TMI Tuesday – Sex Olympics

1. In the bedroom, what makes you insecure?

My body. As I get older it seems that I am destined to be curvier and heavier. I know that I could become fit and “shredded” but honestly I would rather put the time and effort into writing things to go on these pages and spending time with my family.

2. In the bedroom, what makes you a champion?

I am a squirter. In the eyes of my most recent lovers this is something that is a wonder to behold. It was one of the things that JB was most fascinated by. He would press his face against my cunt and try to drink all of the liquid that came out of me.

When I get really excited I am almost unable to control myself. I cannot contain myself or my ejaculation. My lovers find this intensely exciting and in their eyes it makes me a champion. Most recently I was told that my abilities had spoiled all future encounters with other women. I think that is a little bit over the top but a nice compliment nonetheless.

3. When it comes to sexy time, I earn a gold medal _____ .

For sucking cock. I love it and I pride myself on being good at it.

Most of my lovers seem to feel that my skills are on par. So I hope that I am not mistaken.

4. At the sexolympics, in which sport will you compete

a. Artistic, synchronized water sex in the pool

b. Freestyle naked wrestling\

c. Artistic naked gymnastics

I am not a huge fan of sex in pools or spas. They are great places to get into the right mood but sex in a pool is not my thing. Neither is gymnastics. I am definitely not coordinated enough to do gymnastics.

Freestyle wrestling is definitely my thing.

5. Your significant other’s ex is coming to town and he/she wants to go out to dinner with them alone. How do you react?

a. It’s okay, no problem.

b. Not thrilled, but go ahead.

c. Not just no… HELL no!

A funny thing happened once. Before he met me Mr Jones dated a woman who was related by marriage to his sister. Unknown to me this woman attended family events that were held at his sister’s house. I wasn’t until one evening that I ran into a student at one of these events that the story of his previous girlfriend still being part of the family came to life. The student was the child of this woman born after she and Mr Jones parted company. He was far from being a model student and I am grateful that he was not my stepchild.

Despite the fact that I was unaware of the situation I wasn’t bothered to find out that Mr Jones’s ex was just around the corner the whole time. I am happy and confident that any ex-girlfriend is not a threat to me.

Bonus: What kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?

a. Physical/Sexual.

b. Mental/Emotional.

c. Neither is important.

d. Both are equally important

Definitely b. But probably not in the sense that you would imagine. Our general culture demands absolute fidelity from our partners. For myself and Mr Jones this is not right. One person cannot be expected to provide all the emotional and physical needs of the other. You would not expect one person to be the only friend in your life because different friendships fulfill different needs and give different perspectives on life. I feel that this is the same in the romantic space. Why try and fit your significant other or primary relationship or spouse into all the nooks and crannies? Why not explore possibilities.

With that mindset fidelity becomes about something else. It becomes about honesty and respect. When pursuing multiple relationships one must be honest. Absolutely honest. Because there must be trust and this cannot happen without honesty. With honesty and trust comes respect. When pursuing other relationships it is important to be constantly communicating with and listening to your main partner. Their feelings are just as important. And so fidelity is not as simple as not fucking someone else or not falling in love with another person. It is deeper, richer and much more satisfying.

Note to self: I feel there is a whole post here which I may work on over the weekend.

This post is part of TMI Tuesday. Yes it is late in the week but better late than never right. Click here to see who else is playing along this week.

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