No it isn’t Straight

Mr Jones is particular about getting things straight. Hanging pictures, placing furniture, planting trees. It has to be straight and symmetrical. Sometimes his obsession is a little frustration.

The screen on the camera we use for our outdoor photos is sometimes difficult to see when framing shots so we take a bit of a scatter gun approach. Take lots and delete the really bad ones. When we took this image on the top of a magnificent yellow/ orange sand dune with the sun reflecting off the water below it was a case of point and shoot and hope for the best. When I showed him what I had chosen for this week’s Sinful Sunday he asked “Can you straighten it?”

No Jake Jones I cannot. I like it like this.

Sinful Sunday

9 thoughts on “No it isn’t Straight

  1. Perfectly straight. You certainly leave the Bay of Islands “Hole in the Rock” for dead – drop dead gorgeous that is.
    What would we do without Photoshop et al (I still use Picasa) to straighten, crop and tweak light and contrast, then sizing for the page. I edit a monthly newsletter and get a couple of dozen photo contributions per month, always from phone cameras or iPads, and amateur eye for composition is almost no existent.


  2. I can totally understand his desire. As a photographer my instinct is to often straighten images as things like wonky horizons actually bother the eye more than we realise but this one? No, this one is perfect as it is… I like that it hints at the tilt of your hip so you can imagine how you might be standing. Also it is such a tactile image, I find myself imaging following the curve of your thigh with my finger tips up….


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