The door closes on the last human living with me. I am alone. For the first time in a very long time, I am alone in my house. It is early afternoon. I had planned to have a nap but now my mind wanders. My bed is comfortable but now I am not sleepy. I slip out of my shorts and knickers, discarding them on the floor. From my bedside table I take out my toy of choice. A glass dildo. It is heavy and cool in my hand as I consider the butt plug. I decide to leave that today.

Lying on the bed I scan for porn on my iPad. I find what I like, a site featuring men masturbating. Not standard porn but I am not a standard person. For a while I flick through different cams. I don’t know what I am looking for I just flick. Is this what men do, flick through channels because nothing grabs their attention immediately? Or it does and then the attention is lost a moment later?

My hand slides down between my legs. I massage my clit through the outer lips of my labia. This motion is comforting. I am reconnecting with myself. I stroke myself with the dildo. The smooth cool surface of the head teases my outer lips. Gradually it becomes moist with my juices. Juices that are starting to trickle.

I am a little nervous. I am worried about someone coming home but I make an effort to take my time. This is for me. The head of my dildo breaks through my outer lips. It eases its way around my vulva. Smooth glass, still cool strokes the sensitive skin around my clit. I slide a finger down and stroke myself a little as I dip the dildo into my cunt. Just a little way to moisten it. My fingers work over my clit and I begin to tease my opening with the smooth glass of the dildo.

Pressure builds, I slide the shaft all the way inside me pressing against my g-spot at the entrance. It is strange how everything feels so different when you touch yourself. I can feel the pressure of the orgasm building already. I know I could push myself over with one or two well placed strokes, but I want to wait and draw it out.

I slow the rhythm of my strokes. For a minute or so I distract myself with the action on the screen, watching the young man’s hand stroking his cock. I fantasise about sucking his cock for a moment. I slide the dildo in and out, feeling the pressure fade away but as I increase the pace again it is there. The pressure is stronger this time.

My fingers work quickly. I press the head of the dildo against the back wall of my vagina giving myself pleasure in other places. But it is my clit that is hungry. I can feel the orgasm sitting at the edge of my mind. My whole body is focussing on it. For a few moments it teeters before my body spasms in pleasure. A groan escapes from my lips as the second spasm takes me. I rest the dildo against my leg as I lie breathing heavily. My body hums with joy as hormones burn through my bloodstream. Like an addict I ride the high smiling with pleasure. Slowly sleep claims me.

Pink Heart Glass Dildo

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3 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. Yes, searching for that perfect clip on pornhub is exactly how men do it… Back when we had VHS porn tapes, we used to joke that we watched them five minutes at a time (five minutes is generous). Told my wife that a long time ago when she found one of my tapes and asked, “You watched this?” She got a kick out of it and laughed. She’s not much for porn, but she got the “joke”. Still brings it up to this day and laughs. Enjoyed this post.

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