Friday Flashback: Bunnings

I know it is Saturday for many people but it was Friday when I started editing this.

Meeting a potential playmate for the first time is always a bit awkward. But it is part of this lifestyle. The internet has changed many things but those first awkward moments will be part of human contact forever. He was on time. That was a plus. He was taller than me, which was also a huge plus. We recognised each other and he made his way over to the table where I was sitting. With these meetings the first questions that spring to mind are things like; “Does he still want to fuck me?” Or “Do I still want to fuck him?”. But what you usually say are things like; “How was your weekend?” or “How has work been this week?”

Somehow we got around to the sex talk. By this time the café was full. The tables were pretty close together and I am sure that the people at the next table could have easily eavesdropped on our conversation if they chose to. We talked about everything from cock size to dogging. At one point in the conversation he pushed his chair back from the table a little and I could see into his lap. It wasn’t really obvious but I could see his erection through his slacks. I didn’t try to hide that I was looking at him. The fact that he was so turned on just made me even more turned on. 

When I had discussed this meeting with my husband I had stated that there would be no sex. It was just platonic coffee and if we were both interested sex would follow at a later date. To re-enforce this decision my body chose this morning to be the first day of my period.  There was definitely no chance of spontaneously deciding to change the agenda.

As we finished our coffees the naughty chat had twisted our minds. I felt a strong need for some kind of sexual interaction to seal the deal. I looked around the cafe precinct. In broad daylight there were no corners to hide in unless…

He came back from paying the bill. 

“Where are you parked?” I asked.

“Out the front.” He replied. “Why?”

“Nothing,” I replied, still turning my idea over in my mind

“Where did you park?” He asked. I could see he was a little intrigued. 

“In the car park near Bunnings.” I didn’t want to look at him, especially not his pants. I didn’t want to think about the cock in there. 

“What are you thinking?” A smirk played around the corners of his mouth. He knew I was not thinking about the chores that waited for me at home.

“Just stuff,” I replied. “Like how many people would be out in the car park.”

He held out his hand towards me. “Let’s go and find out then shall we.” 

We made our way out to the car park. There were a few people around but they were caught up in their own things and were not worried about a woman sitting on the bonnet of her car talking to a man. I was nervous and excited, and horny. So frigging horny. For about the millionth time that day I cursed Eve and the red visitor. We sit like that for another few moments. Both of us are nervous and hesitant. Then I turn to him and say,

“Well, let’s see it then.” 

He is hard. I didn’t waste time. I just wanted to suck him right down the back of my throat. The feeling of him in my mouth was incredible. I was so turned on by the situation that I was almost orgasming just from sucking this guy’s cock. It was a hot day and there was no shade but I really didn’t care. All I care about is sucking this guy as deep as I can. The skin of his cock is so smooth against my lips. It slips in and out of my mouth easily. Between my moans of pleasure I hear him whispering to me how good it feels to have my mouth on his cock. My cunt aches to feel his hand on her. He tells me how he wants to feel me and put his fingers inside me. I want that too but I stop him from touching me. Sweat is pouring out of my forehead and running down my face but I really don’t care. I taste a drop of pre-cum and a spasm goes through me. I cannot wait to taste him. 

Finally I come up for a little air. I hold his cock in my hand; it is slippery and wet from my mouth. Even though he has barely touched me I am wound up with such pleasure it is incredible. He reached down and flicked my nipple through the fabric of my dress. I was not wearing a bra and I twinged in pleasure at his touch. I wished I could take him home so that he could undress me and worship my nipple properly. 

“If you keep sucking me like that I am going to cum in your mouth,” he said softly.

“That is OK.” I reply. “I like that.”

He seemed surprised, “Really? You are OK with that?” 

“Definitely,” I reassure him. If only he knew how much I was craving the taste of him.I lean down and take his cock into my mouth. 

“You do that so well, I love the feel of you sucking my cock.” He murmured to me. “Are you sure you want my cum in your mouth?”

My mouth is a little full but I nod and moan “Uh huh” over his dick.

His hands are resting on my back, I taste a little jet of pre cum in my mouth. “I am so close now.” 

The first small jet of cum shoots over my tongue before he says “I am gonna cum,” I keep sucking, holding his cum in my mouth. I don’t want to swallow it yet. I feel his cock throbbing as his climax takes over his body. There is so much cum. I kind of wish he was spraying it over my body. 

When he finishes I let his cock slip gently from my mouth. I reach for my handbag and take out my phone so that I can take a picture to send to my husband. This image and the sharing of my adventure will be like living the morning all over again. 

As we said our goodbyes he commented to me “I will never be able to drive past Bunnings without a smile on my face again.”

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