’s flashed into his mind. As she leaned in to kiss him he fancied he could still taste the other woman on her lips.

And then she was gone. Leaving Howard alone with his coffee and his confusion. His thoughts wandered to his tender arsehole. With that came the memory of what had happened. Back in the day he had fantasised about being penetrated by a woman while his cock was deep in another. But somehow it had never happened.

Then, last night he had felt it. While he was deep inside Lily he had felt Jenna’s hand in his ass. At first he was unsure how he felt. Her finger slid downwards over his ass cheek honing in on his butt hole. The feeling of being penetrated by someone else was something he couldn’t explain. He thought he had moved past it but in that moment he realised he hadn’t. The pleasure of her finger inside him drove him to fuck Lily harder.

He remembered Lily moving focus from his face to Jenna’s. The two women didn’t speak but Howard sensed something passing between them. He didn’t dare look over his shoulder at Jenna, he was terrified of what he would see there. He thought he saw Lily give the tiniest of nods. Her eyes took in a look of determination he had never seen before. And then he felt the cool smooth plastic of Jenna’s strap on.

He desperately wanted to look over his shoulder. How big was her implement? Now he really was afraid. Back when he and Jenna had regular hook ups she had put all manner of things in his arse. Once she even fisted him. But that was several years ago. Aside from the lid of the Coke bottle in camp that night nothing had entered his arse. He was sure he couldn’t take anything of size comfortably. Then the devil inside took over, he didn’t care, he wanted it all.

He didn’t have to wait long, the head of her dong pressed against his arse. Instinctively he resisted. His sphincter closed tightly. He stopped moving inside Lily. Her eyes widened a little and her fingers gripped his shoulder,

“Go with it babe,” her voice had a note of excitement, like a small child about to unwrap a present at Christmas. Howard felt like a token in a game he didn’t understand. These two women were passing him around at their leisure. Pushing his boundaries for their own pleasure.

The dong pushed into his arse, opening him slowly. Tension and resistance gave way to deep pleasure. The pull of pain-pleasure came back to him as did the memory of how good it felt to have the pressure of a full arse. Underneath Lily smiled,

“See it feels good,” she writhed a little, “I can fell how hard she has made you,”

It was at that point Howard gave in. His cock was hard and the pleasure was intense but the feeling of being a pawn in a much bigger game would not leave him. Later when he climaxed harder than he had in years he lay on the bed in Lily’s arms. Her face was a picture of bliss. She had the classic look of a woman who has been well fucked. Something he realised he had never seen before.

Jenna moved around the room collecting clothing and implements before kneeling beside Lily to kiss her on the lips. Howard watched, mesmerised as the two women embraced. Clearly they had not just met. Jenna stood up, bag in hand dressed in regular street clothes, her hair was smoothed and her face was clean, there was no sign that less than thirty minutes ago she had buried her strapon deep inside his arse while he fucked Lily.

“Thanks for inviting me along tonight. It has been great,” her tone was casual. As if this night was just a regular thing for her rather than the earth shattering, life changing event it was for Howard.

Lily smiled like a cat with a bowl of cream, “I am glad you enjoyed it. Message me.”

The expression on Jenna’s face was unreadable, “Definitely. I love you gurl .”

And then she was gone.

The remainder of the evening gave no more answers. Both Howard and Lily packed their things and left the hotel. Lily didn’t speak, or kiss him goodbye as she got into her car and left him to make his way back to his bike. Some how she gave him the slip and he never managed to catch up to her.

When he realised he wasn’t able to find her he gave up and took the long way home, enjoying the feel of the night air on his body. Riding motorbikes often helped to clear his head. Tonight it did make him feel better but he still had a million questions. Questions he didn’t know how to ask. Questions with answers that he was almost certain he wasn’t going to like.

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TMI Tuesday – Now We See it

1. What’s invisible but you wish you could see?

Sometimes when I am meeting people or interacting with people I don’t know very well I wish I could see what they are really thinking underneath all the politeness. I wish I could see their true intent and what they really think.

2. Would you rather watch your neighbor(s) having sex while you are in the same room or anonymously watch your parents having sex?

This is a hard one. When I was a young teenager I was unfortunate enough to be present in the room while my parents were having sex. For some reason they thought it was a good idea to have sex while sharing a room with their teenage daughter. Even if they mistakenly thought I was asleep. It was not a pleasant experience.

Currently my neighbours consist of an octogenarian and his wife and someone who I have no desire to see naked. It is a conundrum as neither seems worse than the other. But seeing as I have already experienced one I think I pass the test.

3. For what are you nostalgic?

I am very much a forward looking person. There is also much in my past that I would rather not live through again. but I think I am a little bit nostalgic for my mid thirties. I was much slimmer, a lot fitter and I was in the thick of things. It was also a time in my life when I was essentially a stay at home parent but my children were at school so I had a lot of time to myself.

