Pink Bits

I started writing this for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. The prompt was Pink which made me think of something I wrote a long time ago when Mr Jones and I were dating a lady who we are still friends with. Albeit in a vanilla way. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for Wicked Wednesday but you still get to read it.

A vulva is like a flower. When it is closed it is a mystery. Hidden from the world the beauty rests innocently, waiting to be discovered. Then, something awakens it. Perhaps a kiss or a touch. A finger gently trailing down her back. Still hidden under its covering the flower awakens. Another stroke and the flower begins to grow.

The stroke travels downwards towards the place where the flower is nestled. Still covered but awake, quivering, eager to be discovered. Moisture is forming, watering the flower helping it to grow.

Legs open, lips are pulled gently apart to reveal the flower, quivering at the rush of air caressing it. For a moment, the opener gazes on the inner petals of the flower they have discovered. The flower is not open properly yet. It still has more to reveal.

A finger caresses the moist, pink, inner petals. They shiver in response and swell slightly opening a little further to reveal more of the secret hidden beneath.

A tongue touches the petals, tasting the sweetness of their juice. With a sigh her legs fall open pulling the petals back. At last the inner bud is revealed. But it is not fully awake yet.

The tongue slides along the pink petals, teasing the inner bud. It swells in response, demanding attention but the tongue is not quite ready yet. It travels along the folds of each petal, seeking sweet juice that is pooling before taking its first tentative stroke over the trembling bud.

A gasp from the woman encourages the tongue. Slowly it strokes upward caressing the swollen bud, gently at first. The woman’s hips move, and her sounds of pleasure encourage the lips to encase the bud. Gently they suck while still stroking with the tongue. Slowly a finger is inserted into her opening causing her to thrust her hips. The bud is fully aroused.

Nerve endings tremble and quiver. Everything in the woman’s body is focussed towards a climax. She can feel it building, sitting somewhere at the back of her mind. It is elusive if she focusses too much it will dissipate, if she is distracted it may abandon her but slowly the climax builds.

Her hips thrash, cries of pleasure fill the room. Juice fills the mouth, and the storm causes every muscle in the woman’s body to shudder.

Slowly it ebbs away, sounds of pleasure diminish to sighs and gentle breathing. Spasms calm to tingles and warmth. The bud subsides and retreats into its petals. The woman curls into the arms of her lover, satisfied and happy. Until next time.

This post has also been added to the Oral Sex Project. You can find it and many other informative and entertaining and very very sexy stories about oral sex by clicking here.

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