Back to School

Whenever I tell a potential sex partner I am a teacher an image like the one above pops into their mind. Usually discussions about my profession involve some reference to a teacher they fantasised about during their high schooling or a comment like “maybe if my maths teacher was hot like you I would have paid attention in class” …

Of course you would.




Whenever a man says this to me my mind instantly rejects it. I am 47 years old, slightly overweight and I teach the subject most people hate, Mathematics. I don’t even get the luxury of having those students who find Maths relatively easy. I teach Essential or Applied Maths. You know the Maths you do in high school because you pretty much have to and so you learn about how to calculate wages and the area of your backyard and ‘real life’ stuff like that. It is easy but you still hate it because it is Maths. So yes, my students don’t like my class.

Getting back to the sexy. The interplay of younger impressionable man with older experienced woman is something that I do find appealing, And there have definitely been moments when I could have followed that temptation, if I had allowed myself to. But I take the responsibilities of my job very seriously. It is a very slippery slope and it is best not to even contemplate sitting at the top of it.

In my ‘Gemma’ Life there have been moments when men have brought up the idea of bouncing my profession off our sex. That is ok if they are talking about wearing clothes like the above in the bedroom, or using my teacher voice to reprimand someone. That is actually very hot.

Sneaking into a classroom after hours for sex? NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! Apart from the extensive array of security cameras that cover my school, just NO! I guess this is what some would refer to as a ‘hard limit’. To maintain my sanity I have to work hard to keep the sexy me and the teacher me in separate places. The classroom is one place that sexy me never goes.

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