TMI Tuesday – Long Showers and Lasagne

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

1. Shower or bath?

Water was an issue when I was a child. We lived on a farm and relied on rainwater and a bore for our water so long showers and deep baths were totally out of the question. That has imprinted on me. To this day I cannot do long showers or deep baths. I do treat myself to a long bath but probably only about once a month and I feel guilty about it almost every time. .

As an aside living on the yacht means VERY short showers. That means when we hit a marina a good long shower is one of the top priorities.

2. Are you a good cook? And if so, what’s your specialty?

I consider myself to be a good cook. Although I would qualify that by saying I am a good basic cook. I am excellent at putting together balanced meals from the vegetables in the fridge with minimal fuss. I don’t do elaborate meals with fancy garnishes, but the food that comes out of my kitchen will nourish you. The dish I cook that gets the whole family going is lasagna. True to form it comes complete with hidden vegetables but this removes the need for a side salad.

3. Is there anything you regret not doing?

Not really. My wedding is a big regret in my life because I let my mother control it far too much. I don’t know how I wanted it exactly which is probably why she was able to take control. But I look at weddings of friends and I am envious that they have their dream day while I feel like I had her day.

4. Who was the nicest person you worked for?

My current Mathematics Academic Leader is one of the most amazing generous patient people I have ever met. Even when he is correcting you it feels like a hug.

5. Do you play an instrument?

Presently I would say no. As a child I learned the piano and was reasonably proficient. These days I have so many other things in my life I don’t have the discipline to practice enough to restore the skill.

Bonus: Do you dream?

In vivid technicolor yes. About all sorts of things. Including sex dreams about men that are taboo.

4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – Long Showers and Lasagne

  1. Water is a very under appreciated precious resource by those that live where there is an abundance of it. For now. But things will change. That’s the only thing that’s certain.
    So….about those technicolor taboo dreams 😉


  2. I definitely relate to feeling like your mother controlled your wedding. Matt and I set our hearts on a reception hall with a balcony, but my mother booked out a crummy workingmen’s club instead. I wouldn’t have minded, but when we arrived at our wedding breakfast there was an old lady sat by the door with a plateful of our hot fork buffet! Not only, but by 10PM it was pretty much doors open, so we had regulars mingling and partying with our guests. Nothing bad really happened (save for the drunken guest trying to steal decor and a bouquet for her own upcoming wedding) but it was very awkward.

    I’m personally not a lasagne fan, but hidden vegetables work well. I’m cooking for my birthday next week, and I’d put money on it that my guests won’t realise how healthy dinner is. It’s amazing how a little bit of friend chicken can offset all of those secret veggies!


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