Mr Jones and I have recently been exploring wax play. We recently had some time with some other friends who are also practitioners and had the opportunity to practise. The Tall Man shared some of his knowledge and experience. We then had the chance to practise. I was pleased with this effect.

Sinful Sunday

5 thoughts on “Drizzle

  1. I can remember being much, much younger and when families had candles in case the power went out during storms and we’d (me and the gang) swipe one or two, some matches, and after lighting the candles, dare each other to let the hot wax drip on our skin somewhere. I remember it being hot – but not too hot – at first, then cooling and more fun peeling it off. We did some pretty weird shit back then and seeing all that pretty wax in the picture brought back this memory.

    As far as I can remember, there was nothing sexual involved although we heard that this one guy dripped hot wax on his dick – and regretted it. Rumor… or truth? I dunno but us guys cringed at the thought of doing that!

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