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Sunday Selfie

About a week  ago a Facebook colleague posted a meme about duck face selfies that teenage girls seem addicted to. It was actually quite clever.

I share his frustration. It re-ignited in me the motivation to continue with a hobby I was playing with about a year ago. Trying to make selfies an art form. Or rather taking selfies that took into account some more complex ideas and angles and creating more ‘artsy’ photos instead of just a head with something significant in the background. Or alternatively a bunch of people pulling a face at the camera. 

I shared this image with a twitter friend recently. He was happy with his early morning hello and I was happy with the image. It is a bit grainy but I love the concept.

Enjoy and happy Sunday. 


Sunday Selfie

I love my cat. One of the best parts of my day is coming home from work and chilling for 30 minutes or so with my cat. In actual fact he belongs to my daughter but he didn’t get that memo. Owners don’t choose their cat. Cats choose the person or people they want to hang out with. I am just glad he likes to hang out with me. 

Sunday Selfie

Over the last twelve months I have managed to put on a bit of weight which has meant that I have acquired a more classically curvy body. This is something that I am having trouble coming to terms with. When ever I see myself in photos I find my eye drawn to the parts of my body that I dislike the most and they somehow seem incredibly ugly. Recently a friend told me that he loves that kind of body. He is not the first man to express that opinion but still I find myself struggling to like my body. I took this selfie to send to my friend kind of being perverse and trying to provoke him into making a negative comment. Of course he didn’t. 

Strangely looking at pictures of myself like this is helping me to accept my body. So I thought I would share it with you all. 

Sunday Selfie

Several weeks ago I had the brainwave to start posting a selfie on Sunday because like about 99% of the western world under 40 I am egotistical enough to think that everyone likes to look at photos of me. But instead of the usual duck mouth and above the head shots of me with a celebrity or my friends dolled up for a night out I like to play with angles that you don’t usually see on Instagram. I don’t do Instagram by the way. Twitter is so yesterday that most of my students don’t hang out there so it suits me just fine to hang out there. From time to time I post selfies. All the photos of me on my Twitter feed are selfies. 

I apologise for the lack of Sunday selfies, or any other series for that matter, but the end of term is here and my time is a little more flexible again. So enjoy a pic I took a few months ago when holidaying at the beach. It is almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere and I am very much looking forward to cracking out the bikini again very soon.