To Photograph or Not to Photograph

This week is number 500 of Wicked Wednesday. I have a memory of a conversation with Marie way back in 2012 when the moderator of Wank Wednesday announced that she was ending her meme and Marie was building a new place for weekly stories and erotic images. Back then I was deeply committed to writing and the routine of writing a piece every week for a prompt helped me to become a better writer. I felt like I was going somewhere with writing and I was excited to be part of the new era. You can read part of my first post here

Fast forward to 2021. My life has taken many twists and turns since then and my blogging and writing has ebbed and flowed. I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress in 2014 and for a long time didn’t really post anything regular as I worked to establish my new career as a teacher. At the end of 2019 I “put a rocket up my arse” and started to pay attention to Corrupting Mrs Jones. Slowly the views and traffic increased. I kept up the commitment through 2020 and when I started my life changing voyage with Mr Jones in April of 2021 I looked forward to having the time to craft stories instead of spitting them out just in time to meet the deadlines of memes.

2021 has indeed been my biggest year and included one month where I topped over 4000 views. When I reviewed my statistics for this posts I could see that the most popular posts have been those that I included in Sinful Sunday. The top 10 posts for this year are below. Only one “Stretching Greedy Lucy” was a story. The rest are Sinful Sunday posts. 

Morning Glory

Relaxing in to it

A Small Reminder

Popping our Sinful Sunday Cherry

I am Wild and I am Free

Panties to the Side

Travelling Boobs

Stretching Greedy Lucy Pt 2

No it isn’t Straight

Double Take

I am not sure how I feel about this. I have never listed erotic photography as an interest. I started posting in Sinful Sunday as Mr Jones and I were travelling and had endless opportunities to take nude photos in great locations. I had some vague notion that it might become a hobby of his. It didn’t really work out that way. Since we have been back living in our landlubbing house obvious opportunities have become harder to find and his interest is small. I don’t feel as technically competent as a photographer as someone like Molly. But it seems that the general public are more inclined to click on a set of boobs than they are on a story that will take five minutes to read. Does this mean my writing is not worthy? I don’t know. 

Over the years of blogging I have enjoyed the therapeutic aspect of putting my thoughts somewhere that I don’t feel judged or compelled to perform. Wicked Wednesday has been one such space where I can post and get some good feedback. I also like to spend some time browsing while I enjoy my morning cup of tea, reading what other people are posting for that particular week. The feeling of “anything goes” has really helped me to relax and share my thoughts in a way that I hope is positive. I periodically think about putting a more concerted effort into writing fiction and making something of the million or so starts I have made to stories. Recently I had a coffee with a Twitter friend and he did encourage me to take some steps in that direction. But, news flash, writing a long piece that involves more than two or three fucks is hard. And it seems I have the attention span of a gold fish. 

But I am not ready to give up yet. I admire Marie for her consistent, thoughtful posts. The way she seems to find time to post and run two memes, Wicked Wednesday and Menopause Diaries, as well as Blogable. Does she ever sleep? She certainly is much more productive in front of a screen than me. I admire her and the other people in the world who have beautiful websites, amazing content and consistently work to support plebs like me who struggle to put out three posts per week consistently. 

I learned long ago that making statements like, “I am going to wow the world with my writing by writing 50, 000 words next week” are doomed to failure. I have also learned that talent is a small portion of any success story. So I will keep on keeping on. I know there are people out there who read my pages and enjoy them. And that is enough for me. 

Wicked Wednesday

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8 thoughts on “To Photograph or Not to Photograph”

  1. Exactly what you say in that last paragraph: keep in keeping on and there are people who enjoy your stories. Yes! I greatly enjoy your stories! As for the images in your top list: people indeed rather click on a photo that sit down and read a story, but are those the readers you want? The ones who only find your blog good enough when you flash your boobs? At the end of the day, I think, it’s about what you want to share, what makes you happy, that’s important 🙂
    Oh and yes, I do sleep, but I have been blesses with the ability to really focus and a high productivity 🙂
    I look forward to all the content you are going to share in 2022!
    ~ Marie xox

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  2. I too am in utter awe of Marie! I couldn’t possibly keep up with the amount of work online she seems to do so well. I can sometimes barely put my socks on correctly! And I always promise more than I can deliver on my blog (even when I try not to.) I feel a connection with your *attention span of a goldfish* comment, and my content ebbs and flows, as well.

    But, hell…I’m still here, 10+ years and counting. So that’s something. And so are you. And we’ve all found one another Ina sea of millions.

    Pretty amazing, actually.

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  3. I had to laugh at your goldfish comment. Suddenly I’m thinking, “What do goldfish concentrate on, anyway?” *laugh*

    I don’t think you’re alone in having a lot of photo posts in the top ranks this year. I’m in the same boat, which is NOT typically how I float! Perhaps other people are of a goldfish mindset these days as well? Too much screen time means a quick 30-second click is easier than a “long” (4-minute) read? I dunno…

    I encourage you to keep writing though, regardless of whether the photos continue. People need to read REAL content (when they aren’t being goldfish) and I suspect, like me, there are people (like you) who need to write it!

    Congrats on the longevitity of your blogging endeavors, and best wishes toward continuing them in 2022!

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