4. What is an unwritten rule where you work?

It is an unwritten rule that students are not allowed in the staff room. It is one of those barriers that both staff and students are painfully conscious of but one one that I am ever aware of being written. A student in the staff room does happen from time to time. Sometimes they come in to get things or other extraordinary errands. When it does happen the students are visibly weirded out by it. Often the staff can take it in their stride as long as they are aware of the circumstances. Sometimes the student wanders in without thinking about the barrier and this results in shock and panic on the part of the staff. Students should not be in the staff room.

STUDENTS trying to enter the staff room You shall not pass - You ...

5. What is an unwritten rule or mutual understanding in your home?

Always say goodbye. Properly with a hug and a kiss and a genuine good wish for the other person.

Years ago I heard a sermon from a priest about a man who had applied for a ticket to emigrate from Ireland to the United States. This was in the time before international flight and the internet. The man was leaving his family and would likely not see them or speak to many of them again. The man had a standby ticket or was “On Notice” meaning he could be called at any time to board a ship and leave his home and family. He took this quite literally and went everywhere with his life packed in a suitcase. Every time he left home for any reason he said goodbye to his family as if it was the last time he would see them. He never actually got to emigrate as he was killed in an accident. His family were of course grieved but his wife expressed her gratefulness for his practice of farewell each day because of being “On Notice”.

The moral of the story. Never part company with someone you love without telling them how you feel. It has been something I incorporate into my relationship and I believe it has made it much stronger.

6. Which body part do you wish you could detach and why?

My feet. I have Plantar Faciitis which is caused by my profession that requires me to stand up for most of the day. Since being diagnosed I have learned how to manage the condition. This involves some very expensive inserts to shoes and careful selection of footwear. It also involves stretching. The pain for the most part is gone but I can always tell when I have become slack with my stretches or when I have not been wearing my inserts.

Additionally heels have become a very much sometimes item. Which does make me a little sad

Bonus: What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

Honestly you would think in years of being a swinger I would see some weird things but none spring to mind. I remember a few things as a child that I found weird. My grandmother sometimes took me to visit her friend when I was about 7 or 8 because she had a swimming pool. Once I was inside the lady’s house and I noticed in the centre of her telephone dialler (it was the 70’s) was an image of a nipple. It took me a while to work out what it was but I still remember it clearly. I am pretty sure my grandmother didn’t realise but her friends were definitely not your regular suburban couple.

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TMI Tuesday – Human Nature

1. What do you think are the best and worst parts of human nature?

So I had this moment of being funny and spent way too much time looking up Human Nature videos. This is the one I liked the most.

In all seriousness he worst part of human nature is to be violent. Deliberately hurting a person for your own selfish reason is the lowest act a human can commit.

The thing that impresses the hell out of me about humans is our ingenuity. I am constantly impressed about how humans built amazing structures like the pyramids with a tiny amount of technology. It sometimes saddens me that we are starting to lose that ability

2. What is something terrifying that you have come to accept as a fact of life?

I am currently teaching a class some stuff about communicable diseases. We have been researching illnesses that are currently on the schedule for childhood vaccination in Australia. Diseases like measles, whooping cough and polio. With the world coming out of lockdown because of a virus the thing that terrifies me is that there are people in the world who think that vaccines are not that important or worse, that their choice to deliberately avoid vaccinating their children is a choice that only affects them.

3. What piece of media (book, movie, TV show, etc.) changed the way you viewed the world? How?

As a child I was an avid watcher of a Nature Documentary presenter called Harry Butler. He was kind of like a combination of Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough. I am also a huge David Attenborough fan but Harry was the first person to open my eyes to the wonder of the natural world. Being Australian he taught me about the plants and animals that lived in my own back yard. To this day I would rather explore all of the remote parts of my own country than get on a plane and spend 24 hours travelling to the Northern Hemisphere to jostle with a million other people to look at some statue.

Harry Butler: Conservationist dies of cancer in Perth aged 85 ...

4. You must pick one:

– Facebook or Twitter?

If I had to choose it would be Twitter. As long as I get to avoid people who insist on posting their opinion on American politics.

– Cake or Pie?

Cake every time. Unless we are talking Banoffee pie because Yum!

– Swimming or Sunbathing?

Swimming, I have extremely white skin (thanks to my Irish ancestors) so sunbathing is not really something I do very often. Swimming in the ocean is fun though.

I really miss the yacht….

– Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

I really suck at making decisions. When I first read this one I was totally all about a nice home. Now I am not sure. I think not so much a designer home interior but definitely I like having a tidy, functional home.

Bonus: If pressing a button meant you received 5 million dollars (usd) but it also killed 5 people somewhere in the world, would you press it?

No! I can’t even imagine that anyone would!

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