Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 22

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash


Interestingly I was thinking about this not long ago. Not because I was planning any escapades but because I was reflecting on Mr Jones’ aversion to having sex in an open setting where a large number of people can watch at close quarters. I love that kind of thing. I guess I would be classified as an exhibitionist. Mr Jones not so much. 

Oddly though he is perfectly happy to have sex in a public place where a passerby might ‘happen’ to watch from a distance. There is a memorable occasion when we broke up a road trip with a stop in a picnic area near a lake. A distance across the lake there was a camping area and the lake was popular with fishermen and campers. 

We ended up having sex on a picnic table. Of course when we began there were not any people around but at the end there seemed to be a few, keeping a discreet distance of course. The one that stuck in my mind the most was a fisherman in a kayak quite a distance away. He seemed particularly interested. I genuinely hope he went home after that and gave his wife a good seeing to. 

There have been other similar occasions between us. As I mentioned Mr Jones is fond of the great outdoors. It is strange though how being shown a different perspective can completely change your feelings about something. I saw a junk “reality” show not long ago that focussed on clips of camera footage taken from cameras installed in public spaces like underground carparks, shopping centres and the like. One of the clips shown was a couple who had been out nightclubbing and decided that the boom gate of the carpark was a great place to have sex. 

Watching the footage and listening to the show’s commentators making fun of the couple completely changed my perspective. There is something deeply exciting about having sex in a place that is taboo. The thrill is increased when you get away with the act knowing that maybe a bystander enjoyed the show but there are not any other repercussions. But in all honesty there isn’t always a way to know if the unsuspecting bystander DOES enjoy the show. 

Our society has the idea that sex should be kept behind closed doors deeply ingrained into our subculture. For many people public displays of affection, even as innocent as kissing, are offensive. Intimacy between adults should be kept private in most vanilla people’s eyes. Of course there is probably a whole book that could be written about how unhealthy that attitude is and the damage it does to young people seeking to learn about healthy relationships. In this world of internet porn parents really do need to consider the idea that demonstrating what they consider to be a healthy relationship up close and personal and in real life could go a long way to helping their children avoid some very undesirable sexual situations.

Will there be public sex in my future? I believe the answer is probably yes. Although high traffic areas like the picnic ground mentioned above might not be ideal. A beach where there aren’t many people? Definitely on the cards. 

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1 thought on “Thirty Dirty Questions – Question 22

  1. Public sex is “scary good fun” because there’s always the chance that you will be seen. I’ve experienced it so many times that I couldn’t begin to put a number to it. Sometimes, it was a dare and I’d say that most of the time, it was spontaneous: We’re here and horny and why not? If someone comes along, we can always run and hide since, you know, having sex in public is illegal and embarrassing having to explain to a judge why you were having sex in public and not in the privacy of your home or some other non-public place.

    Um, because there’s a weird thrill attached to being in a situation where you might get caught in the act. And, yes, I’ve been caught having sex in public – just never by the police or anyone who threatened to call them. I’ve gotten to hear how… prudish people can be – sex is only to be done in private – and they’re right but, um, well, we didn’t keep it private or it was until you came along and rained on our parade.

    Now, determining what constitutes “a healthy relationship” gets interesting. Having sex is healthy but everyone has to determine for themselves what that means and encountering “undesirable sexual situations” is also a somewhat subjective thing – what you think that means versus what others think it means. Like, is it healthy and desirable to get boned on a picnic table that’s out in the open and where anyone can see you getting boned? Depends on who you ask, right?

    And don’t we all have some experience with undesirable sexual situations? On the whole, we seriously need to grow up about sex. This was a good read – thank you for sharing it!

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